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on October 20, 2016
For a hard-tail bicycle with no shocks anywhere, this is a pretty good bike. The disc brakes need to be broken in properly in order to avoid "the shakes". My front disc brake would shudder and rattle like crazy until I broke the pads in good with some good hard stops. Derailleurs on these types of bikes can be tricky, so I took mine to a local bike shop to be assembled and tuned properly. It was well worth it. Personally, I think that this bike is worthless for off-roading. The ride is too harsh with no shocks. I know it says hybrid, but this is really a souped up road bike that poses and looks like a hybrid. The stock seat that comes with the bike is like sitting on a brick. The first thing most people are going to do is go hunting for a new saddle, so be prepared to add 20 to 50 smackers plus shipping to the cost of the bike for a new seat. Don't be afraid to put a big fluffy cruiser saddle on this bad boy. Other than that, the bike is beautiful. It's like a work of art. There are pre-drilled and tapped holes and bolts to install water bottle holders on the frame in two places. Holes for a rear fender or rack are also there as a plus. The bike is really quiet, and the Shimano shifters and Altus Derailleurs are pretty awesome. Turns are tight, and the 27.5" tires deliver nice acceleration with little effort in higher gears. Overall, if you are looking to do some commuting or cruising around on paved trails and city streets, then this bike will probably fit that need very well, but if you like hitting the trails and rougher terrain, then go for a good mountain bike with some shocks on it.

Update: It's been a couple of months now, and 100 plus miles later, the bike has held up pretty good. The only thing I have to complain about is the fact that you cannot raise the handlebars up any higher. The two shims that come with it are all you can get for height without getting more shims and replacing the shaft with a longer one. On long rides, I find myself wishing that I had at least another two to three inches of height. The ride is also pretty harsh. I keep the tires at 65 PSI, and you can still feel every single bump and deformation in your path. If there is a divot in the sidewalk or road, you had better stand up on the pedals and pull the front tire up, or you are going to end up with a bicycle seat buried up in places it shouldn't be, and your arms are going to get a really nasty jolt. I'm afraid that if I don't, then I will get a snake bite on the tube or damage the wheel. Even with these little issues, the bike is still awesome, and I would buy it again anyways.

Update 1 year later: Love the heck out of this bike. The only thing that annoyed me was the fact that, like some of the other reviewers have noted, the spokes on the wheels are not tight, and you will quickly find them out of true after X-amount of miles when you first get the bike. After a little wrenching and making them true again, I was back in business. Make sure to visit youtube for some great videos on how to adjust your spokes. Anyone can do it themselves with a little patience and a spoke wrench or good old-fashioned adjustable wrench if that is all you have on hand.
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on November 5, 2017
Edited 11/23/2017:
I had originally rated this as 5 stars with the title of "Great bike! but I changed the rating to three (and will likely change it again unless something unexpected happens). I've had lots of problems (four broken spoke) in less than two months. When the first one broke, I complained and Diamondback sent me some inner tubes to sooth my ruffled feathers after the first spoke broke. I've now lost a total of three more and had a replacement wheel sent. In comparison, I rode a "Walmart Special" as hard (if not harder) for three months (after owning it for about 5 years) and never broke a single spoke. In fact, though I'm not a competition rider or road rider (until recently), I've never broken a spoke - ever.

When they sent the replacement wheel, they indicated they were sending a new cassette (rear gears) as well, but the one they were sending was geared differently (supposed to be better) than the current set. "It's compatible with your derailer and won't be a problem." I was promised. Well, it wasn't pre-assembled and doesn't seem to fit the wheel they sent (the hub appears to be about 1/4 of an inch too long and the last two gears aren't secure). I also don't have the proper tool to tighten the cassette onto the wheel. I'm not a bike mechanic, so maybe I'm doing something wrong, but they're pretty simple to install. This one is just the wrong size.

That, along with the fact the that the replacement wheel (and spokes and cassette they sent) are silver. The wheel they are replacing is black with blue designs. This isn't even the wheel from that model of bicycle. I've re-opened my ticket (since they closed it when the replacement wheel shipped) and added additional comments. As today is Thanksgiving, I'll be expecting a response from them tomorrow. They have one chance to make this right or they pay the freight for a return. This is embarrassing for Diamondback and will make my bike look a bit odd with one black spoked wheel and one silver.

I'll update later this week as this continues to unfold.

Original post:
Love the bicycle but be careful with the spokes / critical bolts / nuts after a few rides. I put about 100 miles (about a week) on this bicycle and noticed that the rear wheel had come out of true. I stopped and realized that most of the spokes on the rear wheel were loose and needed adjustment. I took it to a bicycle shop where they re-trued the wheel and tightened the spokes.

Lesson learned here is to do a more thorough safety check each time you ride... I ride (currently) 3 to 5 times a week at about 25 miles per ride and am now checking the bike more closely before each ride.
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on November 2, 2017
Purchased this bike to ride through winter. Had everything I was looking for and was extremely affordable. The box arrived in good condition with no damage and the bike was safely stored inside. Assembly was extremely easy.

The brakes on this bike are absolutely horrible. I would imagine having pads made of butter would do a better job of stopping the bike. Even after the normal brake bed in procedure the bike could not stop me going down my driveway hill regardless of how much I death gripped the brake levers. New mechanical disk brakes are cheap so I swapped them out for another brand and now I can stop in distances measured in feet rather than miles.

At 80 miles driven I noticed a weird wobble coming from the back wheel. It was as if the bike had a heartbeat. Pull over and inspect the rear wheel to notice that it is completely out of true. Upon inspection I noticed that at least 6 of the rear spokes were completely loose. You could rotate the spoke nipple with just your fingers. Having packed the entire tool shed in my bags minus my spoke wrench of course I was left to crawl the remaining 9 miles to my destination. Interestingly enough the front wheel is perfectly true. /shrug

A little more quality control and this bike could be an easy 4 star bike. The wheels and brakes trying to kill me plus the lack of a barrel adjuster on the shifter for the rear derailleur hurt the rating enough to drop it down to a low 3.
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on December 4, 2016
I have been riding this bike for almost a year now.when i received it, I assembled it in about an hour. i then had to adjust the gears and the fit for me. overall, I am happy with the bike. its light weight and has good balance and looks super!!

my only complaints are .....number one : the handle bars wont raise up a little higher. after an extended ride i can feel it in my arms . if if i could raise the handle bars it would greatly reduce fatigue on longer rides.

my second complaint, which was partially solved with a different saddle,is you will feel every crack and bump you hit and need to lift off the saddle .

overall, i am satisfied and would buy this bike again.
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on July 20, 2017
The bike is great. Smooth riding gears and really like disc brakes, much better than the old pads. Fits nicely , easy to shift with little effort to ride.
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on December 14, 2017
love this bike, it is very lite nice components, nice balance. I do need to have the derailleurs adjusted but that's it
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on October 26, 2017
Good bicycle for the price!
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on August 29, 2017
Outstanding bike for cruising around an RV park or on moderate trails. Light weight but well built. Smooth shifting and great brakes.
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on November 3, 2017
Nice comfortable ride at a great price($319). Assembly was easy with no adjustments necessary.
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on August 11, 2017
The bike itself is good (now) I'm very unhappy with the factory!!!!!! Within 2 1/2 weeks of owning the bike, I started to get a pronounced wobble and shimmy in the back tire/frame. I took it to a local bike shop to have it looked at. I physically watched the technician check it out. Every third spoke was loose enough that he could bow it with little effort. He said it was obvious that the factory had not used the correct torque. Also my brakes needed to be adjusted as i noticed they were a bit 'soft' as well. $45 later I had a properly running bike. The quality is fine on the bike, and it looks great...just buyer beware that you need to check EVERYTHING before you assembly or have a shop that does assembly for you check it all out.
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