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on July 19, 2016
I regularly kayak in wildlife-rich areas, so my waterproof camera (with a 4x zoom) was proving ineffective for zooming in to get details of the wildlife I was encountering. I decided to use my long-range-zoom point-and-shoot camera on voyages, but needed some way to protect it from getting wet. While the usual hazard is splashes, there have been occasions where the camera has fallen overboard and submerged. This waterproof camera 'bag' provides sufficient protection from those hazards for my point-and-shoot camera for my specific purposes, but the lens port had some unexpected results. If my camera wasn't zoomed out fully, to where the lens rested against the front of the port, I got some unexpected vignetting and also some out-of-focus problems (see attached photos). Some shots were in-focus, but many were not (the camera's sensor being fooled by the effects of the camera bag). There were focus errors in sunlight but also in clouded sky lighting as well. I am disappointed by the inconsistent results I have gotten so far.
I will be trying this out with other cameras to see if I can get better results. If I have better success, I will upgrade the rating and update this review accordingly - but for now, I found this to be very disappointing and can only give it a 3.
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on October 8, 2016
This works great! It fits my Canon PowerShot SX700 with some room to spare, but the next size smaller than this was too small for that camera. The pictures come out SUPER clear! When you put the camera in the bag, the whole thing floats to the top of the water. I've tested it out in pools and at the beach and in the ocean. It's definitely a great alternative to those water housing cases that cost hundreds of dollars! I don't understand why others are posting complaints about trying to adjust the settings or about getting a vignette around the photos. This is basically a really fancy plastic bag to keep the water off your camera! I don't think you'd be able to change the settings on your camera when you're using a super-fancy-expensive water housing anyway. And as far as the vignette, oh well, crop your photo, or hold your camera differently (it definitely doesn't come out on ALL the photos/videos I've taken), or buy a super expensive water housing!

For me, it does the job it was made to do well: keep water (& sand!) out of my camera, and give me crystal clear pictures of pool and beach days without having to worry about ruining my phone or camera!
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on November 17, 2012
Bought this for my Panasonic Lumix in order to avoid buying a more expensive underwater camera or the ridiculous case that makes the camera look like a submarine.
So I bought this thing, submerged it in my sink for hours to make sure it didn't leak (it didn't). and then took it to South Africa for cage diving with great white sharks.
A few pictures have the rounded edge of the case in it when I wasn't paying attention and wasn't zoomed out enough. But once I got the hang of it, it was great. I have great underwater pics and videos of great white sharks - without a doubt it was a great purchase. Worked great (about 6 feet underwater, for an hour, very cold) and had no problems. The buttons are tough to manipulate in it b/c the material is thick, but this didn't bother me. I set it to what I wanted and just took pics and videos with it (no problem switching between the two). If you're gonna be super worried about being able to subtlely manipulate the settings, you should probably get a fancy underwater camera.
Great buy
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on August 10, 2015
Works great, used it sea kayaking & backpacking in Alaska for my Sony DSC-RX100. Heavy use for over a month and no leaks, tears, or scratches. The plastic on the lens cover is very clear and photos turned out well, although water drops are present on multiple pictures but it's fine considering the conditions we were in. Pretty tough to use the controls on the camera when it is in the case, but if you try very hard it is possible to use the zoom. Definitely can't use any other controls but considering the case that properly fits the DSC-RX100 is over $300, I am extremely happy with this case. Super light weight and packable.
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on March 26, 2012
I bought this case for a Canon S95 prior to a snorkeling trip. I also purchased the Dicapac WPS10 for a Canon 7d. Neither leaked, but I will tailor this review for the WP570 bag. I cannot speak to whether it held up to the pressures of scuba diving - I only took this snorkeling and approximately 1-2 feet below the water's surface.

It was cheap and appeared to be decent, based on other diacpac reviews I've seen. For full disclosure, I made sure to insured all my camera gear for damage prior to leaving on this trip - I would recommend the same to anyone who is thinking about putting expensive camera gear under water. Prior to leaving for my trip, I tested both cases submerged underwater for 24 hours. I basically took a small garbage can and filled it with water. then i crumpled up a brown paper bag and shoved it into the case and sealed everything up. Then I put a pot on top of it and filled the pot with water to weigh down the case and ensure everything was actually under water. both cases passed with flying colors. I also got some dessicant packets and put them in with the cameras, just to be safe (they don't really do much, but they were $3).

Long story short, in practical use, this case does the job of protecting the camera from water intrusion - nothing more. While in the bag, the only access to controls are buttons. Zooming is very difficult as the bag will often get in the way of any movements parallel to the bag surface (zoom toggle, roller dials, etc). Basically, you need to set up all the settings in the camera that will be applicable to the shots under water (mine were Av mode, center AF, f/2.8, iso 800). It is incredibly difficult to see the camera screen in bright light - adding an extra layer of wavy plastic and water makes it almost impossible to see. I often had to shoot from the hip and just pray that I was getting the subject in focus (heck, even in frame).

In all, though, I think it was a worthwhile purchase for my trip. The underwater casing for the S95 is approximately $350 the last time I checked, making it essentially as expensive as the camera itself. Additionally, the dedicated hard-shelled underwater case is not usable if we decide to upgrade the camera. Another option would get a separate underwater digital camera, which we considered. However, that would be another $300+, and given what I've seen, would probably be worse than the S95 on dry land by a long shot. I had no interest buying one of those cameras and essentially only using it once. Given the downright cheap price of this bag, I had to give it a try. In my opinion, it really is a nobrainer if you want to have some underwater snorkeling shots.
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on January 11, 2012
Used for a dive trip to Bonaire. I used it on dives as deep as 75 feet. It never leaked and the pictures were great. After about 30 feet the pressure on the case pushed in the buttons on the camera and I was not able to us it until I ascended above 30 feet. This did not cause me any issues but I did wonder if there were any folks who experienced an unlucky series of button know, like "menu" / "format memory card".

I used it on a Panasonic Lumix with a fairly big tele lens and I was impressed at how well it worked.

On down side is it was quite difficult to manipulate the camera controls while in the case, so you need to set it to a mode and leave it there for the dive. I was able to switch between video and photo mode but it was quite difficult.

It is basically a heavy duty zip-lock bag with a velcro closure for added security.

In any case I thought it was great for what it is and would recommend it to others.
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on March 2, 2013
The camera I have is a Nikon Coolpix S9300, which is slightly larger than many point and shoot cameras. I emailed the dicapac folks, and based on the specs, they recommended the wp570. The s9300 is maybe 10mm too long for the WP-ONE's official supporting specs. However, this thing was much much too big for my camera and there was just no way it would stay in position well enough for me to take a picture underwater. I returned it and got theDicapac WP-ONE Point & Shoot Digital Camera Waterproof Case instead (for 1/3 the price) and, although a bit snug, it seals and seems to fit well.
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on May 17, 2016
I purchased this case specifically because of it being advertised it would fit the G series of Canon cameras of which I had a model 12. By removing the camera's strap I was able to get the camera into the case but it was a very tight fit. But the only controls you could operate were push buttons. You would not be able to turn dials or switches, like the zoom control or program modes. If your camera had an optical viewfinder, it would probably not be usable as it would be covered by the housing where the lens protrudes

I will say the case is very well made and would keep your camera dry in wet weather, But I would be leery to totally submerge a camera. The case seals with Velcro and by tightly rolling the open end.

I could see it working fine with a small camera where the fit is loose.
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on September 9, 2014
The product arrived well ahead of the suggested 28 days shipping period. That was nice. But as soon as I slipped my camera into the case, I realized that it would not work for me. Here are the reasons: 1) the plastic is thick and fairly stiff making it challenging to depress the shutter and impossible to adjust any settings. 2) the lens on my camera "sees" the inside curvature of the lens compartment of the case. To remove this visual disturbance, I have to zoom out the lens. 3) The fit is awkward. When I extend the zoom lens it bumps into the front of the lens compartment. Perhaps it's supposed to do this, but I'm not sure. However, since there is nothing inside the case that holds the camera in place, the camera has a lot of wiggle room inside the case - lens extended and all. I'd like to note that I used the DiCAPac website to establish the model number for my specific camera. So I did not purchase the wrong case.

With all that I mentioned above, I did not even bother to test the case's water proof-ness. Assuming that it is water proof, if you manipulate your settings ahead of time, then insert the camera into the case, struggle through the plastic to extend your lens past the any visual disturbances, you might then get some shots off under water -- other reviewers have said as much. Although I think you'll go nuts trying to press the shutter and subsequently miss a lot of the shots you want to take.

One other thing. I contacted the seller to return the item. Initially, they were responsive. They asked me a few questions and I responded with answers and also had some questions for them about how to go about making the return. Since that initial correspondence, I've not heard back from them. I've since written 4 more times and have gotten no reply. Perhaps they will be in touch. But for now, I'm very frustrated with this seller.
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on July 14, 2016
It's too big for my camera a canon sx600hs. I just couldn't really get a good grip because the plastic got in the way. In addition, most of my picture looked like I was in a tunnel taking the picture. So you literally could see the sides of the protruding camera lens holder. Not worth the money for my unit.
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