Customer Reviews: Dirt Devil Accucharge 15.6V Cordless Bagless Handheld Vacuum, BD10045RED
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on June 15, 2010
UPDATE - UPDATE - UPDATE: April 20, 2014. I still HEARTILY RECOMMOND this hand vac. Still no failures of any kind and I am still amazed at the run time compared to past cordless hand vacs I've had! And for anyone who finds my review too long, don't read it - you can tell ahead of time it is long. I wish that many, many reviews were longer than they are - whether good or bad. I like to know WHY a product deserves the rating it gets - and not just how shiny the product is right out of the box!


My husband and I are still extremely happy with my purchase of 2 of these Dirt Devil hand vacs. The three years are not yet up on the Warranty, but since we've had nothing but flawless service from them, I have no reason to believe they will experience any problems any time soon. With 2 dogs, three cats, and clumbsy ol' Me, believe me, each of these are used at least once every single day!

When I first wrote my review I had some information in it about filters (which I later edited out). The model was so new then that getting extra filters was difficult, and involved getting a base and the "bags" separately. I removed that section from my review when there was no longer a problem in getting extra filters. I suggest getting one or two extra filters. Although the manufacturer says they are not washable, they are (as were the Dust Buster's unwashable filters). First, almost inevitably some time you will accidentally vacuum up something moist or wet. This can really clog the filter. Or it may become "loaded" from wallboard "dust", etc. Washing the filters is easy. I use the sprayer on my sink's faucet. I spray from both sides until water is going through the filter freely. I then shake it vigorously and hang it to dry. If you shake it vigorously enough it should not drip. Allow it to dry 2 days to be sure any moisture in the area where the filter parts are glued together has had ample time to dry completely. If you only have one filter, and it is clogged, it will necessitate cleaning up whatever in a different way. If you clog a filter and have spare ones you can make a immediate change out and worry about the clogged filter after you have finished the cleanup task that clogged it in the first place.

NOTE: I do not know if any "running changes" have been made to this model, although conidering the cost of retooling, I doubt it. But it is possible, so perhaps the three things I don't like (or was slow adapting to) have been changed.

I apologize for the length of this "review". In the process of deciding which model of hand vac to buy, I ran into a number of confusing issues.

First, before this purchase (of 2 hand vacs), I have never bought any hand held vac that was NOT a Black & Decker DUST BUSTER. I suppose that is because they were the first to have a cordless/rechargeable hand vac, and inertia took over when it came time for me to replace them. By the time the thrill of having that first rechargeable hand held vac wore off, there were other companies making hand held vacs, but I stuck with B&D's DB's. I cussed them out over various things - mostly they just weren't very good. There were few choices of model; the accessories from one generation didn't fit the next generation even when the next generation came on the market with no accessories (dust brush, crevice tools, etc.). This was one of the few times in my life I put up with any serious product dissatisfaction. Shortly after I purchased my last 2 B&D DB's (I always have 2 because of the layout of our house), I decided that I had no idea what brand of hand vac I would purchase next, but it would NOT be a Dust Buster from B&D.

Because of living in a remote area I shop at AMAZON often (because of free shipping and regularly LOW prices too), and because I try to boycott WalMart (the only "discount" retailer I am within 40 miles of). When I started to compare various hand vacs I complained to my husband how confusing all the choices were and he tossed me the most recent issue of Consumer Reports Magazine that rated Vacs. Often CR samples too few choices to end up with my ultimate choice, but I can track the quality reports based on manufacturer, and it looked as though Dirt Devil deserved a long, hard look.

While researching and comparing models and features I learned that DD manufactures some models under their own name but then limits the distribution of those models to certain retailers. They also manufacture models under some large retailer's names. I hope this information can save you some time if you also research acquisitions carefully (as I do). This Amazon marketed model is shown (by searching for the model number) at Dirt Devil's website. There is another one shown there that is otherwise identical (BD10040) except its snout is clear, not red. Neither of them can be ordered from Dirt Devil. At first I suspected that they were discontinued models, and since the MSRP was a little different I was also confused as to whether they were exactly the same. After some absolutely defiant stubbornness by me (with the 4th or 5th "overseas" representative) I spoke to, one finally explained the different models to me. This one is available through Amazon (cheapest) and Target only, and the other one is available through WalMart only.

I am absolutely positive that my time was well spent, at least for me (the original "WHY" kid) because I would always have fretted that I'd bought a discontinued model that Amazon had sitting around - which did not make sense since no one had yet written a review of it, and it was listed on other websites with no reviews there either. Now that I know that the BD10040 and the BD10045 are the same, I suggest that you also look at the reviews elsewhere.

And now about the pros and cons of the Accu-Charge Cordless 15.6-Volt Hand Vac . . . It has very powerful vacuum suction, but I wish the opening was a little wider (like on the Dust Buster's). I also wish the very, very convenient on-board (retractable) crevice tool was flatter (like the Dust Buster's). I wish the pull out (retractable) brush bar was removable or retracted in completely (it is always kinda "there"). Other than those 3 things that are probably just "period of adjustment" issues, I can say, from just a few uses so far, that I am certain I will be happier with these 2 Dirt Devils than I ever really was with the various Dust Busters I owned through the years, model after model. I am also very pleased with the fast recharge (only 6 hours), the fact that there is a light that goes out when the vac is fully charged, and that it has new charging/recharging technology that reduces the charger's output to a "trickle charge" once the unit is charged. This should increase the battery life considerably and cut down on power usage too. (Dirt Devil says it cuts power consumption by 70%). The charging stand can be wall mounted for extra convenience. This vac has a 3-YEAR WARRANTY.

NOTE: Since I mostly use these hand vacs to pick up loose cat litter from a throw rug and carpeting, I finally, brutally, and forcefully, yanked out the dust brush from each of the vacs. I knew from past experience that they were/would be a rarely used feature. The fact that they did not retract totally (even though the bristles were only an issue when the vacs were held at certain angles) tended to slow down my sweeping forward and back movements when working on other than a smooth, hard surface. I don't miss them, and, that was my expectation since the "dust brush" was the "attachment" I used the least (extremely rarely) on previous hand vacs by other manufacturers.
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I have owned this rechargeable handvac for almost a year now. It was purchased to keep the car and its upholstery clean, but I also use it around the house quite frequently to get into the small places around the cabinets and baseboards. I've even used it to clean the keyboards on my desktop and laptops.
It provides a lot of suction and does a great job picking up everything from coffee grounds, cookie crumbs, and dust balls. I have never exhausted the charge completely so I can't comment on maximum battery life, but I can guesstimate that I have used it for 15 to 20 minutes without it pooping out. As for charging, it has one of those smart batteries that charge intermitently when the power is draining from the battery when it is in its stand. Consequently when I use it I always start out with a fully charged battery.
The AccuCharge Vac comes with a mounting rac/charger. My husband used heavy duty screws because he thought the ones that came with it looked flimsy. It hangs in our garage and seems impervious to cold or heat.
The vac has a filter. I clean mine regularly with the cleaning wand of my full-size vac to keep it in good shape. The easily detached dirt cup is a snap to clean --- just dump the dirt in the garbage can and replace it on the unit. It also comes with a crevice tool which provides access to the tightest and most impossible places to clean.
Considering the amount of suction that this little wonder provides, its portability, and cost, I think this is a good investment.
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on April 1, 2011
This is a very nice little vacuum. I keep it in my garage, near the entrance from the kitchen, and use it for small jobs like cleaning the kids' crumbs off the car seats and floors, sucking up bugs and spiderwebs from the garage wall, cleaning food crumbs from crevices in the kitchen, and removing dust and crumbs from my computer keyboards and monitors. It has a small retractable brush that is very useful for car cleaning, and a plastic nozzle that can flip forwards to extend the reach, which is good for cleaning things high up and sucking up bugs.

Apparently this device has a smart charger which does not simply keep the battery at full charge all the time but optimizes the recharging to extend the battery life. I have certainly not noticed any deterioration in the battery in the several months I have owned this vacuum.

Opening the device to empty out the dirt is easy. Most of the dirt just drops out into the garbage. I like to use my central vac nozzle to thoroughly clean out the remaining dust and dirt particles from the inside of the vacuum and the filter. This process keeps the filter nice and clean and I have never needed to replace it.

So this is a good product and certainly had the potential for earning 5 stars. Unfortunately, I am not happy with the wall mount system. The mount itself is fine and stays securely on the wall with the supplied screws, but the vacuum just does not feel secure on the mount. There is no satisfying "click" to tell you that it has been replaced properly on the wall mount after use; it is really just friction that holds it, which I am not comfortable with for a fairly heavy device. A few times I have thought that I replaced the vacuum correctly but then it has started to slide off and I have needed to push it back further so that it stays in place. It has never actually ended up falling to the floor but I don't like having to be so careful. This is a somewhat surprising design flaw in an otherwise very good product.
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on January 18, 2011
After researching multiple hand vacs, I finally got sick of reading about them and just picked this one because it was red. I absolutely love it! For how small and compact it is, it sure does SUCK! In a good way... I can pick up nuts about 1/4-20 in size if not maybe bigger. Haven't ran it long enough to kill the battery but I had it running non stop for 30min. No complaints other than I didn't order it sooner.
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on October 24, 2010
We have two lab-mix dogs and a cat and the old "Dust Buster" didn't hold a charge any more. This hand vac is a good one. The flip down crevice tool and brush are handy to have on board and has plenty of suction. We have used it almost every day in the last few weeks with no complaints. Worth every penny.
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on July 12, 2010
Long lasting power to pick up crumbs and spills on floors and carpets. Alot better than dragging out the vacuum. The nozzel is easy to use and the small brush is great on furniture too.
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on January 19, 2011
This sweeper beats the heck out of the Dustbusters I have purchased for years. Excellent pick up power and charge lasts quite a while, longer than the 15 minutes one reviewer reported. It's not meant to do the whole house, for cripe's sake!
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on March 11, 2011
We have used this hand vac for over a month and haven't come across any difficulties using it. We have installed the charger on our wall and are getting used to releasing it from the charger because unlike the Dust Buster, this unit needs to be pulled straight out. Like the manufacturer' claim, it is a powerful vac and yes it does seem to be a bit more noisy than the Dust Buster. All in all for a limited time that we used it, we are pleased with it and would recommend to others. We bought this from Amazon and did not have to pay for shipping.
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on November 29, 2010
Second Dirt Devil, this one has the new charger. When charged it does not use more electricity. The old one is hot all the time from overcharging. Excellent suction, some what noisy.
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on July 16, 2011
I recently purchases this bad boy and was expecting something decent - the last time I used a hand vac was the good old days of the Dust Busters in the 90's. This is absolutely no comparison. I've used it around the house and it's been great, but today it got - and passed - its first real test.

I purchased some plants at the store and put them in my trunk - my silly driving caused them to fall over in my trunk, and it got dirt EVERYWHERE. At first I was a bit pissed, then remembered I had this thing all charged and set to go. I put it to work and it passed with flying colors - absolutely no dirt left, it's lightweight enough that I could easily manage to clean my trunk - and the rest of my car - without my arm getting sore, even holding it out with my arm extended, and it did a fantastic job. Highly recommended for tidying up your vehicle if nothing else (I don't have a place I can plug in my other vacuum cleaner), but it's also great for cleaning up smaller things around the house and getting into those pesky corners where wall and floor meet up.
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