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on March 30, 2015
Excellent guide. The Guide covers the character types and each types strengths and weaknesses as well as the best skills by class. The game initially has 5 classes. The Barbarian and Monk are up close melee classes while the Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor and Wizard are all ranged. If you get the DLA, it will add a 6 class that is a bit of both but mainly melee. After the introduction into the character types the book goes into detail into each of the game's 4 major acts and while there is not really an overall map for each of the missions, they do break out the missions in details as well as the enemies that will be encountered. Overall guide is about 430 pages with 113 pages devoted to a discussion on the classes, and 150 pages on the missions. The remaining sections of the guide cover crafting, the loot system, the types of enemies you will be facing as well as achievements. I used it initially to select my main character and read a little about the first few missions but honestly once you get used to the style of the missions the guide is not really needed to complete the game as most of the quests are search for a special location, once it is found fight the boss battle then repeat. There are lots and lots of small fights in between these, but most aren't so over powering or tricky that you really need a guide to figure out. Maybe that was because my melee character was overpowered, or maybe it is because the game is sort of short. Still, I really like high quality artwork and pictures as well as the writing style of the guide and would advice purchase even if only to have a collectors item and a fond reminder of the game. ;-)
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on November 1, 2013
The last time I played Diablo was 15 years ago. Diablo III is like seeing an old friend again. An outstanding game and the Bradygames Diablo III companion guide is a beautifully crafted tome of information for any Diablo adventurer.

The book starts off with a brief introduction and forward by Jay Wilson, Director of Diablo III, and then lays out the basics of the game. It is followed by detailed explanations of each hero and then moves into the four Acts. Graphics are right from the game and walk-throughs are provided for the standard quests and list many of the random quests and occurrences. Just enough information is provided to give you a heads-up on what is waiting for you in that next cave or dungeon without taking away the surprise factor.

The last third of the book has an exhausting list of equipment you may find and use and the denizens that await you. All-in-all, an excellent text with superb color graphics and text. After many hours of play it should take on the appearance of a well worn adventurer's tome that you will come back to time and again.
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on July 8, 2012
I had purchased & used the D2 LOD game guide, loved it. I figured the D3 version would be just as good if not better. It was & it wasn't.
PUFFS:Character classes were well defined (I've only been 'Todd' the Barbarian so far) and each character's 'powers & abilities' were explained quite extensively. The storyline and quests were well documented and the battle tips were VERY helpful. The 'Loot' system was also well explained as was character level progression. The maps were good.
PANS: First, the book is just too big physically. I have downloaded a version to my I pad which helps. While the maps were good the renderings were sometimes too 'aged' too read easily. There was too much time/space devoted to the enumeration of the bestiary, weapons and 'prefixes' and 'suffixes'.
All in all, I like it, I'm glad I bought it but I found it a little cumbersome!
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on October 20, 2012
Being a digital book on a kindle is convinent, however the pages are all roughly medium quality scans. Each "page" of the book in it's "normal" view is a picture of the page that takes up about 60% of the kindle fire's screen when held vertically, when held horisontally the image is less than half the size of the screen. Either way the image is far too small to read without double clicking the page to change to direct image view where you can zoom in and out. Once you've zoomed in enough to be able to read the page you have to constantly move the page around the screen to see the whole page and the pictures of monsters and such are blurry with no real "happy medium" between readable and clear pictures. then you can exit out of the particular page, turn the page and repeat, for every single page in the book, pretty much offsetting all convinence of having a digital book. This leads to a lot of "Rotate the kindle, turn the page, double tap the image, rotate the kindle, read while constantly repositioning the page, exit, and repeat." The kindle can display pdf's fairly well, certainly not as well as it does the standard ebook meant specifically for the kindle, but at least decently. The diablo 3 strategy guide however is more a collection of picture scans than either a pdf or ebook. The guide has a picture of a table of contents, however none of the chapters listed on the toc are links, and while the page numbers are correct, the kindle lists the guide as having 360 "locations". So while the auction house is listed on page 424, the location is actually 340, making the table of contents more of just a rough hint at where to start looking for any particular page, but still requiring a fair ammount of guessing close then flipping pages back and forth untill you actually find the page you wanted. In all it has all of the same content as the printed version for half the price and less than half of the convinence. In the end I usually end up just going online to find answers to any particular questions i have as it is just far easier. All in all i would strongly suggest either passing completely, or paying the extra $10 for the physical book.
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on June 1, 2012
I'm not sure if my expectations on what a game guide should be are too high, and I realize that Diablo III has a lot of random dungeons and stuff, but when I'm looking for something in the guide, and then end up googling it later, because I can't find it...well, I really can't give something like that 5 stars, can I? (dock one star)
Best example would be when I was looking into how to beat Faud with a wizard. I had beaten him pretty easily with a monk, but just wasn't able to put him down with the wizard. So, after dying once and running away several times, I finally gave up and went to the guide. And I agree with the other reviewer that there should be some sort of a glossary, so I could at least know that they didn't have what I needed in the first place (spent 5-10 min trying to find it). So yeah, ended up going online and looking for it, and found it within 2 minutes. Went back, and BAM!!! Faud was no more!!!
Also, if you are currently playing the game, you will know that they have gone through several updates so far (some I totally do not understand the point of). That being said, I know a friend of mine said that another patch, to be released soon, will change more of the game elements, so in essence, the guide is already partially obsolete. A year from now (and who knows how many more patchs), how much of this guide will still be useful??? (dock another star)
I can understand wanting to fix bugs and make the game more enjoyable, but after looking through the guide, I can say that about 10% of it should have been included with the game itself in the manual, and the other 90%, while useful, is not complete, and will be mostly obsolete.
Nice illustrations, general walk-thru, item and monster overview, but again, I expected more. I can't really recommend it for someone who is actually looking for something to help them through tough spots in some of the random side quest dungeons. If you want just a guide to walk you through the main quest, this will suffice.
Oh, and if anyone reading this already has the guide, can you tell me if I'm missing something, or does the section on achievements seem a little too general? And what I mean by that, is it seems that a lot of the achievelment descriptions just say that you have to complete all of a set of requirements, but then leaves out what those requirements actually are (do the following, only it does not actually LIST the following). It could have been better.

Side note: After not really finding that much use for it myself, I ended up giving the guide to a friend of mine, who is new to the world of Diablo. I haven't heard back from him on whether or not it has been of any use, but I think it should help him with some things he hasn't gotten the hang of yet. If it has helped him, add a half star. I do have one other question for those of you who still may have the guide, and that is whether or not it has any references to Whimsyshire? I do not recall seeing anything in there about it at all (ie: What items you need to collect and where, and also how to create the staff and where to use it). If there is nothing in there, deduct that half star added above. Please correct me if I am wrong.
For the most part, I still think 3 stars is fair.
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on March 8, 2014
This is a good guide but the details are a bit outdated now with the introduction of "Loot 2.0" system. Get it for the maps and denizens and augment with the expansion guidebook. I'm sure it will have the updated info.
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on July 26, 2016
Must have companion to the game.
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on January 1, 2014
This guide helped me learn about the characters and learn what are the best traits to pick. Especially with the mercenaries. I was able to pick the best talents to help me throughout the whole game. I beat the first 5 acts solo thanks to this guide. I do understand that with updates this guide I am holding in my hand will become outdated but that doesn't change that as of when I bought it, it was pretty good. I bought this in August though.
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on December 13, 2014
Was very disappointed in this guide! almost no use. no real maps. general vague descriptions of where you find certain areas. I tried reading indepth for information to start, and items descriptions, but the details in chapters gave no help. I did not give one star only because some of the game design is fluid and open ended, but then if they can not reproduce maps or locations of events instead of a vague reference, then again not much use!
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on August 17, 2012
The pages are scanned in. While it may have been done in the name of keeping things looking nice, you can't enlarge text, search for text or even use the table of contents to go to page selections. I'm using a 10.1 Galaxy Tablet and this is by far the worst ebook I've gotten from any provider. I'll be following up with Amazon about refund or credit options. I'm really kicking myself for not having read the reviews before buying, but this is the first time I've ever had a problem with a product from here :(

EDIT: From the upper right hand corner, go to "Your account"> "Manage your kindle"> find the book and return for a refund. It's been less than 12 hours, so it went smoothly. Thanks Amazon! I might get the dead tree version now instead.
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