Customer Reviews: Details Men's Style Manual: The Ultimate Guide for Making Your Clothes Work for You
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on December 16, 2007
The main reason I purchased this item was for its numerous illustrations. Just about every page has a full color picture of clothes. From a glance I can tell just how long a blazer should be. Or perhaps how long a sweater's sleeves should fall when wearing it over top of a collared shirt.

I use this book as a reference manual on how clothes should fit. Need to buy a new tuxedo? Turn to the formal wear section and read up! It also gives you a few basic ideas on how to wear things. For instance, how to match a shirt and tie with jeans and a blazer. It won't tell you exactly how to wear things but just offer you guidelines with some great pictures.

For the $20 this book costs you get a free 1 year subscription to Details Magazine ($10 value) along w/ a ton of up to date information (Published October of 2007) so it's definitely worth it.
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on November 3, 2007
This book should become standard issue for every man after college, if not high school. While style and fashion is a very personal and very individual process, it pays to understand men's clothing.

Chapters are broken down by article of clothing, from shirts, pants, jeans and polos to coats, gloves, hats and leather, everything is covered. And it is all explained in a very direct, excuse me ladies, but man's kind of way, like reading a car manual - almost. It is as good a read all the way through as it is a quick reference guide. In fact, it's as a reference guide that this book really shines. When dressing for any occasion, a quick flip through the book can help you choose the appropriate attire for any event, while feeling both confident in your look and comfortable in your attire.

All in all, men and the women who shop for men's clothing should check this out - especially if you want to start filling your closet with a wardrobe that is ready for anything. Great job, Details.
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on April 22, 2013
Given all of the positive reviews, I was quite disappointed upon receiving this book. First, be aware, that this book is tiny. Most people don't look at the format of books before they purchase, and you can't tell the books size from the image alone. Because of the small page size, every two pages in this book has barely enough content for one page of a normal book. So, the 267 pages of this book should be considered to be 134 real pages, maximum. Except for the fact that most pages have a page that is just a single bland image opposite to that page (the images aren't very helpful due to the book's small format), and therefore there is only writing on one page for every two pages, on average. This, again, cuts the actual page length this time down to about 67 pages. But wait, it gets worse. Too many pages that actually have writing on them only have 1-3 small paragraphs of 1-3 lines each (3 lines is rare) on the page. Whitespace on each of these bare pages is rampant.

Now, on to the actual content. If you don't understand that you shouldn't buy clothes that are too large or too small for you, that you shouldn't wear sandles anywhere but the beach, that you shouldn't wear torn jeans, that plaid pants are out, that you shouldn't wear a bunch of random patches on your coat, and that you shouldn't wear your pants off of your hips, then this book may be for you. Pick it up and learn how to look like a human being. However, if you want something that goes beyond basic descriptions of clothing (from the book: "cotton sweaters are often overlooked, but they are perfect for cool summer evenings") and want the level of knowledge detail that an actual men's clothing stylist has, then look elsewhere. It does have basic descriptions, with accompanying tiny images, of things like shirt collar type and pant cuff type and length. It also has some other information that I haven't covered here that some may find valuable. However, I found the book entirely too basic, sparse, and small. I'll be sending this back and picking up Gentleman: A Timeless Guide to Fashion, by Roetzel, as a hopeful improvement on this book.
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on November 14, 2007
Covers the basics very well, and gives quite a few ideas on how to change things up. Also includes a card for a free year (or year extention) to a Details subscription. Worth the money.

EDIT: Just went back through parts of the book again, and forgot to mention one key item. There are several points in the book where they suggest a new way/item to try, with 3 different levels of "difficulty", for example, wearing a sport coat with a tie, then a sport coat with jeans, etc. Something I hadn't seen mentioned before, even in their mag, and it's a great idea.
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on June 7, 2011
Its a good book, dont get me wrong, but the Esquire book is much better. The advice here is very generic and if you have picked up a GQ in the last ten years you probably wont benift from much here. And if you read Details its of even less value as the pictures are all recycled. Even worse, most of the pictures demonstrate poorly fitting examples that dont tie to the text - i.e. suit sleeves that are too long and show no shirt peek, jackets that dont taper at the waist, etc. Finally I even found some contradictory advice - in one part it talks about Wing Tips being too formal for anything but slacks & therefor never jeans (which struck me as odd right off the bat) and later it gives you "advanced technique" on how to pair wingtips with jeans. Uh hello?

If your clueless and dont read GQ and/or Details I guess you could start here but as someone who bought them both simultaneously lets just say this went to the recycling in 10 min while I actually gifted the Esquire book to friends. Bottom line - dont judge a book by its cover or its color photos.
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on January 22, 2009
Like most other guys, I'm an imbecile when it comes to fashion. Luckily, I realized this recently and started trying to correct the problem. The Details Manual is a book I picked up, seeing that ratings-wise, it was the best selection. I'm really impressed with it. The book contains guides and models on what should be a mans closet; it touches on most subjects regarding a mans wardrobe options: Jeans, Shirts, Blazers, Suits, etc. The book gives you the basic parts of clothes, and how they should fit. I'll use the first chapter (shirts) as an example; first is shirt basics (parts of the shirt: cuffs, collars, etc.), it goes on to shirt options giving a few examples of decently nice shirts, after examples it tells you the characteristics of a perfect fit like how it should feel like when sitting down, from here it goes to collar types, dressing options, a kind of challenge for the chapter (challenges are on every chapter), and finally ends with the don'ts of shirts (EX. Don't unbutton your shirt too far, and it tells you why). I don't really agree with the person who said this book is for 20 to 30 year olds, I think this is a great, standard manual so to speak, for a man at any age, thats my opinion though.
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on February 8, 2012
As a young man I found recently I have become interested in putting more thought into what I wear everyday. I will say that the Details Style Manual has solid information and some nice visuals. However much of the information can be found for free on dozens of style blogs, the advice is not ground-breaking and this information is generally agreed upon despite personal style. I would say after a month and a half of reading blogs a little here and there I knew most of the information that applied to me. By no means am I a style expert but I understand the basic concepts and why they work.

The Pros:
The visuals are really clear, detailed, and informative.
Makes for a good reference book. Are you going to go buy a new sports coat? Flip through and see how it should fit and what to look for quickly and easily.
Quickly gets you up to speed on basic style for different occasions.
Covers most subjects from denim + a tee to formalwear
Tackles difficult to wear items with 3 options increasingly more difficult to "pull off"
Chapters are summed up with several looks based around the chapters item with situations you would wear the outfit
Generally focuses on timeless style rather than short-lived fashion

The Cons:
Despite a forward saying that no one should tell you what to wear the author goes on to make some pretty blunt statements, with little or no explanation, implying that there are things you should always/never do. To support this they use ridiculous pictures to drive their point. For example they say never to wear a leather bomber and show one with garish lining and military inspired patches. I have a hard time understanding why a simple brown leather one can't work with jeans and a tee/polo/sweater as longs it fits properly.
Some information is does not fit in with the timeless style theme of the book.
If you take to heart the advice this book will end up costing you a lot of money. Sure, I would love a few custom shirts, several pairs of high quality dress shoes, high price suits(one of which is only appropriate for summer), several coats, several pairs of tailored pants, etc... but for most folks my age, which this book feels geared to, don't have that kind of money. You are better off deciding for yourself what items you will get the most use out of and start there instead of following "every man should own ________".

My issue with this book is the price. If this book were around $10 I would wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone looking to change how they dress or to have as a reference book on fit, patterns, and styles of different items. However since the information really is easily available on plenty of men's style blogs for free with little effort in searching I have a hard time really recommending this book. As it has been said in many other reviews, if you are new to style this books has a lot of great information, but if you already know the basics you can probably pass on this unless you want a reference book.
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on April 5, 2008
I recently made a resolution to stop dressing like I'm in college and to start dressing my age, so I picked this book up on recommendation of a friend. The best thing about this book are the excellent photos showing different outfits. I passed up buying some of the "classic" style guides that didn't have good photos. Not all of their recommendations are "me", but it has been very helpful in establishing a good baseline for beginning to build a wardrobe.
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on January 10, 2008
As something of a men's fashion neophyte, I bought this book on the recommendation of several friends. It delivers exactly what it promises. It explains the basic articles of clothing a man might own or wear to various functions; what the various qualities denote; how to determine when it's worth it to splurge or not; mini-interviews with famed clothing designers about their personal stylistics; and much more, including a free one-year subscription to Details magazine.

The book is written very much like a manual, but the writing style is more of the energetic, upbeat style one would expect to find in Details magazine. I would definitely recommend this to anyone else who is clueless about fashion and trying to change that.
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on January 10, 2008
The best part of this book is the visual support for each style suggestion. Not of all of the advice is mind-blowing; I have been keeping up on my men's style mags for about two years and I could have written 80% of this book. The other 20%, however, is thought provoking--especially the sections on three levels of difficulty with a "look" (such as white pants). If you enjoy reading Details/Esquire/GQ, then I would anticipate that you will enjoy having this condensed reference. As noted in other reviews, this book aims to cover everything from trendy to timeless, so if you already know that you want to look like Cary Grant or Andre 3000, then you may want to find a more tailored book.
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