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Diablo III
Format: Computer Game|Change
Price:$15.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 15, 2012
I never played diablo, so I didn't know that all you have to do is farm, farm, and farm for better items.. then once you find all the items, what else to do?
PvP? that will get boring too. I managed to sell my account for the same price as I paid for this game. Yeah, this game is addictive because farming a lot gets you good items to improve dps, etc.. I know you can sell things for real money, but I am not gonna sit down all day to sell things.
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on May 21, 2012
Originally I loved leveling up to 60. Now that I'm there I find myself asking, "Now what?". There is really no point to continue playing. Inferno is insanely gear oriented. The only real way to get gear is from the AH. The only reason to farm inferno is for items to sell on the AH so you can buy more gear to farm inferno. I find myself wanting to start new characters and then I realize that every class I have seen at 60 is exactly like any class I can build. No customization and really no replay value.

/signed disappointed series fan.
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on May 23, 2012
The long-awaited sequel is a somewhat streamlined yet still quite old school reprise of the classic titles from 10+ years ago. Many of the complaints about the game center on the infrastructure and the streamlining, so I will address those first before talking a bit about the gameplay.

In terms of streamlining, the main element of this relates to the way skills are handled in the game. In earlier titles in the series, a permanent attribute allocation and skill tree system was followed which permitted a greater degree of uniqueness, in theory, at the cost of a higher risk of completely gimping the character in a permanent way. Diablo 3 has replaced this system with automatic skill and attribute gains happen automatically as the character levels, while the player can, at any time (other than in the middle of a battle, due to a cooldown mechanic) switch out skills (6 are active at any one time) and switch out runes for each skill (each rune having significantly different effects on the base skill). The intention was to avoid having "one min max optimal build" which all informed players followed after learning about on the internet, with the remaining customization "choices" all being suboptimal, and therefore to some degree illusory. Instead, various skill and rune loadouts are viable, and players are encouraged to experiment with various combinations to find one that is effective for their own preferred playstyle rather than following one cookie-cutter "optimal" build for each class. Some players will prefer this system, while players who like to theorycraft themselves and figure out optimal builds before other players do, will not like this system.

Another element of streamlining involves various game mechanics, such as town scrolls (no more need to stockpile them, it is a skill everyone has that can be used at any time), potions (no longer chugged, now on a cooldown) and item identification (now a skill, no longer requiring a scroll). All of these make the game somewhat more manageable compared to Diablo 2, but more purist players may find them irritating.

The other main element of complaint involves the tie-in to Blizzard's system. As with Starcraft 2, the game is intended to be played through Unlike SC2, however, Diablo 3 can't be played in an offline mode once the game has been authenticated on the servers, but instead is actually played on the servers themselves, even when played in single player/non-public mode. That is, Diablo 3 is, in effect, an online game, but one that can be played in a private, non-public way. This was done by Blizzard primarily to limit item duping, because Diablo 3 will soon feature a real money auction house -- that is, an auction house where players can sell their items for real world currency instead of in-game currency. Blizzard will be taking a commission on these real currency sales, and because real money is involved (and potentially quite a bit of real money), is keenly interested in limiting, or making harder, the kind of item duping that was fairly commonplace in the heavily hacked Diablo 2. The system also limits other kinds of hacking as well, and provides, on average, for a cleaner game environment. The cost, however, of this approach is that the playability of the game is entirely dependent on being connected to the internet at all times, and having a fairly good connection as well. While this is not an issue for most people, it will be an issue for some people (to take one example, military stationed without constant broadband internet), and if it is an issue, it's a 100% issue, and this has resulted in a huge number of negative reviews of the game. For people who are impacted by this decision in a negative way, these criticisms are understandable. For this reason, I have deducted one star -- because while the issue doesn't impact me personally, it does impact others and that makes it a less than perfect design, from the game infrastructure point of view.

The gameplay of Diablo 3 is quite old school, true to the spirit of the older iterations of the series. Blizzard chose to go with a retro approach, rather than an innovative one. Some players will like this, as it is reminiscent of the gameplay of Diablo 2. Other players will dislike it, finding the gameplay to be dated, and superseded by gameplay developments and innovations that have taken place since the late 1990s. This is primarily a question of taste, but it can have a huge impact on one's overall impression, and enjoyment, of the game. Diablo 3 is a point and click hack and slash game where the idea is to progress through the game several times, with increasing difficulty each time, as your character advances in levels (more skills and runes) and acquires better gear through loot drops. It is not designed to be played once on "normal" mode and then put aside, so if you are not the kind of gamer who likes to replay content a few times with increased difficulty, then Diablo 3 may not be for you, because this is the core mechanic of the game, and the core design idea that carried through from Diablo 2 as well. If, however, you like a more retro, old school approach to the classic action RPG genre, you'll get plenty of fun from Diablo 3.
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on January 21, 2014
I agree with many of the low rated reviews, however the game has significantly improved since the launch and Blizzard continues to improve it. At the date of this writing 1-21-14 the game is at a peak. I have over 600 hrs of play time logged and still find the game enjoyable to jump in and run a dungeon.
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on May 15, 2012
The graphics are great, the play is the typical Diablo style, the story is amazing, and the movies are great....
When you can play it.

Biggest gripe?
Blizzard Servers.
You cannot play the game unless Blizzard has their servers up & running, and Lets you play it.
When you buy this game, you're not really buying it. You are merely indefinitely leasing the ability to be told "You only get to play when we say you can play."
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on May 15, 2012
Had they gotten the launch down to a science like they should have had it by now. After releasing multiple games, and having the same issues with all of them I find this a bit frustrating that I purchase a game to play single player and they force you to use their online servers.

Anyhow the game is decent, but for a 10 year wait almost it's not what it's cracked up to be.

The reason for my rating:
Lack of OFFLINE play
Terrible launch
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on June 4, 2012
Diablo 3 runs terribly on mac. Its a joke that they say its compatible. I feel robbed. I was looking forward to this game for over a decade. I was ecstatic when i learned i would be able to play it on my mac. Got it day one, been waiting for a patch to fix it. 10FPS is not acceptable.
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on June 2, 2012
Im on my 2nd playthrough of the game as a monk on hell mode and the game is still really fun to me. Due to the fact that theres 4 difficulty modes, 5 character classes, millions of items to loot, and an upcoming pvp patch, I think its safe to say this will give me something to do in my downtime over the summer,into winter, and probably into next summer as well :)

And as for the mixed reviews, just ignore them :) Most of the 5 stars are just fanboys who LOVE anything related to diablo 2. And most of the 1 star reviews are also fans of diablo 2, but dont like it since its more of a "mainstream" game thats tailored to everyone instead of being some "hardcore" oldschool game from the 90's that they all grew up on. That, or they dont have internet in there house, which is there fault considering Blizzard REPEATEDLY said that you need a constant internet connection to play since they want to stop piracy.

So just go watch a youtube video on some gameplay, pretend your playing it, and if you enjoy it, buy it! And if you think it looks boring, then dont!

Its that simple :)
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on May 17, 2012
There were issues with the date if release. I would agree with most that it is frustrating but overall the game is fun and I do not regret ordering it. Blizzard had been very reachable and answers all questions from my experience. The graphics are very good and story line is also good. To each their own some will like it and some will not.
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on May 21, 2012
This game is terrible! Items system is bad, leveling sucks, melee classes arent as good as ranged... i just see no point in fighting a champion pack of monsters on hell difficulty and only getting blues from the drop but this is blizzards response to boss farming...durpppppppppppp game needs major fixes and ACCOUNTS ARE NO BEING HACKED! STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!
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