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on September 18, 2011
I read several reviews on this item, prior to purchasing, most were not very good. I'll give you my impressions as I explain further. Firstly, it is a lot larger than I pictured it, from the online pictures, they just do not justly represent its size or scale. While the device does do what they say it will do, for the most part. It magnifies at 400x power and it has a remarkable picture and it is stable enough to snap a sharp picture. The button on the scope itself however does not work to snap those pictures, possibly a defect in mine, but the software provided allows for picture taking in two other locations, not just on the scope itself. I found that I could get other resolutions, other than just at 400x power, but they are neither stable enough to focus or take pictures without a more stable platform than the one provided. As the stand for holding the scope, while it does look impressive enough; the mounting to the scope is neither positive nor secure, the only solution I could think of was super glue. The stand just doesn't have the necessary means to do what was it was intended to do. The software however is the portion of this package that truly works for me. As a locksmith, the measuring portion of this application really makes this product stand out. If they only offered this product in say a real variable magnification of 20x power to say 200 powers with a manual or software adjustment for those settings, no one in my profession would be without one. For the price, well I bought mine for just less than forty dollars, less shipping, so I don't regret its purchase, and it has more than paid for itself in the application I use it for. The software by the way does work with some of the other USB cameras.
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The device feels ok in the hand. The stand is well designed but the material does not let it work as expected. The stand attaches well to the device but the screw has to be very tight to really keep the position. So, it is not great but can be used with some effort. The installation of the driver and application worked well in one of my two PCs. Same steps in both but in one of the PCs there was absolutely no way to make this device to work with its application. The driver is fine since with other application I was able to see the images.

The camera has a god image quality, and the LEDs help very much. On the back there is a wheel to adjust the LEDs intensity. The in-built button to shutter the picture is nice, but complex to use since it is very hard to hold the device still while pressing the button. However here are the two MAYOR faults of this device.

1- The device is presented as 20x-400X magnification capable. The manual even states that on the specifications and it even has written on the main wheel the numbers from 20 to 400. However on the same manual they call that wheel as the "Focus wheel". So, the pretended wheel to adjust the variable magnification is in reality to adjust the focus. The so-called 20-400X capability is just not true and the device has a fixed magnification about 22X.

2- Even if you cope with the lack of variable magnification and the fixed 22X is ok for your goals, the device is close to useless since at least with mine, after setting all properly and the focus is fine, the device does not hold it. The "focus wheel" just does not stay where I leave it. It moves by itself back, making the image to loose its focus unless I hold the wheel with my hand, but then I transfer some vibration to the device.

In my opinion this product is wrong labeled from its factory as a 20x-400x microscope when it is just a usbcam with a ring of LEDs, fixed magnification around 22X and manual focus that does not hold its position.

Since what it is on the package is not what is offered, I would not recommend this product.

The seller in other hand, was very kind in asking for an opinion on their product, receiving the comments, checking the product confirming the problems, refunding me and contacting the manufacturer for improvements. The product is wrongly labeled but the seller showed a good and fast response to the problem.
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on June 18, 2013
I bought this to study plants. When it arrived I opened the package to download the software, and the CD-ROM had a big 'ole spiderweb of cracks, like a lady stepped on it while wearing high heals, but the outside packaging wasn't damaged so it had to have been packed and shipped that way. Horrible quality control if you ask me. So anyway, I decided that I would give it a shot and try and download the info from the broken CD, so with a lot of scary noises from my laptop, I downloaded it successfully.
So I break out the first specimen to examine and wow..... does this thing ever stay focused? it stays focused for a second then gets blurry again. So I tried to time clicking the "capture button" before the image was out of focus again. I got two photos that way that were of OK quality. So I packed up the product, exactly as it was sent to me in the package and put it on the shelf. A week or so later, I had some free time. So I decided to give the microscope another try. So I grabbed the box from the shelf where I had put it down at (so as far as I know, no one touched it) plugged it in, clicked the icon to open the program and...... nothing, the microscope quit working all together, well besides the ring of LED lights around the lens, those came on, but everything was black. Of course I tried to unplug and restart, and everything else I could think of to get it come back on, but to no avail.
At least the returning of the product was as painless a process as I have ever done! So it wasn't a complete loss, I got my money back.
I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.
Sorry BrainyTrade, but your product was worthless to me.
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on June 21, 2013

I finally returned this piece of junk to Amazon when silicon lubricant STARTED LEAKING FROM THE LENS ASSEMBLY. No wonder the lens adjusted SO smoothly yet would drift off focus in seconds. Since my diapering days are over with I decided "Junior" was going back for a refund.

While I figured the "Celestron" brand of this gadget Celestron 44302 Deluxe Handheld Digital Microscope 2MPwas a similar piece of junk initially, I read the reviews and decided to give it a try. The Celestron version MAY be what junk knockoff wanna-bes are trying to misdirect you too. Based on the Celestron 44302 Deluxe I just purchased there is little to no comparison between the real "Celestron" unit and the other "junk shop" knockoffs. The Celestron has a stand that actually SECURELY HOLDS the unit (amazing that :-) and stays in position. It comes with reasonable manual and a Software CD. I'll post a more comprehensive review of the Celestron USB Microscope, warts and all, in a review under it.

NOW, about the gadget under which this review resides:

The first fun is the amazing semi-translation in the manual. I used to write them so I do try to RTFM.

The stand is, as others said, impossible to use since it barely grabs hold of the device. It is SOOO close to being OK, but somehow it seems all these "manufacturers" steal the design, and especially the flaws, from one another. The snapshot button on the case cannot be used because the connect to the stand is not stout enough to hold the unit steady. A Velcro strap, or better yet real Duct Tape, might minimize this problem.

The Zoom dial has numbers on it and it does rotate, but there IS NO relationship WHAT SO EVER between them and what the view is.

The real deal breaker is that, regardless of the position the device is in and whether in the stand or not, the lens focus point slowly shifts out of focus. The focus gears appear packed with a silicone grease to smooth adjustment, but for some reason wherever you set the focus it will slowly drift. I finally did outsmart it and focus off a bit and then waited for it to shift thru the correct focus so I could take a snapshot. Not something I want to do each time.

Note that when I could get it in focus the image was really quite clear. At 400x when looking at a glossy lithographed image the close-ups of the dots that make up the image was amazing. . .for two seconds.

I'm going to try the slightly more upscale version that is branded as "Celestron" but probably comes from a production line on another floor of the same building. [Well, that appears to be wrong, thankfully.]
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on January 2, 2012
It's a decent little gadget, especially for the price. The images are quite sharp and the zoom works fairly well. It doesn't have a fine adjustment, but it's not completely necessary. I am not confident in the magnification ratios marked on the microscope, but that should only matter if you plan on labeling images with distances and lengths. The stand is fairly low quality, but it is usable; you just have to be very careful with your adjustments. I'm not sure how good the software is because the CD did not work. However, you can get a seemingly newer version of the same software from [...]. I used Microcapture v2.5. If you download the software but it does not recognize that the microscope is plugged in, it's likely because you did not download the driver from veho. You can get another similar set of software from ProScope. It's easy to find on Google.

The product was delivered quickly and arrived in good shape.

I give it 4 stars because it is flimsy in terms of hardware, but it is good for the price.

I would like to add that the zoom is not 400x (probably much less), and the labeling on the device is not correct. For mine, the magnification increases instead of decreases as I rotate the from "20" to "400."
review image review image review image
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on February 13, 2012
Wow for less than 35 bucks you can see bugs and all kinds of cool stuff. we
spent more than that on a "real" microscope and you have to squint to kind of
see something that you need to "prepare" flat on a slide,,, this guy puts it
full screen high res on the computer, it has a cool circle of lights so you can send grandma a picture of the inside of your ear or a movie inside your mouth as you hum,
dentist, no way, send a high res photo of your teeth
at 20x mag bugs look like dynos and monsters right on the computer
and you can make videos too, count the threads on the sheets for mom,but don't
let her see under your fingernails
at 20x magnification my chin looks like a forest with trees cut down to the
trunk while my sideburns look like an overgrown swamp forest ,,,,zoom in to 400
and one hair looks like a giant redwood tree filling the screen
leaves show tiny insects and veins and help you see how plants grow
coin collectors this is for you,, easily see your coins full screen high res and
snap beautiful pictures to email or save or print
or movies,,, set it on the stand and run your coins past, NO MORE GLASSES! you
can even see the sides of coins full screen!

you can snap pics or start and stop the video with your computer or right from
the microscope
when you zoom way in use a table to keep it real steady and try to focus on
something flat, its hard to see around circles zoomed in that much
its not a 500$ industrial scope but it does almost as much
for 34$ its a really great toy
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on October 5, 2011
if you can get beyond the facts that the driver for Mac doesn't work at all on Lion, the wheel to control the light doesn't control the light, the stand that comes with it doesn't hold the unit securely, the camera snap button doesn't work , the users guide is written in Chinese English and the unit doesn't really zoom then you will be OK.
I gave it two stars because it does give a sharp image and, with the right driver, works OK. Besides it is cheap.
I found a very good driver used for the much higher quality ProScope and downloaded it from their webpage.
I also mounted it on an "extra hand" soldiering stand with a heavy base. Works better with these improvements.
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on March 3, 2013
NOT a full-featured laboratory quality item, but it works for general home use. Yes, the focus DOES shift a bit when you take your finger off the focusing ring, but VERY SLOWLY. I am guessing there is an O-ring that could use a bit more grease in there somewhere. But that is NOT a deal-breaker for this USB Microscope. After a bit of playing with it you learn to compensate, or better yet you just "snap" a pic when it's in perfect focus.

The software with the item is dated, but works just fine even with my Win 7 Pro 64

The level of magnification ain't the 20 ~ 200x as claimed - I can't tell you what it actually is - and is FIXED, not variable as you might think, but using the Full Screen function with the software compensates for that just fine.

After a bit of use, I did order an extension USB cable, as the attached cable is only about a meter in length.

For the price, it is a little better than "Okay" - I like it.
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on January 14, 2013
Focus (Zoom wheel) does not stay in focus more than a couple of seconds. I can watch the wheel turn under the weight of the internals.

The mount does not stay clipped to the cam.

The cam is HORRIBLE resolution. It says it goes up to 1600*1200 but I would say more like 160*120 is the native resolution, just blown up through filters. I can not see ANY detail in small things. A magnifying glass is better.

160*120 is an option on the video and looks to be real size.

The packaging of the cam I got was beaten up and torn. Appears to have been opened many times possibly a returned product. Looks multiple times actually.
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on May 22, 2013
This microscope is certainly worth the money. I gave it four stars because the only thing that is a real pain is the stand. The stand is sturdy but does not have a good clamp to connect to the scope. It holds, but not very well. I would suggest getting this scope and then finding a different mount or use super glue or something of the sort. Also, like one other review suggests, download the ProScope software from the ProScope website. Once the driver from the CD is installed, use this software instead. It is much easier to use and takes better pictures and videos. The scope auto-focuses so whatever magnification it wants is what you have to use. Not a problem, just an observation. The LED illumination is nice too, there is a scroll wheel on the side that allows you to adjust the intensity. You can't beat the price for the quality in this scope.
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