Customer Reviews: Dil to pagal hai : Bollywood Movie
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on December 20, 2003
This movie was a Bollywood blockbuster several years ago. At first appearance, it seems like a superficial, silly, sentimental musical about a cynic who learns to love. A closer look reveals more of an almost religious discussion of the nature of love. Are we fated to love the people we wind up with? Why doesn't God give us a clearer sign of what is right for us?
In the story, a successful MTV-style producer offers his adoring public a new show with a new dance star, Maya. Unfortunately, Maya does not exist and he must find her, hence beginning his search to find love. The word "Maya" is a Hindu philosophical/religious concept meaning "the illusion of reality." I think this adds a broader interpretation to the story.
The songs and dances are almost all great and terrific Bollywood. "Koi ladki hai" with the pavement children is one of the best musical numbers I have ever seen. It highlights our hero's first realization that he loves Maya in a poignant way.
I have seen this show 3 times and it gets better each time. Highly recommended!
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VINE VOICEon December 18, 2011
Dil to pagal hai is a 90's Bollywood musical featuring Shah Ruck Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Karishma Kapoor. It's 3 hours of dancing, singing and all things Bollywood. It's a good enough story: girl loves boy who loves another girl, who loves him also, but has committed herself to another man, whom she is friends with and feels she owes a debt of gratitude to his family for raising her when something happened to her parents when she was young.

This movie offers typical Bollywood: hundreds of costume changes and great song and dance routines. There is traditional Hindi dancing along with 90's style high energy hip hop numbers. Of course, the destined-to-be couple "Raja & Poogi" make you wait until the last few minutes of the movie to see if they will live happily ever after, with no ill-will from the others left behind.

As an American fan of Bollywood movies, I usually feel that at least an hour of elongated dialogue could be cut out completely with no compromise to the integrity of the film. This film was no exception. However, we really enjoyed the soundtrack, dancing and overall movie. We are huge fans of SRK and Madhuri Dixit is a stunningly beautiful-fantastic dancer co-star!
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on April 25, 2011
While far from the best *masala* I've seen from Yash Raj Films, it's a enjoyable hunk of Nineties Bollywood cheese starring a young Shahrukh Khan as a flamboyant manchild stage director/dance star falling truly madly deeply in love with That One Right Woman - a last-minute dance partner who has, of course, never danced in public before! Given she's played by Indian Dance Great Madhuri Dixit, you can snicker all the way to your Gene Kelly & Cyd Charisse marathon - as you no doubt will when Karisma Kapoor as SRK's regular dance partner, who he enjoys a sisterly teasing relationship with (and who is, of course, madly in love with him!), breaks her leg while rehearsing, necessitating that the Innocent New Girl step into the spotlight.... Oh, and did I mention that MD's character lives with her aunt and uncle, and agrees to marry their Just Swell Businessman Son - played by Another Bollywood Legend, Akshay Kumar?

The dancing and songs are as great as you'd expect given the Yash Raj imprimatur and talent like Madhuri Dixit, Shahrukh Khan, Karisma Kapoor and Akshay Kumar; the plot twists and turns from humor to yearning to drama to Happily Ever After for our leads; and in one of those story themes common to Bollywood that I've yet to see casually presented in Western films, when the people who love our leads discover how much in love they are, they actively conspire to *help* get them together (the swinish fiance in DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE aside)! As a Westerner, I assume this is something common to Central Asian philosophy or culture - but it's nice to see whatever the reason.

One criticism - the production looks a lot like some generic John Hughes Eighties Teen comedy, with over-bright colors and flat lighting. I don't know if this is how the original production looked or if it's simply the DVD transfer, but be aware of it.
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on January 22, 2008
Oh God, why is there only ONE SRK? It's just not right. The rest of us have to suffer without him in real time.
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on November 13, 2011
I started buying bollywood movies a few months ago. always wanted to see one, since the time in hbo started showing really good INDIAN movies..when I join with I notice they have a long list of movies...I have a few now and this one is one of my favorites, Hey i'm spanish born and raise in brooklyn,ny...and I love all of the bollywood movies. hey they make me laugh and I love the music it pick's me up when i'm down. see it does not matter who you are or what you are if you love all kind of music and movies you will surely love this one. it end devinely.
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on June 26, 2008
I love to watch Shahrukh Khan, and do so whenever I get a chance, so of course I liked this one! I would like to see less of Maduri Dixit and more of Shahrukh, but I guess there are those who are more interested in Maduri, right? This was a fun song & dance movie, built around the theme of a dance troupe (something like Riverdance, probably) and the main idea is that the "new girl" is taking the place of the current female dance lead, who is the best friend and secretly in love with the artistic director and lead male dancer played by Shahrukh Khan. Meanwhile, the new dancer is also falling in love with Shahrukh's character, but life seems to have other marriage plans for her. I recommend this one for a rainy afternoon after you have watched Flash Dance again. This softer treatment of dancers and love is typically Indian, and totally enjoyable.
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on June 11, 2016
As with most Bollywood movies, give it a few minutes past the 'stage show performance' that many open with. You may find it a little dated but this is a Bollywood masterpiece with so much beauty, aliveness, charm and such a good story, highly recommended. Was absolutely charmed by it and it's one that I bought so as to always have it.
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on July 4, 2012
This is a great movie. Full of laughter, fun, loving times and showing that Hindu people can be funny and happy go lucky as Americans, and not stiff.

This movies showed my guy I like Khan in a grouchy role that I did not like for him but he played it well...and then his hard heart got soft and blossomed.

Great love story although it made me angry because neither of the lovers would admit they loved each other, but finally he did. But Pooja refused to admit that she loved him even to the very end. That was so frustrating and other people had to do it for her. If you don't speak up for yourself, you can lose the love of your life, your soul mate forever, and then its too late. You have to speak up no matter how scary it maybe. Don't lean to your own weakness, lean to GOd's strength to give you courage to do what you can't do.

Never feel like you are obligated to someone to marry them just because you said yes under pressure or given a short time to decide. No ONE SHOULD GIVE ANYONE 5 MINUTES TO DECIDE IF THEY WILL MARRY THEM. That is a too greater decision to be made on the spur of the moment or on a short time by someone else. IT'S UNFAIR, and you must speak up and say...NO, I need more time.

Never let anyone back you up into a corner, and men can't expect a woman to be in love with them when they are friends, just because they have fallen in love with his female friend. That 's crazy.

I really thought that this was a lost 'soul mate' love that would never come around, but it took the fiance to act to cause her to wake up and be honest with her feelings and love for her true love. They both refused to say they love each other in situations. They allowed their feelings to get hurt and to save face, denied they loved each other. FOOLISH.

Good for him, he heard the tape.

Finally, it came out perfectly, but it will keep you on th edge of your seat and angry, fussing at her to speak up.

The ending was beautiful.
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on August 1, 2014
I was impressed! I thought there were no more of SRK's films that I had not seen and then noticed this one. Up there with one of the best in my opinion. The love story is superb and I think Hollywood could take a lesson on what love and attraction really are. The story line was good too. I think that this would be a movie that could be watched by all. There is plenty of dancing and singing. The part where they dance with the kids was great. No violence, which is a refreshing change but the boy gets the girl in the end. Wish it did not have to end. Enjoy!
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on May 31, 2014
This is a fabulous movie and I am very glad that I got it. Bollywood once again did not fail to deliver a refreshing story with a twist to the Bollywood love story ending. I'm a huge fan of Bollywood and would highly recommend this DVD.
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