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on March 31, 2017
Being a huge fan of the 'Cyberpunk' culture and genre.
This game was an absolute must for me when I first heard about it way back in 2009-2010.
(Still has one of the best extended trailers for anything I have ever seen)

I can say is that I honestly loved this game, everything about it was really well done and over the top with keeping the atmosphere dark and cyberpunk themed.
I went through the entire game without killing anyone or being seen on my first playthrough too.
Which was extremely amazing to be able to do in a game. And felt really good.

The music in this game is phenomenal and moody. Lots of ambient and syths.
The plot is thick and keeps you interested, has a relative theme to our modern world, and your choices matter.
This is a prequel to the highly praised Deus Ex game that came out in 2000 on PC and PS2
This is an FPS-Stealth/Action-RPG game that has unique and very fun elements of gameplay.
Highly recommended!
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on January 18, 2013
The original Dues Ex set a standard for FPS with choice. You could start a full on war to accomplish your objectives or you could go undetected for the entire game using only stealth and strategy. Human Revolution is a return to what made the original great with all the upgrades you would expect of a current gen AAA title.

You play as Adam Jensen a former SWAT officer turned corporate security as you unravel and solve a conspiracy that goes deeper than you could imagine. The game play is a combination or first person with third person cover based mechanics and each view works perfectly from a technical standpoint. Despite being an augmented human loaded with all the most modern technology your character is in no way immune to bullets or death. Only through careful planning and strategy can you make it to the end of each level and ultimately the game.

To that point the options in how you play the game are limited only by your own imagination. you can make an entire play through without killing a single person (not easy by any means) or you can choose to load Adam with combat augments that allow him to kill just about everyone and everything that stands in his way with the use of cover and some hacked security tech. Each play style and those in between offer their own advantages and disadvantages but regardless of how you play the game is a blast and well worth the purchase.

The game looks great from a graphics standpoint and is backed up with great voice acting and excellent music. The menus are easy to navigate and the game itself is easy to pickup and play. The load times can be lengthy so I recommend installing the game if possible.

Overall this is a must have for a fan or the original or for someone who is looking for a non-linear approach to FPS. If COD doesn't float your point with it's on rails style of story telling Dues Ex will be the game for you.

Great looking
Well written story
Open playstyle
High replay value

Load times can be lengthy
Facial animations occasionally are lacking
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on June 3, 2014
At first glance, you'll notice that this game has alot of yellow on it. It relies heavily on the light on dark tecnique that artists use but let's not meddle with the geeky stuff and get down to the fun stuff! This game is packed with alot of rpg elements that "classify" your gameplay type in many ways. You can play stealthfully or just go all out shooting, it's your choice.

1. Play any way you want
2. RPG elements work very well
3. Story is lengthly and you will be playing 20+ hours
4. Mechanics work very well
5. I didn't run into issues with bugs or glitches on my play-through

1. Graphics look okay
2. "Battery bar" energy (may not seem bad but it limits how many things you can do, this includes behind takedowns and it's a pain)

Overall, this game has a very good story, gameplay and rpg elements. Essentially it's an rpg game with fps elements in it. Graphics are okay so but it was pretty good back in 2011. I gave this game 4 / 5 stars mainly on the graphics and the big difference you get from playing and jumping in to a cutscene and back again. You can tell that the game has some facial issues and the game compared to the cutscenes look tremendously different! I recommend this to any rpg player and all fps fanatics!
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on October 13, 2011
This game is tons of fun. I have not finished it, but I'm about 10 hours into it, and at the 2nd major geographic location you go to. I play very thoroughly and explore everything to the max.

I would classify this game as a futuristic RPG-ish stealth/action first person shooter which provides a large world for exploration. The mission paradigm allows for a very open experience with various decision paths, and the "away" missions help provide a bit more intensity and a change of scenery. There is a nice mix of futuristic and non-futuristic weapons, tools, and upgrades.

One of the greatest parts about this game is the massive amount of detail in the world which provides hours of exploration. While the exploration is optional, it often provides lots of background information about the game world or clues into the storyline of the game or extra information about your missions or extra money/weapons/tools you can use along the way.

**Home vs Away missions**
There are basically two types of missions in this game. "Home" missions (not an in-game term) are done completely within the city. During these missions you are free to roam around anywhere and do everything at your own pace. Or you can just screw around and explore, talk to ppl, etc. It's very open and free. All the side missions are home missions and many of the main missions are home missions.

Then there are the "away" missions (not an in-game term). Away missions are main missions where you actually leave the city for a while. During this time, you do not have access to the city, and 100% of your effort is spent on the mission at hand (no side missions, and considerably less screwing around). These missions always seem more intense.

I've spent about 70% of my time on home missions and 30% on away.

**Multiple mission paths**
Often there are multiple ways to progress through missions. Say you have to get into a guarded building. You might choose to sneak in some way or you might choose to just blast your way in or you might choose to convince/trick the guards into letting you in. That's just a general example. You also sometimes get the chance to make different decisions which appears to have some ramifications on the storyline.

**Weapons & Tools**
Many of the weapons seem pretty standard like what you would see today. Same with the other various tools (powerups, weapon mods, etc). However, there are many weapons, tools, powerups, and character upgrades that are way beyond the technology that exists today, and it gives the game an interesting futuristic feel to it.

If you like futuristic RPG-ish stealth/action first person shooter games, especially ones that provide hours of exploration and a free/open experience, get this game.
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on January 14, 2012
I've been a fan of the Deus Ex series ever since the original on the PC, and this title does not disappoint. Being able to accomplish your objectives in multiple ways is a great facet of the game, as it facilitates multiple playthroughs as well as providing enjoyment for people who enjoy games in a different manner.

Personally, I chose to approach the game as an action game / third-person shooter. I focused on assault rifles, but you could focus on using stun guns, tranquilizer rifles, pistols, or even rocket / grenade launchers. The ability to upgrade your weapons by finding upgrade kits is a good way of increasing your weapons' effectiveness without tying it too much into your level.

The open-endedness of the game is also to be commended. There are many different outcomes based on choices you make and how you decided to finish individual quests throughout the whole game. In fact, each of the endings possible to the game are only possible if you make certain key decisions, which infinitely increases the replayability.

For those of you who consider achievements before purchasing games, the achievements in this game are primarily related to finishing all of the side quests and reaching certain outcomes in each of those side quests. The biggest pain achievements will be the one where you have to go through the whole game without killing anyone, the one where you have to beat the game on the hardest setting, and the one where you have to beat the game without tripping any alarms. They're difficult, but if you save frequently, you should be able to get it.

The best parts of the game are the story, the dialog, and the voice acting. I've never seen better voice acting in a game, and I found myself emotionally invested in and affected by the characters the entire time. While the overall story of shady government dealings is not something new, the way Deus Ex explains the plight of man in this near future is very engaging, and interesting until the very end.

The only drawbacks I can think of in this game are the inventory system and the boss battles. The inventory system is much like Resident Evil games in that you have an inventory "case" with a fixed number of spaces, and each item you carry takes up a certain number of spaces. Ammo for pistols, SMGs, and Assault Rifles take up 2 spaces each, for example. I didn't like feeling like I had to severely limit either my arsenal or the amount of ammo I carried at any given time, and it detracted from the enjoyment of the game a bit.

The boss battles are also not very challenging, but this was just a minor annoyance.

Overall, it's a great game. One of the best i've played in the last few years, and one I know i'll be playing every once in a while for years to come.
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on September 15, 2011
Got the game a few days ago for xbox and fired it up after loading into the hard drive. After the first few minutes there is a well put together cut scene showing all the names involved in the game, but in the background shows like an opening of a movie, which looks great and gets you excited for the game. the graphics are not going to blow your mind but it gets the job done. The story line appears to be good after several hours of play and I haven't even broken the surface. It does play how some people stated like mass effect mixed with a little metal gear and of course rainbow six Vegas with the first person to third person gameplay. I think it's a great thing to do, because it's always changing and you don't get used to one view of the character. The take downs and kills are put together nicely. Im still waiting how to how take out two at once. I don't have many augmentations, due to only playing for a couple of hours.

Amo is limited so far, so pick and choose how to take on the enemies. I play on the hardest level and it's a bit of a task. Check every place for items in the environment. Don't leave any stone unturned. I venture to say that this game will keep you occupied for a long long time with every ting to do. I like to do every missing of a game, so I get my money's worth. I have never played the previous games but if you like the game I mentioned above or similar, you will like this.
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on September 19, 2011
I know that there are a ton of games coming out in the next few months, and like most people, i was unsure about buying this game. this isn't your typical shooter like resistance or homefront, in fact i dont think ive ever played anything like this before. as soon as i fired this game up, i was blown away by the astonishing story, characters, by the futuristic city of Detroit, the dialog and especially by the music. everything about this game is great! the quests are varied, the cover system, hacking and dialog wheel all work really well. the augmentations are a blast to experiment with. this is the most satisfying single player FPS since Bioshock.

this game only seems to lack in the graphics department, but then again its being played on 6 year old hardware. despite the aging hardware this game still performs smoothly. some people may not like the fact that you have to use your surroundings and constantly sneak around and use cover, but you need to since taking the gung ho approach will only get you killed. some dont like how there isnt a multiplayer mode and how the game takes a while to load, but i think its time for a break from all these fast paced online shooters. ive never played a Deus Ex game before and i was skeptical, but im glad i took the plunge and bought this! everyone should as soon as they get the chance!
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on October 9, 2011
This game is amazingly fun. When they talk about choice in the game, they mean what they say. Each level was painstakingly crafted to make sure it could be completed without any augments at all, but also made to be much easier with the proper augments. I never felt like I needed to spend Praxis points (skill points), but I was always happy that I did. For instance, I'll never forget the time I dropped down from a rooftop into the middle of a crowd of goons using my Icarus landing system, stunning them as I did so, before using my Typhoon augment to shoot death in a 360-degree arc around me before using a sub-machine gun modified with heat-seeking flechettes to finish off the stragglers. I could have easily circumvented the entire encounter, though, if I was willing to go a little out of my way. Additionally, although it's meant to be an RPG/shooter, every level feels like a puzzle game. The twist is that, since there are multiple paths to every objective, it still feels fresh on multiple play-throughs. I'm also impressed with how they handled the sidequests. There are no fetch-quests or collector quests here. Every sidequest came with an interesting and thought-provoking mini-storyline, usually involving some moral dilemma. Speaking of which, there is no tacked-on morality system in this game. Every dilemma is strictly shades of gray. Sometimes you'll be rewarded for choosing to do what I concluded to be the right or the wrong thing, but other times your only reward is feeling good about yourself. The thing is: sometimes that's enough.

This game is a lot of fun, but you should be warned: this game is HARD. Go with the Xbox version and install it, if you can, as that will make the loading screens go by the fastest, and you will see those loading screens a lot. Also, save frequently, as save points are spaced far too far apart relative to how often you will be dying. By the end of it, though, you will appreciate having found a creative approach to solving seemingly impossible problems, and the difficulty will only improve your sense of satisfaction.
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on January 11, 2013
Ahh Deus Ex: Human Revolution.. You were near perfect..

This game rewards stealth more than action, by a -huge- margin. You will seriously gimp yourself out if you don't silently take down your opponents non lethal (30xp-40xp) vs lethal (10xp at best).

Ammo is very scarce if you decide to go around John Rambo style and you only get experience on enemies you're supposed to take down (cops and civilians give zero). Once you're out of any kind of ammo, you have to pray to get enough energy to do a take down because there are -zero- melee weapons to help you out.

Other than above, this is a great stealth game with a good hacking minigame that grants good experience and an intriguing overall story!

Overall, I recommend this to anyone who likes the first two games or are into stealth-based games! John Rambos stay home for this one.
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VINE VOICEon October 28, 2011
Very few video games have been as enjoyable and given me as much of a challenge as Deus Ex. I played it for about 6 straight hours one night. It honestly blows Gears 3 out of the water in my opinion. The basic story is that robotic augmentations have been made available for use by humans as sort of an accessory - to make you smarter or more easily able to influence another person's decisions or in physical terms, they can make you stronger or a faster runner,etc. Our hero, Jensen, is almost murdered by a group that kidnaps one of the foremost augmentation scientists, who also happens to be his ex-girlfriend, along with several of her colleagues. After the attempt on his life, Jensen, rather like the Six Million Dollar Man of 80's TV fame, gets an upgrade. He has all the latest "augs" added not only to keep him alive but to make him more useful to his employer in finding out what happened to the kidnapped scientists. There are also groups who protest the use of these upgrades as unethical and inhumane which adds even more depth to the overall plot of the game. It's basically a quest or mission based game rather like Mass Effect. You have a main mission and then story characters give you alternate missions to accomplish which net you extra credits or upgrades upon completion. There are so many different facets to the gameplay that you never get bored. You have action, stealth, puzzle solving (in the form of hacking computer nodes), finding alternate paths to reach your destination and talking to all manner of characters. The graphics are amazing and quite varied from a Chinese slum to a New York city police station and even to a futuristic laboratory in the middle of the Arctic ocean. There is one fight scene near the end of the game which involves Jensen fighting another "aug" human in a room of moving "statues" which was especially amazing. I was completely blown away by the ingenuity and originality of the whole game. My thing is playing a game that has a great story behind it and Deus Ex does that so very well. This game is rated M for a reason. There is violence, language and even sexual themes so it's definitely not for everyone. That said, however, I would highly recommend it to fans of Mass Effect, Borderlands and other similar titles.
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