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on March 10, 2015
This was probably the most awesome Christmas gift I could have ever given my 4 year old. She wanted a vacuum like mommy's. I looked at all of the toy vacuums and some how came across this beauty. The toy vacuums cost more and did less than this little dirt devil. It is the perfect height and weight for her. Instead of pretending to vacuum, she actually is vacuuming. WIN! WIN!
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on February 16, 2012
So she's taking the vacuum cleaner in the divorce? Big whoop. I get the dog. A man's dog. So I needed a man's vacuum cleaner. For the price of a man's $20. I get this thing and try it around the house for a bit and it did man-wonders with the dog hair and kid hair and even some man hair throughout the place. The future ex-wife comes over and spots my new mancuum and says "What were you thinking? This vacuum will not do anything you need it to do; it can't handle the dog hair or anything else here." I swear to Odin that she said that.
I calmy looked her in the non-man eyes and said "I appreciate your critique; however that Lil Devil handled her hair with ease and this house is spotless because of it. Would you like to try it? It's a delightful experience."


Sorry. Man-Victory.
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on May 16, 2010
Wow! I'm a little shocked at the bad reviews! I bought this on black friday for $[...] and I LOVE it! I had previously used a swiffer sweep & vac (the battery died and it didn't clean up bigger messes) and then I bought the shark stick vac (one of my kids knocked it over and cracked it). So I purchased this as a third stick vac. I love it. It is very powerful, I don't understand these people saying it doesn't pick up messes. It totally picks up messes big and small!!! We remodeled our kitchen and I used it to vaccumm little sheetrock particles as well as the every day messes my 4, 5 year old kids & 3 year old lab leave behind. I have had some issues finding a new filter at walmart and target but I suspect I will find one easily online. Overall I LOVE this vac. I use it only for my tile areas and yes maybe you do have to empty it semi-often (but I have forgotten about it alot and never had a problem)it works great for cleaning up after my 2 kids and dog.
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on December 14, 2015
The day after the vacuum arrived, after I had used it only a couple times, I went to vacuum my kitchen. I plugged the vacuum into an outlet I've used many times before with no issues and the second I turned the vacuum on a huge spark shot out of the outlet and THE OUTLET LITERALLY EXPLODED (see pictures). I quickly turned the vacuum off and as a large cloud of thick black smoke arose from the now blackened outlet, the circuit tripped, thankfully avoiding what would've been, and what still might have been an electrical fire inside my wall!!!! I waited in the dark watching the outlet for any sign of a fire. The metal on the vacuum's plug had been partially melted by the catastrophe so I couldn't use it again if I wanted to. And it gets worse; shipping the vacuum back to Amazon to get a replacement would cost about the same amount as it would to simply buy a new one! I'm already going to have to get an electrician to fix the outlet, so paying even more for the vacuum that caused an explosion in my house does not sound appealing.
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on October 16, 2017
I purchased this vacuum with the intent to take it with me on a 2 month
work trip. Having a dog that LOVES to shed in her free time, I thought
it would be proactive to help out the housekeeper at the hotel as I had
to bring the dog with me.
When the vacuum arrived, there was hole smashed in the box big enough
to literally pull the vacuum out without opening the box. I thought that was
very handy and convenient.
Upon arriving at my hotel, my dog immediately removed her fur coat and
threw it on the floor by the door. Woo Hoo. Perfect time to test out my new
dirt devil. So I plugged it in to the nearest outlet with all the enthusiasm and
excitement I could muster and set out to clean up after my darling. I was
stopped short about 3 feet away from the wall as the electrical cord appears
to have been made for smaller rooms.
After buying an extension cord, my enthusiasm was renewed to finally
cleaning up the dog hair accumulating in the corner by the door. Here it is,
the moment of truth.... WHAAAAT? When I ran the vac up to the pile, it
choked, sputtered and cried out it's last awful breath. Dead. FML.
In a fit of raging hatred and anger, I threw the thing out the front door,
and over the balcony to the parking lot below. I felt a glimmer of satisfaction
as I watched it smash into pieces (thankfully not harming anyone in the process).
Also, I thought, maybe I should have spent the extra money to get the better
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on February 27, 2018
I purchased this Dirt Devil after much consideration on my behalf. I have wooden floors, but one very large floor rug, in the style of oriental. Because my apartment is small and very old and located in the center of a metropolitan area, I was seeking a vacuum that fit tidily into my limited storage space, and adequately serviced my large parlor floor rug. (The floor rug gets very dirty, very quickly, as it it dark green! But overall, the vacuum I was seeking did not need to be exceedingly high in strength or quality to serve my needs. It simply needed to be light, small and portable, with the ability to clean one large surface area rug 1x per week.)

Unfortunately, this "famous" product could deliver even that simple request. Upon receiving the item, which arrived late (if I recall, somewhere between 4 to 7 days), I was excited to finally turn it on and clean my rug. I read the entire manual--because I like to be thorough--and easily assembled the vacuum. I plugged it in and it turned on, and I began to vacuum. Unfortunately, while It turned on and "worked", it simply does not pick up debris or really function as a vacuum at all. I spent nearly 30 minutes going over and over the same spots, only to eventually "finish" vacuuming the rug. Upon "finishing", the rug was still partially covered in dust and still very definitively not clean.

I thought maybe I was just doing something incorrectly, or was one of the few individuals in the world too dim to figure out how to use a dirt devil vacuum. However, my parents finally came over recently, and I asked them to try it, and afterward they asked me why I purchase a vacuum that doesn't work. So...after 2 months of sitting with a non-functioning vacuum, I was able to conclude that no, I was not indeed challenged in this very specific way---but that I had either received a lemon or dud vacuum, or the dirt devil is simply the worst vacuum in the entire world, and every positive review I read is a russian shill bot, or paid for play. (Just kidding...ha! But seriously, what?!)

Anyway, by the time I confirmed it was not just me being technically and functionally challenged, it was past the Return Window for this product, according to Amazon. And even so, had it not been past the return window, the physical effort involvee to package and return an item of this size--not to mention, potential shipping cost-- would have outweighed the worth. Thusly, I am now about to create more waste (at the price of 29.99) to enter into our landfills with Monday's trash.

What I would have preferred would to have quality control and to have received a proper functioning item to begin with. I would be happy to submit a video of the vacuum in action, if anyone would like. It's funny to watch, because it does not, in effect, "vacuum" anything at all. Oy
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on November 26, 2016
I don't move anywhere without this vacuum. I've used it for 3+ years and can definitely say it works as well or better than bigger, more powerful household vacuums -- as long as you regularly empty the dirt cup and give the filter inside a good rinsing. I lived in with 2 massive Siberian Huskies who were blowing their coats, meaning piles, and piles, and piles of fur littered EVERYWHERE. This allowed me to clean up their daily shedding in a pinch, and even vacuum it from the dogs directly. The narrow attachment is great for cleaning up dirt and dust along the baseboards of a room, on windowsills, and corners.
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on February 11, 2018
Great for a complimentary vacuum to a heavy duty vacuum cleaner. We have a very good vacuum cleaner for around the house but we recently got 2 cats that have their litter box at the top of our 2nd floor. They track litter on the stairs and around their litter box so having 2 constantly carry the big vacuum up and down stairs was getting tedious and our portable hand vacuum was just taking too long for it to be practical plus having to bend down to do so.
Enter the Dirt Devil Simplistik where it is almost the best of both worlds! It does do a very good job but the design flaw in this is the attachment that let's you use it as a regular vacuum because the suction only occurs at the middle unlike our main vacuum where the roller and suction covers a wide area. (Which is why I deducted a star) A photo is attached for where the suction occurs but not the sides as mentioned.
I'm also deducting a star for the horrible boxing of my order, or should I say the lack there of! You would think anything with a cord that plugs into a outlet would have a box to be shipped in but no, it was out in the pouring rain until I got home. (Attached photos of the rain damaged box)
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on January 21, 2018
The Vacuum in the picture is not the one you will receive. The one in the picture is the most incredible vac I have ever used. I bought one for my Mother and I and I loved it and wore it out, I loved it so much. Please take note of the differences because the number itself to identify it is the same, even the same manufacturer, but it is not the same as photo. Comparison to see if you got the good one or the bad one. There is clearly a difference. The good one looks exactly like the photo, please look carefully as I tell you. The button is more narrow, the one that is a replacement is larger, almost twice the size. The second thing is the bottom area to clean that detaches to use the hose if you want for the crevice too. The good one has narrow corners and is more square, the bad one has more rounded corners. The good one is black on the bottom and all filled in; the bad one has nothing filling in the bottom and is hollow looking and just the plastic red plastic you can see from the front and the corners are more curved, larger and won't fit into small areas like the good one that is narrow and square. The tool, on the old one I use to have, the good one the tool hooks on nicely, the bad one the tool keeps falling off the vac and is a real pain you know where. Lastly and most important I think is the bag which makes or breaks it and in my case this is my second one sending back. The good one that I use to have and my Mother does too, has a Gray thick Cup in it so the dirt won't get into the motor and picks up so much stuff, that you want to change each time you use it. But the one that they have now, the bad one, the one that doesn't look like it is pictured here has a white cup that is paperish, falls apart in no time, a couple of weeks in fact and I cleaned it each time I used it. When I would pull off the lint that had collected, I would pull out the bag itself as well. The material just is not something that will hold up at all and in no time, the bag will disintegrate and I mean that. So as far as protecting the inside motor, forget that and you likely won't get a month in before you have no cup. The old one I use to have, you could wash the cup each month. I always cleaned it out after each use, but you could do the monthly wash to keep it running awesome. The one you see in this photo to recap has a larger button to take off the bottom to remove the White Clothy Cup that will disintegrate in weeks. This one also has rounded corners, a hollow underneath, not black or filled in, just hollow, cheap, like it could be missing the bottom, but no the second one was the same way, Lastly this one has a crevice tool that will not adhere to the vac. It just keeps falling off as you vac which will drive you threw the roof. So the release button, the curved corner bottom, the hollow underneath, the white dust cup and the crevice holder does not hold good to the vac. I may get a Bissel instead. I'm going to look well and neither one has a small brush for carpets, but even a floor model should pick up better than this one does. Watch the Just Awful Video. That will help you tremendously when it comes to show you it's pick up capacity. Just trying to help, I'm quite discouraged now with the second one to send back. I just want you to not have to go through this ordeal.
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on March 11, 2018

- Price: The price is easily the biggest positive about this product. After searching through pages of vacuum cleaner results, I couldn't find anything close to being this inexpensive.

- Easy to put together and disassemble: It took me a grand total of about 2 minutes to put this vacuum together, so that was very nice. It easily disassembles to turn into a handheld vacuum as well.

- Extremely lightweight and compact: If you're buying this vacuum for anything other than the price, it's probably because you're looking for something small/light. This is super light, and could easily be carried up and down the stairs with no issues.

- Great handheld vacuum: I actually found that using this as a handheld vacuum works better than using the attachments on my normal vacuum. It's much easier than dragging an entire vacuum around when doing the stairs, and it gets into smaller areas much better.


- Cheaply made: For $19.99, I wasn't expecting the highest quality of engineering, but this reminds me of one of those toy vacuums that they make for little kids.

- Useless as a standup vacuum: The handheld vacuum option on this works great, but it's almost totally useless as a standup vacuum. I could hardly get it to pick anything up, especially on the carpet. It also doesn't stand up very well, and the only way that I could get it to stand when I wasn't using it was to lean it against something.

- Very loud: Even though this is very small and compact, it's probably the loudest vacuum that I've ever owned. My ears were seriously ringing when I was done using it.

Overall Thoughts:

It's a very cheaply made vacuum, but for the price, I can't get too mad about that. It works great as a handheld vacuum, but has no use as a standup vacuum. If you're looking for something small to use when you're cleaning certain areas of the house, then I would recommend this. Just don't buy this expecting to use it as your main vacuum.
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