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on April 22, 2017
This was one of the BEST books I have read. I understood that worry and Stress was not good but this book broke it down as to how it effects the body. It also gives ways to deal with stress. I highly recommend this book for anyone going through worry and stress...which we all face from time to time. I will keep this book handy.
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on April 11, 2017
I can't tell people enough that this is probably one of the greatest books ever written. It's simple, to the point and helps people tremendously. I bought this for a dear friend who was stressing a little, because it helped me out so many times when I was worried about things. This book is a lifesaver.
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on March 4, 2017
This is a really good book. I recomend it for everyone. It can help change your life. This was written many yearsmago but the premise still holds up. Highly recomended.
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on April 3, 2013
Excellent book. It has a lot of things that might seem silly and like they should be common sense but its written in a way that reminds you and cements it into your brain. The chapters should be read at a slow pace and you should try to apply the things you learn from it on a daily basis inbetween chapters. This book has helped me a lot with my anxiety. I think it could also be very helpful for people who suffer from depression. In the chapters and idea is put out there, like "take things one step at a time" then the idea is broadened, explained and you get a few examples of how different people (ordinary and or famous) applied it in their lives and then the idea is repeated again at the end. Like I said, it makes it easy to remeber and kind of cements it into your head. The title sounds awful in my opinion but at the same time it fits because that is exactly what the book does teaches you how to stop worrying and start living. I think when i first saw it I felt it was a how to for people who have no idea how to manage their anxiety and so i was hesitant at first because I felt i wasnt in such dire need I mean I have ideas on how to manage myself and my anxieties but thats not what this book is like at all (although it is written in a way that a person who has no idea how to handle these issues can read it and understand, it really breaks things down) it serves to refresh your memory and shows you these tactics youve been using at times subconsiously in a new light, makes you aware of them and how to make sure you apply them more often. I love this book I think every person should read it at least once in their life.
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on December 17, 2014
This is a great book! This is the second book that I have read by Dale Carnegie and I really enjoyed them both. I have a third book on the way. For any of us that worry most than others this book provides you with great techniques to combat and deal with worry.

The mass market book is small in size but packed with tons of reading. Like his other books he neatly has short chapters and then has a summary at the end of each section that you can go back to for review. It is a great reference book to have to go back to and re-read.

The earlier chapters were more valuable for me than the later chapters. Some chapters were more interesting than others. However overall I really enjoyed reading this book and I have definitely learned valuable techniques that will contribute to improving how I deal with worry.
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on November 16, 2010
This book was written in the 1930's but the stories that are told throughout and the advice given are just as relevant today as they were back then. Honestly after reading this book, I felt ashamed of myself because this book depicts so many stories of people who obviously had it worse than me. Even though I worry, most of my worries are foolish and I should spend more time counting my blessings because I obviously have more of those than worries.

The idea of the book is that Mr. Carnegie will make a point and then use several stories to illustrate that point. If you read "How to Win Friends and Influence People," this book follows the same format. Honestly if you get the point with the first story, you could honestly skip to the next chapter if you want. I think the many stories are beneficial because they show you each given point in a few different situations.

The information is pretty much common sense but sometimes common sense is not so common. There are 28 chapters in this book and they are broken down into seven parts. You can refer to the item description to see the chapters. I found parts one to four to be very enlightening regarding facts about worry, analyzing worry, breaking worry before it breaks you, and a positive mental attitude. Again, the information is pretty much common sense, but the delivery was so inspiring and drove each point home. Part five deals with religion and having faith in God. I am a Christian so this hit home. Part six talks about dealing with criticism. It's rather short and I wish it were a little longer. Part seven is all about fatigue and insomnia caused by worry. It was OK but I didn't care too much for it. Interestingly it talks about insomnia but I fell asleep while reading it. You could skip part seven if you wanted to as I didn't get much from it. Part eight is nice because it is 31 short essays on different people and how they conquered their worry. Part eight is pretty much a "putting it all together" chapter. The stories very clearly illustrate all the different points made in the book.

The book is pretty easy to read. No big words or phrases and the flow is great. If you wanted to, you could finish this in two sittings; no boredom here.

You can't read any self-help book and just feel good about yourself. You need to apply the principles. Even though you will feel good and inspired after reading this book, honestly put it to use. Worry is all about how you think and how you deal with situations. Worry is not an incurable disease. You have total control over your worry. Sometimes we worry because we don't have all the facts about our worry to begin with (read part two.)

This book is not "How to win friends and Influence People" Part II; it is totally different. This book is about individuality as opposed to interpersonal skills. Some people are comparing both books and I don't understand why. The only similarities are the format and the author.

I highly recommend this book and I think you should find out what you worry about the most; be it finances, health, success, marriage, etc. and find other books to compliment this.
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on November 28, 2012
I became interested in Dale Carnegie's books after watching a documentary on Warren Buffet. Turns out Warren Buffet was terrible at communicating effectively, until he read Dale Carnegie's books. 10 years later he was a billionaire. I don't particularly need 1 billion dollars, nor do I think I'll ever have a billion dollars, but this book was useful none the less.

Dale Carnegie is great at telling short anecdotes of people he knows that relate precisely to what needs to be said. It reminds me of Malcolm Gladwells style of writing, and its effective at both conveying info and keeping you entertained.

You will come away from this book with a number of different techniques that genuinely help eliminate or reduce worry, stress, and anxiety. Better yet you'll be able to redirect your worry into useful endeavors. Basically, worry isn't something to be completely rid of, its simply needs to be intelligently directed.

I found this book particularly interesting because Dale Carnegie continuously tells stories of people, places, circumstances. The neat part is that it becomes a history lesson because the book was written in 1948. You really get a fascinating look at this time period. You will find titillating references to presidents and industrialists you haven't thought of in ages.
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on January 9, 2013
Stressed from work, from a turbulent love life, from a decaying social circle, and from an overall bout of severe depression, I found myself floundering for ways to recover from this onslaught of negativity. I decided to pick up Dale Carnegie's book as a sort of last-ditch effort to pull myself out of my funk, and when I finally started reading it, I found myself lifted.

Carnegie finds a way to really solidify practical ways to change your perspective on what's terrorizing you in your day-to-day life. He helps you take things one step at a time with this boo and relieve you from the load you've been carrying on your back as you try to deal with your earthly problems. This book has been such a godsend, and has really helped me slap some sense into myself.

I purchased this book on Kindle, but liked it so much that I went to Barnes and Noble to pick up a physical copy just to have on my shelf as a reminder of how to stop worrying and start living. I plan on going back through my shelf copy to highlight and bookmark my favorite passages, and I plan on rereading this book several times to solidify the ideas in my mind.
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on July 27, 2013
i may even read it again, and I never do that. So many people worry about so many things, it is truly amazing. I got laid off recently for the first time in 23 years and i didn't freak out at all. why? It won't make me magically employed the next day will it? No. But I did get a new job in a few weeks. oh, I digress. If you are willing to take the time to read this you will be glad you did. I tried to get my significant other to read it and she wouldn't, which is too bad, she could really use it, just like many others could.

I would highly recommend this book. It has a LOT of examples and certainly one that is similar to some of yours worries.
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on March 23, 2017
This old book presents many wonderful ways to learn how to stop worrying. I thought it would be almost unreadable because it is so old, but the same issues that troubled people almost a century ago, are still troubling people today.
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