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on November 2, 2011
In 1980 when Warren Jarvis gave his 8-year old grandson a guitar for Christmas, no one at the time knew the musical power he had unleashed, or the chain of events that would propel this young West Virginian three decades later to become one the world's most regarded guitarists and "CMA Entertainer of the Year".

"Diary of Player" is Brad Paisley's candid and gracious account of the musical mentors and other forces in life that shaped his two musical voices, guitar playing and songwriting, and connects the dots through his career of collaborations with some of the best players in country, blues, and rock.

Told with Paisley's trademark wit, this 30-year narrative does not follow the insta-fame, super-idol script of late but rather portrays the years of hard work and life's compromises in pursuing one's dream, reaching it, and then some. Chronologically, it's an account of thousands of hours of practice, small gigs becoming bigger gigs, early discovery by some Country legends, songwriting, and touring. But at its core, it's a story of knowing one's bliss in life, following it, and simply not quitting.

Many will enjoy this book as I did. For Paisley fans, it's simply required reading (it'll be on the test). Gear heads will no doubt lap up the pages discussing VOX AC30 and other guitar amp minutia. Aspiring artists, and parents thereof, will take comfort in knowing even guitar gods struggle in their early years and grades aren't necessarily a showstopper in life. And everyone will enjoy reading a story about a nice guy actually finishing first.
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on June 26, 2013
I like this book. It is about Brad Paisley. My mom dead there was a song that help me. It was called Holes in the floor of heaven by Steve Warner. Brad know him and many others, but there too many to say them all. Brad got his first guitar at age of 8. His grandfather was his hero and press he to follow his dreams. Brad first guitar was famous. His name was Hank Goddard. Many years later, Brad went to college. After college, he professor song making 22,500 and he was only 22. Brad proferord at Grad old ole Opry in 1999. Brad won Horizon award at the CMA. He lived West Virginia as kid until college. He went Belmont College in Nashville TN. In March of 2008, he was very bad case of the fly and 102 degree temperature. He wrote the song about Hank. Brad started High school, that year I was born. Brad felt he was country in a MTV world. He did not know world going change. The world change by Garth Brooks says Brad. Brad’s mom was school teacher and Brad hated that because he did not want do homework, all he wants to be playing his guitar. Brad first album Who Needs Picture comes out in 1999. He met Steve wariner (Holes in the floor of heaven) when Brad was 11 in 1984. The song Part2 was abut about the movie Father of the Bride 1 , 2 and the girl he was dating when it came out on Dec 28, 2 years part. 2 come out on Dec 28 1995. Three artiest wanted record the song “I’m Gonna a miss her” all the same day. Their names are George Strait, Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson. But it did not work out. Brad record it instand. Did you Brad wanted to quit many time. But the one time a remember the most. This one hit home as I am Christian, when Brad want quit and God give him sign bunly. One day, when Brad traveling airplane a lot. He stops at one airport and Brad calls his best friend. He says he wanted to quit. She says pray and looks for sign. So Brad sits by this woman and she gives him a page of bible. The page said Philippians 4:13 I can do all things thought Him who gives me strength on the froth and back Encouraged. If this is not sign you are blind. Remember when I the movie Father of the bride, the girl who plays bride named Kimberley “Kim Williams/ paisley is wife. Brad got married in a chapel at Pepperdine University overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu. I have been there. It is very nice chapel. Brad first son William Huckleberry paisley was in Nashville. Brad won Grammy for best country instrumental in Feb. 2009. He released American Saturday Night in June of 2009. Brad second son Jasper warren Paisley, same name as brad grandfather in honor. I did not event in the song Welcome to the future were true, but they are. Brad went house in July of 2009. After each chapter there is a guitar tip from Brad. I love this book. I give this A++. I recommend this book.
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on November 1, 2011
I've never written a review before, but I loved this book so much that I had to let everyone know! This book was well written and entertaining to read. I cried a little and laughed a whole lot. Once, I picked this book up. I just couldn't put it down. I wanted to know more and more on what made Brad the "player" he is today.
Thank you, Papaw Jarvis for that wonderful gift you gave to Brad as a child. We all appreciate it.
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on November 4, 2011
Yes, I am a Brad Paisley fan but even if you aren't I believe you would enjoy this book. It's a sincere tribute to the heroes in Brad's life that inspired him to be the player he is today. The stories about Brad's younger days and close relationship to his grandfather will melt your heart. His grandfather surely recognized Brad's talent and had a vision for him in which Brad fulfilled beyond either of their wildest dreams.
This book is different in that Brad got to where he is with hard work....not just being in the right place at the right time or jumping onto a reality show which seems to be the trend these days. His hard work was not littered with stories of drugs and alcohol (other than the song!).....just pure dedication to his craft. What a breath of fresh air!!
I especially like the story about how he met his wife. What a real live fairytale! The stories about his mother begging him to get better grades hit home with me because I do the same thing with my son everyday. (My son especially likes to use this part of the book against me....thanks a whole lot Brad:) The story of how a priceless prewar Martin guitar got into his hands and how it was linked to his own family history will give you chills. A story about Brad fishing with Little Jimmy Dickens and how he fell asleep in the front seat driving home afterwards will make you smile. The pictures in the book are classic!
Thank you Brad Paisley and David Wild for putting this book together. I'm already anticipating a "Part II" in about 20 years. Keep making the brilliant music and stories that I love.
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on May 19, 2014
As a rock guitar player, I had heard of Brad for years but since I wasn't into country much, had no idea that he could really play. Last year after reading him on the Guitar Player magazine cover story, he mentioned liking Eddie Van Halen and Nuno Bettencourt and guys who were some of my favorite players...after reading the article I watched a few YouTube videos...loved it...So I bought one of his CD's and just was floored by his playing and his songwriting was just top notch. Then I bought two more cd's of his, loved them too. I read this book last night from start to finish it was just awesome. Best thing is he seems like he would be a nice guy of you met him in person, and that means a whole lot. Can't say enough about my new favorite guitar player and musician, and this book....
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on November 7, 2011
I have been waiting for this book since it was announced. I am a huge Brad Paisley fan. I think he's an awesome singer, songwriter, and guitar player. I was excited to find out who or what made him the person he is today. The book will inspire you and bring you to tears! It takes you on a journey through Brad's life and explains how he became Country music's top male artist. Brad will tell you that it's not an autobiography, but a narrative about his life and the guitar. I'm am extremely thankful to Pawpaw Jarvis for giving Brad that special gift. I would also like to thank Mr. Hank Goddard for mentoring Brad, and all of the other guitar heroes who inspired him. They gave us our guitar hero, Brad Paisley!! Like other reviewers are saying, this book is a must for Brad fans. You will want to read Diary Of A Player! Even if you are not a Brad fan (say it isn't so!) this is a great read and you will like Brad afterwards, trust me :D ! So,( if you haven't already guessed) this is a must read that you will enjoy! Pick up Diary Of A Player and prepare to be inspired!!
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on November 2, 2011
David Wild and Brad Paisley did a wonderful job at writing this book. In Diary of a Player Brad tells us all about how his musical heroes influenced his career in one way or another to help him get where he is. His hard work is portrayed throughout the whole book. You come across his witty sense of humor in many instances where you can not help but laugh. Brad shows us that it was true dedication and strong work ethic that got him to be the great guitar player he is.

I cried, I laughed, I shook my head at Brad's humor. I honestly enjoyed the book and I believe that a guitar player or anyone who respects an enthusiastic and diligent person, such as Brad, will appreciate reading Diary of a Player.
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on January 21, 2012
Loved this book, you get quite the insight to his upbringing, his family life growing up, and how he started out and his journey through 2010. His manner of writing is so good, you can almost hear him speaking to you, so it was interesting and had glimpses of his humor in it as well. Not being a guitarist, I could not truly appreciate the talk of his types of guitars and amps (although that did not overpower the book), but it did help me to realize just how passionate he is about his music. I am truly impressed with an entertainer who is down to earth, has great family values and is one to give credit to others where credit is due (I am now more impressed with other entertainers after seeing how they affected his life and career)-which Brad Paisley is one. Definitely recommend this book if you are a country music fan, and even if you are not but instead someone who is interested in the music industry-he really explains what his journey has been like so far. Can't wait for a few more years to go by and have him publish a Part Two.
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on January 1, 2016
Such a great book!! I read it in less than a week! Couldn't put it down!! Brad is such a great story teller... This is just as much about him as it is the people who have inspired him.. His life as told through all the experiences he has had with those heroes.. Brad's sense of humor is very apparent in this book as well... There were some great laugh out loud moments.. But there were also those more emotional moments and Brad handles both with equal poise and humility.. Very highly recommended! :)
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on September 28, 2016
Really liked this book, but may be biased cause I am huge fan.
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