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on August 1, 2015
I wasn’t careful when I was ordering this book and thought I was getting the adult version of this book. I was surprised when I opened up my package and it was the children’s version. I checked my order and sure enough it was me that made the mistake! Regardless, I gave the book a try, since I am a cat lover and didn’t mind having a quick and easy read.

This was a really sweet story. I loved reading about how Dewey made his life at the library. In addition to being a cat lover, I also work in a library. It made me wish for a library cat of my own! I enjoyed all the little anecdotes and loved the photos. I admit I teared up in a few spots. I certainly enjoyed the book, and will probably pass it on to my nieces. Just make sure you’re ordering the right version!
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"Dewey" is a memoir of a cat who inhabited the Spencer, Iowa public library for 19 years. Intertwined with Dewey's story is the story of Dewey's human, Vicki Myron, and the ups and downs of her life and the life of Spencer as a community.

This is not merely a collection of cute cat stories (although there are plenty of those as well), but is more the biography of a cat, and his relationship with the many people in his life. Parts of this story are quite sad, and Myron doesn't flinch from the sorrow, rather she discusses how Dewey helped her cope with issues in her life, and how he did the same for others. Obviously Myron and Dewey had a very special bond, one that even exists even after Dewey passed away. I am a believer in the power of the human-animal connection. Sometimes animals are a greater comfort than other people can be, and they have more noble causes.

While Myron doesn't shy away from telling the bad with the good, there are numerous passages explaining Dewey's playful side and the uplifting effect he had on his human companions. I found the last portion of the book difficult but rewarding to read. As Dewey reached old age, he became more enfeebled as is normal, but never lost his spirit. This is hard for people who love animals, as most pet owners have to live with the realization that they will outlive their pets; I've been there, and the book brought all the emotions associated with that back to me. This isn't to say that you should avoid the book, in fact, quite the contrary. Dewey and Vicki Myron had a wonderful 19 year relationship, and Myron and Dewey emotionally depended on each other. While parting is difficult, it is still overcome by the wonders of the relationship itself. (As an aside, I actually felt more sorrow for Myron's parent's cat, Max, who was killed due to neglect at the veterinarian's office in the prime of his life.)

This book is wonderful, although sometimes emotionally challenging. Many things went wrong in Myron's life, and she shares them unflinchingly; no matter how bad things got though, her best friend was always there for her. Thank you Vicki for the book and for taking care of a wonderful feline friend, and thank you Dewey for being an emissary for the human-animal bond and reminding ourselves of the value of love and friendship.
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on June 7, 2014
The namesake of the story, Dewey, will win your heart just as he did for people in the town of Spencer, Iowa and across the world. I very much enjoyed the stories of how he won over the hearts of many who were hardened to life and affection. The author goes into great detail to describe Dewey's hometown and its history, which is valuable at times because it shows the effect this little cat had in helping to preserve it.

The only complaint I have is with the awkward transitions between Dewey's story and the author's life. There are several chapters that have nothing to do with Dewey's story and are completely about the author's past; and there is no smooth transitioning between the two. It's almost like, "Enough about the cat, let's talk about me now." Not to say that it wasn't an interesting read, it was just...awkward. I understand tying two separate timeframes together to weave one story together, but this book did not succeed in that. She could have correlated a struggle of Dewey's to a struggle of hers, but there was none of that. The story of Dewey would rock along happily, only to be interrupted by two chapters of what its like to be a single mom. It's kind of like this review; everything's adorable, now let me rant about molding two stories into one.

Now, in earnest, I got what I expected from the story, which was a touching tale about an adorable cat. I was excited to see how the little guy became famous and how his story culminated in this book. If you are a cat lover, Dewey is worth the read.
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on July 15, 2016
If you've ever owned a cat, you will just eat up every word, every adventure, every cuddle in this book. If you "dont know cats" this will take you into their world; it will show you the depth of their intelligence and capacity to love and care. The tale of the small almost-frozen cat being rescued by the library staff and becoming a fixture in the museum is well told. You can just see the cat chasing things, or being chased, and how it interacts with people -- particularly with grumps and physically disabled. The few sections about the health of the author (librarian) did not interest me, and I could have done without. I could re-read this book every few years and still giggle, swoon, or cry. It must be one of the top "gift books" published, as you will want to share it, and bring joy to others' lives.
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on September 26, 2009
Because I enjoyed the first book about Dewey, I wanted to see how much of the story would be included in the children's book. As it turned out, it was just right. This is one of the cutest cats I have ever seen and the illustrations are wonderful. I have six cats that I adore and I would gladly add a cat like Dewey any day. He is truly a cat who made a difference and touched the lives of many - both young and old. He could also be named Dewey - a Cat of Peace. I am taking this book as a gift to our local library where I volunteer and I cannot wait to see the children's faces when they check in the book.

I highly recommend this book and thank you, Amazon, for letting me know that it was coming on the market.
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on May 6, 2017
Dewey is a delightful story for cat lovers. It is a story about the power a pet can have in our life. In this case, Dewey actually effected his town and beyond.
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on May 29, 2017
Thanks to the author for writing this book. Anyone who has had a very special pet will want to read this poignant tale. My grandmother was a small town librarian and as kids my brother and I spent a lot of time there. My family has always had pets. Cats have a special place in our hearts. Loved this story. Suitable for adults and older children.
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on May 27, 2017
I read this book as a book club selection and would never have read it otherwise, not being a fan of sickly-sweet cat books. However, the author is careful to blend a cat story into the story of a small town along with her own story. Ok, I admit. I was charmed.
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on February 25, 2017
This is the second time I have read Dewey,s story.I love this book. I love the way it has been written. I love Dewey even though I only met him in the book.I had a cat that l loved with all my heart ,actually a few and dogs.All special all different for us it was an orange and white cat his name was SHILO ,named after the Neil Diamond song. He filled our lives with LOVE he honoured the song. My children thought the song was for our cat, not the other way around, the years do not dim the LOVE. Thank you Vicki for sharing Dewey with us. Meryl
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on January 10, 2013
I chose this book because I am a cat person and it received great reviews. I loved the book and could relate to so much of Dewey's antics in my own cats. The writer perfectly described the love, anxiety, guilt and happiness you feel with a pet. Although I knew what was coming in the end of the book, I still found myself sobbing out loud (in my gym on the exercise bike!) when it came. I think only a pet owner who bonded so completely with her pet could have written such a touching closing chapter. I would have given this 41/2 stars if I could.
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