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on June 16, 2014
WOW is both a little more user friendly and entertaining than the Spears and Munsil Disk. I can't really compare the two because I have only used them in limited ways. The S & M disk is probably a better choice for the serious videophile. The problem I have with either one of them is that it really does take some dedication and devotion to work your way through an entire evaluation/calibration. You must be thoroughly familiar with the disk in order to get proper results, and this takes time and study. WOW has some features that the S&M lacks, and vice-versa. So you can't really get it all with one disk. Can I tell the difference after using this? Well, today's TV's are pretty automatic, and you really don't hear many complaints about the picture anyway. So I would summarize my use of this as an occasional check to see if the settings might have changed. If a power outage knocks you back to default settings, this disk will help you get things back in order.
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I felt that the Blu ray was excellent for doing exactly what is advertised. My only squabble is that there are several tests in the advanced sections that tell you what to look for, but not particularly how to fix the issues (maybe I'm just an idiot...). I didn't have any issues, but if I did, I'm not sure what I would have been able to do with them... get an expensive TV maintenance I guess...

All of your basic settings will be easy to adjust. Your colors and contrasts will look natural (not overblown or underwhelming) and your TV will burst to life. There are three levels- Basic, Advanced and Expert. Each and every adjustment available has an explanation as to what the setting does, how to do the test, and then the test itself. Basic is for those that don't understand enough to be dangerous but still want a good picture (Mom, you would understand how to do this with this level, I promise). Advanced is for people like me that like to get a little more into it and that understand more than just the basics (many people even interested in a product like this are probably in this category). Expert is for those that literally have the (expensive) tools of the trade and need a simple/fast Blu Ray to use as reference (99% of you reading this review will most likely not be in this category... like me).

All in all, a good purchase. I suggest getting the one-disc (read: cheaper) version as most people claim the 2nd disc is kinda lame anyway and they have enough Disney and Disney Pixar clips on the one-disc to test how it all looks after adjusting. (Wall-e looks awesome once it's all done.)
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on March 12, 2014
When I first bought my Vizio I was impressed with the picture after setting it up the way I thought looked best, but thought it could produce a better, more crisp picture so I looked into the Disney Wow blu-ray. After calibrating my tv using only the "beginner" version I could tell a difference INSTANTLY!!! Colors were brighter, blacks were darker and overall the picture just looked so much better!! If you are thinking about getting your HDTV calibrated by someone, save your money and get this instead and you will not be disappointed.
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on September 2, 2013
I am a home theater enthusiast, though I don't take it to the level of having my own calibration equipment and colorimeters/SPL meters and that kind of thing. I think to those that do, this product would be a disappointment and would be better off looking to something like the "Spears & Munsil HD Benchmark". But for most people, including mid-level enthusiasts like myself, this is a good purchase. There are two levels of testing (Basic and Advanced) which allows you to choose how far you want to dabble in calibrating your display/sound. I tried them both-the advanced is far more accurate, relying on test patters to help you make adjustments whereas the "Basic" tests are often "by eye". For example, in the basic level they give you three reference images to help you adjust color/hue/saturation. But in the end, its what looks right TO YOU, which in my opinion you could do the same thing watching a movie or TV show that you're familiar with and adjust your TV to "look right". In advanced mode however, you use a blue filter to view test patterns and adjust the color/tint until they're even and accurate (who knew test patterns were actually good for something?!). The only reason I didn't give this product a 5 star rating is that its a DVD, not a Blu-ray, so I found the images and patterns that you're supposed to use to dial in sharpness/resolution to be useless. I can't say enough about the quality of the instruction you're given for the use of each test pattern!
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on December 22, 2014
my tv looks way better now. its most noticable when i go to someone elses house and i cant wait to go home.

Tvs come from the store with setting that look good in a large building with fluorescent lights so it can sell but and are NOT set correctly for your own home. they are often way too bright and far too vivid. and this means inaccuracy.
what this disk is meant to do, is to help you understand what different A/V terms truly mean, like sharpness contrast resolution and on and on. it then has test sequences to help you tun your tv to what it should be. color filters to adjust it, even if you are color blind like myself.

remember a tv that is "vivid" may be terribly inaccurate and wont display what was intended by the movie director or game developer.

i do have two warnings regarding this disk though.
1. you will discover that some tvs have very locked down setting that do not allow the end user to fully adjust the tv. do you know what automatic contrast ratio is? well it should be off. and i have discovered that some tvs will reduce auto contraster when you turn that feature off rather than actually turning it off. remember vividness sells tvs. accuracy does not. so some manufacturers lock down the settings. i bought and returned 3 tvs before i ended up with the one i have. and no. your really nice 1500 dollar tv does not mean its the best. i found that the big money tvs were the hardest or impossible to set and had to be returned they are charging money for their vividness after all.

2.once your tv is dialed in and acurate. you will not want to go any where else ;)
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on August 9, 2013
Overall, this is an excellent product that does its intended job. I wish it were a bit cheaper and that it included more on the detailed tuning, but otherwise it's very useful.

Good - This product does help calibrate a TV. Yes, I'm smart enough to do most of it on my own to get it looking like I want, but this has some serious screen tools to help get that final touch. Honestly, it's that last bit of tuning on a TV that makes it go from being 'normal' to looking excellent. I think the included glasses to get the tint and color excatly right were very helpful too - some didn't think so but every thing has to be set well for me to like a screen.

Not-so-good - There isn't anything truly bad about this. I just wished it were easier to navigate on the advanced tuning options. When you change the contrast and brightness and color you have to go back to do the final adjustments. This became frustrating to me as I do it a few times on each. The scenes they offer to see the differences are cool, but to me could have been better.

Conclusion - It's a good product. It should be a few dollars cheaper. It is well thought out overall and helps make your TV sparkle. One day, we hopefully won't need the aid of these discs as much when TV makers stop factory tuning them for bright show rooms vs. a darker living room. Have a special 'floor model' you sell to businesses and tune the rest to a more typical environment.
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on May 6, 2014
I recently bought a new TV and I read so many reviews suggested picking this disc up as well to calibrate the TV. It's got a very simple and easy to navigate set of instructions and menus and you can stick to just the basic calibration steps or go for the more advanced stuff (which I haven't tried yet). The basics have been perfect for me, helping me dial in the brightness, contrast, color and sharpness of the TV. The advanced tests I may try a bit down the road but I'm so happy with the picture on my samsung right now I'm not in a hurry to mess with it.

The disc also includes some looping blu ray scenic clips (rivers, forests, coastlines, that kinda stuff) as well as some looping Disney blu ray samples like Toy Story and UP. The scenic clips would be good for popping on in the background to have some beautiful scenery on the TV while cooking, cleaning, reading, whatever. There's a second disc that has some more stuff like that but I haven't checked it out yet. Very happy with what this has to offer. Especially if you're a TV/Tech enthusiast like me and want to get the most out of your new TV but you're not a hardcore A/V geek who wants to tweak all the "advanced" settings one by one.
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on April 27, 2011
I had my system calibrated by a professional with the other 2 main companies. I forgot the names, but one was a DVD and the other Blu-Ray. He did a great job and loved it. I purchased this one cause it was newer and I had other TV's i wanted to calibrate. After running the first few tests, I realized that my new 2011 Plasma was under utilized. I ran the test and calibrated it to the WOW and noticed a dramatic increase in color, brightness, shades of black. 2 people wearing different black suits next to each other with shadows, PERFECT!

I highly recommend this for anyone with a Blu Ray player and/or a 7.1 receiver.

The experience, or test clips to see how good your calibration was, were BORING and not worth watching.

Must do: Brightness, Color, Contrast, and Gamma. =Video
Must do: Phase Test and sound check using the sound meter =Audio
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on April 20, 2013
I'm an electrical engineer but do not work professionally with video. I own 4 blu-ray HDTV (high definition television) calibration discs: The Disney WOW, Spears & Munsil High Definition Benchmark I / II and Digital Video Essentials.

Despite an unfortunate title - the Disney WOW is the best of the lot (if you are not using instruments). The title implies a kids video with cartoon characters. Just the opposite is true. This is a serious calibration disc with excellent tutorials, an excellent manual and is the easiest disc, of the lot, to use. There are NO cartoon characters in evidence - this is a serious calibration disc created by a major studio.

However, keep in mind, you'll ONLY be able to adjust 3 parameters on your high definition TV reliably BY EYE ----- NO MATTER WHAT DISC YOU USE.

But these are important parameters.

You'll be able to adjust your black level, white level and sharpness setting. That means your blacks will be as black as possible yet you'll still be able to see dark grays. Your whites will be as bright as possible but you'll still see shades of white just below peak. Finally - you can adjust your sharpness setting for full detail but without any edge enhancement (a white outline around objects to create the false impression of sharpness).

All four of these discs do that but the WOW disc is easier to use and easier to get the best results by eye.

If I were playing around with a test instrument such as a colorimeter (Spyder, etc) and planning on delving into the hidden service menus of my HDTV, I'd purchase the Spears & Munsil II disc. Otherwise the WOW is superior and has the easiest to use test patterns for the key parameters that you can set by eye. In fact, the WOW disc actually has the better patterns with finer granularity than the other discs.

An unfortunate title for a superior disc.

Update (August 2013): Spears and Munsil has just released their second editon test disc which is superb yet the Disney WoW still remains my favorite for setting up the basics
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on April 18, 2017
What a great help. this is an easy to follow, step by step adjustment guide for all of you screen and audio (TV) settings. Expensive, yes! If you going to buy this, buy a used version and save yourself some money.
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