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on May 22, 2016
This game is a wonderful mix of story telling, stealth and weaponry. Clever and unique yet familiar, you are "Corvo" a man on the run and out to solve a mystery (There I didn't spoil that too badly). Run, jump, climb, sneak, hide, eaves drop and discover places only you can go, in this very entertaining and satisfying Action / Roll Playing game. Controls work wonderfully, powers are fun and useful, and they actually work! The downloadable content is on par with the rest of the game and takes you deeper into the initial story and the people that populate a once beautiful city, now over run with disease and ruined with corruption. Fun to play, satisfying to finish, "re-playability" is good, either for a run through on harder settings, or to find alternatives pathways.
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on July 4, 2017
I got this game for free on Games with Gold and i love it! so many ways you can execute the missions.

Wanted to buy the DLCs but each one is $10. on the Xbox Marketplace. For $15 dollars you get the game and $30 dollars worth of DLCs, it doesn't get better than this.


Just finished the DLCs and i must say they are totally worth it!!! Great experience playing as Daud (the empress killer in the main game) and get to know part of his back story.
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on November 2, 2013
Great game style. I like the kinds of games that tastefully mix weapons and "supernatural" powers. So the game play is on par with Bioshock, Mass Effect, and Singularity. The GOTY version is worth the extra money, too. The DLC content is the equivalent of another game and it's very good. The powers in the game are interesting and you can exploit combinations to make for more interesting game play. Stopping time, teleporting behind someone, and killing them never got old! However, the power consumption was very expensive and I felt like this actually deincentivized their use. I know that the game makers probably wanted some means of bottlenecking power use so that the game wasn't too easy, but I felt like I did a lot of waiting in the game to let my mana recharge. I hope that, if they franchise this game, they make power use much less costly in the future.

The story is interesting but not the most mind-blowing or intricate one date. It's no Mass Effect 2 or Bioshock. Take the game for what it is. It's a Victorian-era sneak-and-kill game with steam punk and supernatural elements thrown in. That it makes it pretty exciting. The game and the DLC are also definitely worth multiple playthroughs.
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on April 16, 2014
The main game in Dishonored is fun by itself, but if you include the DLC and the poster, you have the perfect Dunwall experience. Corvo is the perfect type of protagonist for this type of game, as he has no dialogue aside from the written patches during choice making sequences or entering the shop. Daud has the perfect blend of assassin mixed with redemption-seeking cult leader.

In the main game if you read every note you pick up, you learn the politics, economics, and the general society of Dunwall. The audiographs give you such a realistic interpretation of the events that transpired inside whatever room you're in at the time.

The powers can be lackluster at times, especially the Bend Time whenever you need to really get somewhere and that's the only option you can think of. The power only lasts at most around 15 seconds, maybe even less. As a challenge mechanic it's wonderful, but for practicality, it could use some work.

The combat mechanics are superb with the proper upgrades and reaction times. The sword fighting could be improved for a little more realism as could the actual fighting mechanics of the AI, but kudos to Arkane Studios for giving it their best bet.

All in all, the game is excellent for those who like stealth/RPG-lite games. Steampunk people will love it. The lore is very diverse and offers many paths to learning about the world. I highly recommend buying this game.
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on September 3, 2015
I had watched a number of reviews of the game before I made the purchase, and I had a well-developed sense of what I was purchasing before I actually received it. Dishonored is highly-developed stealth masterpiece, and I have high hopes for Dishonored 2. This game is not meant to be a steam-punk “Call of Duty,” but the designers succeeded in accounting for a wide-variety of tastes and play styles.

I chose to play the “low-chaos” or high moral option. As a result, I had to go back and resume a previous save with some frequency to get it right. But the game absolutely came through wonderfully. The number of alternate routes and choices dramatically increase replay value, giving this game a powerful bang for your buck. The DLC are just an added bonus. Once this game is complete, most players are likely to restart and attempt the other mechanics to get full value. I didn’t have the forethought to calculate my playtime for my first run-through, but variety of content and replay value more than make up for a slightly-below-average runtime for the main storyline.

There are a few drawbacks: The limited variation of the player character, weapons, and offensive abilities do limit the experience for some. The designers apparently opted to focus on creating variation in other mechanics. The player should decide for themselves whether this is acceptable, but the limitations confine the player. Additionally, many of the difficulties in the plot can be overcome with a little fore knowledge (such as resuming an old save after being identified by a guard). The temptation to “cheat” may be a little too much for some players, and this can tend to drag the game out.

Notwithstanding the few issues, I absolutely love this game. If the disc became unplayable today, I would buy another one immediately.
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on January 6, 2014
Not only is dishonored a great game but buying the game of the year addition which includes all of the downloaded content makes it worth the price. I loved the main game because you can choose to either kill everyone or spare their lives, and it changes how the whole game turns out especially toward the end of the game. This also includes the story of Daud which is also interesting too not as good as the main story of course but good for extra content and gives you a fairly long amount of play time.

the flaws can be fairly minor like the main campaign was enjoyable just wish it was a little longer so i could enjoy the game a bit more. The graphics could have been a bit better because if they were it would make the executions in the game much more intense and cool but the game still does look nice just could have looked a little better.

As i said really good game for anyone that likes stealth or for someone that likes going in weapons blazing hell there's even achievements for doing an all stealth game in which case the feature of being able to save anytime during the game and anywhere in the game is most useful.
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on January 13, 2015
I gave this about three good tries, and just could not get into it. Didn't care for the "villain", story in general, the way the NPC's would ramble on and on in an almost monotone fashion, the gunplay, the feel of the melee combat, the stealth, the art-style, none of it.

It honestly felt like a weird spin-off of the Bioshock games (which I also didn't care for), but somehow worse. I was initially intrigued when reading about it and watching a few videos (not too many as to not desensitize myself to it should I end up actually liking it). I thought it might have been a stylized steampunk take on the classic Thief games which I know it took inspiration from. But I felt none of it was well-executed.

Rating it one star seems cruel, though. So the two-star rating is just out of generosity. I ended up trading this back in within a few weeks.
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on January 11, 2015
I initially got the base game for free on Xbox live as it was the free game for that month. I loved it so much that I just had to buy this one. This edition has the extra DLC's that are normally priced at $25 alone. This game with the DLC's for $15 is a bargain if you like this type of game. I didn't think I'd enjoy a RPG in the 1st person. But the story is very good and the game play is addictive. I like that there are multiple ways to do all the missions. It makes you want to replay the game in different ways and discover the different outcomes. You play with the game with just killing everyone you see or just play the whole game without killing anyone or even without being noticed. Too bad this is the studio's last game. At least they went out on top. I'm normally a Call of Duty and Forza guy but this game caught me. I recommend this to anyone that appreciates a well done story and stealth. Some have compared this to Assassin's Creed. Other than the multiplayer option, this game is much better. This doesn't have any multiplayer at all. You can do the whole game offline. If you do buy it, one recommendation: save your game a lot!
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on December 8, 2014
Wonderful game. I love stealth games, but also love it when they give you the option to just run through, guns blazing. When I first started the game I was put off by the graphics, but quickly got over that as I started to actually play. Play style wise, it's almost like Bioshock's morality system meets Deus Ex:HR's stealth style. I haven't yet played the DLC missions that came with it, but I can easily see myself replaying this game over and over, just to find all the things I missed the first time.

The downside is that the game plot is predictable, and the amount of save slots (max of 10, which is aggravating for someone like me who saves almost every minute or two. I blame Fallout and Elder Scrolls for that). But other than that, I really enjoyed it.
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on November 12, 2015
Dishonored recieved the awards it did for a reason. The game is fun to play and is different from most games out there these days and is kind of reminiscent of the bioshock games. The alternate world and feel of the game is fun to play in and the creativity and diversity that you have with each level and each kill is just satisfying and offers great replay value. That being said dishonored isnt for every gamer. It can be difficult at times and even a little slow paced especially if you wish to go low chaos. But this is no major flaw as this play style os meant for more patient gamers wanting a challenge. Nothing is more satisfying than stringing together a bunch of smooth kills and there is plenty of that to go around. Get creative and try new things and you will find dishonored to be an enjoyable game.
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