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on October 13, 2013
This is the best video download for YouTube I've seen yet. And the TubeMate website CORRECTLY says there are lots of fake clones of this application (ALL the versions on Google Play for instance), and not only do most of the clones not work, they are in fact Trojan horses for various forms of maliware and adware. This application DOES have adds, but I for one do not find them intrusive as they only appear within the application at the top of the screen, and this both keeps the app free plus doesn't slow the app down. ALSO in over 2GB of downloads I've seen so far ZERO porn adds. Not sure why others have, perhaps they should look at their own web-browsing history as to the reaso as adds areally usually targeted based on user activity.

As for the pros with this app, 1-you get fast download speed that downloads in the background allowing multitasking (you can track the progress in the menu download history), 2-ability to do up to 2 downloads simultaneously, 3-ability to select different download quality's (the Max based on the source video quality), this allows one to save space by selecting lower quality video if you don't have a lot of space (it usually still looks great BTW), 4-both app-specific and general YouTube search options, 5-enhanced fast download for devices that can support it (as an option from preferences), 6-a multitude of options to customize your user experience (most of which are shown to you when you first use the app in a short and easy to understand tutoria), 7-decent video player options for the videos you've downloaded (with this or other applications), and finally 8-the ability to choose the location (internal memory or external SD card, and which specific file that you wish)) both for downloading and playback. That last one is a real time saver for me as my device only has 5GB memory, but I have a 32GB SD card, and some HD 1080P videos can be as large as 100MB or more.

As for the cons,
Not really any I've seen. Well other than newer videos from Vivo won't download, but that is a "feature" of Vivo jackasses not this application (consider it like copy-protection as found on DVDs and Blue Ray disks). Otherwise everything is as it should be, as others have said, easy to understand icons and functions, good for the novice to the experienced user..
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on March 5, 2016
When I lived in Finland, you take connectivity for granted. My unlimited 4G LTE connection costs 20 Euros ($27) a month and consistently gives me 35 megabits per second down. My girlfriend’s father has a fiber connection to his house that gives him gigabit access for just 10 Euros more. However, I spent the first three months of this year backpacking through Asia, and when I was lucky enough to find an internet connection, I often had to deal with a one or two megabit line.

Now considering one of my favorite things to do on my smartphone is watch video, how did I manage to feed my addiction? Simple, using an application called TubeMate. You’re not going to find it in the Google Play Store, because it unabashedly breaks YouTube’s terms of service. What exactly does it do? It lets you download YouTube videos.

How exactly does it work? Open up Chrome on your Android phone and go to YouTube’s website. TubeMate displays the exact same page, except when you go to watch a video, it gives you the option to download said video. You get to pick what resolution you want, where you want the videos to go (internal storage versus memory card), and it couldn’t be simpler to use.

Why exactly would someone want to download YouTube videos? There are so many amazing content producers these days that it’s hard not to find something to keep you entertained. The Verge has three weekly shows: Top Shelf, which usually clocks in at 20 minutes, The Mobile Show, which is about an hour, and The Vergecast, which is about 90 minutes long.

Then there’s Pocket-now, who makes some of the best product reviews out there, with each video being around 10 minutes long. On the subject of product reviews, there’s also Marques Brownlee, an amazingly talented young man who makes epic videos from his dorm room in New Jersey. And let’s not forget educational YouTube-stars, like Veritasium and SmarterEveryDay.

My favorite videos to download, however, are easily music videos. They’re bite sized, take up little space on your memory card, and you might even find some DJs recording themselves making hour long mixes! If you’re into electronic dance music, give DJ Cotts and DJ Ravine a look.

So how exactly do you install TubeMate? Go to their official website and pick a mirror. I always go with Opera since I trust them as a company after visiting their offices in Oslo numerous times. When you try to install the app, chances are your phone will throw you an error saying you can’t install it since it wasn’t from the Play Store. This is easy to fix.

Here’s where you have to pay attention: Go to your security settings, enable “Unknown Sources”, go back to the APK you downloaded, install the app, and then before you even open it, go back to the security settings to disable “Unknown Sources”.

Will Google ever bring offline support to their official YouTube app? Never say never, but let’s just say I highly doubt they will because every time you watch an MP4 file off your phone, that’s one less ad Google can show you and one less play for whoever uploaded said content.

How often do I use TubeMate? Several times per day. That 4G LTE connection I mentioned at the top of this article is for a wireless hotspot that never leaves my apartment. My phone on the other hand, I pay 5 Euros ($6.70) a month for unlimited data, but there’s one huge catch: I’m limited to only 384 kbit/s. While I could easily pay more for more speed, I don’t because when I’m on the go I’m usually only doing three things: Twitter, Email, WhatsApp. And for those, you don’t need a fat pipe.

Bonus: Those of you with eagle eyes will have spotted that I subscribe to 16 YouTube channels. For a full list of those channels, just head over to my YouTube page. And no, I’m not pimping any of my content since I can barely take a decent photograph, much less make a video worth watching.
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on August 28, 2013
Very slow. Freezes all the time! I have to turn off my kindle to play. Needs to be fixed. Did not have a problem with YouTube infill they.made me download something. This had the highest rates (they weren't great) but better then the rest and that's pretty sad.
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on March 1, 2014
Installed this and found it was not only a downloader, but also a player. Nice touch.

Until I found it won't write at all to my removable SD card. First problem happened when trying to configure Settings. Navigated to the download directory on my Samsung Galaxy Pro 10.1 (extSdCard) and tried to create a directory off that. No complaints when I tapped Submit, but the directory setting didn't change. Went back to see of my new directory existed. Nope. Tried a few more times, same non-results.

Hooked up a usb cable to a Windows computer, navigated the extSdCard directory and created my directory. Disconneted usb, rebooted my Galaxy Pro and tried again to set my download directory. This time, since I had already created it from the Windows host, it was already there and TubeMate was able to set my download directory.

Tried to download a youtube video. Any. At any resolution. To any file format.

100% of attempts to download to external SD card resulted in error message EACCESS Permission Denied,

This thing just can't write to the removable SD card. I have 9gb of internal tablet memory remaining, and 54gb of external SD Card memory remaining, and this thing insists upon hogging my internal memory.

Very much unhappy with this. Uninstalled it. However, it did play videos off youtube just fine, and of course it is free, so I can't bring myself to give it only 1 star. Not really suited for its claimed purpose, though.
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on September 23, 2013
used to love this app until latest update. app now automatically sets itself as default downloaded for ALL downloads on kindle fire with no clear way to change. it takes so much longer to use on small files than the kindle stock downloader. uninstalled because it became a nuisance.
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on September 15, 2016
Honestly, I don't know where my life would be without this app; Musicless probably. This app is quintessential to owning a smartphone really. It's easy to use, and allows you to expand your music library in a few taps. You can download music into many formats, or even download the video itself. The downloads take a very short time, and take up very little space. I told all of my friends about this app, and now everyone is bumping their favorite songs on the go. Thanks 1000 times to the creator of this heavenly app.
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on October 8, 2012
This is probably the best you tube downloaded app for the android platform. However, that does not mean it is without flaws.

For instance, a new iteration my fix or break some of its functionality. For example, the version previous to 1.05.39 didn't allow me to save anything. Which is annoying when every time I launched the utility it was asking me to download the failed version.

Fortunately, 1.05.39 fixed that. However, for the time that this app was broken, I was looking for an alternative to Tube Mate, but I just didn't find it. I found some good back up YouTube Downloaders, but none of them give you the integration with YouTube or the range of save formats that TubeMate does.

So try it, but beware of its pitfalls.
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on November 25, 2012
Was good until the update. Now whenever I download a video the info doesn't appear on my status bar about how far it has downloaded, and I looked in preferences and there is no way to enable/disable this feature. And as other users are saying, there are too many porn ads.
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on August 8, 2014
To be honest, the idea of baking always intimidated me.

That didn't stop me from being obsessed though! My favorite memories growing up were the ones baking with my Aunty and I guess that's where it all started. I've always wanted to recreate those memories with my family but I never have the time plus I'm a horrible baker. Seriously everything I put in the oven turns into a disaster!

I have always loved cooking shows like cup cake wars and I recalled seeing Baking Mats on there, so when I saw it on Amazon I was really interested but it seemed out of my leuge.

But THEN I saw Baking Buddys Baking Mat and it just seemed like a genius idea! There's all this space, why not print a bunch of stuff that beginners like me would need to know?

Okay so I baked some cookies for the first time, tried the recipe on the mat. The way they presented it was so simple, I put them in the oven and left them in an extra 8 minutes (like the silly me I am)

BAM my cookies were perfect! I don't know how (and frankly I don't care how) but for the first time in my life the cookies came out perfect (gooey on the inside with a nice crust) THAT and they slid right off the mat.

Baking Buddy was also so kind that they Called me and asked me what kind of recipes I like so they could send me recipes I would prefer. I've never seen a company continue to care even after I made my purchase. I tried all the recipes and I got the same results EVERY time. My favorite was the Grilled Cheese.

Also the non stick factor is out of this world. My cookies slid off, I didn't have to do any work. This mat makes the whole Baking Process so much less intimidating and really, it is fun!

If you're considering buying this product, beginner or pro, GET IT! You will not regret it, and even if you do, they'll give you your money back.

I got to bake cookies with my son yesterday and it was so amazing to recreate that memory with my kids. There's so may other recipes that I have in mind, I can't wait to try them on my new Baking Buddy! Truly an amazing mat, amazing quality and I would recommend to anyone!
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on October 17, 2013
At One Point This App Was On High Demand By People From Every Lifestyle Everywhere. This Is One Application That Like Many Artists, TV Shows, Sequels, etc., It Has Gone Down The Drain To The Bottom Where It Is Recommended Best Not To Explore. It Has Devolved. Videos & Music Downloads Will Only Play Halfway & After That You Are Expected To Rejoice To The Fact That At Least Half Of What You Wanted Was Given To You At No Cost At All. In Other Words, Bend Over & Take It.
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