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on May 8, 2014
The book “Digital Leader,” written by Erik Qualman was a life changing book. Not life changing in the sense that I will forever hold it near and dear, but groundbreaking in that it introduced a new way to look at the world around us, specifically how the digital world has impacted our lives. I found myself thinking to myself “wow these are such simple things that can actually improve the quality of my life.” His ideas about boosting productivity by reducing multitasking were the first ideas that made me reevaluate my habits. I am constantly multitasking, and although I already knew it was taking a toll on my ‘actual’ productivity, this book made me think about how much it was actually affecting me. The book also contains lots of statistics on digital use, as well as other interesting tid bits including how many year a person will spend waiting in line- 5.

One quote that stuck out to me the most was, “once you accept the fact that you aren’t going to get everything done, then you can better address what should get done.”-@equalman. This quote is something I try to remind myself of often, especially when it comes to pleasing people. I have always been someone who tries to please everyone and ends up dividing my attention up so much that I don’t end up really pleasing anyone. Although this book really is about how to become a better digital leader, there is so much hidden life advice that could be applied to countless situations.

Qualman also suggests adjusting one’s leadership skills to adapt to today’s digital world. He uses the acronym STAMP in order to better explain and lay out the steps to becoming a better digital leader. The ‘S’, Simple; success is the result of simplification and focus. “T”, True; be true to you passion. ‘A’, Act; nothing happens without action---take the first step. ‘M’, Map; goals and visions are needed to get where you want to be. Last but not least, ‘P’, People; success doesn’t happen alone. One of the examples he uses to show how STAMP can transform you is Forrest Gump. This may sound a bit strange, but Qualman uses Forest Gump to show that, “anyone can reach his or her dreams; success is truly a choice” (Qualman, 30). A key takeaway from STAMP and Gump is that, “life is uncertain, because of this uncertainty, much of our success depends on the understanding that while we cannot control life’s events, we are in absolute control of how we react to them” (Qualman, 30).

Overall, I highly recommend Digital Leader to anyone who is looking to simplify their life and learn some great tips on transforming into the best digital leader and digital user that you can be. Qualman does an excellent job at making the book both easy to follow and interesting to read.
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on December 30, 2016
Bought this book a few years ago and it totally changed the way I communicate online.The author addresses some of the most overlooked yet important aspects to always consider before you send out any content on the web.Frankly speaking,this book should be taught in schools and organizations as it can help save peoples business and online reputations in unimaginable ways.
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on July 10, 2012
Digital Leader is an amazing coaching tool by the undenialable expert of our social media age, Erik Qualman. As much as the book is a fun and an educational read for a wide audience, I feel that it can be most powerful for business leaders and aspiring future achievers. The book is a blend of both traditional leadership principles and thoughts on how they can best be manifested with today's social technology.

I believe everyone from a new enrepreneur (or one thinking of taking the leap) up to the CEO and CMO of major brands can absorb some valuable take aways.

Digitial Leader has already been impactful for me, just buying the books a few weeks ago, as I have been more aware of staying SIMPLE instead of being overly creative and worrying about 15 future steps.

I will be referring the book to most of the financial professionals that I work with and their leadership teams. It will help the "older", more experienced leaders adapt concepts that they are familiar with- from other business authors and leaders -into the technology that is available today. It will help new professionals understand some best pratices, but digitially and in regards to their internal development to allow them to build a better pratice.

Last will also learn some weird stuff in the book like....A "skull-shape reader" predicted when Ray Kroc was four years old that he would be in the food business one day.
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on January 12, 2013
Being in the digital space for about 6 years, I can truly say I learned so many new strategies from this book! Eric's book is no gimmick because he actually practices what he preaches. I can see it on his social networks. I loved the chapter on "Personal is Powerful" because I also struggled to be transparent in a "politically correct" world. This chapter inspired me to come out of my shell and become more authentic with my audience. The examples in this book are totally worth the cost. I enjoyed how Eric talks about different digital approaches and then he backs them up with a great success story. My favorite success story has to be the one of "Liz" or "Secret Agent L" and her random acts of kindness. I never thought of such a creative idea! Even though I have been in the digital space for a long time I still wanted to read this book so I could enhance my skills if they needed enhancing. I would recommend this book to anyone who is in the digital space or is a marketer. No matter how advanced you are this book will sharpen your skills and make you a BETTER digital leader, at least that is the effect it had on me! I already started applying Eric's principles and my network is looking pretty bright!
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on February 13, 2012
I bought and read the book Socialnomics, a real book with paper pages back in November of 2009. Last month, I bought and dead the eBook of Digital Leader on my Kindle Fire. Oh how times have changed in the days of social media and digital information. I feel Erik realized that too and wrote this excellent book so that people who represent either a company or companies' brand or image, or are protecting their own personal brand or image can shape the way their brand image is portrayed online and through social media. With famous celebrities and sports heroes' stories as examples, as well as triumphant tales of regular folks who stuck through to their vision and their dream of how to properly present yourself and your companies' brand image. Qualman also masterfully presents several ways of properly and efficiently manage your companies' and your personal brand image through all the popular social media avenues. Well done Erik. Another hit, and you targetted the perfect demographic for this book: executives and management who use social media (and why those who don't use social media should.

(Written using my Kindle Fire)
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on January 6, 2012
Club 52 - Paul's (Short) Review Of Digital Leader

Erik Qualman's Socialnomics is one of the most important books I've ever read about the social web - if not about the Internet in general. When I found (through surfing) that he had a new book, I was thrilled.

I'll admit I bought it without knowing anything other than the author and the title. I was surprised with what was inside.

It's really not like anything traditional to the books about the Internet space. A more proper title (but one that wouldn't sell) would be something like "How To Be A Real Leader In This Digital/Social Age." With that said and done, my review:

It's a book more along the lines of "How To Win Friends And Influence People" than it is anything that's come out in the last 50 years. That's actually a very good thing.

The framework is "STAMP" - Simple / True / Act / Map / People. Here's my big take away from each.

Simple - Life is complex, those that simplify it win.

True - Being well rounded no longer works in a globally competitive world. I gotta niche.

Act - I guy who starts as many things as me can't leverage the inertia I really need in this day/age.

Act - Firm in destination - flexible in path.

People - (via Malcolm Gladwell) - Customers desire, and are demanding, partnerships with companies.

The "old" success literature is still very true if you make sure it adapts to a digital world. Erik did that in this book.


Bonus - Book contains the world's greatest vacation autoresponder that Il will be using on every vacation from this point on.

One of my new years declarations was that I'd read a book every week. Join me on this journey? [...]
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on January 6, 2017
Excellent service and perfect product!
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on April 11, 2012
Fan of social media/netwoking or not, Eric gives you great insights to reflect on and tips to consider:
- We all need to play a lead role in what our digital footprint looks like.
- Privacy is an illusion at best.
- Eric gives great advice when he notes that "complaining is toxic for a digital leader".
- What does your network like? Who do you mentor and who mentors you?
- How to strategically simplify.
And more.
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on December 21, 2011
What a terrific book! It holds your interest from the minute you start reading. I especially enjoyed the quotes and real-life examples of famous people in the business community. I recommend this to everyone, teachers, businessman/women, teenagers and homemakers. You will take away a lot of ideas to use in your life.
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on January 21, 2013
I read Socialnomics and it changed the way I looked at the fast paced growing world of social networks. Now, Digital Leader, Erik Qualman's second book, has taken me a step further by helping me apply all the concepts in this book to my every day life. I've stopped counting the times I've quoted straight out of the book in meetings to help our team and clients understand the digital world we live in. GREAT and easy read for everyone!!!!
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