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on September 21, 2009
Price$$ Five Stars
I've been wanting to buy an elliptical for months now. Did my research on consumer reports, shopped around. I must admit that I was a little nervous about buying such a large purchase through Amazon, but I'm glad I did. I noticed the price dropped to $1699 from $1899 and that was the motivation I needed to pull the trigger.

Shipping Five Stars
I elected to do the free shipping option. My impression was that this unit would not ship for 3-5 days and that it would probably take another 5 days to get to me, so I did not expect this unit to arrive for 1.5 to 2 weeks. In reality, I ordered this product on a Friday night and the product was in my possession on the next Wednesday afternoon. 3 business days is awesome in my book, especially when it's free. I live in the southeast, so not sure if your results would be the same if you live elsewhere. If anything, this was too quick, because the expected time frame was going to be that Friday and it came 2 days earlier. If you are trying to take off work to be available for the shipment, this could be a problem. The elliptical came in a crate and is too much to handle for one person. You need at least 2 strong guys to help you move this unit into your home. I was able to slide it into my garage and uncrate from there. Even disassembled, the base part of this unit is really heavy. I had to get a friend to help me move it up one level of stairs.

Assembly 4 Stars
As hinted above, this unit is not fully assembled. I would like to think I am handy, but this assembly could be a little tricky. Here are the things that tripped me up.

First, there is a rear foor stablizer bar that needs to be installed. The instructions give the wrong screw size, but the screw pack clearly labels the screws to be used for what assembly. For this step, make sure you use the longer screws as labeled in the screw pack, not the size given in the instruction manual.

Next, there is a control mast that slides into the base. One thing the instuctions failed to mention (or I failed to pick up on) is a small grey flexible rubber flush piece designed to cover the circular gap between the base plastic housing and the control mast. DO NOT FORGET to slide this piece on before you secure the control mast to the base.

Lastly, becareful when you install the handle swing poles. It's easy to get these inverted. They are labeled "L" and "R", but this was very hard to find and I ended up putting the wrong one on first. Find the "L" "R" label before you start screwing them down.

Overall Operation 5 stars
This unit runs really smooth and quiet. I was concerned about buying an elliptical before I had the chance to try it out, so I only relied on the write up in consumer reports. I have not had a chance to try the provided heart rate attachment, but the fixed handle grips do have a built in heart rate sensor, and that seems to operate correctly. It has several programs for all levels of elliptical users.

In summary, I am very pleased with this elliptical and glad I bought it from Amazon. Make sure you have help when you move it and becareful when you assemble it. The footprint for this machine was a little larger than I expected, make sure you have enough space for it.
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on March 21, 2016
So far this has come as advertised. The one thing that I want people to understand is that it does NOT make a workout easier if you are extremely overweight and program the machine. At the gym when you do that, the machine adjusts and compensates for your weight so it's not too difficult to do. This machine asks for your age and weight so it can adjust the heart monitoring, but it does not adjust the level of difficulty. I can work out with an elliptical at the gym for 45 minutes because it adjusts my workout, however with this one, I can only do two minutes!!!! In this way I want to say "buyer beware". This is an excellent machine that does what it says it does. It's durable and smooth. It simply doesn't tell you that you will not be able to perform adequately unless you are already fit. I'm sure in the couple of years that it takes me to build up to a full 30 minute workout my health will improve greatly. It's just going to take me at least a couple of years to build up to that 30 minute workout that normal people can already do that an obese person, like me, only dreams of!
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on October 17, 2009
Bought this after reading Consumer Reports and seeing the glowing reviews here. The assembly was a snap. I expected it to be more difficult based on what I read here, but the screws, bolts, etc. are all nicely packaged in step-by-step assembly packing. The unit comes with two heart-rate monitors -- a pair of fixed/built-in handles and a wireless device that you wear on your chest. Both work great. There are varying levels of intensity (resistance) and incline to make things more challenging. The manual needs to be reviewed for grammatical errors and should be updated to match the graphics on the control module, but that is an extremely minor nitpick.

Shipping was a snap. I got mine via ABF Freight and it was great to be contacted in advance (THEY called US!) to set up a specific delivery time. Contrast that with other well-known shipping companies where they can show up any time between 8am and 7pm... if they do show up. :P

Overall, I highly recommend getting this.
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on December 29, 2011
Machine arrived today. Quicker than initially committed, so that was nice. Trucking company helped me get the package in the house, otherwise it would still be in garage. Took 4 big guys to get it around my house and in back door.

Spent last 3 hours completing installation. Rubber grommet (sort of a dust cover) is not mentioned in instructions and got left out. Tomorrow I will likely undo all my work and put it in place. Directions are WEAK at best.

Worst, exercise program runs 5 seconds and then clicks into PAUSE mode. It does not restart on its own. Spent last 30 minutes trying every program-all with same result. I assume that there is some wiring issue, though everything else works fine. Will update tomorrow and see if i can get it working, otherwise, VERY DISAPPOINTED with my purchase.

Net, took a long time to install and is not working as of yet.
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on October 12, 2009
Thank you to the previous reviewer for giving great installation feedback. We knew what to look out for, and probably saved time and avoided frustration.

The assembly was easy - it took an hour perhaps or less. No headaches. The machine is compact and easily fit into the space we assigned. But best of all, it is so easy to use, has a variety of great and interesting programs, it moves so smoothly and it is quiet. I could not have asked for a better machine. I have used it every days since we got it, and my work out experience is just great. I was worried that the home machine would not stand up to the gymn ones, and that somehow I would be disappointed. I think this one is better - and using it at your convenience - what more could you ask for?

Update Jan. 2010: I have been using the machine for 3 months now and absolutley love it. I like all the different programs, and look forward to working out - hope it stays this way! The machine is so quiet that I can work out while my husband is on conference calls. I am 5'6" and my husband is 6' and the sizing is right for both of us.

Update Jan. 2012: the elliptical works as well as before - no problems so far. I continue to enjoy using it and can't say enough about the convenience of having it available when I want to use it.
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on June 2, 2014
I researched a lot of elliptical trainers on my own and read a Consumer Reports article that rEfated several. The Diamondback Fitness 1260Ef is very solid, sturdy and provides a great workout with many great options. Most elliptical trainers I've tried at gyms and at healthcare clinics with rehab/gym equipment of the same price range are shaky to unstable, and/or very limited in terms of the workout choices and options. Even the best elliptical machines by top names that I felt were really good do not compare well to this trainer. It's like comparing a new BMW and an old pick up truck.
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on April 27, 2013
I love this machine accept for one thing... I wish the handles were closer. I am a 5' 6" female with shortish arms, and the great distance makes me extend my arms out all the way. I bought some weight handles that I managed to attach to the elliptical's handles so that I could have a closer arm extension, which works O.K.. I love the workout I get from it. My favorite workout is the "cross country" program. My bad knee can handle this machine just fine. It's great!
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on February 23, 2014
Bought it unseen based on Consumer Reports Excellent rating. Assembly directions clear, and assembly was pretty straight forward.. Various small parts came in separate plastic blister package compartments, making it easy to keep track of what parts are needed for each assembly step. The assembled unit worked perfectly right after assembly completed. It's a well constructed, quality trainer. I've been using it regularly, and am very happy with it.
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on February 21, 2011
I'll divide my review into three sections: Moving, Assembling, Using.
Moving: When the 1260Ef arrives at your house you will wonder how in the world you will move it. It arrives on it's own pallet. The friendly delivery guy placed it just inside my front door. I first removed all the packaging. I needed to move it upstairs and my stairs have a gradual 180 degree turn. It looked impossible. I used part of the cardboard packaging, with the same length and width of the 1260Ef, to do a test run. It appeared to fit up the stairs fine, but still there was no obvious place to grab on the the front of the 1260Ef (it's all plastic smooth covering). The solution was to remove the two small front wheels (which are there to make it easy to move the 1260Ef within a room). I removed the wheels but put the axis bolts back in place. This all took 2 minutes. Those bolts provided a very nice place to grab when taking the 1260Ef up the stairs. Three men moved it up the stairs (two in front, one in back), but I think we could have done it with two men.
Assembling: The only tool not provided is a Phillips screwdriver. All the screws and washers are clearly separated out, making it easy to follow the instructions and use the right screws. The instructions are short (one page) and the drawing makes it hard to determine where the washers go. But I figured it out without too much trouble. In all it took me about 90 minutes to install. NOTE: Towards the very end I noticed there was a round rubber collar that I had not installed around the mast that hold the control panel. I figured it would take me 45min to dissemble the panel and mast and put the collar in place. So I simply cut the collar and wrapped it around the mast. It was a simple workaround and looks fine. The drawing in the instructions does not show that collar clearly at all. It's easy to miss that piece sitting in the box.
Usage: The 1260Ef is very nice to use. I've had it for six weeks. It's very smooth, very quiet, and feels very solid. I have been using the 'fat burner' setting which measures your heart rate and tells you to speed up or slow down to keep yourself within the target heart rate range. The resistance does change at various parts of the workaround, but it does not seem to do so in response to your heart rate; instead if your heart rate gets too high a message says "slow down". It would be nice if the resistance increased and decreased automatically to help regulate your heart rate. My only other complaint is that when the room is cold (winter) the chest strap does not start picking up my heart rate until I'm 1/3 way through the workout (yes I did wet the chest sensors). Overall it's a great device and I recommend it.
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on July 16, 2017
Almost everything about this product is very very good except, it makes a noise with every rotatio. It's been that way almost from the beginning. That said the product still works fine, but the noise is annoying
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