Customer Reviews: CTA Digital PS Vita Travel EVA Protective Case
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on June 13, 2012
Ok, so after dishing out some dough for the Vita and some games I had to find a good case to keep it safe. I wasn't abut to leave a $250 system out and about for it to collect scratches. But I also didn't want to pay $20 plus for some case. So I found this one for $10. It gets the job done. Here are some details I'm sure you're wondering about it.

1. Fits nice and snug you don't have to worry about it rattling around in there.
2. The case is hard and sturdy, I'm pretty sure I could drop it and the Vita inside would be just fine.
3. Yes there are 2 annoying straps inside that might mess around with the analog sticks, but you don't have to use them
4. Mine didn't have a smell as some other people have complained about, luck of the draw I guess
5. I like the fact it has the sleeve inside that protects the screen and you can put some games in there to carry around.

My only advice is if you don't like the straps and aren't going to use them I suggest cutting them off like I did, see when you put the Vita on top of the straps and go to unzip the case, since the Vita is kinda being held up by the straps it could easily slip if you're opening the case at an angle. But overall I'm glad I bought this case instead of dishing out another couple of bucks for another one because of the brand.
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on March 13, 2012
I was pleasantly surprised to see the shell of this case is a stiff plastic covered with the mesh. There are two elastic straps that hold the Vita in place that are not in the picture. (I will upload a photo)
The straps are not particularly necessary and I may remove them later, but for now I'll just leave them.
The USB cable will fit with the Vita and the case zips but it will be snug.
For ten bucks it's hard to beat and I would certainly recommend it.
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on November 4, 2012
11/09/2012 REVIEW UPDATE

One of the nylon straps that others have complained about, broke a few days ago. So, I ended up snipping them both off with some wire cutters.

I wasn't being forceful or anything, was just trying to get the Vita out.

So far, I'd still recommend the case and am keeping the 5-star rating as-is.



After browsing a number of different Vita cases and checking reviews, I decided to pull the trigger on this one. A few notes:

- The case shipped to me does NOT have any sort of weird smell. Another reviewer reported theirs did.
- The two straps used to keep the Vita in place can certainly be slightly annoying, but they absolutely hold the device in place well. I'm undecided on snipping them off or not.
- Other reviewers reported that the games would slide out of the sleeve easily -- I did NOT find this to be the case, and I tried -- hard -- to make it happen.
- Construction of this case, overall, seems very good. Some of the stitching isn't perfect, but for under $9, it's impossible to complain about.

To be perfectly honest, I think this case is better than the felt sleeve that came with my PSP1000. I feel confident in saying the case could be dropped from a fair hight and no harm would come to the Vita inside.

So far, I'm overall extremely pleased with the case and will put it through some usage over the next few months. Should my opinion change at all, I'll be sure and update this review.
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on December 6, 2012
This isnt a wow you type of item, even relative to other cases, but it is a good functional case nonetheless. It is a hard shell, and there are two straps inside to secure your Vita. I feel pretty confident that I could drop this with no negative consequences whatsoever. It's also water resistant. I say resistant because I wouldnt go dropping it in water, but if you get caught out in the rain with it, your Vita will stay dry. There is a little flap that has four pockets for games and two pockets that will hold your USB cord and maybe an extra item or two of the same size. I also keep a spare memory card in the pocket with my USB.
Anyway, that's pretty much it. For the price, this case is a champ. For somebody with the entire game catelog, or prefers something more aesthetically pleasing, you'll want to look elsewhere.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on March 13, 2012
The case that arrived was nothing like the picture shown. It has a graphic on the front that makes the case look like it belongs to a teenager. The construction quality is poor and there is a strong chemical smell to the case. I will be attempting to return this item.


I have since returned this case and instead picked up the Hori PS Vita Hard Case. The Hori case is only $5 more and much better quality case.
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on October 13, 2016
Decent case but lacks good storage for memory cards. Good case overall. Hold a few cames and fits the Vita nicely. There is no good way of storing loose memory cards. I'm always carrying these with me due to the low memory in the Vita and the fact that about 1-2 games fit on a 4GB card. I wish it had slots specific for memory cards. SOme key product features include:
Protects PS Vita from bumps and scratches
• Storage space for games and small accessories
• Durable EVA material and soft fabric lining
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 15, 2015
Yes, it holds my PS Vita Slim and protects it, but that's it. If that's all you're looking for then this case is for you. The shell of this case ridged but flexible. Feels like it will protect your system just fine from a 3 foot drop. However, if something heavy were to hit it directly center, I would be a little worried. Build quality feels and looks good. Even comes with a small carabiner if the urge strikes you to take your Vita with you rock climbing... As for space, there's enough for your Vita, a USB charging cable (for the Vita Slim), but not the AC adapter.

The reason for not getting more stars, and 3 might be too generous, is that the four pockets that are supposed to hold your extra games are sewn shut along the top. They're useless. There are two larger mesh pockets, but they don't hold the small Vita games very well. When I open the case my physical games will fall out.

All in all, very basic case.

-Hold PS Vita Slim securely in place.
-Protects from bumps and scrapes.

-Game card holders are sewn shut along the top. Can't be used.
-Not much space for other items like AC Adapter.
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on January 4, 2016
I wanted a simple case for traveling to protect the screen instead of just tossing my Vita into a backpack, and this one fit the bill. The case includes enough room for a handful of games or memory cards (although at the price of the Vita memory cards do people really have more than one?), and it also includes a coupe of straps to hold the Vita in place.

I've found I don't use the straps and instead I just set the Vita in the case before closing it, but it would be a nice option if you were concerned about it falling out as you unzipped it. Perhaps this could be an issue if you opened the case upside down. There is also a loop for small carabiner (the actual carabiner is included) so you can clip it onto a bag or belt loop if you really desire. I won't use this feature myself as I'd feel more comfortable with it being out of sight in a bag or backpack, but it is nice to have options.

The case does offer some protection as it is semi-hard. It isn't a full rigid plastic, but it also has some form to it so it isn't thin like a sleeve style protective wrap. I wouldn't want to sit on my Vita even if it was in this case, but if I dropped it a couple of feet, this may be sufficient protection to prevent a broken screen (and would surely prevent scratches to the screen).

I should also mention the Vita fits in this very well - it is snug and won't bounce around or rub on anything, so that is a positive. This is pretty much everything I wanted in a case so I'm glad I didn't spend two or three times more for a different option. If there are any negatives at all it might be taht the case isn't large enough to hold the stock Vita charger, but since I generally travel with various USB chargers and at least one micro USB cable this isn't a concern. The case can hold a USB cable but the charger itself needs to go elsewhere.

All things considered this is a great value and I'd buy it again.
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on May 15, 2016
Great little vita case. Very affordable and protects my vita well. Hard shell exterior does, soft lining, and a bonus slot for games inside. Zipper works smooth as well. It's the best way to transport your vita to and from Vita Island.
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on November 1, 2015
While the straps are a bit of a bother, I just throw my Vita in on top of the straps and it closes just fine. Securing it would be good for traveling/camping/etc., but for just keeping it safe in the house, they really aren't necessary.

Very sturdy, I truly feel like my Vita is safe in this thing should anything ever happen. Seeing how well-made it is, I honestly can't believe how cheap it was. Definitely the best I could have bought. I wish the game pouches were see-through; when I get a larger collection of games, it'll be a slight hassle to figure out which is which. But really not a problem, considering how perfect this case is in every other way.

I own the newest Vita system, and it fits snuggly without being squeezed into place (I was worried it would be too tight and press on the power button, but it doesn't). I feel so much better about the safety of my Vita now that I own this case.
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