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Diamond Princess
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:$20.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on October 10, 2005
Trina's second album Diamond Princess is a step forward from her debut album Da Baddest B*tch. Now while lyrically she may have not grown this time around, still one can't deny that her flow has gotten better. Diamond Princess has ups, downs, and at times streaks of greatness. And while this hasn't shown tremendous growth, it shows potential that she will one day be a hip hop icon in her own right.

However, things didn't start out on such a great note. While the talk show concept for "Hustling" is great in theory, it really didn't work out that well. However, things picked up with "Told Y'all" ft. Rick Ross. But things went down again when "Rewind That Back" ft. Missy Elliot followed. However, Trina does stay strong with songs such as "B R Right" ft. Ludacris, "Nasty B*tch" ft. Money Mark, and the lead single "No Panties" ft. r&b diva Tweet. The shining moments of the album is tied ... between Trina at her best and a cameo at their best. Trina at her best would be the great "You & Me", featuring a brilliant sample throughout that really shows what Trina is capable of. However, in "How We Do" Fabulous outshines Trina herself and just about makes the song his. These two moments make the whole album worth the listen in it's self.

Sadly though, things can also go from great to mediocre to just plain bad. The mediocre would be songs such as "Ladies 1st" ft. Eve and "Do You Want Me" ft. Bathgate. The bad would be the childish "Kandi" ft. Lil' Briana (Trina's version of Lil' Shanice). Strangely though, I feel I should also find "Get This Money" bad, which is Trina's spoof on "The Conga" dance. But I don't, instead I find myself ignoring the childishness of it all and just bobbing my head side to side with the good beat. But still, this album is mediocre. While Trina's flow has gotten better, she is very limited in subject matter. Also, she needs to learn how to lyrically grab your attention and keep it for a full album, instead of relying on fellow hip hop cameos to do that job for her. However, Diamond Princess is still a treat, giving her the rightful title of the Queen of Miami.
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on August 27, 2002
When this pint-sized Miami diva stepped onto the scene guesting on Trick Daddy's smash single "Nann", nobody could have expected she would blow up into a huge star. After the single took off, Trina's debut album was Slip-N-Slide Records top priority. After the album hit stores and went gold Trina's carrer continued to take off. On her debut album her lyrics and flow where below average, but on collaborations following the album she proved she was a powerful force in female rap music. After recording tracks with Cam'ron, Missy Elliott, Ludacris, & Foxy Brown, being featured on the cover of the Source & articles in Vibe, & performing live at the MTV Video Music Awards, I was hopeing this album would be strong.
The album is easily better then the first, and at times what I was expecting. Instead of bringing it hard on every song like her post-debut collabos, she resorts to turning in a [poor] performance like her debut. With lyrics that would make Lil' Kim & Foxy Brown blush, its clear that Trina continues to be the most risque female in the game. The album's first single "No Panties" featuring RnB new-comer Tweet, has all the slickness needed for radio airplay, and so does the rest of the album. She has completly abandoned her southern hospitality style of club tunes to replace them with radio friendly pop tracks in an effort to further her into the mainstream. On top of all that the album is flooded with guest appearences including Ludacris, Eve, Missy Elliott, Fabolous, Bathgate & others. Only 5 solo song on a 17 track album. Thats a shame, but in her defense its a sign of the times.
"Rewind that Back" featuring Missy Elliott is some-what reggae influenced, but I don't even know why they tried this because neither artist can pull it off, and let it be said now I hate Missy. The Ludacris collaborated "B R Right" is pure fire and is an excellent club track. The album's worst track though is easily "Kandi" featuring Lil Breanna - Trina's female version of Lil Romeo. The previously released "Told Ya'll" is a hot track and features a promosing new southern artist Rick Ross. The always stellar Fabolous breezes through his cameo easily out performing Trina and turning in the best material on the album. I don't like how Trina address herself playing someone else on the first verse of "You & Me", but the sample is amazing. The album is basically flooded with mediocre tracks, for example "Ladies First" (Featuring Eve), "Do You Want Me" (Featuring Bathgate), "I Wanna Holla" (Featuring Duece Poppi) & "Get This Money". On top of all that 3 of the album's 17 tracks are pointless interludes, what has become a hip hop fixture.
The album isn't outstanding, but many people will end up liking this. The album lacks so much substance because lyrically she is very limited to subjects. However she stepped her flow up and there I will give her credit. The album is pretty good for the beats & collabos, and in some songs (definetly not all), she proves that lyrically she maybe strong enough to stick around in the future and get noticed for talent, instead of her obvious sex appeal. I know for a fact that the album will sell because sex sells, and it has to be said that the album cover is absolutely amazing and is easily the best this year =). Trina earned her 3 stars this time.
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on August 27, 2002
This is a decent album, Trina has never claimed to be a powerful lyricist and she gets by on looks, packaging and decent beats. Unfortunately, her album came out the same day as EVE and that was a bad move. I still like Trina but I don't think she's serious about Hip Hop and making good music. I think she's serious about the entertainment industry and making money.
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on December 12, 2007
I really like her as an artist overall, but I was not a huge fan of this CD - there were a few tracks that she laid out that I liked, but overall I feel she has more to offer us that what she put onto this...I am still a fan, and will look forward to better material from her in the future. She's going to be around a while!
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on October 26, 2002
Whoa the sound comin off this cd is way way diffrent than the original, the beats are better , the apperances are better theres still alot of them though, the lyrics are ovrall better in most places, my fav songs are br riight, re3wind that back, u and me, ladies first, and kandi overall a hot cd but not hot enough
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on August 24, 2005
Don't get me wrong Trina's first album was great but this one lacks good production and stupid sampling. I can't believe she sampled "Conga" from Gloria Estefan, that was kind of stupid. However, there are really good tracks with great production. "B R Right," Told Y'all," & "No Panties" are the singles which definetely stand out more.
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on October 6, 2005
The only reason I bought this album is because Trina looked so good on the cover I HAD to see what she looked like on the inside of the jacket. I think the album is just ok. Go pick up Lil' Kims new album " Naked Truth ".
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