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on January 4, 2013
This is my 2nd d2 pad. I really liked the 1st, but this one I LOVE!

About the 1st...The 1st one (model # DII_pad) I purchased from Big Lots for the same price ($80). It is the older model. I saw it and thought it was worth the try for the price. The WiFi signal was stronger than my samsung smartphone. It was surprisingly fast and stable. It has a nice sturdy, quality feel to it, unlike the polariod tablet I also purchased from Big Lots (that was also VERY slow). The D2 screen looks beautiful, video looks great. I installed the flashplayer via the d2 website instructions. The battery life is not very long (about 3 hours of heavy game playing, more for reading ebooks), but it charges in just about an hour. My only complaint was that the amazon kindle app didn't work and temple run couldn't be played because the tilt feature didn't work in the game. Tilt worked just fine on other apps like labyrinth. My daughter loves my d2 pad, so she asked for one of her own over a kindle (which her dad has).

This newer one (model # D2-711) from Amazon is AWESOME! It's even faster. My daughter is very happy. I downloaded and installed about 12 apps in just over a half hour. The WiFi is super strong. Kindle App works great. I already put a couple of books on the pad for my daughter. Temple run works great, as do the other apps. For anyone wondering what kind of case to get for it, it fits pretty well in my husbands Kindle fire case from amazon (Kindle Fire Lightweight MicroShell Folio Cover by Marware). Snaps in and sits pretty snug and you have access to all the buttons and ports which are now on the bottom after the redesign.

About the company. D2 pad in on facebook. The staff there actually reads and responds to posts and questions about their product, sometimes the same day, but usually withing a day or two. Their website has lots of info on the FAQ page, but good luck contacting anyone through the website. Word of warning...the software update for the older version (my 1st purchase) actually contains a trojan, so be advised to check any download before installing. That is my ONLY concern about this product. I haven't needed to download anything for this new d2 pad.

I would totally recommend this tablet for anyone looking for good performance and great value. We've tried a couple of other Big Lots tablets and have not been impressed the way we are with the D2. I recommend buying this product through Amazon because they have the newer version. If you find yourself looking at a d2 pad in a retail store sometime, my best advice is to look a the model number or the serial number on the bottom of the box. Serial # beginning D201208... is the older model with a few small issues. If the serial number begins D201209...this is the newer model, the fantastic one!
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on March 5, 2013
I have been looking for a tablet for my daughter for months and I have always kept my eye on the D2 tablets because of their high ratings for tablets under $100. I waited too late to get the pink one (other sellers over charge for the tablet). I was given a Kindle Fire HD for Valentine's Day and the kid when crazy over it. To keep my Kindle from ending up like my laptop (poor hinge), I decided it was now or never to buy her a tablet.

I only gave it four stars because we have only had it for almost a week (never know what may happen). Let me start with cons. :)

Many have said the internet is slow and compared to my computers and Kindle, it is. It reminds me of my cell phone when I use data from my carrier and not Wi-Fi, meaning it takes about five more seconds to load. So if you an adult who needs super fast, instant internet, move along!

The movies did not work...but I knew they were NOT the type of movies my 3 year old would want. Kido'z TV was not installed on mine so installed it myself. That is a great app for children to watch shows without the extras on Youtube.

The camera is on the top right corner (holding it as pictured). I'm used to laptop cams being in the middle BUT as of now, she will not be using Skype or anything else. Quality of the camera is not the best (0.3 megapixels) but it's better than nothing!

It's not if that what you are looking for, move along! Quality is great in my opinion.

AS USUAL there are some apps you cannot delete BUT they do allow you to disable them in the settings menu.

I LOVE the Mee Genius app and the free books that came with it. The narrations for those books are ten times better than me downloading kids books on my Kindle and having the system narrator read. One book about a Jungle Orchestra even had neat music and songs to go with it.

The instructions that come with it makes it very easy to understand and how to operate. Be sure to follow the directions of charging before operating (mine turned on after inserting the charger) and draining the battery twice. I am just now letting it die the second time because I restrict her usage.

It fits a case for the Kindle Fire (not HD) purchased at Walmart. Only issue is openings block the headphone jack (no big deal).

Comes with a charger, a USB cord, and some other cable I am assuming is for TV, computer...something!

Battery life is fine.

Right now I am using a 2GB micro SD card to store some apps and the micro SD card works fine. (Note: I had to turn off debugging when I used the USB to transfer songs to the SD card while inside the tablet. Too lazy to get the converter card to put it directly in the computer.)

Rubberized backing...because I never liked the smooth backing on ANYTHING!

OVERALL: I think it is not a bad tablet to have for a child or a beginner tablet user.

I keep my eye on it at all times like my Kindle (neither have had falling accidents) so be sure to get a cover case with a stand, screen protector, AND a shock proof travel case on Amazon or from Big Lots (take it in the store to make sure it fits). Way cheaper than Walmart, Kmart, Target...wherever!
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on April 10, 2013
Its a fun lil tablet. Does what it says, I've still to test it with SKYPE (Which is the main reason I bought it) and with games.
For your basic eMail, internet browsing and game playing it does the job.

It's a little on the slow side, but thats ok. Camera works great but its in a weird place; SO iT SHOULD be amusing to see how it goes with SKYPE.

Would of also been great if it had SWYPE from factory as a way to type onto it.

Ill update once I've had it for a few days.


So, Ive had this tablet for a a week or so at this point at this point. And I must say, that it still works as it should.
However, Its extremely disappointing that even though the description read 4 (FOUR) GIGS. The tablet BARELY HAS 2 Gigs free. I mean, what the hell???

Besides the fact that IT CAN be extremely slow at some point, this tablet is really good. And im happy with it.
If I could figure out a way to be able to remove some USELESS programs that come with it (Chrome [which tends to freeze the tablet,] W Games, KIDO'Z, LOOKOUT, MEEGENIOUS, SOUNDHOUND, and TANGO.)

Each one is taking up a ridiculous amount of memory that I'd rather use for my OWN programs.

The "1Market" is DECENT, although I do feel that most of the program reviews are staged.

After having this tablet for a few months I have GOT to say it really STINKS!!.

I dropped it once and it literally fell apart. My sister has dropped her cheaper tablet and it still runs.
It has gotten slower and slower to the point where its not even worth the bother to use.
Tried using NETFLIX yesterday...wouldnt load it, and when it did it got stuck buffering.

Save your money and move on. You'll regret buying this like I did.

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on February 8, 2013
My first tablet was a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. However, that was stolen from me on the bus, so I needed a quick replacement.

I've taken to calling this a "half tablet." It was (less than) half the cost of the GT2, has half the processor cores, half the RAM, and half the flash memory. But all in all, it's not half bad.

I took the time to figure out how to put the Google Play store on this device, which is a necessity, since one of the apps I wanted a tablet for was Google Play Magazines. I'd venture to say that most users just diving in to the Android platform would be fine with just the 1Mobile Market that comes stock on this tablet. But when you've been an Android user for as long as I have, Google Play Store is a must. Still, it was simple enough to find help online with installing the Play store, so it's not a huge deal.

The 4GB storage was a bit scary to me. I was close to filling the 8GB storage on the GT2 a few times, so 4GB didn't seem like a good idea. However, unlike most ICS devices, this tablet allows you the option to move apps to the SD card, which lets you add more apps than I originally anticipated.

All in all, if you're just looking for functionality, this tablet is pretty decent. If you're looking for better graphics and faster speeds, save for the GT2. Still, well worth the money.
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on February 22, 2013
This device is frustratingly bad. I'm giving it 2 stars instead of 1 because it can be useful to some. Firstly, I'd recommend this tablet for use by children. It comes pre-loaded with about 2 dozen game apps geared toeards young children. The vast majority of these apps can not be simply removed. If you're a techie and don't mind searching through this device's root directory, then it can be done. Secondly, this device is sloooow. I have excellent and strong wi-fi reception in my home. I have Verizon FIOS 50/25 Mbps Internet Speeds and every wireless device in my home operates exceptionally well, that is except this D2 Tablet. Thirdly, you can not update this device's drivers. Initial syncing with your home computer auto starts a driver update and download. However, the device's drivers can not be found. Perhaps this tablet would operate much better if one was able to update its drivers. I bought this tablet for portability and enjoyment not for frustration. It's going back! Also, I don't understand these glowing Amazon reviews. A simple google search revealed countless complaints on Tech blogs. Check for yourselves!
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on April 19, 2013
I bought this for personal use when I travel or on long flights. If you are looking for something to use occasionally, like I was, this is a great unit. I have played movies, searched the net, and downloaded several apps, all without problems. The display is good, a little dim when viewed at certain angles, but not a problem if your the only one watching! The battery lasts for several hours, and the sound is good too. It is a bit on the slow side, but unless you are trying to run large games, you probably wont notice. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a part-time tablet.

Update: I have been using this tablet for about six months, and so far have not had any problems. I use it to check e-mail, play apps, watch movies, and listen to music. I take with me when I go out, and it has been great. I even dropped it once, it popped the case apart a little, but I just snapped it back together, and it still runs fine. I have not had any issues with the battery, or the screen, so I'm still loving this little tablet.
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on March 11, 2013
Bought this to investigate how I would take to a tablet. This D2 is stable, has never crashed and although it is not very fast it works well. I installed a ROOT CHECKER and found it is rooted out of the box. The BUMMER is that this device is not a certified Google device so it cannot get APPS from Google Play or use Google maps. You can still get APPS from Amazon or 1Mobile but I suggest you check out the APPS first at Google Play. Their reviews and permissions information is invaluable. I was shocked to learn one of the most popular APPS can control you phone (or tablet). It can send, read or delete SMS messages, make phone calls, take pictures and It can read data about your contacts all without your confirmation. So folks, be careful. There are alot of free APPS but the, there is no free lunch. They want your information. Call me paranoid but I have been subject to identity theft and it was a bummer. For this reason I do not intend to keep the tablet. I just feel safer with my 10" netbook. But for a basic tablet for the kids or to take on the road I would have to recommend it.
I should have waited to write this review. I said it did not work with Google Play (Store). Well, the next day I got it to work with the Google Play. Finding the necessary files took a little time but since the tablet was already "rooted" installing the files was simple. I have now used the D2 for 100 hours and have tried to beat it up. No freezes, no problems. I am not sure if the newer models come rooted but this one did and since I git Google Play to work I am raising my rating from 4 star to five. This rock solid low end tablet is a score!
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on July 28, 2013
I got this for my 6 year old daughter for her birthday. She always loves this tablet she never parts with it except to charge it! I love that there is a kid appropriate zone I was able to customize to her age & I have no worries of what she downloads or views. She loves the story books, watches cartoons like popeye, tom & jerry and other classics she thoroughly enjoys. The games are educational so I don't mind her playing for extended periods of time. I have read in other reviews of it freezing but we haven't had any issues other than her impatience and tapping too many times, but she is 6. I'll be ordering one for my son for his 8th birthday in September in Blue.
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on March 6, 2013
This is my first tablet, so I don't have anything really to compare it to... that said it works well for the things I bought it for- netflix, light game playing via apps, web browsing, e-books. It plays Netflix pretty well, you do have to hold it at a certain angle for a good picture and I'm sure it's not the highest quality picture but it works for me. It comes with a bunch of preloaded apps, a lot of good kids apps too. Does not have access google play but so far there have only been a couple apps I wanted that aren't available through mobile1market or amazon. Battery life isn't super great, but so far I haven't had it die it one session or anything. I got it more for around the house use which means I have no problem plugging in while I'm watching netflix on the couch. It's pretty responsive to touch, the keyboard sensitivity is good, not too many times it picks up the wrong key. Overall I find it well worth the price for my needs. Its a good tablet for new tablet users and would even make a good tablet for a kid or teenager for the price.
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on February 24, 2013
I had very high expectations for this tablet after reading the reviews, seeing the specs and I thought well should be alright to have it around the house so everyone can use it...check email once a while a few pics, facebook etc...I have a galaxy note 2, my nephew have tablet from a generic brand also "Ainol", I used to have a nexus 7 and a Coby tablet but I sold them after I boughtt my Note 2, my girlfriend have an ipad mini...I like gadgets, but I'm neither an apple, android, or any kind of fanboy, I just like technology.
The thing that disappoint me the must are the colors and the technology behind the screen, it has an lcd technology similar to my first laptop from like 10 years ago, it's the kind of screen that you have to look at a specific angle, if you slightly change the viewing angle you start to see like greyish and not readable...the colors look grainy, I did not like it ...

The performance of the tablet seems to be OK, it is able to play all the games around, like angry birds, the tresasure run, youtube works fine also but then again, you have to be looking the tablet with the perfect angle so the videos look good...

Some say for the price is alright ...but I don't agree... I expected a little more on the's an OK product but for another $20 bucks you can find a way better generic tablet like the AINOL brand.

UPDATE ---------------- 06/04/2013

The charger died like a month ago!!! it does not charge anymore I have to use and usb to charge the tablet and it's like twice slow to charge, I just wanted to let other customers know so you stay away from this tablet, not good quality...
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