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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars

on March 16, 2016
Any Hillary supporter who went through heck and back in 2008 will appreciate this book. Finlay flawlessly exposes the wrongheadedness of most of the criticism directed to Hillary by the press, men, and women alike. I wish all the Hillary haters from 2008, as well as the current ones, would read this book and open their eyes to the un-examined sexism that exists in this society. Yes, a person can support another candidate and not be a sexist, but the fact is that most of the criticism of Hillary is really about fear of feminine power. People need to examine their real reasons for "just not liking" Hillary and for unfairly labeling her as "dishonest". This book is a great tool for doing that.
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on March 2, 2016
I just read this book and finished it last night after taking in the results of Super Tuesday 2016. I was devastated by Hillary's treatment in 2008 and this book brought all of that back. It's interesting to compare the 2008 and 2016 campaigns. There is still a media bias against her but there seem to be more media voices in 2016 calling out the bias. Steps in the right direction but we still have a ways to go. The attitudes some people have about Hillary amaze me and not in a good way. I've seen someone I love post hateful, erroneous things about her online. When I calmly asked him for proof of the allegation, the response is that it's not his allegation so it's not his responsibility. Apparently it's fine to pass along lies as long as you're not the originator of them. This is sexism from someone I would never have thought to see it from.

Hillary continues to fight and to keep her focus on trying to do good for our country. She has fought harder and longer than I think most people would. I've often wondered why she doesn't just give up, sit back, enjoy her family and say to hell with the haters. Instead she spends a day in front of the Benghazi Committee, fielding ridiculous repeat questions from grandstanding Republicans who don't make a dent in her. I was so proud of her that day and I continue to be proud of the campaign she is running. Haters are gonna hate - Anita Finlay's book shows clearly how that happens - but fighters are gonna fight and winners are gonna win.
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on February 24, 2016
This book changed me forever. I have always been (I thought) a feminist. But this book is so compelling, and such an eye opener, that I defy anyone who reads it to take away anything but the truth, sexism is conveniently and endemically used not just by Republicans, and not just by men, but by men and women of every political stripe to pull down women who attempt to achieve any kind of political power. Hillary won the popular vote in 2008 but was denied and demonized by tons of well-meaning and not so well meaning people, activists, media, it doesn't matter. Hillary was trashed and made fun of in ways no man has ever experienced. This book also made me see, for the very first time, how I myself chose to use those same tactics against women whose political stripe I vilified. I felt free to use the same language against THEM that I had bemoaned when used against Hillary. A sagacious, witty and wise entré into the world of politics, and how sexism, pure and simple, is used to bring down women who dare to achieve.
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on November 25, 2014
This brought back a lot of memories from the '08 campaign.
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on August 2, 2014
Ms. Finlay grows up to notice the affinity between the degrading, debilitating, crippling manner with which her father treated her mother, and the "slings and arrows of outrageous" women bashing our female politicians endure daily, and that becomes the lynchpin of Anita Finlay's amazing book, Dirty Words on Clean Skin. Then, adding fuel to the witch-burning fire, she becomes a woman Schopenhaur said she "exists solely to propagate the race." Indeed, anti-womanism stretches back to the beginning of recorded history. It is only in the last seconds of the 20th century and the dawn of the 21st that women are emerging from the chrysalis men have caged them in for all these centuries. To their loss.
It is, as Finlay relentlessly reveals via her thorough research, that the courageous women of today, the political, iconic pioneers on the front lines of this gender war, Hillary Clinton chief among them, endure such tsunamis of hatred, the excrement flung at her by supposed male leaders, some her compatriots.
I like Finlay's street-savvy, writing style, too. She rocks!
If you are brave enough to look, to peer into the truth of how far we, as a race, of BOTH genders, need to go to evolve past this absurd and deeply ingrained racism, perhaps you will finish reading the book empowered to forge on. I did.
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on June 10, 2013
But the supporters of Hillary Clinton were "educated" about the abuse this woman has had to endure despite her lifetime of service to the Country. Finlay could have gone a lot farther with her criticism of the DNC, but her reflections on her experience during the Primary of 2008 asserts the legitimate sense of a campaign that conducted a malicious character assassination while spinning a racist game that turned Americans off the subject once and for all.
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on May 14, 2013
When Barack Obama became the Presidential nominee in 2008 instead of Hillary Clinton, I couldn't understand how it had happened. I thought Hillary was the party's--and the people's--obvious choice from the beginning of the campaign. Thanks to Anita Finlay's well-written, balanced, and well-documented book, I now have a better understanding of the sequence of events that led to this surprising result. Finlay's book has also disabused me of some prejudices I held against Sarah Palin and I'm grateful for that. I recommend DIRTY WORDS ON CLEAN SKIN to anyone who wants to gain insights into the effect the media can have on our democratic process. We do need more women in higher office in this country; we are truly behind the rest of the developed world in that regard.
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on May 9, 2013
to 2008, not that I care to remember. But it's important TO remember, so I bought a hard copy and a kindle copy. Anita Finlay has a real talent for providing the details of what happened during that primary and election, and weaving it with her personal narrative. Her story is moving and powerful even as the larger narrative of the elections is painful and disempowering. The tension is very appropriate and the book is hard to put down because of it. I can't wait to see what Ms. Finlay does next.

Bottom line: if you're a fan of Hillary Clinton, and you remember how the 2008 primary and subsequent presidential election turned out, this book is for you. If you expect Hillary to run in 2016, whether you support her or not, this book is for you. If you care about women's political power now and in the future, this book is for you. If you were too young to know what was up in 2008, this book is very definitely for you. If you wonder why there is such distance between what you see with President Obama, and what you're told by the media, this book is for you.
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on March 20, 2013
As I said in my title..Anita Finlay is my new hero. This author is the ONLY one that dared go where no one dared to go regarding Hillary's 2008 Campaign...If you suspected sabotage and don't know half of it until you read this book..Totally researched, Anita provides all the "secrets" of the DNC to throw Hillary under the bus. This is a must read for all Hillary fans and actually for all women. For relives the heartache and disappointment that I felt when the most qualified candidate won the popular vote but somehow lost the election. Like Anita, I had absolutely no interest in Politics before Hillary. We CANNOT let this happen again...not ever. Hillary was voted the MOST ADMIRED WOMAN IN THE WORLD for SIXTEEN YEARS! did this happen? You may think you know the story, but trust don't. The people involved in this horrific story will shock you. One of the most amazing things is how Hillary remained professional and a lady through all the insults from the media...and yes..from powerful women. The questions from the Press...the debates..its all here. I could not put this book down and you won't be able to either. Read the book! Don't be afraid of the truth! Even if you were an Obama supporter, you NEED to know how her laugh became important to the Press - her pantsuits..her hair!! The questions that were asked during the debates were despicable and unacceptable. I guess I could keep writing forever, but at the risk of repeating myself...ANITA FINLAY IS MY NEW HERO..and she will be your's too! And now with a 67 percent approval rating, we all look forward to 2016!
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on February 17, 2013
Dirty Words on Clean Skin is a meticulously researched, well-written account of the sexism and hatred against women plaguing our political landscape. While it centers on the author's direct experience with the Hillary Clinton campaign, it also includes examples of hateful treatment towards Sarah Palin and other female leaders. If you have ever cringed when hearing someone cut down a woman in a leadership position for her looks, clothes, or homemaking abilities, please read this book and open your eyes to the bigger picture of the systematic sabotage against women. This book will change you and hopefully inspire you to take action. It did for me. Highly recommended!
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