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VINE VOICEon May 29, 2010
This mini tripod will do the job it was intended for, it's flexible enough for my picture-taking needs. It's hard to get the camera level since there is no flexible head to adjust on top. And if you try and attach a camera that has the tripod fitting on the side, it will definitely tip over. I learned that the hard way with a previous tripod I purchased - and eventually misplaced. This one is for for light-weight plastic, ultra-compact cameras. Don't try and put a heavier camera on it no matter what location the fitting is on the camera, center or off-side.

But my main complaint with this tripod is the strong odor it emits. I have smelled this odor before - it's some type of chemical odor from whatever they use in China to make plastics or paint. The smell is the same. Currently I have this outside hoping the scent will dissipate. When it arrived in the mail, I put it in a drawer in my bedroom where I store my cameras, the smell of it quickly overtook the room. I tried washing it to no avail, maybe I'm just super sensitive to scents but in case you are also, just a warning that it does stink.

Edited to Add: It's been 3 weeks and the tripod still stinks!
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on April 19, 2011
As others have pointed out, it is not as flexible as some of the other mini tripods on the market. However, if flexibility isn't the main thing you are looking for, this is a great one. The biggest selling points for me are how well it's stood up and how much it holds up. I've had it for almost two years now and for most of those two years it's been sitting in my purse, waiting to be handy at a moments notice. No matter how much I've thrown it around, dropped it, twisted it beyond it's normal parameters, and generally been very hard on it, it still works great. It still has a nice finish, and it looks like it will continue to work for years to come. Last year I upgraded from my point and shoot to a DSLR. I figured I'd have to buy a new, slightly larger mini tripod, since this one only really takes the point and shoot, but guess what? It handles the weight of the DSLR with ease. It always looks funny, being so little and the camera being so big, but it has never once tipped over or collapsed as long as I've spread out the legs correctly.
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on May 3, 2011
Before buying this item, I was worried about the smell that everyone complained about. It smells like new tires which is the rubber part covering the feet. And it's true that the smell doesn't disappear so far (after about a week). However, it's not a big deal for me. Maybe some people are more sensitive, but I don't really smell it unless I put it within 3 inches of my nose.
Some people also said that it's not stable if you have camera with non-centered tripod mount. It actually works pretty well if you spread the leg wide enough. I have a canon elura camcorder (which is pretty big and heavy compared to a regular pocket camera), it has tripod mount on the front of the camcorder, this tripod still holds it very well.
So for the overall product quality it's not the best, sturdiest mini tripod. But for the price and usability I think this is probably one of the best.
Pros: small, compact, cheap, pretty sturdy for the size.
Cons: bad smell (not really a big deal for me)
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on May 29, 2009
I read the other reviews and thought I would try it. It worked well when I needed to attach the camera onto a railing fine, but it was not that steady for standing up. Part of it may have been that my camera has the hole to attach it on the side of the bottom instead of the middle. It was inexpensive (cheap really) but I'm glad I got it as a wrap-around-holder for when I'm using it in a place that is not flat or wide enough for the camera to sit safely. I did like that it was small & portable.
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on September 18, 2012
After I received and tested this tripod, I am surprised it has four star ratings because it does not deserve anything above two stars. It is cheaply made (ok, I get it, it's only sold for a couple bucks). The legs bend inconsistently, making the camera tilt to one side or another. It does not provide a steady and leveled base for your camera to take good pictures. You would be better off putting your camera on a flat surface, that way you will at least get pictures with leveled horizontal positioning.
My advise is don't waste even a couple bucks on this, it won't do you any good.
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on August 21, 2012
I used this on a recent hiking trip, wanting something small and light to put in my backpack. As compared to using the self-timer on the camera and trying to balance the camera on a rock, this works significantly better. The camera did tip over on me once while using it. But in that situation, there was no way I could have balanced the camera by itself. This little tripod pays for itself quickly if you're looking for something very small and light weight. But if the small size isn't important to you, you're probably better off getting a larger tripod that has more stability.
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on November 17, 2010
I bought this mini tripod to do timelapse recording with a larger jvc camcorder. To my suprise this tripod works like a JEM! It keeps my jvc camera stable when you strech the legs far apart for the extra stability. The camera stays stable and works well every time. The tripod also seems pretty durable and for the price, if it ever breaks It's cheap enough to buy a few replacements which I doubt I will have to do. It is also small enough to fit right in the camera case without damaging anything else in the case. This tripod is a great idea and is a must for anyone who has a camera and camcorder!
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on May 10, 2010
This mini tripod is the best bargain for the price. When it arrived I was particularly surprised by just how well made this basically 6 dollar (after shipping) accessory was. The legs are flexible and easy to attach to just about anything that you could to which you could reasonably expect to attach them. One reviewer did note that if your device has an off center screw-hole for the tripod that you could have issues with standing the tripod up, but the good news is that most pocket video cams have centered tripod screw-holes which will enable you to stand up your pocket cam quite easily.
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on April 26, 2010
I got this to replace one I lost. I have loved this little tripod for years and has provided many great photo opportunities! It is small enough to attach to my small camera bag, which is why I like it. It is flexible to place on uneven surfaces, but probably not as flexible as the other tripods with consecutive joints to wrap around branches etc. It definitely meets my needs and has for years. This tripod though did arrive with a very distinct "oily" smell as the reviews have stated. Interesting. A few days outside has "mellowed" it out.
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on September 28, 2009
I take a lot of model railroad photos, and needed a tripod that could be bent to accommodate various "terrain" and scenery on a model railroad layout. Having seen various pictures of the Gorilla tripods being bent into all sorts of ridiculous positions, I thought I'd be getting something similar by purchasing this tripod. Not so. It is flexible and sturdy, but it's flexibility is limited. For example, the Gorilla tripods apparently can be bent into a shape that allows them to be hooked over the edge of a tabletop. The Digipower tripod won't do that. Also, bending the legs leaves little black flecks of paint all over your hands.
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