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on June 14, 2014
It's so hard to find Frozen merchandise that isn't a knock-off or that isn't marked up 3 or 4 x the original price!

Moms and dads - here's what you need to do to avoid those fakes and make sure you pay the suggested retail price: go to Amazon, and type in "Frozen Anna" and this will ensure that your results are from, and not a third-party seller. sells all the products at the manufacturer's suggested retail price (or lower), and they are genuine. It took me several tries (over different days) before finally had some of these dolls in stock. They were gone pretty quickly, and after they were sold out, all that was left were the dolls from the third-party sellers. Have patience - you never know when Amazon will get a shipment from the manufacturer.

Based on reviews, it seems there's a substantial risk that the third-party sellers are either offering cheap knock-offs or they are the price gouging people who snap up all the Frozen merchandise at the toy store (or on Amazon) and then turn around and re-sell them on Amazon for crazy prices. Let's all boycott these meanies!

When I finally got this doll (genuine, from Mattel) at the normal price, I felt like I won the lottery. Anna's dress does not have sleeves or bodice (instead they are painted on her arms and upper body) but she is beautiful for the price. Her face is beautifully painted and her hair and clothes were immaculate. Overall, I am so happy I was able to give this to my three-year-old daughter without having spent a fortune.
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on June 13, 2014
Not all vendors of this product are created equally - even with Amazon Prime. I received a Chinese knockoff doll and it wasn't even the right one. Instead of the disney logo it had similar writing with "Fashion" on it and the back of the box has the story of a different doll and the UPC sticker on it said it was this product, but when you peal it back you find that the original one is for the Chinese knock off of a different doll and someone covered it up to make this appear to be the product we ordered.

Amazon claims that they can not do anything about this and that they don't sell knockoffs. They will allow me to ship back, but cannot expedite a replacement on Thursday unless it comes from the same vendor on prime and it still would not be here in time for my nieces birthday party on Sat. I paid $65 assuming I would get the right one, and now their price is $16.99 as other vendors have joined.

Long story short, The inconsistency of these reviews are not the product, they are the retailers on Amazon who are substituting other product to try and make a buck since this doll is in high demand and most people are just happy to get something close and may not know better when they get the cheap Chinese replacement. Amazon is not willing to guarantee they can resolve this and will not report back to me with their final decision so good luck!!

I may have to stop buying on Amazon as this is become a real problem and makes me realize that Amazon lacs quality control on their product and does not have a process to remove vendors who are substituting process and ripping off customers!!
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on December 25, 2013
I bought this doll for my 4 year old for Christmas. After 30 minutes out of the box, the fabric tore on the waist of the skirt. It was played with gently so it seems like the skirt is poor quality. I'm sending this back for a refund and am disappointed.
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on July 9, 2014
Sent a knock-off Brand, very poor, had red shoes, no crown and I am still waiting to see if they will refund my payment! They didn't even allow me to exchange for the doll they advertised and I paid for. I have been a long time customer. Depending on the outcome! I may never be a customer again. A refund is the least they could do. I truly believe that the Amazon I have done business with all these years would have #1 never sent such a cheap knock-off #2 If it was an honest mistake on Amazon's part. I would have gotten a call and that piece of junk that they sent would have been replaced with the advertised "Disney Frozen Sparkle Anna of Arendelle Doll" Beware before you purchase!
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on May 19, 2014
I ordered the Disney Frozen Sparkle Anna Doll, but I received a "Fashion Frozen Bambin Anna" Doll which is a cheap, creepy looking imitation.
This was to be a gift for my 3yr old daughters birthday. What a huge disappointment. I am very angry and would like the CORRECT item I ordered!
The Amazon website states this item is out of stock and I was unable to process a refund. I usually am very happy with Amazon, but this has made me quite upset.
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on June 29, 2015
My daughter received this as a gift for Christmas last year. She loves it! I will say that I really like that the only things that come off clothing/accessory wise is the skirt, cape, tiara, and shoes. Less things to loose. My daughter says when she is without her skirt she is in her swimming suit. That does away with the need or want for a swimming doll too. I will say it does shed glitter everywhere from the bodice, but what little girl princess thing doesn't. Great Barbie for little girls just starting to play with them.
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on November 30, 2014
I love that both the Anna and Elsa sparkle dolls have the painted on leotard. I have a 3 yr old and 4 yr old niece who enjoy stripping all of there dolls down to nothing. These dolls however make that impossible and I love that! Elsa and Anna always have some dignity by never having to be naked. Its also helpful if like in our case we frequently loose pieces of their ensemble I never had to see Anna naked and I'm happy about it. Also since other pieces of the clothing come off the nieces don't seem to care that her top doesn't. Other that that lovely feature that some will not like this is a great quality doll with tons of hair that the nieces already took out of the what they called dorky braids. Her head is on well, arms are on well, legs stay on. I don't have to worry about hands popping off like with other dolls on the market and I love that. It gets tiresome putting back on the equestria, monster high, and ever after high pieces of there body like there hands or arms that frequently pop off.
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on June 12, 2014
This doll is not pretty and the price is too high for this quality.

I will not buy this again.
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on August 28, 2014
The doll I received is not a licensed Disney/Mattel doll. It is low quality and does not have the Mattel logo on it anywhere. I promptly returned.
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on March 22, 2015
Way to knock another perfect princess stereotype out of the park with this one, Disney. Another little blonde like, slim-waisted, high heel wearing, doe-eyed starlet for my niece to compare herself to. I ain't never seen no super fine chicks walking around singing songs about peace and love and magical snowmen coming to life cuz they just want to make kids happy and stuff. They mostly just walk around singing something like the commercial success "My Goodies" or "I don't want no scrub" or something about how great they are and how smelly ugly people are. I actually saw a girl that resembled this princess passing me in the local store and she must've caught me staring, waiting patiently for her to burst into songs about loving people with cartoon animals exploding out of her pockets, but she just kind of sneered at me and kept surfing her phone for interesting Facebook updates. If you're gonna make princesses all glamorous and perfect and physically impossible to reproduce in reality, at least give her like a birthmark shaped like a middle finger or something.
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