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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
Divergent / Insurgent / Allegiant
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on October 12, 2014
This set includes the trilogy, along with the extra book titled, "Four". I actually recommend reading Four first. It's the comets set. My 13 year old triplet boys started reading this series in school. They couldn't stop talking about it, so I bought this series for them, and I even read it myself. It's very, very good. The movie is pretty good too; although, the books are a lot more detailed. I highly recommend this series. I would caution for younger readers as the two main characters have some heated moments. Nothing that heavy, but on the line. I wouldn't want my 8 year old reading something like that. I hope this review has been helpful for the parents out there. All in all.. Definitely a great series! A Must Read!
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As with many trending "It" series, I was brought into the world of Divergent by my sister and her fellow book loving friends. Honestly, I was easily hooked and quickly read through Divergent followed by Insurgent, which leaves you hungry for more. So when I realized that there was one to come and it was to be the end of the trilogy with all the answers, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I even pre-ordered a copy so I didn't have to wait on a friend's copy like the last two. Sadly not even a third into the last book, Allegiant, I found myself regretting staying up till midnight awaiting its release.

Living in dystopian Chicago among one of the five factions, Beatrice Prior is at the age where they must take a test which will reveal her true faction. Born in Abnegation (the selfless) Beatrice wonders if she is in fact Candor (the honest), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), Erudite (the intelligent) or simply still Abnegation? However when her results come back inconclusive and read as Divergent, Beatrice is told to keep it a secret and choose for herself or else . . . Yet during Faction initiation Beatrice chooses a new faction no one expected, the Dauntless. A new faction means a new family and new name, she becomes Tris. It's in Dauntless that Tris finds out more about herself and learns the truth of how the system everyone trusts is failing. Tris eventually leads a group of friends to help stop the corruption of the world they live in and the world around them, while learning and showing what it means to be Divergent.

Overall, you'll love the trilogy then hate it. The first two books are great but the last book makes little to no sense. Allegiant basically needs another book to explain itself, but the first two are worth reading again and again, hence the conflicting feelings about the trilogy. Tris as a character is relatable being constantly different and yet willing to be strong, plus when the time comes she doesn't just rely on her hot BF, but takes action herself. The sad thing is in the last book you lose some of that strength of character as Tris looked to others too much and ended up making rash decisions in the end. Plus there are a few other issues, but I'll not spoil too much. Divergent and Insurgent were told only from Tris' perspective, but Allegiant was split between Tris and Four which wasn't executed properly since their voices ended up sounding the same and Four lost all his manly appeal. There is also a HUGE controversial plot point in the end of the trilogy which I'd actually be okay with IF the scene had been better crafted and the rest of the story better explained to give meaning to the huge moment. So if you haven't already dove into this series I suggest its worth a read even if the ending isn't at all what everyone and I mean EVERYONE expected.

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on May 14, 2016
Actual rating 3.5 stars

There was a lot of hype around this trilogy, and I resisted picking up the box set for a few years after being disappointed with some other YA series released around the same time. News of a film franchise being kicked off is what finally encouraged me to start reading. Though I didn’t power through the books – I really enjoyed ‘Divergent’ and rated it for the experience I had, thinking this was going to be an amazing trilogy. I’m not a big lover of dystopian novels, so the subsequent sequels were spread out over the following two years, each spurned on by looming release dates of the film franchise.

Overall, it is a fun, imaginative and gritty series, but I would probably recommend some others in this genre to my friends before the Divergent trilogy. My satisfaction diminished with each volume. It has a great conclusion, but ultimately the narrative style is what dragged my rating down.

I’d probably rate the boxed set as a solid 3.5. It has become a big part of the YA reading culture, and with the films, hard to ignore. So while a phenomenal story, fantastic packaging and a strong female protagonist role model, it didn’t make the impact on me I’d hoped for… whether my expectations had been elevated by the hype, or that I did not gel with Roth’s writing style, it’s still an action packed journey worth a look.

On the whole I feel as though I have enjoyed the movie franchise a lot better than the books, especially the SPFX, and much of the superfluous story lines stripped away, leaving it compact and throwing a punch. Really excited to see the final movie, 'Ascendant.'

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on March 20, 2015
I got finished this book. Kaboom, that was a mind blowing ending. For those of you that didn’t enjoy Insurgent as much as the first, I get you. Those of you that stuck it out know exactly what I am talking about. I must start the sequel immediately! I just wanted to write this review, while I am still reeling from this.

This book starts off right where Divergent left us, with Tris and Tobias being joined by the rest of Abnegation. They are all wanted now, so they must find a safe place. They first go to Amity faction to find shelter, and hopefully allies. Half of Dauntless joins them there. Tempers don’t fare so well in peace loving Amity communities, so they move on to Candor. I can’t reveal too much else, just know that there is a lot of scene changing in this book. Simulations stick out in my mind, Tris and Four aren’t always perfectly matched and there is some angst there, bad guy(s) from the first book reemerge, and the secrets revealed really make this book worth reading.

I struggled with parts of this story. Like, second book syndrome reared it’s ugly head. I found a part around chapter 28ish where I thought the book should be wrapping up, and then it didn’t. In my narrow thinking, I imagined that was the climax. I was thinking, how many lives does Tris have, exactly? I was just telling my daughter this morning that I am so done with the whole series as soon as I finish the last two chapters. I can’t stomach Tris throwing herself into danger one. more. time. Then the biggest secret is revealed in those last two chapters, and now I just want to go back and read it again. I am sure I missed something there.

The author is some sort of mad genius for making us wait this whole book to reveal that. It was hinted at, sure, but I really didn’t guess where it was going to lead us. This book really paints the other factions and the underestimated Factionless so we can understand their roles and the way that they live. Tris’ testing results for three factions, (Erudite, Abnegation, and Dauntless) starts to make sense. Her relationship with Four is slowly building and she learns so much more about him and his relationship to his parents. The next book has a lot of loose ends to tie up. I can’t wait to get to it.

I have to take it down a bit because there was some dragging out in this book. The issues Tris and Four have with being honest with each other just bothered me. I don’t need this angst in the middle of all the other things going on in this story. I am hoping the movie will have better pacing. I would still recommend this to fans of the first book.
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on May 13, 2016
After reading The Hunger Games and falling in love, I was directed to Divergent. The second book in the series was available for pre-order, so lucky for me there was a lot of updates and reviews about the book... They sounded decent so I figured it was worth a shot...

Now, it's one of my top 5 all time favorite series!!

Veronica Roth was totally surprising as a first time author and wrote so vividly that years later, I can talk about the book and picture the whole world that she created. I'll admit that it was a little slow starting, but it didn't take long to catch up/on... And then I was hooked.

I absolutely adore the lead characters - you get to see their flaws, their strengths, the way they see their world. I loved "feeling" the doubt and the resolute determination to not succumb to weakness. Even as an adult, I could relate to so many different aspects of these characters. I could understand where certain ideas came from, how a character could equate their options at hand, see the debates. Without spoiling anything, it was such a pleasant surprise that characters were not instantly disliked or favored by the main character, yet the reasoning behind her emotions were explained and completely relevant.

Technically, it's YA but I genuinely feel like it's one of those rare stories with such incredible characters that it transcends age limits and is easily relate-able to any given person... Or at least, any person who's ever had questions about who they were and how they fit in, anyone who's had self-doubt, anyone who had to fight their self-proclaimed weakness...Just get through the first chapter and you won't be able to put this series down!
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on May 25, 2014
seriously, get some new ideas. are there no writers out there anymore with original thoughts?
lets see - chapter one - children of a certain age are divided into 4 different groups...hmm, how ever did they manage to do this without a sorting hat? children then learn the art of combat and later turn out to be pawns in the political wars of corrupt leaders...I feel like I've read this before - but wasn't the corrupt leader named Snow?
Awful. had to force myself to finish. will not reader the rest of the series. gag.
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on April 28, 2014
Setting the Scene – Insurgent starts with a bit of quiet after the storm that had Tobias aka Four and Tris running for their lives in the wake of the Erudite initiated, Dauntless executed massacre in the Abnegation district. Their hope for a little peace and quiet in with the Amity faction is short lived, forcing them to join forces with the FactionIess. Not going to spoil any of the good stuff here but suffice it to say they begin a trek to figure out who they really are and where they all came from. This book won’t really answer those questions – which I’ll talk about in a subsequent review.

A Few Thoughts – Like Divergent, Insurgent has a ton of action and some interesting young adult themes on loyalty and interpersonal relationships. Because I’m 42 the latter is a bit of a bore but younger readers might relate to some of the challenges people face in the midst of ethical dilemmas, and balancing loyalty with self-preservation or sacrifice. Not a stand-alone novel at all but one you should read if you liked Divergent because Roth does a great job setting up Allegiant, the third and final book in the main story. Her writing is consistent with the first book and it kept me interested enough to move on to the finale – that’s good enough for 3.8 stars.

Tom Clementson (MotleyChronicles.com)

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on November 30, 2015
Here we are. The simulation that led to unaware Dauntless members murdering so many Abnegation members, including all except one of the Abnegation leaders is over. Many of the remaining Abnegation members, along with a few former Dauntless members and one notable Erudite deserter (Caleb) are now taking refuge with the Amity. The Amity have decided to remain neutral in this fight. They have announced that anyone from any other faction who requests it can take shelter with them. The rules are simple. No conflict and no weapons. And they are going to announce their decision to the Erudite. But will the Erudite go along with this?

Our heroes can't stay with the Amity for long. It just isn't safe. But where to go? Some Abnegation will remain, disguised in Amity clothing and hidden from the Erudite and their Dauntless traitors. Others will find refuge with the factionless, who are, surprisingly, more organized that any of the others realized. Our Dauntless protagonists will go to the Candor, where the loyal Dauntless (those who are not Erudite traitors) are now staying.

Then what?

Insurgent takes the Divergent story in a slightly different direction. Full of action and plot twists, it continues the story brilliantly.
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on April 24, 2014
Wow. I just can't even think straight right now, okay? Just give me a sec please.... (5 hours later, jk)

I now understand why a lot of people love this trilogy. I mean, the ending of this book was perfect and I can't even describe all the feels I went through throughout this book. I wanted to hit Tobias so much sometimes and then others I wanted to hit Caleb, Jeanine, Tori, Christina, Cara, Shauna, and almost everyone I disliked at least once in thisb book.

And then at the end when there was nothing they could do to save her?! Holy son of a Jesus! Why?! Uriah had to lose both of his only long time friends, like really? Ugh

But at least the evil woman is dead and the truth is out. Maybe, just maybe Tobias won't have to fight his mother. Maybe, just maybe Caleb will stop being a jack ass. Maybe, just maybe Uriah will find someb peace and finally be happy again. Maybe, just maybe Tobias and Tris can finally be happy together and there won't be anymore obstacles in their way. Ohhhh why do I feel like everything is going to be the exact opposite of what I just said?
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on March 6, 2014
This is my week of exploring the world of Veronica Roth, captured in the books of the Divergent trilogy. I remain solidly in the four stars rating after reading Insurgent, let me just start off with that. Roth continued the pace set up by the first book of the trilogy and her world grew stronger with the revelation of new and interesting twists and turns. This review will have some spoilers (unavoidable in subsequent series book reviews) so if you haven't read Divergent, I urge you to do so first.

Still, Insurgent also solidified my deep dislike of the romance angle. I admire both Tris and Four - but together they seem weakened. All the strength that Roth built up with Tris's training and testing in Divergent seemed to be taken away by admiration for a boy. More so than admiration, out and out lust. I'm sorry, but I find it supremely unbelievable that in the middle of all the chaos taking place in Insurgent, anyone's mind would be on finding a corner to make out in. Especially considering what all Tris goes through up until the end of Insurgent.
That little rant over, let me talk about what I really loved in Insurgent. I loved that Roth kicks it up a notch. Just when I thought I had things figured out, she sweeps aside the dust from the foundation she built in Divergent and begins to build the first story of the house. That first story remains pretty solid, given the foundation that was laid out. Without the groundwork done, there were a few elements of Insurgent that would have come off as weak or far-fetched, but I really didn't have a problem believing in the story, which honestly surprised me. I found myself really and truly buying in to what I was reading.

Insurgent is one of the more strong middle books I've read in a trilogy in quite some time. There was a definite plan laid out and movement toward an end goal, something I really appreciated. I put down the book thinking that it gave me something to mull over and, had I needed to wait for the third book (but I didn't so yay me), I think Insurgent would have given me enough to tide me over.
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