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on September 6, 2015
This is a great waterproof housing case for under $20 dollars! It's not a great product itself, just for its price. I went snorkeling this labor day weekend and tested it out with a Canon SD1000 with the Ignite Sports floating strap attached to it. The case itself was durable and it protected my camera against water and sand. You have to position the camera in the bag so the black housing part won't show up in your pictures, and do all the setting before going underwater. The lens stand-out is not that long so zooming is not great with this. It's hard to see your LCD screen when it's sunny or underwater due to the glare. Since the camera bag is bigger than most camera, your camera will slide around a lot and you will have to re-position it quite a few times. I recommend that you go to the DicaPac website and check if your camera is compatible with this waterproof case.

I highly recommend you buy a floating camera strap like the Ignite Sports to go along with it to avoid it sinking to the bottom in the event you lose your grip.

Floating Camera Strap (Twin Pack) Underwater Digital Camera Float - Works great with GoPro/Panasonic Lumix/Nikon COOLPIX AW110/Canon PowerShot D20/Fujifilm FinePix/Olympus Tough/Sony - Cheapest Insurance Money Can Buy. - 1 Year Warranty!
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What a wonderful alternative to taking underwater pictures. No need to spend a couple hundred dollars on a underwater housing case or a few hundred for an camera specifically made for underwater. Also don't settle the the cheap one time use under water cameras. These cases allow you to take beautiful clear pictures using your own digital camera. I needed a waterproof case for my Canon PowerShot SD1100IS 8MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Blue) and since I already owned a Dicapac for a another brand of camera I knew there would be no other choice for me than the DicaPac brand. This is a terrific way to protect your camera from water, sand and even snow. The optical lens sometimes interfere with the camera's zooms lens, just make sure to hold the lens from the camera's view. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Here is something I found that was helpful since the description does not list the camera's that are compatible:

DicaPac WP410 Case will fit the following brands:

Canon Powershot:

Sony Cybershot DSC:

Kodak EasyShare:

I have listed only a few of the camera brands this is compatible with. If you want to see if your camera is compatible, visit the company's website which I found very helpful. Amazon's price can not be beat.
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on June 24, 2016
My sister is always snapping photos, editing pictures or videos, and posting them all over everywhere. I am jealous because it doesn't always occur to me to take pictures or even bring along my camera. I am trying to change that and be more like her (unless she's with me on that particular adventure because she's already amazing at capturing the whole event, and that means I don't have to). The main reason I purchased this item was a weekend trip which would involve tubing, boating, and a lot of water. Funny thing is the first item I used this for wasn't a camera, but my mp3 player, while we were tubing down a river. It fit my mp3 player and a small speaker just perfectly (for its size) and protected them both from getting wet the whole trip. My camera, a blue Sony Cyber-shot, fit okay. The casing is set in the shape of what you'd think most cameras are shaped like, but mine isn't that perfect shape. It still worked at protecting my camera and I was able to take pictures. Now I use it a lot around my pool. I was able to capture memories as my niece and nephew both learned how to swim and get fun photos during small pool parties with my friends. If I had to go back and purchase something like this again, I would probably go for something without a shape, as to be able to protect anything I was worried about from getting wet. This product does as promised and keeps moisture out of the inside compartment to protect your electronics from getting wet. I would recommend this product to anyone always snapping pictures and something similar to those who know that life can be wet.
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on July 12, 2014
Used snorkeling and swimming on the beach in Mexico. Allowed me to get some great shots with my little P&S Canon Elph 300HS. For the price you can't go wrong.

It's a glorified ziploc bag with a lens cover, but it works. Shooting pictures with it was easy with a few caveats.

If this cost more than $25 I would knock off a star for one reason. My camera is considerably smaller than the bag so it kept shifting around inside of it. Camera would auto shut off after a few minutes which causes the lens to retract. When you turn it back on you have to make sure the lens is lined up with the case lens. If you don't line it up the lens tries to open, hits the side, and retracts back with an error. My camera in particular required you to wait 10 or 15 seconds before turning it on again - causing you to miss your shot. I probably could have turned the off shut-off off but I never got around to it.

Once you have it lined up right it's tricky to make sure you are shooting straight on as well. If you are cock-eyed you will see the black ring of the case lens enclosure.

Three tips for others:
1-Turn the brightness on your LCD all the way up. Shooting underwater on a sunny day combined with the shininess of the plastic makes it very hard to see your screen.
2- Remove any wrist strap on your camera. Mine kept getting in the way of buttons or the lens.
3- Buy a floaty bright colored wrist strap.
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on January 19, 2018
This is waterproof and does fit most digital cameras. But be wary of a few things.
The lens on my camera was JUST too long for the pouch so when I would extended the lens it hit the front of the pouch which causes the camera to freeze as it doesn't know if the lens is out or not. In order to avoid this, I had to maneuver the camera within the bag when turning it on or off.

Also, because this isn't designed for a specific camera model, my camera was a little small and the excess air in the case would make it hard to press the buttons. I worked around it by just making sure to remove a lot of the air before sealing it.
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on August 24, 2013
I purchased this as a way to protect my wife's camera from the elements due to a little accident that happened while on vacation last year. See we were at the beach and she got the bright idea to take a picture of me snorkeling in the water. So, she stepped into the edge of the ocean, ankle deep and began to focus in and take the picture. Unbeknownst to her, a giant tsunami wave was making its way to shore. (Ok well not that big but a big wave anyways) After we stopped laughing, we both realized the camera she had was malfunctioning from that little issue of salt water and sand mixing with batteries and electronics. Let me just tell you, that those elements mixing together don't create some new super electronic device that allows for instant teleportation. Consequently, a new camera was purchased, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX10V which you can see my review of that here on Amazon.

So for this year's beach visit, I purchased the Dicapac to protect the new Sony Cyber-shot. This camera fits well inside and even allows the zoom to work without difficulty. We did have to take the cap off to get the proper fit for the lens before screwing the cap tightly back on.

The Dicapac kept the water out very well as long as you properly seal and screw the cap tightly on. The added benefit is that even with the camera inside, the device floats in water, so even if you drop it, it doesn't sink.

Overall, very happy and I can be satisfied that my camera will stay dry and I can shake my fist at those ocean tides.
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on October 31, 2017
 I will admit, I was a little nervous to submerge my expensive camera under water in such a simple plastic case, but it works! I used the DicaPac while snorkeling in Brazil and ziplining into a river. Despite the impact from the water, my camera remained dry and captured an incredible memory. While there are more expensive products out there, if you are on a budget, this product is more than sufficient. It maintains a relatively clear picture and more importantly, it keeps your camera safe.

The only downside I experienced is that it can be difficult to access some of the buttons on the camera through the plastic. The solution I found was to first turn my camera on to the setting I want, seal it inside the case and snap my pictures/video. To change any settings, I would take it out of the case again. It is a small inconvenience and that is why I am giving 4 rather than 5 stars. It was still well worth the $11 though!
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on January 6, 2015
I was originally looking for a plastic underwater housing for my Sony camera, but found that this inexpensive option was good for the same depths as the more expensive housing. The bonus is that I've found that it is easier/quicker to get the camera into this fold, velcro & zip-loc envelope than the housing would be and you can still access most of the buttons for settings. (A couple have to be set before enclosing the camera.)

A bonus that I found (after purchase) is that I also now use this for above water activities where water splashing might be problematic-- like river rafting. It fits a range of cameras and so can move from one camera to another-- not so with underwater housing-- although you'll want to have the size recommended for your specific camera. It also has an additional screw-in lens ring that will accommodate multiple lens zooms. (I don't need the additional ring for my cameral; so, I leave it behind and have less bulk.) The neck strap is comfortable & means that my camera can always be around my neck or tethered to something for security in a boat. (Note: you can quickly vent the extra air locked inside by unscrewing the lens ring and exhausting.)
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on October 21, 2013
I'll admit it. I bought this case for my honeymoon and was terrified to use it. The first day of my honeymoon, I barely let the case get wet. The second day I snuck underwater for a photo. By day four though, I realized this thing WAS waterproof and was snapping pictures of everything from my feet in the water to fish wandering by.

I cannot recommend this product enough if you are going to be in water and want some good shots without spending too much money. However, my recommendation comes with a few notes.

DO: Check the bag for airtightness first! Stick a piece of paper in there and throw it in the tub or the sink. If it is even remotely damp, contact the company for a replacement.
DO: Always put the case on carefully. Make sure the plastic is sealed and the velcro is closed.
DO NOT: Open the plastic seal from the sides. The top only. This product is well made but the only major design flaw is how easy it is to rip the seal on the sides. I discovered this the hard way. Thankfully this product is very well made and after an hour of snorkeling, only a few drops had leaked in.

I definitely recommend this product if you can get over the initial fear of putting your expensive camera in a cheap plastic case. I ripped mine on the final day of my honeymoon but I used it almost nonstop. I definitely will be buying a replacement for my next tropical vacation!
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I lost my GoPro, and wanted to take some pictures while snorkeling. So I got this cheap little universal case. It worked pretty well.

Pros: It's tacky plastic so your camera kind of sticks in place inside. The seal and thickness of the plastic gives me good peace of mind that it won't leak. My camera (Canon PowerShot Elph 300) is very small compared to the size of the case but I was still able to turn it on/off, use the shutter button and video button just fine. Didn't have any issues with catching the edge of the lens protector in the shot with my camera.

Cons: Universal, so of course it doesn't fit your camera perfectly. I basically couldn't zoom at all. Twisting the zoom was not easy to do, and then when it did work the lens hit the case and my camera shut down saying "zoom error." I wish the case was smaller, because my camera is about 1/2 the size of the case and the extra material is what made pressing the buttons a little awkward.

All in all it was a great investment for the money though!
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