Customer Reviews: Devil's Playground
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on November 4, 2011
This is a zombie film that ranks with Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, and the 28 Days/Weeks films. The acting was good, the special effects were great, with original appearance and motion of the zombies/infected. It's not hokey, and the ending was good while leaving a possibility of a sequel. The British are definitely raising the bar for good zombie movies and are on a winning streak. Hopefully more are on the way! I don't like spoilers or getting into a post-mortem of the movie, so I just recommend that this is a must-see for zombie fans!
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on January 17, 2012
Just imagine the "zombies" of 28 Days Later on high doses of crank and performance enhancing drugs and you will get a good idea about this movie.
The acting is great and the action is non stop and extremely lethal! A very, very entertaining movie.
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Another plague has broken out in London, causing normal humans to become growling, flesh-chomping zombies w/ cat-like quickness (Ala 28 DAYS / WEEKS LATER). A small band of survivors seek refuge in a mechanic's garage, until forced to make a run for it. DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND is one of the better "runner" or "infected" zombie films. Those still insisting that all such creatures must shamble slowly, while moaning politely, will be disappointed once more. These biters are hopped-up on goofballs! Some of them jump like that maniac at the beginning of CASINO ROYALE! I loved the whole bloody thing!...
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on July 11, 2012
I gave this movie 4**** this movie was great, you will not be disappointed when you watch this film .I'm a zombie movie fan and I haven't seen a movie this good since Dawn of The Dead and of course The walking Dead .I must say that British are really making great zombie movies. I think they need to merge with some of the film makers in the U.S and come up with a great zombie film. Until next time, I wilL looking for another zombie film that's worth watching over and over.
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on April 15, 2012
Why do people who clearly hate zombie movies keep watching, let alone reviewing, them? One after another zombie movie gets shot down until only the absolute grossest are left standing? Apparently, unless every single aspect of every single zombie attack on every single victim is depicted in the most wrenchingly graphic detail, with full zoom in full effect, the movie's a bust. When I try to imagine the kind of zombie movie that would appeal to such zombie fans, all I can conjure up is a twelve year old with ADD picking his nose while he farts continuously and wails over and over "I'm bored! I'm bored! I want to see people getting torn apart every second! I'm bored!." Here's a news flash: there is such a think as suspense, and two thirds of any good horror movie consists of building the suspense so that when whatever it is that's going to happen happens, it's actually scary. Sorry, but the grossness of the attack is no substitute for the suspense leading up to it.

That said, "Devil's Playground" is a great zombie movie. Note that I didn't say "a great movie" but rather "a great zombie movie." If I want to see a great movie, I'll watch something like "The Mayor of Casterbridge." Face it, there are only so many plot devices possible in a zombie movie - the number one being which of the lead characters will make it, which will not. So it was with "Devil's Playground." Yes, you can pretty well tell who definitely won't make it - e.g., the elite couple who got rescued and tagged along with their rescuers looking for a chance to ditch them and save themselves; but you can't always tell who maybe won't make it - e.g., Steve, best friend of Angie' husband Joe; or Angie' brother Matthew or his wife (I never did get her name); or Cole, the only employee of N-Gen to survive, N-Gen being the biotech company whose experiments in marketing a new high-energy supplement created the zombies in the first place. In other words, in terms of zombie movies: who will get bitten, who will not.

One of the things that makes a great zombie movie great is atmosphere. "Resident Evil" had it, as did "28 Days Later" - and so, too, does "Devil's Playground" have it. First there's the sterile atmosphere of the company's lab; then the atmosphere of the city as Angie and her sister-in-law attempt to escape the madness; then the atmosphere of the countryside, where all zombies eventually congregate; and, finally, the atmosphere of the warehouse district, where a helicopter is known to sit. So, of course, all roads lead all characters to that enchanted rooftop where rescue for anyone who makes it is only a flight in a whirlybird away. Or not.

Along with the handling of the usual zombie elements, "Devil's Playground" has at least two trump cards: Danny Dyer and Craig Fairbrass. So don't anybody dare diss the acting! Dyer as Joe and, especially, Fairbrass as Cole are nothing short of superb! Oh, by the way, here's another news flash: if a movie - even a zombie movie - is lucky enough to get such actors as Danny Dyer and Craig Fairbrass, it has to put a little extra meat on the characters' psyches to better showcase their talent. Translated for twelve year olds: yeah, it's gonna get a little boring for you.
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on April 15, 2015
Like I usually start off all my reviews I am in no way a movie critic I see some of the reviews people post and I am amazed at wat detail they go into to about the director actors etc well don't expect that here now wit that said I really did enjoy this movie a lot it's not your typical moaning groaning shuffling drooling zombie movie these zombie things were amazing they were really scary and moved and jumped around like a bunch of animals this is not your every day zombie movie just watch it u will not regret it I actually watched it twice I would definitely recommend watching this movie
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on April 1, 2012
I actually really liked this movie. I like how the Brits do the infection thing rather than just the plain old zombie thing. These bad boys can run and jump, which I gotta say is entertaining because you know that they can chase your butt down. I liked the fact that it had a backstory instead of just waking up and everyone being infected. The acting was really good too which is a plus in the movie's favor. I am definitely going to be adding this to my collection for sure.
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on January 24, 2012
This Movie was Excellent. It's like 28 days later Meets, Resident Evil, meets Dawn of the Dead....In Fact i enjoyed it more Than 28 Days Later? It's been along time since i enjoyed a good zombie movie until this Devil's Playground. This Film is worth every Penny.... for the die hard Zombie Fan.... I like the fact that they take their time with it,and explain how the Virus originated from...and takes us to the streets to see the chaos unfold... Very well written and Acted....Thumbs up to this one.... It should have had a wideworld Release........Don't miss out...
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on December 9, 2012
This movie was English produced and I'm generally not a fan of English made movies but this one was great if you like the zombie genre like me.
The production values, acting, writing and special effects were very good in my opinion.
Like most zombie movies the virus is spread after man dabbles with a better medicine with catastrophic results.
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on April 19, 2012
This movie was actually not bad. It takes itself seriously and is fairly interesting with decent special effects and acting. The biggest problem I have here is with the infected themselves. They are fast-moving creatures in the vein of "28 Days Later" but they also jump, spin, and roll around like a bunch of demented monkeys. It is supposed to be frightening but it really comes across as silly seeing zombies/infected jumping around like baboons on crack. Also the don't seem to have any consistancy on what kills the zombies and how they die. Sometimes the zombies seem to be killed quite easily, while other times they appear almost impossible to kill. Occasionally the British accents get a little hard to follow but that is a minor inconvenience. Overall an enjoyable film.
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