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Format: Video Game|Change
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The game is fun for what it is think a little mixture of Thief/Assassins Creed/Star Wars(I'll Tell You Why) and you pretty much get Dishonored. The game pretty much has you on a quest to protect the royal heir and to seek justice/revenge against those who betrayed you along the way you can do some side quests and the like and as with most Bethesda games you have a few upgrade options. The comment about Star wars is while along the main quest you'll have to chose a light or dark path and the actions that follow because of those choices.

The graphics and effects are outstanding and the A.I. is pretty decent,overall it's a good game and it is worth a good look at for gamers who like this kind of genre of gameplay.
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on March 10, 2015
I'd say it at least took a semi-fresh approach to most games and was enjoyable for that reason. However, the game is very short feeling with 9 missions in which you basically can blow through them with little effort thanks to all of the powers you're given. Character is just far too powerful for it to present any challenge. However, again it felt somewhat unique and was enjoyable for the slow paced movement coupled with the supernatural powers at your disposal. Sadly, one of my favorite moments in the game was the little puzzles presented for various safes. They're not horrible difficult but can take some time to figure them out which is fun. Clarity in setting up the game as well as where to go sometimes left me doing the opposite of what I wanted to do. It's silly having the option of being good vs. bad but then giving the bad path less than the good path. Generally it's the opposite way in where the worse you are the more you're rewarded but people look down upon choosing to behave in such a way.

I have one very big compliant with the game. The saving for the game is horrible. This shouldn't even be a difficult or problematic thing. There's no organization and if you have two games going, then you'll become incredibly lost in the process of all the autosaves as well as mission start saves--why add these here and not keep them on the menu only? The autosave in the game is also a joke. Beat a mission but forget to save/sleep in your bed, oh well guess you have to beat the entire mission over again. It's not as though I passed through at least 5 new loading sections of a mission and you could have saved at that particular moment to prevent such a silly thing from occurring.
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on April 13, 2016
I've had this game for YEARS and I haven't gotten half way through... I don't know why. I seriously don't know because it's fascinating and really unique, but I just can't get into it, and the biggest struggle is the fact that the game 'rewards' you for playing stealthy with as few kills as possible. This is very difficult for people who are used to just understanding bad guys+kill=win. Clear out the threat, danger's gone. This game doesn't want you to clear out the threat, it want's you to momentarily hide it, do your business and move on. For a completionist like me that likes to explore every nook and cranny, that doesn't sit right with me! So, I'll try again someday, but if you prefer to play stealthily, you'll enjoy this game.
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on November 30, 2013
After owning this game for nearly a year, I finally got around to playing it: I actually bought it on Steam during one of their sales, so this is actually a review of the PC version rather than the Xbox 360 version that I bought on Amazon when it first came out.

One of the reasons it took me a while is that I had a hard time getting into it early. It wasn't until I really decided to go with the flow for more than the first episode (the breakout) that I got sufficiently engaged by it to play all the way through.

I'm not going to go into any real details of the game itself, or the interface, or any of the other nitty-gritty: there's 473 reviews preceding mine, and it's hard to imagine I can add anything original to that. The reason I wanted to post a review is that the game deserves kudos. Like the Mass Effect series, like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and like Splinter Cell--the latter of which (specifically Conviction) I think Dishonored most closely resembles--it's a foray into a brave new world: a universe built from scratch, with characters with whom you have no antecedent familiarity. That's pretty hard to pull off: there's only a limited amount of time any developer has to introduce and explain the world, and to make the players understand, empathize with and (most importantly) identify with the characters and their motivations.

And at first, I was a little non-plussed: but as time wore on, I began to like and respect the characters more and more. Even the "bad guys" aren't just mustache-twirling caricatures: they're fleshed-out individuals, with their own perfectly logical motivations, and really, not entirely unsympathetic. The only one who comes across as a bit two-dimensional is the fella who captures you and strips you of your gear (hey...classic shooter game trope here! <g>) late in the game (vagueness is in an attempt to avoid spoilers).

The game does a very nice job of building emotional tension as well as engagement: I'm not ashamed to admit I broke down in tears in the final scene, where you are reunited with an important NPC (spoiler avoidance again). That doesn't happen that often: I sure didn't feel that way about Deus Ex: Human Revolution, for example. That was a technically brilliant game, but it had no heart. Dishonored has heart--miles and miles of heart.

I said I wasn't going to talk about the nuts and bolts, but I will say this: the interface is very, very nicely thought through, and very, very nicely implemented--I am particularly impressed by the inventory management and quest management systems: everything is neatly sorted into buckets and you never have to drill down three or four screens' worth of inventory to find some important object or other.

My only small gripe is the modal nature of the interface: I can't even count the number of times I Blinked instead of turning on Dark Vision. But of course this can be a problem in a modeless interface as well, as anyone who has played some of those other games I mentioned can attest to--how often have we hit the A-button and jumped over an obstacle instead of taking cover behind it? Oops.

Anyhow, a near-great game. I'd give four and a half stars if I could, but I'll settle for giving four.
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on January 18, 2013
Dishonored is a fantastic game, and it is worth considering regardless of your favorite genre. While it is first-person, it is not strictly a run-and-gun shooter. You play as Corvo Attano, a bodyguard to the Empress of Dunwal, a city compromised by the plague. Corvo returns to Dunwall after searching for aid for the city, but on his return the Empress is killed before him and Corvo is arrested for the crime and sentenced to death. In typical Bethesda-like fashion, however, before the sentence can be carried out Corvo is broken out of prison by loyalists to the Empress. Corvo's quest for revenge against the brutal dictatorship that dispatched the Empress and kidnapped her daughter summarizes the remainder of the game.

What makes Dishonored unique, however, is the gameplay. Dishonored is what you make of it. I mentioned before that Dishonored is not strictly a run-and-gun shooter, but it could be if you wanted it to be. On your quest for revenge, you could kill everyone standing in your way. Summon a swarm of deadly rats; rewire the security systems to target your enemies; summon a blast of wind to knock an enemy off balconies and out of windows; stop time and kill your enemies before they even know you are there. But you could also take a different route. Use "blink" to quickly move past enemies; throw glass bottles to create a distraction; knock out the guards with sleeping darts rather than killing them with a pistol. The choice is yours, and depending on which choices you make, the ending of the game will differ.

Dishonored is by no means perfect. Although there are multiple ways to accomplish your objectives, the levels feel cramped and your choices sometimes forced. And while the graphics are sometimes stunning, everything feels a bit washed out. Despite these flaws, however, Dishonored is an excellent game and is worth purchasing. It is a breath of fresh air in a video game market saturated by first-person shooters and unimaginative storytelling.
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on January 1, 2013
As of writing this review, i have not finished the game yet. I am on the mission to rescure the scientist at the bridge.

First of all i think this is a bold step by Bethesda in trying to define an IP in a very choked genre, fps that is.

What i liked : I generally liked the overall graphics and the way the AI responds to situation. Decisions you make will affect the way things turn out for you. I also liked the overall story line.

What i did not like:
The fps nature for a game like this. Maybe its just me but i feel for a stealth game like this, maybe fps is not the way to go but rather 3rd person point of view, much like Max Payne. Seeing only knife in one hand and a bare hand to equip special abilities in the other makes the game become boring easily. Also, it makes otherwise "would have been nice to see" actions/features such as teleporting, assasinations and stalking etc...contributed to the overall gameplay, creating an emerssive experience. Compare this to other fps' such as bioshock and you will understand what i mean, unlike bioshock, Dishonored is supposed to be a close combat game, because you play as an assasin and stealth is your altimate weapon. otherwise all that i mentioned earlier as "would have been nice to have" wont have been required or necessary if this was more like bioshock and stealth was not a big deal.

Character... I dont know, maybe its because i have not advanced far enough but the character is very dry. No dialogue! Only other characters talking to you. Makes relating to the player just not there.

Controls, I think the fps nature coupled with the fact that its a stealth game makes the controls clunky. E.g. Assasinating enemies from above, teleporting etc. Sometimes its just someway and not so fun.

Overall..i think this game is alright. I gave it 3 stars because

(1) its not such a bad start...if this will produce a sequel.
(2) i picked it up for $25 on amazon. I would felt very bad if i picked this up for any price more than $35.

Good luck with your purchase and i hope you enjoy the game.
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on March 22, 2014
Gameplay: You can choose a stealth, loud, kill, or no killing or somewhere in between. While performing certain actions stealth or loud you get experience points that allow you to unlock powers and they are awesome, and they are specifically tailored to your playing style.

Graphics: Very crisp and clean, all of the character models look excellent, the action is smooth, and the menus are uncluttered and easy to grasp.

Story: Revenge and rescue at its finest.

Sound: Great score and sound effects. The score for each level builds excellent tension and each slice of a sword or twist of a guards neck sounds clean and satisfying.

Overall: Although this game is not as long Oblivion or Skyrim, if you're looking for something you can complete in a few days that is tons of fun, check it out, you won't be disappointed.
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on December 1, 2012
I would say I'm about halfway through the game at this point while I'm writing this review. I have recently bought HALO 4 and FIFA 13, and this is the game that I end up playing..

I'm currently on my first run through, and am trying to do it as stealthy as possible, this makes the game really exciting and sometimes frustrating. The levels give you a variety of ways to achieve the main goal of the mission. One of my favorite things is Blinking behind a guard and knocking him out and hopping through a room unnoticed. Playing on stealth is very fun and I'm enjoying it a lot.

Here's where I think the game really can appeal to people. As soon as I finish playing, I plan on playing again all the way through, but in a completely different way.

As someone said, there are a lot more things you can do to kill rather than knock-out. I'm really excited to combine stealthyness with killing people. There are many different ways to kill people and I really can't wait to try it.

The game offers a bunch of different ways to get things done, it's a good time.

It's one of the better games I've played recently and it isn't just a point and shoot like the HALO campaign was. I couldn't wait to finish that, I don't WANT to finish this one.

Please buy this instead of wasting money on "Call of Duty 14: The Same Game as Before Just With A Different Title." You will not regret it.
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on March 30, 2014
I don't think I paid any attention to Dishonored at all when it first came out. I'm happy that I finally did buy it now.

I love the whole sneak element this game has. I love the challenge of trying to go full on stealth. I love trying to get all those hidden little items. I don't think Bethesda disappointed.

My issue is that it feels like Dishonored mirrors other games that I've played. An extremely minor issue: for some reason, I can't help but think "Eternal Darkness" when the rats first appeared and that I felt a weird "Tomb Raider" meets "Mirrors Edge" when playing stealth. The real issue, however, is that there doesn't feel like much to do at all once you've completed the game and with its few endings. Knowing what I know now, I definitely wouldn't have paid the standard $60+ price when first released (which I'm glad I didn't). Also, the story seems a bit lacking. Its not all that complex or different than other games that I've probably played. The voice acting doesn't seem like it would be deserving of any particularly awards, in my opinion.

Its still a good game in any case.
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on January 29, 2013
I came into the game expecting a lot based on the favorable reviews and although I think the game is strong it isn't the type of game I find myself going back to over and over. The game overall is designed to give you options but overall it seems based on the feedback you get that they want you to play not killing but the game is at it's best in many ways when you utilize all the tools too kill. So I think the message is a bit confusing in that aspect and honestly the pace of the game slows tremendously when you go the non-killing route. Graphically it is solid for the look they are going for and although missions have a lot of flexibility you really don't get that unless you really test the waters a lot with powers and items - which means a lot of redoing. Overall it is solid but has a learning curve and to get the full value of the game you need to commit to many replays and hours so for achievement hunters it will likely be a bit tedious.
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