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4.6 out of 5 stars
Divine Canine: The Monks' Way to a Happy, Obedient Dog
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on April 24, 2014
I love the Monks of New Skete and have read all their books. However, I could have stopped at The Art of Raising a Puppy which should be required reading for anyone thinking of getting a puppy. This book was a fun read, but reading about these 8 or so different dogs didn't help too much with raising my own. If you want your new puppy to get off to a great start, buy The Art of Raising a Puppy (read it several times) and skip this one.
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on June 14, 2015
This book deals with individual dogs causing real problems for their owners who took their dogs to the 'Monks of New Skete' as a last resort. It very clearly shows that no two dogs are the same and, more importantly, it points out that there is no ONE way to correct and 're-program' a dog to accept pack leadership from a human. The nature of dogs is that 'THEY WANT TO PLEASE' but clearly shows that we have to earn the respect of the dog as a true 'Pack Leader'. It is a good companion publication to their book, 'How to be your dogs Best Friend'. As a Dog Obedience instructor for forty five years I found it supported the same thought that I have been teaching all these years but often with enlightening subtle insights.
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on October 27, 2015
I loved this book. I've had a trainer taking an interest in my out-of-control Malinois, always sharing with me what my dog was thinking, how he needed me to take over being the Alpha. I just couldn't understand how to get from Point A to Point B with my dog. This book was exactly what I needed. It filled me in on just how to get from having an out of control dog to becoming the Alpha in his life. I read the book while on vacation to India and came home with a lot of confidence on recreating my relationship with my beautiful dog. I'm no longer feeling run over by my rambunctious dog. We're setting new rules both for in the house and for when we go outdoors. It's a gradual shift, but a very welcome one.
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on February 19, 2018
I love the book but it came loose in a package with canned dog food and sustained some damage to the back of the book. I think Amazon could be more careful with items like this when they are loose in a box with something heavy and rough like canned dog food.
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on February 8, 2014
I cannot say enough about "the Monks" except I want to spend months with them just to watch their magic !!! What a loving , humanized way to train a dog. Each with stories , examples, step by step instructions. They wrote this book in a manner that provides the softest and most humane way to train your dog. I've read so many "dog" books this was so truly enjoyable and I've learned so much !!! It was also so easy to implement their recommendations with my dogs and I was so pleased that their methods worked like a charm. LOVE IT !!!
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on January 15, 2009
I have four dogs and have had multiple dogs all my life. This is has been the most helpful book for me in training my dogs ranging from Weimareiner to Bull Terriers. It was recommended to me by two professional dog trainers and now I see why.

Case Studies Provided by Breed & Temperament: This book is well designed in that the authors provide case studies of different breeds and temperaments of dogs. All the dogs in the case studies are older and most have behavioral problems. Some of the breed outlined are: Bull Terrier, English Bull Dog, King Charles Spaniel, and Labrador Mix. If you have a bull dog or terrier, this book provides extensive examples how to deal with these independent and more stubborn breeds such as using more treats to motivate and giving them more play time before training to keep their interest.

Details Photographs Show the Commands: The training programs show detailed step-by-step photographs of how to perform the commands. Each case study is broken down in sections that make the process easy to follow. The photos show in detail how to teach a dog to "Stay" and "Heel" which are two commands that I did not thoroughly understand how to train until I read this book.

Specific Behavior Issues Addressed: There is also a section to address specific behavior problems as well. What I love best about this book is it discusses how the basic training program can be tailored to dogs depending on their behavior and temperament. The authors give thorough and specific examples of how to deal with temperaments such as dominant, apathetic, stubborn and high energy to behaviors such as unresponsiveness to commands, jumping up on guests and aggression to name a few.

Best Tips I Got from This Book: One of the best tips I got from the book, was to keep a young unresponsive dog (my Mini Bull Terrier) on the leash in the house, until she was fully responsive to all verbal commands. It has worked as now she is off the leash in the house and not nipping at my children which was her most offensive behavior before I started this program. The suggestion of using a 30 foot long lead to train for the "Come" and "Retrieve" commands has been extremely valuable to me. Beginning the training in an area that does not have distractions for the dog was also been a great tip.

I highly recommend this for people who want to obtain a better relationship with their canine companions and to gain control of their household again from an unruly adult dog.
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on May 18, 2014
I was once owner of an anxious, difficult-to-manage dog, and found Divine Canine the most helpful literature I met during the time I was searching for answers. There is little of a "dog whisperer" approach here-- more solid, and very clearly illustrated, step-by-step principles that work for a well-disciplined, well-managed, happy animal, from puppyhood to adulthood. I very highly recommend this work for anyone who cares about their dog's behavior.
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on November 27, 2009
This is an excellent read for the novice to dog training. Although the experienced trainer might be slightly less impressed, my guess is that most will find it a truly enjoyable set of accounts. Because it is written in a case study format, you are allowed a window into the lives and issues of individual dogs and their owners. Although not as philosophical as, or a substitute for "How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend", it includes a synopsis for basic training at the end. Initially, it looked more like a eye candy than a substantive account of the Monks at work, given the preponderance of color photos, but it turned out to be a fine text filled with nuggets of the Monk's wisdom.
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on May 11, 2013
This book is a great set of "case study" type situations of various issues and how the monks handle them. They do tend to get repetitive and after a while, you've gotten the idea with out having to read every page, but it is full of great thoughts and ideas on training. I do wish they would address aggression a bit more. I bought the book because I had an aggressive dog that needed work.
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on December 29, 2013
We lost our beloved pet in Nov and we are still toying with the idea to get another dog. Haven't determined what breed but this book helps with all breeds and addresses the mistakes made by many dog owners, myself included. Hoping to use what I learned reading this book to have an even better human/canine relationship.
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