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on December 27, 2012
This is an enjoyable game, especially (as with the original game) for Disney fans who can recognize scenes from classic cartoons, and/or sites from the theme parks; and if you know to expect (and how to work around) the flaws in the game's design and implementation.

The addition of Oswald, who can be controlled by either the computer or a second player, is a great idea. However, it is sometimes frustrating to get the AI to make Oswald do what you want him to do; and because his abilities are more limited than Mickey's, he might not be as much fun for a second player to control. Ideally, you'd want a second player available to control him only in certain specific situations. The "musical" aspect of this game is fun and unique, but I felt it was a bit limited since only one character ever sings.

The game play is generally straightforward. However, there are a few times when it's not at all clear what you should do to proceed; and then there are other times when the game tells you repeatedly what you need to do, even though it's pretty obvious. And because several areas are often strung together for the main story line, going to (and coming back from) a specific area for a side quest is often cumbersome, even when using the direct projector in the movie theater. I also encountered several glitches, such as Mickey falling through the floor into a completely black purgatory, or the game "losing" items and making it impossible to complete a challenge. Fortunately, restarting or completely leaving the area restored the original configuration.

There are a handful of types of enemies, and only a few bosses, and it's not too difficult to beat most of them in either of two possible ways, especially with judicious use of the various items you pick up along the way. However, it's sometimes unclear which is the preferred technique, or if there even is an alternative.

Which brings us to the biggest issue: even more than the original game, there are often two alternative paths or choices to complete a challenge or quest. Making one choice may not only prevent you from seeing its alternative, but it might also permanently block you from completing a different quest later on. Now, because this is a relatively short game to complete, I believe the best strategy is to plan to play through the game twice. First, thin out everything you can; and once you start solving a particular challenge or quest one way, keep doing it that same way. After you defeat the final boss, start over again, but this time paint everything you can, consistently choose the alternative solution or path that you didn't try the first time, and complete as many side quests as possible along the way. This technique should let you see most of the game's scenes. Even so, if you are obsessed with completing all of the possible side quests, you'll probably need to go through the game a third (or fourth) time while consulting some on-line guides, because one "wrong" decision may forever doom your effort; and once you pass certain points (like defeating the final boss), some quests inexplicably become unavailable.

But, overall, this game contains a good combination of challenges of both dexterity and problem-solving, and fans of the original game will probably also enjoy this sequel.
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on February 27, 2016
I bought this game along with the paint brush controller and was extremely excited for its arrival. It came before the delivery date and was in its original packing.

Sadly we gave up after a couple of days. The graphics are not as great as I though they would be considering the rave reviews. I'm an adult and had trouble figuring out some of the puzzles and found myself going on YouTube and watching walkthroughs.

Because of its adventure theme it has no clear or consise goals to reach which can leave you a bit confused on what you should be doing or if you've even completed a certain level. There are multiple challenges at once and no instructions on how to reach them other than the occasional old guy telling you what button to push.

Not to pleased with the game but the seller was on point with shipping and packaging.

Definitely read ALL the review before you purchase this for your little one. We will stick to Mario games for now.
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on September 26, 2015
I just finished epic Mickey two days ago and then brought 2. So far I love it ! I really don't have anyone to be Oswald. But I like how the wii came be him. It's. A little harder with the wii being him , he does come as fast or do his special moves as good, but it better then not playing it. Also I find the graphics soo much better in this game then epic Mickey. The characters really talk they just don't make odd noses very few seconds when spoken too. It scared me however because my wii told me it needed to be updated to play the game , it had never asked me that before. But it all worked out. I also brought the light up paint brush nunchuck it's awesome !!!
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on July 17, 2017
Not a bad game but I feel like it has some glitches in it. We completed a quest and went back to the right person and it kept saying we didn't compete it. Until eventually it finally registered that we did complete it. Some of the controls are a bit hard to master. I feel like they give to many quests at once it's hard to focus on which one to do. It's not an easy game but it's fun and frustrating.
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on April 17, 2015
I gave this game to my daughter before the Disney Epic Mickey 1 game with excellent results. Not knowing anything about the game I knew I was taking a big chance in not choosing the older one. However, this game has had a good feedback from others and I was told that the graphics were superb.
We (both child and parent) were not disappointed!

The graphics looked like so real that you felt that you were in this paint-like world. It was fun to have choices rather than the game making you to do something because of its lack of choices. It felt as if I had more control than most games I have encountered. I was amazed how the game interacted with me rather than me interacting with it. Both my daughter and myself enjoyed this game and that is not an easy thing to accomplish! The only complaint my daughter had about the game was it didn't last longer!

Disney has done an excellent job creating a universe where you not only build but get to fight the bad guys. Definitely an excellent action packed game without dumbing down the parents! We are all looking forward to the next chapter of Disney Epic Mickey!
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on March 9, 2016
This game was purchased for my 6 year old daughter. It is a game that we play together and still have yet to finish (We do not play daily). It is difficult for her to play on her own, as it is difficult for me as well in certain parts. This is definitely not a game for young children to play without assistance from an adult or at least a good gamer.
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on June 22, 2014
I recently bought my wife a wii, which we've both played before, but we're well out of practice. Granted, we also don't have the Wiimote Plus, or whatever they're called, with the more accurate sensors. Still, although this game has a pretty cool, Disney-style story, it's far more difficult to pick up than I would have thought. We play it on two-player mode, where one person controls Mickey and one person controls the rabbit. Even as early as level two, we were getting stuck at one part where you're supposed to toss Mickey across a gap. The tutorial instructions in the game are not very detailed and don't repeat themselves, so once it was gone, we had to figure it out on our own. As an experienced gamer, I was pretty disappointed with the lack information, both in the game and in the manual. Still, I didn't play the first one, so maybe they're assuming I know some things already. If you don't mind learning the less than optimal control and interaction system, I say go for it. As I mentioned, the story itself is fun and the idea is pretty fun, too.
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on May 14, 2015
I'm giving this a good star rating as I can see how much so many other people have enjoyed it. It has been an epic disappointment for me. BUT, I believe it's because I've become old.

I'm 50 and any controller that is not an N64 controller feels like sleeping with someone elses husband. The fact that I can't change my point of view . think first person, (like link in an epic battle where you can "Z" in) drove me absolute bat s***.

I can get behind the premise and the graphics are nice. But man, at this point I want to play without the safety strap on my wrist so that the num chuck might fly off and hit the screen and avenge me.

A good review for the game from a middle aged grumpy woman who can't find anyone to play classic games with her. Boogerman anyone?
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This game keeps my twin 10 year olds busy. I have never played the game. They said you have to be either Mickey or Oswald. So only two players can play at a time. With the paint brush, Michey can make things appear or disappear. Oswald has an electric remote where he can make things power up. He also can fly with his ears and carry Mickey when he's flying.
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on April 28, 2014
I was hoping for a more collaborative game, such as Skylanders. However, it is SO easy to injure one another in this game - just by accident - it turned out, all we did was destroy each other's characters over and over again. And then, when the kids played by themselves, they sort of made a game out of just killing each other because frankly, it's so much easier to do than trying to navigate your way through this immense and confusing and dark puzzle. Not exactly the "working together on an adventure" kind of vibe I was hoping Disney would instill in children.
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