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on September 12, 2014
I read several reviews about overheating problems and I had the same issue. I have created a solution to the problem.

Symptoms of overheating: the device will turn itself off. The computer will tell you the "tuner is unavailable".

I took off the plastic cover (easily removed by two screws) and measured the temperature around the whole board. The highest temperature was 161 F. before the tuner would shut down.


There are two main chips on the board. I removed a heatsink off an old computer motherboard. I cut the heatsink to size using a dremel, a hack saw could work too. I then attached the heatsinks to the two chips and it is now rock solid. The highest temperature I've measured since doing this fix is 121 F.

Check out the pictures I uploaded in the photo's section.

If you're not willing to do this "fix" or one like it with a fan or something than I don't recommend this product. But if you think you can pull this off than it's a good little device.
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on January 23, 2016
The HD750USB device was obviously designed about 5 or 6 years ago and does not work reliably with modern OS's like Windows 10 and modern hardware. It appears that it won't work well if plugged into USB 3.0 ports and the software ArcSoft TotalMedia 3.5 is no longer supported by ArcSoft and suffers from bugs that make it hang occasionally. It does work better with Windows Media Center but Microsoft is no longer supporting it on Windows 10 either..
I did get the tuner to work on an old HP laptop that is 6 years old with Windows 7 on it through it's USB 2.0 ports; showing that the device has not been updated to support newer hardware. I have not been successful in installing it on a Dell XPS8700 with Windows 7 on it using the ArcSoft software included and also an XPS8700 with Windows 10 on it where it does not work properly at all. There is some cryptic message about having to install drivers manually on Windows 10 on Diamond's website which I did but still no success.

Update July 7, 2016: I tried it with MediaPortal and NextPVR opensource software and both exhibit the same errors using the driver from the Diamond website. The device will malfunction when doing a channel scan and become non-responsive. I asked Diamond if they intend to fix the driver since it is marked as BETA but they said they will not. So consider this device no longer supported do not buy it.

Therefore, not recommended unless you want to replace an existing TV tuner on older hardware.
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on February 26, 2013
I tried everything at reach in order to make this thing work on my HTPC running Wndows 8. It was detected on Device Manager but nothing more. As other reviewers mentioned, the installation disk is garbage. The drive could never read it. Called Diamond customer support and besides they couldn't make it work either, they clearly made me feel they just wanted to get rid of my call. This thing is not ready for Windows 8 (at least not now). They know it. Why they just didn't say that? That would save me from wasting so much time of my life. I have purchased several products from Diamond before. This thing scared me enough not to do it again.
That star belongs to Amazon. The return process is (as always) amazingly simple. With my refund, I went back and got the AVERMEDIA H837 AVerTV Volar. What a difference! I plugged the tuner, installed the software and started playing with the available channels. All in less than 7 minutes.
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on March 8, 2015
Please Please Please! Believe the negative reviews of this product.

If you don't mind unplugging this unit and then plugging it back in every time you want to use it, you'll like this product?
I have spent hours trying to fix this problem since the day I received this product. I'm done! It's going in the trash and I'm buying another brand.
Big mistake thinking I could make it work.

The actual error message is: "The Device is not available, or being used by another application. Please close any applications that may be using the device and try again."

Unplugging the usb cable from the unit will make it work for a while. After trying all the usual fixes and
looking through numerous forums (there must be a lot of unhappy users of this device) for a fix that works. I have also tested this device on numerous computers in my office. The same error comes up eventually....sometimes within seconds and other times minutes or hours.
Very rarely can you watch a complete one hour program and not have to reboot. When it does work, the video quality is excellent and it does appear to have a good receiver. It would be nice if the manufacturer would redesign this product instead of just ignoring the fact that this product has problems.
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on March 16, 2013
Having used several other brands of DTV USB TV Tuners, I expected the performance of this product to be similar. Though released in 2009 its performance is superb, and I suspect its VSB demodulator (ATI T-507) is a 6th Generation type, akin to the Auvitek 8522 and Samsung S5H1411 found in other dongles. It picked up all my Los Angeles digital channels (122 total program streams) with ease. The Total Media recording software that comes with the device installed flawlessly on my Windows 7 32-bit laptops, and performed perfectly. I did have to finagle the installation on a Windows 8 64-bit desktop by tricking the drivers into thinking it was loading into a Windows XP Service Pack 3 environment (using the Compatibility Troubleshooter function), but once past that hurdle, it performed every bit as well as on the Windows 7 PCs. Curiously, it would not work in the Windows 7 compatibility mode on the Windows 8 PC. Go figure. The actual tuner inside is an NXP TDA-18271HD silicon type. It and the demodulator seem well-matched. The only criticism I have is that the signal strength monitor for the DTV signals is a simple 6 step bar-graph indicator; I would have preferred more detail expressed numerically as to SNR and even bitrate. Other than that, this device is a real gem. I only wish I had discovered it sooner!
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on February 4, 2016
When I first got this, I tried installing the drivers on the CD, and I it gave me a message like "this device will not run on Windows NT",???, and I was on Windows 8. So then I tried drivers on the website, and that worked until my Toshiba Satellite with Windows 8 died 2 weeks later. Then I tried to install it on an old Sony Vaio with Vista, and nothing worked. I tried many different drivers with many different TV programs.

And then I found out Vista has a built in option that automatically blocks some exe from installation, without ever telling you its being done. You need to right click on the program installer and go to properties, then check to see if the program is "blocked", if so unblock it. after I did that. I reinstalled the entire package from the website for a 32bit Vista machine. Now it runs perfect

Also I want to add, many people have a problem with the remote working properly, as I did, until I found out the IR receiver is located on only one side of the device. So the remote will not work properly if its plugged into the left side of the PC. I plugged it into the USB on the right side of the PC, and the remote works perfect
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on January 25, 2012
Where do I start with this TV tuner? Well let's start from the end... Bottom line once it works, it works great! The picture clarity is fantastic and it works with Windows Media Center. If you're not an advanced PC user I wouldn't recommend this tuner because there are a lot of steps that need to be taken to get it working. Keep in mind I have Windows 7 64-bit so your issues or lack thereof may vary. The drivers on the CD aren't worth the disc it's burned on and the Diamond website has no real help. I found if you plug in the tuner then install drivers Windows won't recognize the tuner and it'll throw a error. After going around in circles I even was able to "Blue screen" Windows. Here are the steps that worked for me but keep in mind they might not work for you. Use the information for just that, informational purposes.

1. Left the tuner unplugged.
2. Downloaded the drivers from the Diamond website for both the tuner and remote fix.
3. Installed those drivers.
4. Plugged the tuner in and it was found.
5. Started up Windows Media Center and setup the tuner in it.
6. It found 5 channels, BOO! Needed to add the missing ones manually.
7. Step 6 was difficult because I needed to find the actual number of each channel and the corresponding guide. Did a web search found the information
8. Finally was done!

Pros: This is a great tuner with fantastic picture quality
It works with Media Center, well sorta.
It does support Clear Qam and does work with HD channels.

Cons: The driver disc is worthless
Could lock-up your PC
Very hard to setup
The Diamond website has no real help.
Need to do manual channel and guide setup in Windows Media Center (I'm not sure if it's the tuner or Windows Media Center)
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on August 19, 2014
Would have given it 5 stars but mine overheats like others have mentioned causing it to disappear from Windows Media Center as an available tuner. Unplugging it from the USB port and plugging it back in would get it to work again, but only for a few minutes. I have since removed the plastic outer shell and it now operates without problems. You could probably fry an egg on it (a very small egg) but it works well and has a surprisingly good picture. I am considering attaching some sort of heat sink to the overheating chip in its board so I can put it back in its housing, but for now, I am going to leave well enough alone.

Update: downgraded it to 1 star because it doesn't work in Windows10 and Diamond was useless in offering help to get it to work without Windows Media Center.
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on September 6, 2014
Performs flawlessly, and with the Win 7 Media Center it is very nicely integrated with fast, with well organized channel listings downloaded by Media Center (no subscription needed, and nothing to join). Unwanted channels are easily filtered out, and the pause feature is very handy. Tuner sensitivity is at least as good as in our HD TV, and better than in some TVs we've had. (We get broadcast signals out of Phoenix, 100 miles away, so tuner quality is readily apparent). Connected to a USB 3 port, it runs almost at room temperature, but I did notice that when I connected it to a USB 2 port it began to warm up rather quickly - might be something to watch closely if you have to connect via USB 2.

If you're using AMD graphics: Beware of driver update 14.9. I was unable to access the tuner once that update was installed ("tuner is busy"). Uninstalling components one at a time revealed that the hijacker was the Catalyst Control Center. Reinstalling ver 14.4 put everything back in order.

Using this tuner with an AMD FX-6350 CPU and AMD R9 270 graphics, the CPU load is about 9%-11%, only using a little bit of three cores at 2.1 GHz (when under load 4.2 GHz), and the GPU handles 1920x1080 TV at only 450 MHz (it snoozes @300 MHz and heavy graphics loads push it to 1150 MHz), so very light on system resources.

Bottom line - this little tuner has turned a $150 monitor into a second HDTV with excellent picture quality and built in recording capability, and unlike an internal tuner, it is easily transportable to a different computer. I can find no reason not to recommend it - it's been a nice addition for me, and free of annoyances.
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on July 14, 2014
I bought this device to capture some HD videos onto my hard drive. However it won't capture HD using the included video capture software, for some reason.

I started out using the component RCA connector which does indeed appear to carry the HD signal from my player with no downconversion; I confirmed this by connecting my player to an HDTV via HDMI and also via the component connector. The picture quality and aspect ratio (16:9) on the TV was the same using both methods. (OK, the HDMI picture might have been a little crisper. But both methods delivered high-res HD 16:9 picture.)

However when I un-plug the component video connector from my TV and plug it into the Diamond 750's component adaptor's RCA dongle, I get black bars on the sides of my capture and obvious quality degradation. I think that either this device, or else its accompanying software, is wired to assume you're using a standard definition 4:3 aspect ratio source, like a VCR, when you're capturing video. And it has no options to specify a widescreen or HD source.

The included TotalMedia3.5 software does not have any Video Capture options to change the "video standard" that it captures to anything other than "NTSC_M". Furthermore if I assign the component input as a "tuner" and view the video as a TV in full screen, it's clear that my HD video is being interpreted by this device as 4:3 and low-res.

I then tried the same thing using a standard coaxial (F-Type) cable and the same problem occurred. The video shows up as an HD 16:9 on my TV, but the ATI 750 "HD" tuner only interprets it as a 4:3 standard res input for whatever reason.

To be fair: It *could* theoretically just be a problem with the software that shipped with it. However, I don't want to fool with trying to find free software to test that theory. I paid for a turnkey HD capture solution for my HD 16:9 videos, and this product did not deliver.

Sorry, but this does not qualify as "HD capture" in my book. It might work great with an OTA tuner or other inputs, but that's not what I bought it for. Nowhere in the description did it state it could only capture 4:3 standard def from certain sources. I will be returning this product.
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