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on October 12, 2014
This set includes the trilogy, along with the extra book titled, "Four". I actually recommend reading Four first. It's the comets set. My 13 year old triplet boys started reading this series in school. They couldn't stop talking about it, so I bought this series for them, and I even read it myself. It's very, very good. The movie is pretty good too; although, the books are a lot more detailed. I highly recommend this series. I would caution for younger readers as the two main characters have some heated moments. Nothing that heavy, but on the line. I wouldn't want my 8 year old reading something like that. I hope this review has been helpful for the parents out there. All in all.. Definitely a great series! A Must Read!
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on March 28, 2014
People almost universally love the first two books and I agree so I'll leave it at that. Many people hate the 3rd book for two reasons: the ending, and lack of differentiation of the two main characters. I disagree concerning the ending. It was quite complex, very human and a real commentary on war, conflict, human society and healing. I just wasn't Hollywood. I slightly agree about the two main characters not being differentiated. The narrators voice is quite similar to Tris, so when we are in Tris's head, it feels quite natural and you get lost in the character. When the narrator moves into Tobias's head, the voice doesn't shift enough, isn't distinct enough. This made it difficult to feel that you were experiencing a different character. However, this error was mitigated by the fact that the 3rd story was just as engaging, just as complex as the first two. For this reason, I remained engrossed in the story though I recognized that there was a problem with the differentiation. It just wasn't a big enough problem to separate me from the experience of the story.
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on July 15, 2016
This was an interesting read for me as an adult who has three children, two who are neurodiverse; and as a woman who has physical disabilities. I was able to draw parallels in how society treats autistic people, who have evolved naturally, as well as anyone who has other neurological differences and disabilities apart from the sociological ideal of what a human is supposed to look like. It shows exactly what Eugenics is about, and the dangers it poses in crushing and disposing of individuals who may not be what's wanted based on what they think these people represent and are, but are valuable nonetheless. There some truth and insight into the amorality of using humans as experiments.

That's what kept me involved in the series. The storyline itself, if I ignored the syrupy love story, was decent. GMO humans? It's where we're headed. The writing was all right, but not top notch. I would say that the writing level was sophomoric, but not so terrible that I had to put it down at times.

What made me hate the fact that I purchased the series versus borrowing the series and paying nothing was the ending. I effing hated the ending so much that I threw my Kindle across the room. Don't worry, it landed in a pile of dirty clothes that were on the way to the laundry. ::sigh::

I've been watching the movies, which I enjoy quite a bit.
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on July 3, 2015
I'm only about three quarters thru the fist book, but have to admit I'm enjoying it much more than I had expected. As with most books that were adapted to film, the movie cut out some interesting stuff - Saw the first move before reading the book. I'm the kind of person who normally doesn't like to read...unless it is like 2am, then I can't stop reading. The pacing of the story is good, easy read (doesn't jump around, doesn't have clunky "stop and go" feel). Only issue I'm having with it is trying to differentiate between what I've read vs. what I saw in the film... throwing off the timeline.
The set is nicely sized (just fits height-wise on the shelf). The slip covers have nice artwork, but the'll have to be removed during reading, they are very loose fitting on the book and the books fall out rather easily.

Edit* I'd give it 4 1/2 if it was an option, but it isn't so the stars stay at 5... for now.
Okay, so now I'm just about 115 pages into the 3rd book - really enjoyed the 1st and 2nd books...but, I'm not fully enjoying the shift in writing style for the third one (the story is still good), but the author has decided to switch the POV between Tris and Four, basically gives one a chapter, switches to the other for a chapter, back and forth. It makes the flow a little murky at times - if I put the book down for a while before reading again I have to go back and see who's POV it is. Wish Roth would have just stuck with the same style as she did in the previous books. Sure it is nice to "see" what is going on with him as Tris is off doing her thing, but it doesn't have the expected flow and it kinda has a stop and go feel to it.
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on April 9, 2017
I had never heard of these books and accidentally watched Insurgent the movie one day and thought it was kind of weird and confusing. Later I learned that it was actually a trilogy and I had watched the second one first and had no background/basis for any of the story. I am one who likes the books 99.9% of the time so I decided to go ahead and buy this series so I could read it and I did in 2 days (all 3 books plus the Four mini books).

Divergent - Like many others, I really enjoyed this book and loved the world that Roth created with all the character background. I feel like I need to go into a ton of detail since I'm late to the party and a lot of people already have. I totally bought into the romance between Tris and Tobias/Four (enigmatic, strong, but broken young man attempting to be courageous and try to save others, including those who hurt him).

Four - I really liked this addition, it's probably my second favorite of the 4 'books'. Since I am a girl, I don't know how men think inside their heads, but I really enjoyed the prequel and additional explanation of the world - faction, initiation, why Eric and Four didn't get a long and their initiation class, etc.

Insurgent - The book was interesting, but I still liked Divergent best. It did hold my interest and I continued to read it even though I did get annoyed with some of the characters. I liked learning that there were more divergents and that there were brave people attempting to infiltrate the Erudites/rebel-Dauntless and fight for 'freedom' or order in their world. Tris was a guilt-ridden teenager who kept it in instead of talking about it with others which is what I would have done, but I supposed she has learned to be more introverted from her upbringing.

Allegiant - Honestly, I was not a huge fan. I thought it was a let down experience after this world was created and built up only to have it be a complete fabrication and something that could be 'reset'. It would have been cool for them to go outside the wall and had the fringe people come back and fight with them or something of that sort, but just having this all powerful government in the ORD airport was really weird. I just couldn't get into it. Also, knowing there were other cities that weren't 'experiments' allowing them to just do these huge experiments on thousands of people didn't sound plausible. Even though Four got all weird and kind of pathetic in the middle of the book, I still hated him hurting so badly at the end. I did like that Roth added some parts about love, that Tris realized she chose him and chose to love him no matter what and they chose each other through the good and bad times. I did not understand why Tobias would ask for Tris' opinion and then not even care what she said, but also, she should have worked on her explanations and been more open with him also - perhaps I'm expecting too much of 2 teenagers that have been traumatized and probably have PTSD.

Overall, I just got them a week ago and I read all of them in the first 2 days (hard to do working full time and having 2 babies but I hate not knowing what happens... then after Allegiant I was like meh... I guess I kept hoping that it would get better but then it was over and I felt kind of empty/unsatisfied with the ending/how their world was utterly destroyed and made into something fictional even in it's own book. Since I finished I read Roth's blog on why she ended it the way she did and I understand why she had Tris' part the way it was, but I still think their world could have been built up more instead of suddenly becoming an 'experiment' and being confusing. I feel like it was like the Truman Show but nobody was flipping out other than Four about it (and his lack of real divergence which was weird too) and if my whole world was a hoax, I think I would have had needed some serious time to figure out how I felt about it all.

After I read other's reviews, watched the movies in order, I re-read Divergent and Four and I still like them, but I would probably not read Allegiant again since it kind of ruins the whole experience for me as it tears their whole world apart and doesn't really feel 'finished' when the book is over. Something would have happened to the people running the experiment, they couldn't have been the only ones who were concerned about pure/damaged genes since someone obviously was funding the project. Confusing and inconclusive but I'll probably re-read Divergent and Four again... possibly Insurgent but avoid Allegiant.

I liked Allegiant the movie better than the book, Four still was manly and determined to save everyone. I did like the Divergent book better than the movie. I can't really decide which version of Insurgent I like better, but I felt like the movie was kind of confusing, especially if you had no background from the first movie/had not read the books.

They should definitely make a Four movie though featuring Theo James, he was a great Four character.
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on March 31, 2014
Some spoilers ahead!

I'm torn. There were some things I liked about this book, but it also felt kind of anticlimactic. I was at least expecting a big epic battle to overthrow the whole system and government, especially after being disappointed when there was no epic factionless uprising. I mean, why aren't people more upset and generally PISSED OFF that their whole existence was monitored, that their whole lives and society were basically fake? Instead they just accept it. Other reviews mention several plot holes and factual errors concerning the genetics and I do agree with osme of them. Roth definitively should have done some more research in this area. As a result, there is a sort of unfinished and rushed feeling to the book.

One thing I did enjoy though, was the romance between Tris and Tobias. I was really rooting for them and so I was even more devastated when Tris died (I kept fearing for Tobias to die) and they never got to explore their relationship further in a (at least more) peaceful setting. Reading about Tobias' reaction and what followed was just heartbreaking.

That being said, to some extent I understand why she felt like she had to sacrifice herself. At the core of herself, all Tris really wanted in life was to make her parents proud of her and in the end she did. But it was also SO STUPID!!! There would have been plenty things she could have done in honour of her parents were she alive! More even. And also: never ever EVER DROP YOUR WEAPON IN THAT KIND OF SITUATION!! I mean, come on! Seriously!!

Then again, I guess it's more realistic and (this word comes difficultly, bitterly) better if the ending is not 100 % perfect with everyone surviving, being happy and generally deciding that even though they endured gut-wrenching, heartbreaking and mentally straining duress it was a good day all in all.

As a whole: I have mixed feelings.
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on April 1, 2015
Okay. A lot of people are staying that they didn't understand the conflict or the reason that Roth had Tris die. It doesn't matter if you didn't understand. That it'd what happened in the story. Also, if you read this series, you are reading OUT of the comfort zone of most book reading. It is a given. Some people are saying that they didn't understand the point of view. Well, it is simple. One: how was she supposed to have Tris die aft the end if she was the only point of view in first person? That would have been the end if the series. Two: there are other books where the whole series is tottering between characters in each chapter. If your mind is too elementary to understand this switch, maybe you shouldn't have been reading in the first place!!! Three: done are saying that the romance got cheesy, but the reason for this is because we are in Tobias' mind half the time, and you expected him to be a rock-hard man with rock-hard thoughts. I respect how Roth made his thoughts realistic.
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on November 9, 2013
I devoured the first two books in the series, and I own them in book and kindle form, but I couldn't even finish Allegiant. As an English teacher who loves discovering books that will excite my students, I enthusiastically recommended Divergent to many people. While I still believe Roth is a talented writer who crafted an extraordinary world and beautiful characters, I now feel the need to apologize to everyone I encouraged to begin this series because I was so disappointed with its conclusion.
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on March 2, 2015
I won't review the story itself (one of my all-time favorites!), that's been done. I also loved reading the stories based on "Four". Some of them were based on the same incidents as experienced by Tris, but these are all from Four's perspective. As with many books there are differences when compared to the movie, so if you've seen the movie before reading the books don't be surprised.
What I thought it would be helpful to point out is that this particular boxed set also comes with a small booklet/pamphlet called "World of Divergent" that gives the reader a bit more insight into dystopian Chicago as well as the author's choices and reasoning behind things like Faction Names and the main character's names, In the pamphlet you will also find an invitation to "Choose Your Faction" - a seven question quiz, followed by your test results - the faction you should be most suited for and why. "Trust the Test". Also included are Manifestos for the five Factions, and lastly a few quotes from the third book "Allegiant". An added treasure to the set itself.
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on April 22, 2017
The books and story are pretty good. I definitely didn't expect to end the way it did, but it's good that it wasn't typical.

*Slight spoiler* One thing I did not like about this series is the over dramaticness of Tris and Four's relationship. I get it, all couples fight, but I feel that some of their behavior was a bit petty. Many of their fights could havr been avoided if they were more straight forward and open about things. This is just my opinion/taste in books.
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