Customer Reviews: Mitaki-Japan Portable Luggage Scale
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on March 22, 2011
A luggage scale is a luggage scale is a luggage scale, with very few features that set them apart. If you are reading this, then you probably already found several other scales that look very similar in the "less than $25" price range. After playing with this scale a bit there are a few features not talked about in the product description that I think are worth mentioning and might help someone make a decision about this scale. First of all, unlike some other scales I researched before buying this one, it doesn't just display the maximum weight. Instead it waits until the scales reads the same weight for a full second and displays that number. This matters because the force on the scale will be greater while picking the luggage up. To get the real weight, it needs to be static (not lifting nor dropping) at the time of measurement. This scale is more precise for that reason. The scale takes 2 AAA batteries, so they can be easily replaced if they go dead anywhere in the world. The only complaint I have is that it could be designed to be more compact. It's not big, and easily hides away in the suitcase, but if I were to change anything, it would be to make it more compact. Don't for get to add the weight of the scale in to your luggage weight if you are stuffing it back in there after weighing!! (its just a few ounces)

Update August 27, 2014:
I came back and read some of the other reviews that have been added since I wrote mine. It sounds to me like some of these reviews are for a completely different scale. Just to be clear, the scale I ordered was from Amazon and looks exactly like the picture with the strap hanging off a short metal chain-like thingy. It does not have a hook. It also doesn't switch measurements back and forth quickly on the display. Instead it is blank most of the time, then after a second it gives a number and it will keep that number until you move, then it will go back to blank. I will say that heavy objects can make a small hand held scale a challenge to use, but you could always prop one side of it on the back of a chair, so you'd only have to hold up half of the weight. Just a thought anyway.
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on March 16, 2013
We bought this to weigh our luggage before traveling next month, as we expect to be right a the weight limit. This one looked VERY promising, and you cannot complain about the price.

Summary: I would say it is probably worth the $10 we paid for it, but I wish we had something better.

*** Things I like:

Size: The size is awesome. Very small and convenient. We could easily carry it with us on a trip.

Units: It does lbs, kg, oz, and g. That is enough for me.

Batteries: It runs on two AAA batteries. Inexpensive to replace if needed.

Convenience: Before getting this, we would stand on the bathroom scale, weigh ourself, then pick up the luggage and weigh ourself again. It was a lot of trouble and took two people, one to hold the luggage and one to look at the numbers. With this scale, one person can do everything.

*** Things I don't like:

Accuracy not trustworthy: This is the one and only real problem I have with the scale. You buy it to weigh things, and you want to be able to absolutely trust the weights. But I am not convinced it is accurate. For example: I am weighing a mostly-full gallon of milk just now. It is 3238g on a kitchen diet scale I trust. It is 3250g on this scale. It is about 0.5% too much. I would call that close enough. I am weighing a stack of four 4kg barbel weights right now. It says they are 15.76kg. Now it's 15.82. Now it's 15.73. But clearly it is less than the 16kg it should be. It is about 1.5% on the light side. I could probably live with that. On another day, it seemed like it was weighing heavy things about 15% too light. Not sure why it might vary so much from day to day. I am weighing a heavy piece of luggage right now. It varies between 60.50 and 62.12 lbs. That's a pretty big range. That is a 2.7% discrepancy. Bottom line, I just do not trust it as much as I would like to. If it's 2%, I can live with that. If it's 15%, I cannot. And I can't tell when to trust it.

Awkward to Hold: This is just a minor quibble. For me it is hard to hold it. Maybe that is just a feature of trying to lift a heavy suitcase with one hand. Okay, I use two hands. But when I wrap my fingers around the scale and lift, it is hard to not have my fingers touch the bracket that connects the scale to the strap. How can I tell whether I am affecting the weight? It just seems like a problematic design. Maybe other scales have the same problem. This would not be a show-stopper for me.

Awkward to Read: This is just a minor quibble. For me it is hard to see the numbers when weighing something bulky. Not impossible though. I wish it would beep or something, and then hold the number long enough to read it. Again, this is not a show-stopper for me.

Thanks for reading!
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on July 10, 2012
It is a nice scale and gives you lbs, kg and others. It could have been better if it automatically locks the weigh instead you have to press a button if you want to lock the weigh.
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on January 12, 2012
I was disappointed with this luggage scale for two reasons, the main reason being that the item did not work as advertised, and secondarily, the item did not come with two AAA batteries as described on Amazon. I was unable to weigh my luggage. I tried weighing luggage weighing around 23 kgs., and one obviously cannot lift this weight for long without straining one's back and arms. I tried lifting the luggage several times for as long as I could, but the scale could still not get a proper reading. The screen would not display "Hold" indicating that an accurate reading had been made. I ended up ordering the Eat Smart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale, with which I was able to easily weigh my luggage.
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on November 26, 2013
I just got mine that was shipped 1 month ago from Asia. It indeed works so far. The 1/2 page note/manual has about 50% errors written in broken English. This is certainly not a 4 or 5 star product. I think these Made in China products that are oddly shipped from Asia are now getting aggressive and submitting a lot of fake reviews. Overall - it's so sketchy that this is obviously not a recommendation. There are many consumer protections to consider like returns, refunds, warranty, service, company brand and so on.
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on June 27, 2014
+full rotation of the weighing part
+cheap (mine was just under seven bucks, now it's even cheaper?!)
+strap (not hook) design is more secure
+easy to get batteries for (AAA)
+repeatable measurements after "warming up" with a few pulls

-no physical off button (it may turn on when you pack it in your luggage)
-requires warming up with a few pulls before the numbers stabilize
-no hook (in the odd instance where you can't pass the strap through your object.
-slightly larger than those operated with coin cell.
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on January 10, 2013
This is my second one and works just like the other one I got earlier this year.

1. This one uses AAA batteries vs the original AA battery.
2. The original had a hook and this one has a strap as pictured.
3. The battery cover is looser and the batteries are side by side vs. in a row. when you put the battery in, you have to kind of jam the cover on. When you bump the handle in just the wrong way, the pressure from the battery will pop the cover off. I ended up using tape to keep it on. You should also be careful about the cover since the spring can get caught and bent.
4. Display angle of vision is lower. You have to look at it dead on to see the weight. It's not as viable as the older version.

Overall, quality is way down. Original rating for the 1st one was 5 stars, losing 3 stars for this version.
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on October 8, 2013
Received the product - mailed from China.

Batteries (2 AAA's) were amazingly difficult to get in and based on that defect decided I did not want to have product. This was reinforced when I turned it on display would only say "Lo". Wrote to seller asking for refund. He replied asking for a photograph. Twice sent him a photograph of the product repeating my request for refund.

last reply was "I'm a Customer Services ,I know your mood very well,but i really need a picture to confirm. Then I can deal with your problem by resend ."

This is enough hassle I guess I lose my $4.50.
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on January 21, 2013
I got this item for a trip im going on and am very happy with its performance. I paid under
6$ including shipping and it has worked very well. came with batteries and gives very accurate
reading. I would highly recommend this over a more expensive type for 2 reasons. it itself is very light and
not a burden to pack also unless you travel all the time there is no point in having an expensive name brand
luggage scale. just remember to take out the batteries before you pack it away for a long time after your trip, as they are
cheap batteries and, i assume, would leak over time and ruin the battery terminals. or you can just get duracell power locks
which have a 10 year life.
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on May 22, 2014
work like a charm. but i hate the way you put in the battery and it looks very cheap.
but it does the job and it is holding up quite good. but i really like them to have a optional
hook besides the strap buckle.
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