Customer Reviews: Dinosaur
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on November 5, 2000
I am not sure what critics were expecting when they shot this movie down. It is a fun and exciting adventure for children and adults alike. It may be a little too scary for children under 6, so be warned. Let's get one thing straight, folks. Dinosaur is a movie for CHILDREN. So, don't go in expecting to see the second coming of Jurassic Park. The movie does offer brilliant CGI special effects and breathtaking scenery. I like the story for kids because it stresses teamwork and the value of every individual. The lead character, an Iguanadon named Aladar, is very likeable and I found myself rooting for him time and again. Was the movie expensive? Yes. Is it one of Disney's best ever? No. BUT, it is fun and exciting. There are SO many movies out there for adults. This one is a winner for kids. Don't cheat your kids out of enjoying it because they will.
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VINE VOICEon February 6, 2004
"Dinosaur" is a fine film from the folks at Disney. Like "Hercules," the story isn't moving or too impressive, but the film is fun to watch and has some brilliant moments in it. Many people have bashed the film for being too violent, but the PG rating does seem fair. I agree that kids under the age of five shouldn't see this movie without some serious adult supervision, but at the same time, children do need to know about death...even if it's violent. The Carnotaur sequences involve quite a bit of violence, but these are dinosaurs! Dinosaurs ate each other in reality. Don't knock this movie for that reason. Here's a concept: Watch the movie with your kids(you won't be bored) and then explain to them that death and violence was a very real part of daily life for dinosaurs. It may take your children a little time to cope with this information, but sometimes the truth hurts. If your child is under the age of five, you may want to skip certain sequences in the movie because of the violence. My daughter watched this movie, but I always managed to skip through the violent parts for one reason: she's two years old. She loves this movie. When she gets old enough to understand that things die, I'll let her see the violent sequences in this film.
For adults, I found this movie very entertaining. As in other reviews, I agree that the visuals are stunning. The film is brilliantly animated and does use some real scenery to blend in with the CGI graphics. The differences in the two are almost seamless. The lemurs provide both comic relief and solid wisdom in this flick.
If for no other reason, buy this movie for it's artistic value, but the story is a good one and the characters are very believable. It's a good show, but I cannot help but reiterate the importance of watching this show with young kids in order to explain some of the things that occur in it.
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on March 25, 2001
I thought a lot about this review.
I'm an animation buff, so I can well say that this film received the maximum rank on animation - the amount of details and thought that was put into every movement and shot is admirable, and the result shows. It is certain that the animators did an excellent job - even went down to details such as having the muscles of the dinosaurs vibrate when the foot hits the floor. Sometimes I actually forgot that this was an animation movie, and mistook it for a National Geographic feature.
The story, on the other hand, is rather disappointing. It seems like the development process stopped after the story became reasonable. The characters are only skin-deep, and it is frustrating for someone who had already seen a couple of movies before that this one brings nothing new to the screen. It's sad to notice so many 'deja vu's while watching, seeing so many thing that you have already seen before, especially that the main character - Aladar - is an orphan dinosaur raised by monkeys, carries a close resemblance to Disney's previous feature, Tarzan.
Two thumbs up for the music - it really hits the spot. The composer captured every moment so naturally that it fits like a glove. Nothing I say can convey the impression, so you might as well see it for yourself.
All in all, an amazing animation feature with a weak plot. This film - in itself - receives 4 stars from me, although if I had calculated my impression on the Collector's edition, I would have definitely lowered it to 3. It simply wasn't worth the extra money I added. The second DVD contains very little material, and I really expected more from a highly documented production such as this one to include more material. People purchase this item to get more information about the animation process, and I really feel like I wanted more. I really think that I should have bought the regular edition and saved some cash.
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on January 27, 2001
Don't let negative reviews put you off. I have four children, and the three who are above the age of two loved this movie. They didn't cry or scream. The graphic are breathtaking. The story isn't really anything terribly original, but then, what Disney story is? They all have basically the same theme and this film is no more violent than The Lion King (probably Disney's best modern effort", the violence is simple done with computer graphics instead of traditional animation.
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on July 28, 2000
This movie is excellent. If there's one movie that I've enjoyed this summer besides Gladiator, this is it. The graphics are breathtaking, the characters are cute like most Disney characters, the story is good, and there's more to be said, but it will take to long. The first I heard of this wonderfull movie was when I rented Tarzan. Then I saw it in theatres and loved it. The graphics will blow you away. The desrtruction of lemur island was a huge spectacle. This movie deserves a Special Achievment Award for Best Graphics. I recommend this to families with little kids. I think they'll enjoy the non-extinction story. This is a movie for the whole family to sit and watch. It also offers some good laughs. SEE THIS EXCELLENT ACHIEVEMENT of am movie.
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on January 14, 2001
Everyone has seen at least one disney film as a kid and got so caught up in the story it seemed real. Everyone has loved the characters. For anyone who has ever been to a museum, seen dinosaur bones, and wished they could see it walking, will love this movie. Yes! You're probably thinking you've seen animated dinosaur's in Universal's "The Land Before Time", and Disney's origional "Fantasia". You've probably seen Universal's "Jurassic Park", and it's sequel, "The Lost World", but this knocks all of them out of the water. It is also the first movie ever to have all real landscape, with all computer animated charecters. Because the technology was greater, this movie looks better than "Jusrassic Park". This is probably why Universal is jumping to make "Jurassic Park 3". Also, many people think that this story is the same as "The Land Before Time" because this story is taking place at the same time. It's about these dinosaurs trying to get to some suitable living grounds during the time right before their extinction. It's about a dinosaur (Aladar) whos egg was stolen and ended up in the hands of lemurs on an iand with no other dinosaurs. when a huge meteor shower hits the island, they are forced to move to the main lands. There, they join a her of dinosaurs heading toward safe green land. The heard is led by kronk, who isn't kind. while they do this, they arebeing followed by carnatours, who closely resemble a tyronosaurous rex only with two devil horns on their heads.If anything, this movie resembles "Tarzan" and "The Jungle Book" more than "The Land Before Time". This DVD is a spedial edition 2-disc set with tons of special features. I suggest you buy your copy today!
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on March 9, 2005
Following in the footsteps of such animated classics as "Toy Story", "Dinosaur" continues Walt Disney's tradition of exciting and fun computer-animated films.

Aladar (D.B. Sweeney) is a young Iguanodon who joins a group of lemurs on an island after surviving a T-Rex attack and being scooped up by a Pterodactyl. However, a meteor shower destroys their island home, forcing Aladar and the lemurs back to land and other dinosaurs. Soon, the group encounters a large herd of dinosaurs travelling towards the nesting grounds, which contain fertile land, along with plenty of food and water.

Aladar and the lemurs decide to join the herd, but they soon meet Kron, a fearsome dinosaur who is the so-called leader of the herd. Many of the other dinosaurs complain that Kron pushes them too hard and they cannot keep up. They are befriended by Baylene, a no-nonsense Brachiosaur and Eema, a feisty Styrachosaur, but Aladar becomes enamored with Neera, a female Iguanodon who happens to be Kron's sister. Needless to say, there are some tense moments between Aladar, Neera, and Kron. Neera is not interested in Aladar at first, but as their journey continues, she begins to like him more and more.

Kron fears that Aladar is trying to take his place as leader of the herd, so they have many confrontations along the way. Also, large Carnators have been tracking the herd. Will they reach the nesting grounds before the Carnators get them? Will Neera realize how much Aladar cares for her?

This is a good movie for both children and adults. My 5 and 3 year old children like this movie very much, and they ask to watch it frequently. Although there are some "scary" parts, such as the meteor shower and the battles with the Carnators, overall, it is still appropriate for young children. The animation in the movie is very good. The dinosaurs look very life-like, and the scenery is extremely vivid. The story is well-conceived, as well. The length of the movie is just right to hold a child's attention for the entire film, too. I recommend this movie for parents and children alike. The children will enjoy all of the fascinating dinosaurs, while the parents will be able to spend some quality time with their kids.
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on February 1, 2001
I purchased this movie when it released based on the trailer I saw in the theatre (which accentuated the visual aspects of the movie). I was not let down in that regard, the blend of real world locations and computer animation is seamless and beautiful. What left me cold was the story. The characters are interesting (such as the Brontosaurus and Triceritops) but the story all to often falls into cheezy pop-culture references. It almost seems as if Disney spent all their time on the visuals and NO time developing a compelling story. You may be thinking "Yeah, but it's a Disney movie..." but all of the adult overtones that make other Disney movies soooo enjoyable for grownups(as seen in Toy Story 1&2, Lion King, etc.) are missing in Dinosaur. Being a huge fan of Disney and Disney movies for this reason (I am male, 23 no kids, by the way) I was dissapointed.
Now, that doesn't mean that kids won't love it. Children are pretty forgiving of cheesy stories, so they will definately enjoy it. The problem will come when the kids want to watch Dinosaur over and over again (I'm having flashbacks of my little sister watching "Little Mermaid" every day for SIX MONTHS... I can still sing along to every song in that movie..). The first viewing will be entertaining for adults, but after three times, you'll be ready to "lose" this DVD accidently.
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on July 13, 2006
I purchased this dvd for my grandson who just turned 3 & has a fascination with Dinosaurs. He was completely engrossed by the visual effects of the movie. The artwork makes the dinosaurs look realistic, opposed to one-dimension cartoon version movies.

Walt Disney Dinosaur is now his favorite movie, we watch it repeatedly. It has taken the # 1 title from the Wiggles in our dvd collection!
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on July 5, 2006
My two year old son loves this movie and would watch it for hours on end if I would let him. This is by far one of the best Disney movie purchases I have made this year. It has a nice plot, excellent tool to help toddlers understand friendships, love, teamwork, and being accepting of differences. I feel this is a good movie for adults as well because it stresses the strength of togetherness and the power within to overcome traumatic life experiences and adversities. In my opinion, Disney makes the best movies! Wish there was a sequel.
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