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on May 2, 2014
Beware of stock purchased directly from Amazon. Complete knockoffs. I have uploaded pictures of the doll received today. I am not sure it would be allowed to be posted. The one on the left was from the order received today which clearly is not Mattel. The one on the right was from an order received 2 weeks ago. Both purchased directly from Amazon.
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on May 19, 2014
Of course my daughter wanted this doll for her birthday. When it arrived I noticed the doll we received is not the doll shown in the picture. Paid $58.98 for a crappy knock off doll.
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on June 13, 2014
It's so hard to find Elsa and Frozen merchandise that isn't a knock-off or that isn't marked up 3 or 4 x the original price!

Moms and dads - here's what you need to do to avoid those knock-offs and make sure you pay the suggested retail price: go to Amazon, and type in "Elsa" and this will ensure that your results are from, and not a third-party seller. sells all the products at the manufacturer's suggested retail price (or lower), and they are genuine. It took me several tries (over different days) before finally had some of these dolls in stock. They were gone pretty quickly, and after they were sold out, all that was left were the dolls from the third-party sellers. Have patience - you never know when Amazon will get a shipment from the manufacturer.

Based on reviews, it seems there's a substantial risk that the third-party sellers are either offering cheap knock-offs or they are the mean people who snap up all the Frozen merchandise at the toy store (or on Amazon) and then turn around and re-sell them on Amazon for crazy prices. Let's all boycott these meanies!

When I finally got this doll (genuine, from Mattel) at the normal price, I felt like I won the lottery. Elsa's dress does not have sleeves or bodice (instead they are painted on her arms and body) but she is beautiful for the price (just under fifteen bucks). Her face is beautifully painted and her hair and clothes were immaculate. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Elsa's shoes actually fit, and stay on. Overall, I am so happy I was able to give this to my three-year-old daughter without having spent a fortune.
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on May 21, 2014
I ordered this for my daughter's birthday and it was fulfilled by Amazon. I received it in the mail this morning and it is NOT by Mattel, nor does it even resemble the Elsa doll being advertised on the website. I have been a loyal Amazon customer for years and buy thousands of dollars through them every year. They never disappoint and their customer service is always top notch...but I was completely disappointed and upset by this. I contacted customer service to see if they would exchange the doll I received for the doll listed on the website, but I was informed that since it had "sold out" through Amazon and was now only available through third party sellers they could not exchange it for me. I will be returning for a refund and looking for this Elsa doll elsewhere.
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on May 27, 2014
Extremely disappointed when I received the product only to realize this was not even the product that was shown when I purchased. The box was even fake - called Bambin Elsa. Very disappointed that Amazon would support this type of overseas product piracy.
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on May 20, 2014
I ordered mine from Amazon during one of the brief moments when they were actually in stock. I was pretty nervous about what I would actually get given all the reviews about "Bambina Anna" and other knock-off horrors. The one I got was the real deal (mine arrived on May 14th, btw....the "fakes" seem to go out in batches). Exactly as pictured, and made by Mattel. Really nice doll for the money. NOT as nice as the classic Elsa doll from the Disney store, but apparently, those are even more difficult to get your hands on. Luckily, I was able to get one from the Disney Store online, so I no longer had need for this Mattel doll. I ended up selling my "extra" on Amazon, but just so you folks are aware, there are a lot of fees associated with posting and selling here, and the shipping credit is never really enough to cover your shipping, which is why the dolls are selling for much more than retail. At any rate, if you don't want to pay the price difference, then don't buy the doll. But please don't assume 3rd party sellers are automatically scalping consumers. Of course, buy from Amazon directly if at all possible since their customer service is awesome and they will credit or refund you if you get a fake product. However, if Amazon continues to be regularly out of stock, confirm with the third-party seller that what they're selling you is indeed the officially licensed Disney product made by Mattel, and of course, a history of good feedback is a promising sign. Hope this helps. Good luck!
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on June 6, 2014
Not sure how Amazon itself got a boatload of fakes, but they seemed to have corrected the problem. I purchased two and they were the correct real deal Mattel Disney Elsa dolls. My daughter is thrilled.

Amazon will always take anything back, no questions asked, esp in a case like this.

If you want to complain, send an email to since they let Chinese based sellers sell direct on starting last summer, Amazon has been playing an endless game of whackamole with fake and unlicensed merchandise. If they banned those sellers, and took comingled inventory out of fba, 95% of Amazon counterfeiting problems would evaporate. Every stickered item can be tied to the seller who sent it in to fba. It's only the stickerless comingled stuff that leads to spectacular fails like this one. Hoping they learned something from this debacle.
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on July 10, 2014
I purchased what I thought was the Mattel Elsa doll from for right around $40. Yes, the price was high, but given the limited availability of this stuff, I thought this was pretty cheap all things considered. I received the doll today. She looked frumpy, looked as if her face was painted and rescuplted (is that possible?) and the biggest thing was she didn't have shoes!

I considered keeping the doll, because of the limited quanities, my four year old wouldn't care, and because I was afraid I couldn't get the right doll before her birthday in a couple of weeks. Fortunately, Amazon is refunding my money and the $14.99 Mattel doll is available (amazing).
Although I thought the seller was turns out it as aquadulze. Be wary if this seller pops up claiming to have the dolls in stock!

With the savings from the refund, I was able to purchase her a few more Frozen things in addition to the doll. Overall a win-win experience -- provided I get the right doll next week!
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on August 31, 2014
After stalking this doll all summer I was thrilled when it was finally in stock again. However, I quickly became disappointed when it arrived and I opened the box. The doll I was sent was clearly a knock-off and the names Mattel or Disney could not be found anywhere on the packaging. (Although the word "Fashion" was cleverly written above "Elsa" in the distinct Disney script.) The doll didn't even look right... it had a large face/head with large, almost anime eyes and even a huge blue streak through Elsa's hair. I didn't open the box but could see that the clothes appeared shoddily made. I am a huge Amazon fan and probably purchase things weekly from them. Firstly, I was shocked to have received something so poorly constructed but mostly that they were selling knock-offs as the real deal. (The site listed this as a Mattel item.) I ended up buying an authentic Mattel Elsa doll at WalMart for $15.
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on June 19, 2014
The doll looks cute in the box; but I didn't take it out of box because it's a fake. The doll has blonde and blue hair, the sides of hair are pulled up a small light curl on left side; and looks like some of the loose hair is shorter. The right side has a light curl going very thin to waistline. The dress is pretty blue-green color with swirls. A small upper part is a bit shiny. Front of box says 'Fashion Frozen' and "Bambin Anna" 3+. It's made in china and says" tested by international standards". It was sold to me by "Toys UP". I'm so glad Amazon did right in going to talk to seller and getting the real deal Disney Frozen Elsa Toddler doll in time for my granddaughter's birthday. Only buy from amazon beware of other sellers. This is the first time ever that a "seller'' did me and my granddaughter wrong.
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