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on August 2, 2014
BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT: Divers, you will need to attach your own tether strap if you want mobility and security while diving. I recommend at least 1-2 feet long. Also, make the handle neutrally buoyant so that if it comes detached, it will be drifting nearby instead of rising to the surface (by the time you can safely ascend and attempt to retrieve it, its going to be very hard to find at the surface, the ocean is very large).

I didn't give it 5 stars because the strap really needs to be longer. It needs to be longer because you can't strap it on your hand and take pictures with the same hand. You may say "just use the other hand," thats true, but when you're 25 meters under the ocean and you have full SCUBA gear on you need to be able to take pictures with the same hand. I lost my GoPro yesterday partly because of this issue. I was annoyed with the strap and forgot to connect it again, I checked my pressure gauge, went to take another picture, and I realized it had floated to the surface. Which leads to the next thing. If you are SCUBA diving deep, MAKE THE HANDLE NEUTRALLY BUOYANT. I wouldn't have lost the go pro had I done this, it would have been simply floating nearby instead of rising to the surface off the coast of a Croatian island in choppy water making it nearly impossible to find. Furthermore, chasing a rising go pro after being 25+meters underwater is a prime scenario for getting decompression sickness.
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on March 22, 2014
I've been a GoPro user (Hero 3 Black), for several years now, and until I ran across this, I'd been carrying my GoPro around on a "mini-tripod"... The small tripod was inexpensive, allowed me to stand it up, and to use it with the GoPro remote. However, my wife and I have a condo in Destin Florida, and we are constantly going to the beach. I have the "floaty back", but you still have to hand hold the camera (which is small as you know). After a beer or two, I think it gets even smaller! Anyway, I've been looking for something like this for some time... The handle is the perfect size, and doesn't slip. It comes with a wrist strap, and caribeaner, plus the bright orange end cap will unscrew if you want to put a few small items inside. If you turn the camera loose in the water, the GoPro will sink down, and the bright orange end cap, will float up allowing you to see it with no problem.. It's even kinda cool to let it flip upside down, and start the video. It gives you a completely different perspective without even holding the camera. I have several friends that have a GoPro, and they've already ordered the POV Dive Buoy for themselves. It's a great handle, and if your like me, always around the beach, or the pool, you can't go wrong!
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on May 3, 2014
Bought this to use for some underwater video on a recent Hawaii trip and I couldn't have been happier with this product. The handle has a great feel and grip both in and out of water. The strap lets you "drop" the camera and easily find it underwater without much fuss. And finally it has the perfect amount of buoyancy that it would rise to the surface if you lost it but not too much that you feel it pulling away from you. I didn't use the handle to store anything but I did put a paper towel in there to see if it leaked at all and no leaks after several hard days of use.

This also work as a great general purpose handle for filming and I now use it all the time.
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on June 29, 2017
I bought this to use at the lake this summer. I was expecting the handle to be rubber, but it is foam. Not sure how well the foam will hold up being used in the water.

I did test the handle in a pool and it does float, but with only the cap being orange it won't be as easy to spot as I would like.

The mount that connects to the GoPro seams quite cheap. The plastic bends very easily and doesn't' seem very sturdy. I'm a little nervous to use this in the lake because if the mount break then the GoPro is gone. This also because an issue with the bolt because it won't stay tightened down.

If you are just using this for everyday use It's not a bad little handle. I would not recommend to use for extreme water sports.
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on July 27, 2014
Used it for the first time on a Cayman dive trip and loved it. Holds GoPro securely and is very comfortable to use, in and out of the water. Small enough that I can put the camera in a deep pocket with a Velcro closure flap on my diving shorts (the end of the handle sticks out slightly) for secure water entries from a boat, then once in the water, I use the lanyard around my wrist if I'm using the camera regularly, or I clip it into a ring on my BC using the small carabiner when I want it out of the way.

I did not have the carabiner "clacking" problem of another reviewer when taking video.

A great alternative use for the hollow handle is to fill it partially with water to make it less buoyant. I made mine only slightly positively buoyant on my first dive of the trip through a little experimentation, then it was perfect the rest of the week. Yes, I know this defeats the benefit of it bobbing to the surface if you drop the camera, but this way, it stays right with you, whether you use the lanyard, the clip, or you let go momentarily when you need an extra hand.
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on February 8, 2017
I bought this hand grip for my mom as a gift for her new GoPro. Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention to the description of the product when I purchased it. If I had seen the textured non slip is made out of EVA, I would never have bought it. It gets damaged very easily. The part where you attach the GoPro to screw it is made out of a very bad plastic with no quality. The plastic is very flimsy! If you press it from the sides, it seems it will break. I have another floating hand grip from CamKix and it is so much better! The textured non slip is made out of silicone and the plastic is stronger and more solid. Do not purchase this, it’s not worth it!
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on October 22, 2014
Saved my Go Pro from the undertow of the Pacific ocean! Was using it in the sand to film my son splashing around in the ocean when a sudden big wave came in and took the camera out. It was drawn into the ocean and I went running for it and saw the orange and grabbed it, whew!!

Also use this in a pool and works great there too. Can actually toss the Go Pro with the handle attached around in the pool or underwater and it floats back to the top no problem. You can also adjust the buoyancy by letting water into the handle, which is fantastic for underwater shots.

Also great out of the water as a way to hold the Go Pro without your hand creeping up into the pov of the lens. Go pro's are small and hard to hold and aim but this solves that issue.

Overall glad I purchased this, and I've had it for half a year and it still works great.
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on June 26, 2014
I am new to the gopro family and purchased one per recommendation at a local Best Buy. I knew I wanted the best to film my once-in-a-lifetime western Caribbean cruise that was going to be filled with adventure. After playing around with what typically comes in the gopro box, I realized it was going to need to be mounted onto something even though it was still going to be handheld. I did some research and settled on this floating camera handle. I loved that it tackled two features at floats your gopro if you should accidentally drop it while snorkeling...and it has a comfortable grip for easy handling by hand. I absolutely love this handle! It is very lightweight and the grip is quite comfortable. Even when it was wet I wasn't worried about it slipping. I did not make use of the waterproof storage aspect of the handle though I loved that the option was there.

The first time I used it, the small plastic piece that you are supposed to screw into fell off. I just popped it right back in place and went back to screwing on the go pro and it's been fine. It doesn't appear to be there permanently. If you can keep up with the tiny pieces of the gopro camera itself, then you should be able to keep up with this piece as well. The only time it will fall off is if you are in the process of installing or uninstalling the gopro so you would notice. After I noticed the first time that it wasn't permanently in place, I never had it to fall off again.

I highly recommend this handle!!
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on August 23, 2015
These are excellent GoPro grips and a great price. The diameter of the handle is pretty big so you get a good grip which helps steady the camera. I did not want them to float as I took them scuba diving. I filled the handles with fresh water and they were fine. The seals work great. I did not see any sea water get into the handles and they did not leak water when I got off the boat. I would not be concerned about using the handle for dry storage. You might consider putting some dessicant in just in case. I used a safety line on the camera housing to the grip to ensure I did not lose the camera in case the bolt came out. We did not use the wrist strap as we but retractable cords on to attach to our equipment.
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on May 17, 2017
So far works great and as advertised. I've used it several times on the water now with no issues.
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