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on May 29, 2014
A very poor port of a game that honestly doesn't seem that fun to play.
It takes some of the aspects of Human Revolution and butchers them with an uninteresting scenario and flat characters.
Nothing you do really matters and the environments are completely exploitable with poor design decisions.
Gameplay is even simpler than Human Revolution to the extent of enemies even remembering they saw you.
I am a huge Deus Ex fan and this makes Invisible War look like a masterpiece by comparison.
Maybe if you are hardened enough to endure it, but it just felt like a chore to play at $2.99.
I possibly could have been more enthusiastic if the port wasn't botched, no rebindable controls and it makes doing simple things a hassle.
Expect bugs from everything in game to even the achievements.
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on June 26, 2014
This game has received a lot of hate from fans of the Deus Ex series, as it was originally a game made only for mobile devices, and when it did finally get a PC port from the developers, it has not gotten much praise from the fans, for both the quality of the port and the core game. While I don't hate it, it still has a number of problems that make it the worst in the series.

As a follow up to the book, this could already lead to some confusion for players, but it can be played without reading that first. The game starts off with you on a mission as part of a Black Ops team sent to assassinate one of the people responsible for the deaths of your previous squad mates. Not long after though, you find the circumstances resulting in their deaths were not what you have been told, and result in you going into hiding. The rest of the game has you doing various missions in order to get medication to help deal with your augmentations. The story itself doesn't really hook the player unfortunately, and has little of interest other than showing characters you might recognize from previous games.

Graphics could be better. While not awful, and almost certainly better than what would have been used for the smaller mobile device screens, textures still aren't great, and even the fact that it was a port isn't an excuse, after seeing how nice some of the HD ports for 3DS and Vita games can look. Going in to the characters themselves, while they don't look great, most are at least okay. But then you have a few which I'll call goblins with their poorly constructed bodies and hideous faces. It was quite surprising considering the rest were at least decent.

Audio is alright. All of the music and sound effects seem to have been taken Human Revolution, so chances are you will notice familiar tunes. Voice acting is also of decent quality. Your ears won't be bleeding while you play through this game at least.

These have been considered a major flaw of the game. While the gamepad mapping is fine, anyone who has a problem with the default keyboard and mouse layout is out of luck, as there is no options for changing how it is set up. So if you are the kind of player who likes to set up custom layouts for your fancy keyboards, feel free to avoid this game. I played through the game on a gamepad, which uses an almost identical layout as the previous game, with only a couple of changes. However, even with a gamepad, things were not all perfect, as controls during the hacking minigame are fiddly, resulting in me moving to my mouse during those parts.

Now onto the meat of the review, and where more of the flaws shall be revealed. At heart, this plays very much like Human Revolution. You can talk, sneak, shoot and hack just like you did while playing as Adam Jensen, but now that you are Ben Saxon, a few things had to change, some of them minor while others are major changes to how the game works. For one, Ben can't jump at all. This limits some of your options, and levels reflect this lack. You won't ever see a hard to reach vent that might just need a few stacked boxes, not in this game. Not that you have the option to stack boxes at all. Yeah, you have very few chances to manipulate the locations in this game. You can break down a few walls and move a few heavy crates out of the way but little else. No more being really inventive in your choices as a sneaky character. Not that it matters much. The locations are small in scope anyway, most of the game consisting of a single hub of maps. You can do a bit of exploration, but there just isn't that much do look around. Just a few vents to sneak through, a few locks to hack open and a few crates and walls standing in the way.

The next change is a big one, this being the inventory. In The Fall, there is no limit what so ever to what you can carry. You can carry more weapons than there are enemies in the area. No more having to make a hard choice about which weapon to take with you, just bring them all. Your inventory in this game also acts as an in game shop, allowing you to purchase whatever item you might need as long as you have the credits. While I get annoyed at being forced to leave behind loot in the older games, this ruins any need for planning out your gear to maximize your chances or ensure you can carry the best selling items out of a level. Anything you need is yours with the push of a button and is sitting in your pouch of holding when you need it. On the bright side, at least the PC port doesn't include the option to pay for in game currency to make this even easier. We really don't need micro transactions here.

Now onto the AI and interaction with them. Yes, I have bad news here as well. Most NPCs are brain dead idiots who will mostly ignore you. Unless an NPC is marked as an enemy on your map, they will did very little other than panic if a fight happens near by, only to forget it seconds later. After how great the previous games were with their AI from friendly and neutral NPCs, this is what I'd consider the biggest failing of this game. It used to be that walking into the women's toilets would get them to yell for security. Here, they will calmly talk to you. Hostile AI will still react to you in a matter of ways, depending on your current actions and location, but this will never be the match of any other game in the series. Even the hostile AI are easy to deal with, and the fact that non combatants won't even warn them really tones down the difficulty.

After all of the problems I dropped on you during the previous section of my review, I have one more to mention. This game is short as it is currently incomplete. It seems the mobile game was designed to have episodic content, and nothing beyond the opening mission and first city at this time. You will beat it in a matter of hours, and unless you want to do New Game Plus to further power up your character and earn any missing achievements. Not really much incentive to play a second time unfortunately.

So there you have it. While it is most certainly a Deus Ex game, much of what made the series great just didn't make it to the game, resulting in a title with little challenge and little reward, though still playable in the end. My recommendation is to wait for a heavy discount, and perhaps some news on an (unlikely to happen) update to the campaign. It certainly doesn't offer enough to be worth your money at this point. I paid $3 and still feel it could have been better for what I've spent, given that Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut can be had on Steam for as low as $5 itself.
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on June 6, 2015
Decent story and voice acting, game is glitchy though suffers from those glitches in game but still fun to play and run around in the world of deus ex. The game play is decent but straight away from the controls and odd pauses or rather how the game handles mechanics you know it was for a smartphone if you play a lot of games. Audio glitch sometimes no sound sometimes always sound. Hmm there are a few other glitches nothing though for me anyways that really made it a "game killer" for me BUT I do wish they made a better port of it to the PC (but then again we always wish they DO A GOOD PC PORT though they rarely do)
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on August 8, 2014
(N.B.: This review is on the PC version, not the mobile one.)
Deus Ex: The Fall was originally developed for mobile platforms.Therefore, keeping that in context, I'd say this game was pretty remarkable. Not many mobile games strive to be a core game on a largely casual gamer platform. Kudos to the makers for taking that daring gamble.
As a PC port however, this game doesn't have much to stand on. It is simply outshined by its more brilliant predecessors.The game is rife with tiny bugs and the dialogue is crummy. Enemy AI is wooden and not challenging enough.Running from pillar to post doing things for people, I felt like the game was one giant sidequest. And to top it off, the game is very short and is over too fast (couple of hours).

(Note: The developers say DXTF is part I of a series and there is more to come. So far there has been radio silence. Let's see.)

Where DXTF shines is the gameplay and plot aspects. I felt very much like I was playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution again and I loved this game for that. It felt good playing sneaky or aggressive as I saw fit, attempting multiple approaches to various problems. The story was intriguing enough that I want to read Deus Ex: Icarus Effect, its novel format predecessor. The developers also added new goodies to the game (for e.g. new variants of game weapons, the Stealth Dash augmentation which allows you to invisibly rush from one point to another etc.). The weapons and augmentations also worked well.

Conclusion: Remarkable mobile game.Not so great PC port. Suffers from certain bugs.Okay game.Recommend for hardcore Deus Ex fans because the Ben Saxon/Anna Kelso storyline has potential.
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on June 4, 2014
Before anything else: if you're a Deus Ex fan, this game MIGHT be worth getting. If you're not a Deus Ex fan, you simply will not have the patience for its many problems. So with that out of the way, the rest of the review....

I snagged this game on sale for significantly less than full price, and I have to say it's not nearly as bad as I expected. Hardly stunning praise, but I'll freely admit to having some fun playing the game, in between dealing with its problems. The biggest problem is of course the mangled interface, specifically the hard-coded keybindings, the mouse smoothing+acceleration combo that the game forces, and the menus just not reacting sometimes, especially if you have Vsync off. Once I used AutoHotkey to fix the bindings though my biggest problem with the game went away. Vsync took care of the menu issues, mostly, and the mouse issues, while still present, aren't as bad because frankly the AI isn't tetchy enough for it to matter. They always give you ample room to aim at all their vulnerable bits.

I'm not saying it's a great game. It's certainly nowhere near as detailed and complex as any of the previous Deus Ex titles, not by a long shot, but given the price I paid I'm willing to forgive that. It's also surprisingly easy, undoubtedly due to the straight mobile-to-PC port. Any experienced Deus Ex player is only going to have trouble with this game if they insist on going for a perfect no-detection non-lethal run, especially with built-in health regen and items you can literally buy mid-battle. Despite that though, the game is still fun in the same way that DX:HR was fun, albeit not as well fleshed out and significantly shorter (you can breeze through the full campaign and all sidequests in a few hours). It's sort of like eating a frozen pizza: yeah, it's not as good as a restaurant-made pizza, but it's still a pizza, and if you like pizza sometimes that's enough.

Really though, what drags this game down are the control issues. The rest of the issues with the game - low rez models, simplified level design, almost ridiculously dumb AI - can be given a pass because the game was ported from a mobile platform. The controls though... that's kind of a basic, required component of games, plus, this game is a Unity engine game. Someone with three weeks of programming classes could make remappable controls in Unity. Not making remappable controls in Unity engine is beyond lazy, it's downright negligent. And to add further insult to injury, this awful hackjob of a port costs more than the original mobile version, despite having nothing new to it. Completely inexcusable.

Bottom line: if you can get past the control issues (or use a workaround like AutoHotkey), there's a fun game lurking under here, along with some interesting depth and backstory. Unfortunately there's a lot to get past within that, and that coupled with the somewhat dumbed down game may make it too much for you to be willing to deal with. If it's not though, the game is worth your time, but not the full asking price.
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on October 28, 2016
My level of disappointment springs mostly from not having read the reviews thoroughly before purchasing to understand that while I was getting the PC version, this was a game designed primarily for mobile devices. From that lens, the limited control set and game mechanics make sense, but on a PC port are hard to accept as an entertaining option when there are so many other games, free and otherwise, that really make use of the power in your machine.

However, if you absolutely must have everything Deus Ex, this will satisfy that itch.
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on May 29, 2014
I bought this on sale, I'd rather not have bought it at all. This story should have been fleshed out, and the game should have been made for a PC and Console and ported/dumbed down for the phone. It was done the other way though and it is apparent. It feels like a clumsy and lobotomized version of Human Revolution.
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on June 27, 2014
When I first think, this game would be great as I enjoy the previous game, Human revolution, But it wouldn't. Game story and voice act is find, but system is awful even though I don't care it's graphic and technical issue.
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on July 3, 2014
Good game, bad controls.
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on April 8, 2014
The story is quite short and can be rushed through in about 2-2.5 hours. It's not necessarily bad. I found the story to be quite interesting and ties into Deus Ex 1 and Human Revolution quite a bit. Being thrown back into the Deus Ex universe is always a great feeling, and the soundtrack is superb.

What isn't so great is that the gameplay is dumbed down and much easier than Human Revolution, not to mention levels are extremely small and linear. If you are short on time I guess this game is great for a decent story in a short time span to those who have a shorter attention span.

There are a few glitches here and there. Most of the video glitches can be solved by turning on Vsync.

Final Thoughts: Is this game worth 10 dollars? Probably not, but that entirely depends on how much you value your money. Did I feel like I got my moneys worth? Yes. But only because I got the original Deus Ex for free as part of a limited special. I put around 7.5 hours into The Fall and got all 28/28 achievements and nearly all ID Tablets in the game. I would say for 5 dollars The Fall would be a pretty good buy if you absolutely LOVE the Deus Ex franchise.
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