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on February 13, 2012
I had read Unbroken first, then received Devil At My Heals as a gift on my IPAD. I decided to go ahead and read this version and was struck by how the first half of both books were basically identical, though more "first person experiences" with Devil than Unbroken. What became more striking with Devil is that the experience in war as a prisoner was really just prologue for his ultimate life's work which was his service to God. You do not get that sense with the Unbroken version. He never claimed to be a hero, claiming rather to be a survivor who got a lot of press. His tale of survival was amazing and his commitment to God after his post war trauma is equally admirable as his ability to survive the war. I would recommend the Devil version over the Unbroken version because it seemed more of a personal story as opposed to just a survival story.
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on April 17, 2015
Despite all the hoopla about the movie and the heralded book "Unbroken;" this book is by far more honest, riveting and soulful. Since I had already Read :Unbroken" and Seen the movie, I was reluctant to read Louie's personal account of his amazing life. I am so gratified I did. The book is fast-paced and a real page-turner. His exploits, sufferings and victories are both uplifting and heart wrenching. The movie and other book missed the point entirely- Louie's descent into his darkest hour of resentment, anger and- self pity over his treatment by his Japanese captors; and his recovery to complete forgiveness and fruitful living after his encounter with a young Billy Graham. What a great story!
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on July 9, 2015
After reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and watching the movie by the same name, I just had to get a copy of Devil at My Heels and get 'the rest of the story' from Louie Zamperini himself. As many reviewers have already stated, Devil at My Heels shares many accounts similar to Unbroken. Of course Unbroken is a more professionally written book, from a third person perspective and is more descriptive and broader in scope. This book, Devil at My Heels is more of a personal, firsthand account of his life and is a great read on its own.

I like the fact that Louie shares insights of why he acted the way he did and what his motivations were. He let's the reader into his world and gives us a sense of what type of man he really is, the good, the bad, and ugly. Devil at My Heels does a great job of sharing details surrounding Louie's conversion and how it made a significant change in his life's motivations and goals after that fateful encounter with Billy Graham. Excellent book and great companion to the Unbroken movie and book.
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on November 4, 2014
This story is awesome. Well written, exciting, and Loui shares all of his warts and weaknesses. But you are hit between the eyes by his strength and determination not to give up or give in. He was committed to standing strong for his country and fellow soldiers. Read it and weep, but your heart will cheer when these men are freed at last. This book tells you more of what Loui experienced after returning to the US and the further battles he fought. Again, by God's loving grace he was victorious and able to forgive and extend grace to his captors. A mighty story you will not forget.
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on January 3, 2015
I was amazed at the 6 people who gave it one star! A me, me book, what did you expect, it was about himself!! Good until Billy Graham, it was part of the story!!!
I gave it 5 stars, I read it within 24 hours. I can only thank Louis for his service, if it wasn't for people like him we would live in a country where we couldn't write reviews. I feel it was well written, now some people don't realize that David Rensin actually wrote the book after interviews with Louis!! That's what an autobiography is all about! It took a story of over 70 years and put it into words. Very well written and very well lived!!!
Again, thanks Louis for your service, only sorry you didn't get to see the finished picture, Unbroken
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on April 28, 2017
Was aware of Mr. Zamparini, from what I had seen on TV. However, the strength of these men who were held captive by the Japanese was impressive. Just surviving the crash at sea of their plane was a victory in itself. Then to survive the prison camps was another. Yet another personal look into the impossible odds of war.
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on September 11, 2014
Unbroken is a great book, and Devil at My Heels is a great book. I've read both and recommend that to anyone who wants different perspectives on essentially the same story of the growth, survival and subsequent service of an extraordinary man. The autobiography is more personal as it should be, and the latter part of it focuses on Zamperini's renewed faith, forgiveness and service. From his early years as a juvenile delinquent, to his success as a runner, to his military service, survival at sea, capture and torture by the Japanese, post war difficulties at home, and ultimate service to all through his faith, this story is fascinating.
Only hope the upcoming movie will do this story justice.
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on June 2, 2017
Great book and it really gives you an idea of what went on with Japan in WWII but it was also hard to read of the beatings, starvation, and brutality the POWs experienced. That Louis made it through and made something good come from his life is a testament to the type of man he was.
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on May 31, 2017
This story reveals life in the depression era through 2003. Olympic runner, war hero and brutally abuse POW who floundered after his release until find forgiveness and peace through Jesus. The story of transformation that allowed him to be used to bless thousands. I heartily recommend this autobiography.
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on December 31, 2014
I just got finished with this book and I really am fascinated by his life!! I can't believe how many times he faced death, it was almost unbelievable! When you read it , you might be thinking did he really almost die..AGAIN?! There is a lot of information about the war, survival, and great facts about history. He mentions that when he returned to Kwajalein the natives swore they seen a blond lady matching the description of Amelia Earhart behind prison bars. "The old timers never heard of Amelia Earhart but that there was a a woman who matched her description just around the time she disappeared. She was tall, blond, slender and had a work suit"
At times, it was a hard read for me, there was a lot of slang and descriptions I did not understand. So if anyone wants to enlighten me, please help me understand this part. When he describes Frank Sinatra, "He's the top singer in America. The bobby soxers are rolling in aisles." So I get he is a singer and bobby soxers are singers but I did not understand what he meant by rolling in the aisles. This is just one example but there were many times I was a little lost. I looked up words, locations and did research to understand what he was saying. I also wished he were more descriptive, I do appreciate that he got straight to the point or this book would be longer. But he never told us what happened to the other survivor in the raft. I was only able to find minimal information about Phil.
Overall, I could not put this book down his life story has greatly affected me! Truly, if he can forgive those soldiers for what they did to him, then I can forgive others as well. I will do my best to live my life to the fullest!! He is such an inspiration and I will hold onto this book when life gets me down. Thanks Lucky Louis for being such an inspiration. You definitely fought the good fight and finished the race!
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