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on December 15, 2009
Replaced a copy that was 'stolen'. Absolutely superb book, incredible paintings and sculptures from one mans collection. There are some incredible artists out there and the pages in this book display their work brilliantly. Its enlightening to know that there are others out there as crazy as I on this subject.
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on June 9, 2015
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on June 21, 2000
Dinosaur Imagery: The Science of Lost Worlds and Jurassic Art (The Lanzendorf Collection) is as impressive a volume as its title is long. Mr. Lanzendorf has been collecting dinosaur art since 1985 and has now amassed a collection of 420 pieces including paintings, drawings and sculptures. The book presents less than 20% of his assemblage, but the that is enough to make the average dino-buff drool with envy. All the pieces included in the book represent the latest ideas concerning these creatures with the exception of a magnificent bronze recreation of the Tyrannosaurus from the 1933 movie King Kong. While readers will recognize several of the paintings from publication in prior dinosaur books, many are presented here for the first time. This reader found the sculptures in this volume to be even more exciting than the pictures. Particularly stunning are the bronzes of various carnivores such as the 1/8 scale Giganotosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus, each one mounted on a base shaped like the continent on which it was found (South America and Africa respectively). I could go on, but it's better to let others discover the joys of this book for themselves. Hopefully Mr. Lanzendorf allows visitors to come and marvel at his collection as it would be worth a trip to Chicago for that alone.
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on August 16, 2001
Well,I did received this book for my birthday,and guess if I was happy!It is probably the best birthday gift I've ever received.
The title sounds exciting and suggestive,and so is the book itself. It features parts of the Lanzendorf Collection,which is the largest dinosaur art collection in the world. This 160-page book features about 20 per cent of the collection,but it is still amazingly much. Of course,it would be impossible to collect all dinosaur art beeing made today,but if anyone did,John Lanzendorf would be the one to do it. His apartment contains only dinosaur collectibles and artwork - no other decorations!That must be a really amazing home to live in!
With this book,I have the option to view some of the work hanging there. Although this book has some pictures of beautifull,triassic dinosaurs and jurassic ones as well,it focuses mainly on the cretaceous period,which is called "A Cretaceous End to A Lost World". And that is may be because most of the really fantastic dinosaurs lived during the mid-late cretaceous. There are a lot of pictures of T-rex,which is particulary my favorite dinosaur,and the most inspiring one in this book. Some of the other amazing dinosaurs featured here are Sinsauropteryx,Carnotaurus,Lambeosaurus,and many more.
It does have some inspiring,peacefull pictures of plant-eaters,although the pictures of theropods are the highlights.
Each artist has their own,unique style. John Sibbick has an immidiate sense of detail,and is one of the best. Luis Rey has a little sense of surrealism in his detailed,a little strange paintings. Mark Hallet has the classical style in dinosaur painting. John Bindon is the master of black/white dinosaur art.
Donna Braginetz always make it feel so real you believe they are really there!
Of course,the bronze sculptures makes a nice addition to the artwork,and they look very real. Must be nice decorations!
Over all,the combination of the artists`s different talents makes this book a wonderfull coffee-table book,and a unique collection of dinosaur art that should be a part of every paleontologist`s or dinosaur maniac`s library. I know it is quite expensive,but believe me,it`s worth every penny you spend on it!It has been very helpfull to me when learning to paint good dinosaurs,and the different talents makes me take little inspiration from every painting in the book.
So,if you like dinosaurs seriously,this is a must-have!No dinosaur artist should be without a copy of this book.
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on July 28, 2000
Dinosaur Imagery: The Science of Lost Worlds and Jurassic Art is as unique as the art collection which it mirrors. Academic Press is to be commended for presenting these images from John Lanzendorf's private collection to an extremely receptive public. This book is a testament to the dynamic beauty of paleo art and sculpture which has allied the dinosaurs of the past with admirers in the present.
The high quality photos of the paintings and sculptures are accompanied by substantial commentary on the subject matter either by the artists or by experts on the particular species. Much more than a coffee table book, it can also be used as a reference book, with the works of the finest paleo artists illustrating the science. The groupings and progression make a visual statement as to why John Lanzendorf continues to acquire these images and Academic Press and the Field Museum of Natural History are successfully displaying the collection.
Dinosaur Imagery also includes contact information (e-mail/web page addresses) for many of the artists and scientists who contributed to the variety and theme of the book, thus linking scientific imagination with the interactive cyber world.
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on October 15, 2007
This truly is a wonderful book and the reviews so far have been right on the money but in case anyone's still looking to visit the exhibit, it now resides in The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. I'm privileged enough to work in the Lanzendorf Gallery (as well as the rest of the amazing Dinosphere area of the museum) and I can tell you that it's well worth a visit to see these beautiful pieces.
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on November 3, 2001
...I had this man's collection! But, short of that impossible dream, this book is the next best thing. John Lanzendorf shares his more than impressive collection of dinosaur art with dinosaur lovers the world over. From some of the better know "paleo-artists" (James Gurney, Mark Hallett) to others I, personally, have only discovered thanks to this edition. It is an interesting expedition to discover the various interpretations of the same dinosaur by different artists; Tyrannosaurus, bulky or lean? Raptors with feathers? Amazing stuff...
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on May 2, 2000
A great overview of life restorations of dinosaurs and other ancient creatures featuring some of the most talented contemporary artists. Excellent photographs of paintings, sculptures, graphite drawings - and lots of comments on the work and also bios of the artists. A real "kick-in-the-pants" book to leaf through to contemplate my own work. Outstanding - I want to visit the Lanzendorf Collection!
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on November 6, 2000
This is one of the finest dino-art books I've come across to date. Johns collection is by far amazingly complete in regard to his T-Rex's. Beatuful work by all the artists and excellent job of collecting them by John. Highly recommend this book for any collector.
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