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on October 8, 2011
My bike arrived within two days of placing my order. It took a bit to assemble it but the construction is impressive. It's built like a tank and has all the features I could want and more.

I was disappointed however, because the display was erratic and the heart monitor didn't work. Since it was to big to return at the post office, I called Diamondback. Within a minute I was talking to a service rep who asked me to run some tests and call him back. When I did He diagnosed the problem as a wiring error and said parts would be on the way. Within a week I got a call from a service tech saying he had the parts and would the next day at 9:30 be OK to come to the house and fix it. He showed up at exactly 9:30 the next day, replaced the defective parts.

Bike works perfectly. I've not been so impressed with a company & their warranty in a long time. If your serious about you equipment and your health - look no further. Buy Diamondback.
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on May 16, 2013
Initially, this product blew my mind. It seemed to be everything that I had hoped for.

- Solid Build
- Quality Parts
- Sleek Design
- Back-lit LED control panel

Assembly took a few hours, but that's to be expected with such a large machine. I was able to fit it into a corner area of my room to watch TV while working out. I was only able to actually try out the machine for about 3 days, when suddenly one of the pedals began to wobble and make weird noises. It would apparently begin to loosen up each time I completed a full rotation. I took the pedal apart and removed the crank shaft to come and find out that the pedal piece had slowly stripped the hole in the crank shaft. So, each time I would pedal, the pedal itself would strip the grooves inside of the crank.

I had called to order replacement parts last Thursday, and it's been a full 7 days without seeing these parts arrive in the mail. All I've been able to do for the past week is just stare at this beautiful machine taking up space in my room. A beautiful, $750 ornament. I mean.. for $750 bucks, I would expect that this company would be able to expedite 2 small parts out to me well before a week passes. Yet, no one responded to my email, and this is my final attempt at getting someone's attention. Sad.

Update: Apparently they had shipped the replacement part to a different address. Finally I was able to get the new pedal added to the bike. All in all, this bike is a great machine. That aspect before just irritated me, but I don't feel that the bike itself should receive a 2/5 stars. If everything arrives as expected for you, and you get this bike built and ride it - then you will see that is is a 4/5.

I do wish that there was the "pause" option when exercising. If you stop for more than 15 seconds, it resets. I would also like it if the bike went for more than 30 minutes a session.
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on December 2, 2016
When it works the bike is exactly what I wanted. The problem is that I have replaced the motor and the console over the past year and now just before the warranty expires I am replacing one or the other again. I have no confidence that the bike will continue to perform after the warranty runs out. The bike will work correctly for a month or so. Then when it starts to have trouble, the service department instructs you to take the console off and put it back on. Sometimes that will correct the problem for another month. Then I am back to calling for replacement parts. When it took a technician to replace the motor, it took too many calls to actually get someone to come do it.
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on December 20, 2011
I did a lot of research before dropping the big bucks on a recumbent bike. I tested at least 3 different models far the Diamondback has the most features and is the most comfortable. I have friends that have paid over $2,000 for pricey models that claim to be the equivalent of health club models. They are big and bulky beasts that take up most of the area your in. The Diamondback Bike is compact and very sturdy I think the weight limit is 350lbs, the built in fan is quiet and useful, there is no bar to lift your leg up over to sit down which is very helpful if your not too steady on your feet. The seat is generous and comfortable, the seat adjusts easily for someone 6'5" to under 5 foot, the bike runs smooth, no jerky stop and go movements, the peddles are a good size with adjustable straps, the leg alignment is perfect, so you don't feel like your on an exercise bike. Diamondback makes touring and racing bikes, so they know how to make a bike for hours of riding and lastly the price was much less than other bikes I tested. Diamondback came up with a winner that is reasonably priced and has great features. After I purchased the bike my neighbors physical therapist recommended the same bike to him following knee surgery. I'm very pleased. Try to get it with free shipping as I did from Amazon, since the weight is close to 70lbs and can be costly to ship.
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on December 7, 2015
I've had this bike for almost three years now. While it's been great, there are a few caveats:
- If you're under 5' 3" this bike is not for you. The seat's most forward position doesn't have a locking hole, the first one is a few inches back. I drilled an extra hole in the forward-most position, but the position still wasn't great.
- There is no 'off' switch on the bike, and the huge power supply draws a significant amount of power even if it isn't plugged in at the bike. It's the biggest idle consumer of electricity in our house.
- The seat adjustment knob falls apart after extended use. You can put it back together, but the spring inside eventually breaks. It still works in the end, just not as well.
- The handle bars under the screen are too low, and get in the way in pretty much any position except raised all the way up.

- After three years of use averaging about 45" a day, the bike still work great.
- The programs are varied, though there isn't a way to program your own.
- The console itself works well.
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on January 21, 2017
The bike itself is very nice. I paid to have someone through Amazon put it together, it took him 40 minutes and was worth every single dime. The bike works great. What I didn't realize is that the seat is on a downward slop toward the pedals, the picture clearly shows that and yet I missed that. That's a big problem, I wanted one the leaned back/upward more because I have slipped discs. Really think about what you want before your purchase, look at the slope and your purpose. I wanted one that leans back with my feet move above or at level with my hips. As for the bike itself, it's a great piece of machinery. I'll still use it but I think it's going to hurt a lot before it gets better. Do your homework! Look at the picture and make sure the chair is leaning the direction you want your body to lean.
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on December 18, 2015
Had this for 6 mos. and everything is great except one of the most basic, everyday features: adjusting the seat forward and back is VERY HARD! My husband and I are different heights and we require that the seat be adjusted forward or back, as needed. When I go to move it forward, unscrewing the knob is all but impossible, even when he leaves it loose for me. This bike replaces a great Schwinn that gave out after very many years, but we never had a problem adjusting that seat. This problem makes the bike all but unusable for me (though sometimes I just sit perched on the forwardmost point of the seat and try to get in a workout, or else ask hubby to unscrew seat and it is difficult even for him ( and he is strong). This is a most frustrating defect that doesn't have to exist in a quality bike, and I find it unacceptable for this reason.
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on June 13, 2015
OK, this review is going to be targeted towards people with mobility issues or who just want to take some first steps towards improving their health. First I will tell you that I am a female with an unrepaired, completely torn ACL and herniated lumbar discs. The pain from my injuries has slowly lead me to a sedentary lifestyle and as part of my attempt to regain some energy and improve my health I chose to purchase the Diamondback 510SR recumbent bike. Here are some of my first impressions:

1. Assembly. This is definitely a two person job. The instructions are not the clearest but if you take your time and pay attention and go one step at a time you will do just fine. Some of the steps for assembly were for things that already came pre-assembled so that slowed us down as we were doing double takes as to what we actually had to do ourselves relative to what was already done for us. We broke the assembly up over the course of a couple of days but overall assembly time was probably about two hours give or take.

2. Noise. This baby is QUIET! Seriously quiet. If you want to watch TV or listen to music or talk with somebody while you exercise this bike is perfect.

3. Comfort. As somebody who has serious chronic back pain the seat and seat back are exquisitely comfortable. The seat is wide and well cushioned, the back is of an open weave for great breathability. I had absolutely no discomfort during use. It is very easy to get onto because of the step through design. No hoisting my bum knee over a cross bar. No back strain. Adjustment for pedal reach is a snap.

4. Quality. The bike is very heavy and I have to confess I worried a little for the poor FedEx guy who drew the short straw to deliver it. (It arrived in a single box.) It was a bit of a circus to watch him get it out of the truck but he managed it. I'd recommend having a dolly handy or a couple of strapping friends when you begin the set up process. The bike does have wheels on the front to be able to shift it around once assembled but given its weight it is probably best to set it up exactly where you want it to stay. Solid and sturdy, no wobbles at all.

5. Use. As I mentioned, I'm no athlete so I've started my exercise regime v-e-r-y slowly. I've not played with the electronics much at this point simply glorying in the fact that I can actually move for an extended period with no strain on my wounded parts. The heart rate sensors in the handles near the seat are great and I've been able to track my miles, time, RPM, calorie burn and resistance. I'm going easy on the resistance part for my knee's sake at this point.

6. Customer service. Everything in the package arrived in great shape with the exception of a decorative cap that fits in the end of the front base leg and the owner's manual had mentioned a water bottle which was missing. I called customer service and got put through to an answering machine where I left a message about those things and got a quick call back from a really awesome guy. He was so helpful and immediately put in a request for the replacement part to be mailed out to me. He noted that they had stopped including the water bottles with the shipments due to a chemical in the plastic that they didn't want for their customers and that the manual hadn't been updated to reflect that yet. No biggie. The bottle holder on the bike is somewhat adjustable so you're sure to find that you've probably already got a bottle at home that will fit if that is something you need for your workout. He also went ahead and registered the bike for the warranty while we were on the line. Good peeps there.

7.Overall. I love it. While I'm certain that fit, active people will find plenty of workout challenges for them at one end of the spectrum, it is so nice to see that this bike also has so much to offer those of us who are a far cry from Olympic athletes. Kudos to all the others who left reviews here because I read many, many of them as I weighed whether or not to buy it. I'm so glad I did.
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on December 5, 2014
Just finished putting this bike together so ill give my review only on shipping, putting it together and a short workout. Item was shipped 1 day later than amazon said but it wasnt a big del for me but might have been for someone else in different circumstances. Shipped UPS, driver had a dolly to bring to front porch and I "dragged " it into the house. This thing is heavy and too much for 1 person to lift, but that is a good thing because once I started unpacking it I could tell it was built solid. It took me about 1 1/2 hrs to assemble. Some parts were already assembled like the seat back even though the instructions told you to do it. All parts were there except the water bottle that the instructions said was included. Small shipping damage to both floor stabilizer bars on the edges with some scuffing but not real bad. Maybe some extra padding there would help for shipping. Electronics all worked at start up. Fan is not strong but you cant really expect it to be if its housed inside a small console, but you can feel it and realistically it will help a little if the bike is used in a hot or stuffy place, but mostly just as a minor comfort. Audio speakers work ok but also are weak. I really dont see the need for them when everyone has earbuds or headphones to use with their MP3 device that will provide much better sound quality but, they work nonetheless. Initial short workout was impressive in the biggest way by how quiet the bike is in action. You could easily use this bike with someone in the next room sleeping, its whisper quiet. The only noticeable noise was the rocking movement of the seat but only when pedaling at high intensity. Seat adjusts forward and back far enough to accomidate most people. I am 6' 3" and I dont need the seat all the way back. It is a good looking piece of equipment that initially seems to be of good quality. I hope it proves to be durable because so far i am impressed with this bike and feel like it will give me what I was looking for the most, a quiet comfortable workout on a sturdy platform.
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on January 31, 2016
Great bike. Easy to put together with all tools included. They really thought about how to make it easy which is not common. Near silent when pedaling. The back rest is very comfortable and can be removed for washing. The seat is good as well. On the control panel there is built in magazine or tablet holder but it is too wide for my iPad. I bought another mount that attaches to handlebar and works like a champ.
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