Customer Reviews: Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition [Download]
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on September 21, 2012
A lot of what I like about Deus Ex is pretty subjective.

The fact that the Twin Towers weren't in the New York skyline --- left out for a purely game-design reason, not a plot reason --- in a game released in the year 2000 --- struck me in an unexpected way that made the game stay with me. The moral dilemmas between being tough on terrorists, and tolerating tough behavior from the "legitimate" government, was also very timely for the decade that followed.

The experience of the game is also one I find full of replay value (though I admit this isn't common). Despite the clunky Unreal engine, I find the game very immersive. I can almost feel wind on my face while sneaking through alleys, hiding behind crates to set up my ambushes. I also like the juxtaposition of confronting drug-dealers and pimps on a street corner, only a few hundred feet from the high-tech robots, mutants and aliens embedded in the HQ of the global mega-corp that's making a grab for world domination.

Most of the game's problems have multiple solutions, which are not always easy to foresee or delineate. So "stealthy ninja", "stealthy sniper" and "nonviolent stealthy guy" are sometimes three distinct strategies. All approaches do not work equally well all the time (but I don't think that could be achieved without it feeling artificial). I think Deus Ex actually got the balance of story cohesion and player choice fairly close to perfect, given the length of this single-player game. The sequel, Deus Ex 2, took player choice even farther, and while it's not a bad game (handicapped as it is, by being the sequel to a great game), comparison between the two games raises interesting questions about what's more desirable: a single-player game offering the player a high degree of choice in matters that direct subsequent gameplay ... or the illusion of that offer.

SPOILER ALERT -- Choices between application of lethal and non-lethal force has consistent differences in the way that other characters interact with the player near the game's beginning. The player also has a choice between multiple endings, each of which is supported by a compelling argument from one of the player's allies.
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on February 16, 2013
One of the few games that stand the test of time. The story really makes the game. This is one of the first games that I can remember that your actions changed the end of the game and, ultimately, the fate of your character. Classic RPG. There is an HD package available that upgrades nearly everything in the game to more current visuals. It makes the whole experience just that much better. If you enjoy exploring and a great story line, Deus Ex is for you.
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on December 2, 2013
This is a classic, amazing title for PC. Those who have not played it previously may fear being disappointed by outdated graphics, but due to a generous and faithful mod community, the textures and graphics can be "modernized" to an impressive degree that can leave the original feeling of the game without the less exciting feeling is antiquity.
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on March 26, 2015
This game rocks. This game also looks awful after modern graphics. I can get past that with ease. If you can't deal with 2000's graphics, get a sequel. That is literally the only drawback. This game runs in both windows 7 and 8.1 that I've tested so far. Mine installed in a Steam client which is quite fine because I already use steam.
The game:
The game centers around J.C. Denton (you can't change his name, doesn't matter). JC is a nano-augmented international agent (works for a much stronger UN) in a dystopic future. The nano-aug is important because you look like a man with sunglasses all the time rather than a cyborg (and do a boat load of cool stuff like run super fast, lift heavy things, block bullets, or see through walls with the right augs installed). I'm not going to spoil the plot; you can do that on your own time if you want. What I will say is that this game give you the freedom to complete the objectives the way you want. If you want to be a gun slinging tank, you can shoot everybody in sight (you may one day regret that), or if you want, you can sneak past enemies without them knowing you even existed. You can be a master hacker and use automated security systems to do your bidding. Basically you get to customize the game to be what you want it to be (with in reason; some guys just need killing). That is what makes this game so great. 100% worth the buy.
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on July 29, 2016
This was one of the first real attempts at making a somewhat free from fps rpg type game. And it succeeds for the most part. Though there are rough edges, and parts where having a specifically built character is going to be a detriment. Even in spite of that, I'd say it's still worth a play through, especially if you liked the more recent titles in the franchise.

Now as an fps, it's not going to be the most exciting. The fps play and combat is just servicing to the crest of the game. So if you do want to play this strictly as an fps, it might be a bit disappointing. The real meat of the game comes from puzzle and problem solving, either through your dialogue, branching game choices, your upgrades, or through hacking things.

The game has a pretty decent story that changes depending on your choices. At least it's an interesting story for a video game, and did help keep me playing.

Graphics are fairly dated, but they still have a good art style to them. Some of the textures look pretty ugly, but it's not an eyesore. And any way, there are high res mods for the game, so the graphics can be cleaned up a little bit at least.

Though I'd say if you are looking for a more modern take on this style of gameplay, I'd actually recommend Alpha Protocol. It has not of the same gameplay elements, in a slightly better realized implementation of it. And it still retains a lot of the sheer number of options you have to tackle a situation, and branching paths that even take you to completely different stages.

But overall, if you can get it for cheap, which it is often on sale, I'd highly recommend at least checking it out. It was an interesting concept 15 years ago that still really hasn't been replicated much, even by its sequels.
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on February 22, 2014
You know when you put the right people together and give them time and a modest budget they will be able to create the perfect game. It is more like a work of art in this futuristic rpg shooter. You play a nano-tech enhanced anti terrorist agent for UNATCO a coaliation against terrorism. Warren Spector along with Harvey Smith were at their prime when they crafted this masterpiece. It was the year 2000 and not many good games were released for the PC.

It involves conspiracy, traveling the world, and using your brain to solve the game how you want to.You can enhanced yourself with skill points and choose your abilities. Will you be a bad ass sniper and a computer hacker or a stealthy non-lethal rogue? Don't get put off by the graphics, the game play and storyline is what matters here.

This game will change your life so definitely finish it. If you get stuck look for help online via GameFaqs. The soundtrack is also sublime. What are you waiting for? It won Game of the Year for a reason.
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on June 30, 2014
I had played Castle Wolfenstein 3D a bit when it came out and that put me off FPS games until I tried Deus Ex a couple of months ago. Wow! It really is a superb game, perhaps the best game I ever played. The characters are compelling and one cares about a number of them. The ability to play nonlethally is excellent. The graphics design is really good, and becomes even better if you download new textures. I didn't like the way the plot went towards the end, but the good features outweigh this.
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on March 16, 2015
....At least for me.

Up until about a decade ago, I had only ever played console games. I had no idea what I was missing by not looking at PC games! When I first got this on my old windows XP computer, I played for weeks exploring and after I beat it the first time I played it again. At this point I've played it through several times.

The graphics are now very very dated compared to newer games but the story and gameplay is solid. I recently bought this game along with the entire series while it was on special on steam and I've been playing the newest game (human revolution) so I haven't tested this version to see if it runs on windows 7. I will update this review to report on that.

If you look around online (*cough*reddit*cough*) you'll find a thread where someone gives a link to the entire series for cheap on steam. Can't beat the price for this and human revolution at all.
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on February 15, 2015
Haven't played it a lot yet - I'm still in training, but I just know that I'm going to love it. I'm just waiting for when I can really dive into it for real.

The download, installation, and signing up with Steam went smoothly without a hitch.
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on May 16, 2013
This game is one of if not the greatest game I have ever been graced to experience. The depth in this game is played off greatly by adding extensive real-life conspiracies and theories to the games story. The characters and voice acting are movie quality, and the music is also quite good, and by that I mean once you get to the streets of Hong Kong, that song will stick to your for life. I played the demo version I bought from Fries Electronics back when I was 11 or 12 over and over, it only got to the part right before Hong Kong and ended. Going back and playing through the whole thing when I was 16 was incredible. Please, just buy this game. It's $10, less than the price of a movie ticket, and with the other $10 you can get a pizza and immerse yourself in this masterpiece.
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