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on January 3, 2011
I don't think I've ever written a review for a product before, but I feel this baby truly deserves some recognition! I am so amazed at how well this vaccuum does its job! I thought you had to pay a lot of money to get a good vaccuum, you know, one that really works, so I went and bought a Dyson DC-25 Animal to see what it could do. I don't own any pets, but I thought that a vaccuum designed to pick up even all the pet hair in a house would be the best, and I'd heard all the hype about Dyson and how it's supposed to be so great. Then I brought it home, tried it out and thought, "really? this is supposed to be worth slmost $600?" I could not justify all that money for something that seemed to work no better than all the others I'd had before, so I took it back, disappointed. I decided to buy this dirt devil instead for less than a fifth the price based off reviews here, and man am I glad I did!! I tried it out as soon as it arrived and it sucked up stuff even the Dyson had missed - I mean a lot of stuff! This vaccuum is awesome. Even better than the Dyson and so much cheaper, it's a no-brainer. Plus it's still bagless, has a hepa filter, and all the attachments you need. The only thing I don't like is one of the attachments always seems to fall off when I'm really getting into it going under the table or around other furniture, but I can totally live with that. Buy this thing and be happy!! Or get the Dyson so you can tell all your friends what a dum-dum you are for spending so much money on a so-so vaccuum.
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on February 3, 2012
We decided to replace a very expensive vacuum that had outlived its service life. We have a dog and our home is subject to dust as we keep windows and slider open a lot. We read the reviews and landed on this one. Almost bought the Bissel. We bought this because of the cyclonic technology that claims to maintain consistent suction for a long time. We have used it for over a month now. It definitely picks up more dirt and dog hair than our previous vacuum. It grabs dirt deeper in the medium-shag carpet than our previous vacuum. The carpets have a renewed plumped up look after vacuuming. We would recommend this vacuum FOR ITS PRICE POINT ($105.00 at Amazon-how could you go wrong?) and for its initial effectiveness.

Here's a detail of features and findings:
1.) Ease of putting together-very easy (just the handle and clicking in the dirt container).
2.) Electrical cord length-excellent (although I've already run over it and knicked it). Two room lengths.
3.) The light is a joke: It does not illuminate anything.
4.) The on-off switch is near the ground, just above the wheels to the left. It is a foot switch. If you have big feet, you're not going to be happy fitting your foot in here to turn it on/off.
5.) This vacuum is not edge to edge: it does not go all the way to the baseboard but may be strong enough in suction to cover the small distance.
6.) This vacuuming head does not lay down 100%- some vacuums are made to lay flat to go under furniture- this does not do that.
7.) This vacuum does not have swivel wheels so it only makes straight turns.
8.) This is a pretty strong vacuum. It picks up well but you do get dirt/dust showing on parts of the vacuum. You see dirt in the hose and in/on the canister.
9.) Cleaning the dirt canister is very easy but be warned that you cannot avoid getting dirt/dust on or around you when you dump the canister and the canister must be wiped clean after.
10.) The canister probably holds 2-3 complete vacuumings of a 2200 square foot place but we dump after each vacuum.
11.) When vacuuming on non-carpet floors this vacuum does make a 'plasticee' vibrating noise which may be a/some part vibrating. It does not affect performance and goes away on carpet.
12.) To vacuum stairs or under things you unplug the hose from the vacuum head and plug the hose into an attachment. The hose itself is not very long but for use it gets the job done on our stairs. If you're used to an all in one vacuum you have to get used to this new routine to do your whole house but its not big deal.
13.) This vacuum does not deliver with the HEPA filter if that is a factor for you. We ordered one separately and received the wrong one so check the specs to get the correct part.
14.) The smaller vacuum head is not motor driven. Its brushes turn by force of the suction and your moving it on surfaces. So, in essence its just a hose with a brush.

We are happy with this vac. And as stated above, for the price point it seems like a super buy. I put the details in because the product detail and other customer reviews didn't mention any of this and if we had known some of this, we may have gone with another product. So if these things are important to you- you have the facts.

Hope this helps.
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on October 18, 2012
I wish I could return this vacuum everyday. I purchased the vacuum earlier this year after renovating my condo. This is after having my last vac for probably 8 years. I could not wait to get a new vacuum. Well, it stinks!!!!! I have to strategically vacuum the house because it will overheat after one room. It especially does this when I use the hand tools. Unfortunately I would have tried sending the darn thing back but threw the box away. I would not recommend buying this vacuum. You will be disappointed!
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on November 11, 2013
I have a Dirt Devil Reaction dual cyclone vacuum with a hepa pet filter that I have used solidly for at least 8 years. I needed a new vacuum only because it has become unbearably loud. I have 2 pets and given the amount of hardwood floors and furniture that my pets like to sit on, I use the attachments almost exclusively.

I bought this DD Power Reach based on the reviews, and I was specifically looking for strong suction power. The vacuum arrived on time, was very easy to assemble, and it seemed to work well on the runner carpet (resulting in the first star on my review), but as soon as I switched to the attachments, all the suction power was lost. When I say "lost," I mean that if I put the end of the attachment to my arm and turned on the vacuum, I could not feel ANY suction. I trouble shot it, tried different attachments, and called customer service, who was very nice and genuinely tried to be helpful (hence, the second star). But no luck. Meanwhile, my old, loud DD, has not lost one bit of suction power in 8 years. Regrettably, I had to return this product.
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on April 17, 2014
I orginally purchased this in July of 2012, it's now April of 2014 and the vacuum is finished. The brushes in the motor went out last week and the unit will only run for about 5 minutes before overheating and stinking up the place. I took good care of it. I checked and/or cleaned the filters after every use. It's a completely junk product.
I took it into the local service center (local = < 50 miles away), and was told it would have to go back to Amazon, then to Dirt Devil for warranty repair.
I could have bought another for $100 but why would I?

Steer clear of this one folks. Seriously.
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on October 11, 2014
Other people complained that the vacuum over-heated. I never experienced that problem. Common sense though tells you to adjust the height level, based on the type of surface you are using it on. I would assume this, and any other vacuum would overheat if the height level were not adjusted. I gave my old dirt devil to my neighbor since she needed something good and reliable. Then I ordered this more powerful Dirt Devil, and it has the best suction of any vacuum cleaner I have ever owned! I am very happy with this product and I love seeing the pet hair from my German shepherd as it is being sucked up. I personally believe this vacuum beats much more expensive ones.
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on April 29, 2012
When we bought the house some 11 years ago and at that time we purchased a Hoover Wind Tunnel vacuum cleaner that has served us well, but is starting to get a little long in the tooth, and has been retired upstairs where the work load is not that taxing. So we started looking for a relatively in-expensive replacement, a machine that shipped with a tool to remove cat hairs. I like Hoover, but my research led me to that Dirt Devil, specifically the Dirt Devil UD70095 Bagless Upright Vacuum ($121.36 at

In The Box

o Dirt Devil UD70095 Bagless Upright Vacuum
o Attachment Tools
o Instruction Booklet
o Quick-start guide

The "Dirt Devil UD70095 Bagless Upright Vacuum" comes fully assembled complete with various cleaning attachments and tools, except for the handle which is attached via two screws. I had the vacuum out of the box and sucking carpet in under 10 minutes. The only other assembly required is to make sure the hose is inserted securely into the base of the vacuum. The vacuum cleaner ships with three attachments/tools: electrostatic (pet) dusting brush, electrostatic turbo tool, and a 12" crevice tool, all of which can be attached to the hose by a 16" extender wand. All of the attachments are stored in various places on the vacuum. The handle does not fold down, but storing the Dirt Devil UD70095 Bagless Upright Vacuum in tight spaces has not proved problematic.


The Dirt Devil UD70095 Bagless Upright Vacuum features a standard 12 Amp motor that is quieter that vacuums we have used in the past, but still noisy enough that watching television while vacuuming is impossible. The vacuum has a 12' cleaning reach and 14" wide cleaning path, so vacuuming under end tables is not an issue.

The Dirt Devil UD70095 Bagless Upright Vacuum is not self-propelled, but the unit is so lightweight it feels as though it is. The vacuum glides over the carpet with a minimum of effort while cleaning the carper effortlessly, something my wife likes because she has limited mobility. The dust and dirt is sucked into the multi-stage cyclonic filtration system that features multiple chambers of filtration; said canister includes a rinsable HEPA filter.

Cleaning the canister should be done with the utmost care however; the lack of a bag has its drawbacks. The dust in the canister is very fine and has a habit of getting everywhere if one is not careful, despite that fact that dirt is emptied from the bottom of the dirt canister. My advice empty the easy to remove canister out in the garage or back porch; anywhere but in the house where the fine dust can leave a grey coating everywhere.

The extra-long hose when used with the 16" extender wand and 12" crevice tool extend the reach of the Dirt Devil UD70095 Bagless Upright Vacuum some 11 feet making stair cleaning so much more easier than before. And because the unit is so light, it is not hard for my wife to pick up the unit and move it up a stair or two if need be.

I love the air-powered electrostatic (pet) dusting brush; it removes cat hairs with ease. Just attach the tool and the built-in brushes do their job well. Like most vacuum cleaners in this price range the Dirt Devil UD70095 Bagless Upright Vacuum features a 5-position multi-height adjustment knob for multiple floor/carpet use. The knobs on our past vacuums have proved problematic; not so on this unit, the plastic knob turns with ease.


Checking in at just under $125.00 I feel as though we purchased a quality product in the Dirt Devil UD70095 Bagless Upright Vacuum. In fact we like the vacuum so much we purchased another unit for upstairs! Not a big, heavy and cumbersome as the Wind Tunnel is replaced the Dirt Devil UD70095 Bagless Upright Vacuum has proved itself to be the perfect little vacuum for our modest floor space.
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on June 18, 2012
Easy to put together,it's not my first.
As with the last one these are most suction for the money.
I read the reviews about this model and could disagree more about cords,auto height adjustments and all that crap,if you are so lazy that you can't bend over to plug in the cord,roll it up or adjust the height to match your carpet then maybe spend $4-600 more and get those things that make your life worth living the rest of us who can bend over and will be glad they save the cash on another great product that exceeds the basic need of getting rid of pet hair with plenty of power to spare.
I know my house is cleaner because the A.C. filters are cleaner.Less dust and hair about the house,my dog of choice Ace,a German Shepherd who needs brushing everyday.I can pull my carpets back and see that the dirt has been removed,that fine dirt under the carpets,if you have throw rugs or carpets know what I am talking about.
I have a Hoover that I hated to empty gave it away.$500.00 it did all that didn't match the suction of the Devil.
I had a Dirt Devil feather lite died of abuse of being thrown in the closet and finally broke so I can tell you Dirt Devil makes some tuff stuff cause it took about 10 years to finally break a wheel off.The motor is fine and still works great just a broken wheel.
Truth is I really wanted a new one.
I waited 6 months of use before review.
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on April 10, 2014
This is a WONDERFUL vacuum with a LOT of suction power and I love how easy it is to dump and how great it is at picking up pet hear.
Recently though I hit the bottom of it on my wood stairs and broke off the little adjustable floor wheel thing. Now it overheats and turns off.

Thinking it is time for a new one and I loved mine so much I am seriously considering getting another one.

The pet hair attachment it comes with works good but NOT the best. I was amazed at all the pet hair I had stuck in my carpet until I used this for the first few times and saw HOW much cleaner my carpets were.

I would rate this 5 stars if it did not overheat and turn off, not allowing me to finish my vacuuming.
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on September 7, 2012
I had a Dirt Devil vacuum for over 20 years (it was a canister type) and it finally gave up so I got another (this time an upright) on Amazon. First the good - it sucks really good, the cord is the right lenght, the price was good and no shipping added. It is also easy to empty and to clean inside.
But, when I started using it I noticed that it was quite noisy comparing to others. When using the side hose the main part of the vacuum wibbles and is ready to fall constantly, because the hose is short and stiff and it is hard to reach with it anywhere without tipping the rest of it over.
But the kicker is that the darn thing shuts itself off whenever it pleases and then the troubleshooting guide tells you to wait a half an hour to be able to use it again. What's up with that? Now the thing dictates when it will start or not? I have never seen it or experienced it with other vacuums I was using before.
So if you have a light cleaning for a short period of time then you should be happy with it. If you have a heavy duty tasks for the vacuum try something different. This one is like a moody princess and does not want to work very hard. At least not in my house mind you.
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