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on November 11, 2013
I have had this case since March 2013 after I had to painfully spend $200 for repairing a cracked screen. I have been postponing the review until this last weekend when something pretty unique happened and then...I had to say something.

I was on the second floor of a supermarket, seating by the railing, overlooking the food bar downstairs. As I was getting ready to enjoy my lunch, I placed my purse leaning against the railing. After a smooth movement of mine, my phone popped out of my purse and I watched in slow motion how my phone made its way down next to the dumpling pots, barely missing two older ladies.

I asked a lady to watch my lunch and immediately ran downstairs to retrieve my phone thinking 1) how lucky I was that it didn't fall on anyone's head 2) it was the end of it. To my surprise, IT WAS INTACT!

So, after last weekend's experience, I highly recommend getting this phone case. I'm starting to think that either Chuck Norris or MacGyver's DNA was used to fabricate it.
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on January 15, 2015
The DIZTRONIC fits and covers the Optimus G LS970 in all the right places. Corners covered (some similar looking tpu cases do not -- those are made for a nearly identical phones with antennas). Thin but protective tpu at edges of screen so you can set it face down, but still use the edge of your screen. I've bought about ten of these for different phones and this is the only one that seemed to have anyone thinking about whether it would work before they struck the mold and churned out thousands.

AND AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Those expensive ones that trap your phone, dudes wear them in holsters, Humvees on the hip...they're just that, Humvees: false, expensive and self-destructive security. They break your buttons by applying constant pressure and compress the housing of your phone. I've fixed 3 phones that used these super cases, and the damage was only that which was inflicted by the case. The phones looked brand new, so did the cases, but when you open them up, the wires are crimped and the buttons have no spring, and often the digitizers just stop working even though everything looks fine.

So get the DIZTRONIC, and don't try to save 3 dollars getting one that looks the same.

It's a very handsome case, too. Makes your phone look like it cost your even more than hundreds of dollars. And svelte.
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on September 2, 2013
Reluctant to go caseless (or worse, use the ugly LG bumper case) after a few fortunately non-destructive drops, I ordered this case. It arrived in 3 days, and I've not gone back since.

The OG is a thin, pretty phone, and this case doesn't make it much thicker, nor less good looking. Its design allows wider USB plugs that the LG bumper case did not, and I'm not worried anymore about the phone resting on the camera pod. The case is thick enough to make the power button non-accidentally-pressable, and the volume buttons and quickmemo feature still are accessible very easily. Both microphones remain uncovered, but if you have the Korean version, you'll notice there is no antenna hole (like on the LG bumper).

There's nothing wrong with this case at all. It's no Otterbox, so it won't offer the best-in-class protection, but it comes up a few millimeters above the screen of the phone, so a drop on the face won't set you back a couple hundred dollars anymore. It also is quite grippy (think soft-touch plastic, like the HTC One X's or the EVO 4G's backs) so you don't have to worry about dropping your phone as often as you did when it was just slippery glass.
I am enjoying it, and have been for about a month. No visible wear or tear, and other than the somewhat tasteless logo on the back, I have no gripes.
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on July 5, 2013
Goodbye Otterbox..... Hello Diztronic. Diztronic cases in general are really the best way to go if you are looking for decent protection from scratches, dents and dings. I used Otterbox cases for years and then realized that they add a lot of bulk, are overpriced and make my phones feel like I'm carrying around a shoe box. On top of all that, I am very careful with my phones so I am not prone to dropping them. I don't think I ever have dropped a phone. So I went with Diztronic because of the price and reviews.

If you are prone to dropping your phone, you might want to go with one of the many dual layer cases like Otterbox, that provide what they refer to as "maximum protection" but if you are the normal user that is not prone to dropping your phone, Diztronic provides the best protection along with the best fit for a very reasonable price. It makes you realize just how overpriced many other cases are. I don't like too much case since I like the style and feel of a phone that is naked but I don't feel comfortable laying the naked phone screen down on anything for fear of scratching the screen protector and have to keep replacing it. This case provides a rim along the screen to protect it when you lay your phone screen down without adding a lot of bulk and unsightly decorations to your phone.
I recommend it and will buy one for all my phones.
Great fit.
Great feel and texture.
Attractive, not over the top look.
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on October 30, 2013
This case is definitely worth the money, especially with free shipping (as part of a larger order). Very nice and tight fit, sharp looks, good protection, no extra bulk. The big problem for me was the protruding camera lens cover on the back, and with this case it's recessed just enough to keep it safe from scratches. I can see how it may be peeling off screen protectors at the edges, as other reviews indicated, but I don't use screen protectors, so it's a non-issue for me. Different design for the volume and power buttons seemed a bit strange at first, but after some time I can really appreciate the cutout for the power button, which makes it much less prone to accidental presses. Very smart! Sorry, but minus one star for a lack of grip on the sides (it's a bit more slippery than I'd like, but still much better than a naked phone), and for the logo on the back (hey, I understand the importance of branding, but personally always prefer clean unmarked, unbranded accessories). Overall a great buy, no disappointments.

My case was for Sprint/Rogers/Telus/Bell models. However, the same case will also perfectly fit international E975, and Korean F180, as they have the same physical specs.
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on April 6, 2013
I did a lot of research on cases for this phone (which isn't saying too much because there aren't a lot of options to begin with), and I've found this to be a great buy for a few reasons.

1) It covers the phone perfectly! It's not bulky at all which is great if you like to keep it in your front pockets like i do without announcing to the world you have a phone in your pocket.
2) I can't speak for how this case works against falls because i have yet to drop my phone (knock on wood). I will say though that this case allows you to confidently handle your phone because it takes away the natural slipperiness of the phone.
3) It does NOT, and i repeat, DOES NOT cause unsightly air bubbles on your screen protector. If you spend some money and get the good one G the brand name escapes me now but it is something like 13 dollars), you will have no problems with this. I did at first notice ONE area that would get a very small, almost unnoticeable air bubble where the power button is, but it's as simple as lifting slightly the side of the case and pressing down and there you are, no more air bubbles...really don't see what the big deal was to begin with.

All in all I'm super pleased with this phone case. It's not 30 dollars like the otterbox and it's perfect for this phone. Get this one. You will not be disappointed.
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on November 21, 2013
Other reviewers like this case because it is not rubbery and will not stick to your pockets. For me that is what I don't like. I keep my phone in my shirt pocket and want the case to be rubbery so that when I bend over to work on something the phone will not slip out to readily. This aside the case is easy to put on and is a perfect fit to the Optimus G for Sprint. I am thinking of putting some tiny stick-on rubber feet on the back to help it stay in my shirt pocket before my first ah crud moment! If you don't keep your phone in a shirt pocket I think you will really like this case.
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on February 7, 2013
This thing is great. It's protective without making the overall size of the phone a lot bigger. Phone still slides in and out of my pocket with ease. After three drops from heights greater than 4 feet, my phone is still undamaged and working like a champ. It seems to be just the right size, and still allows easy access to the buttons. Case has a firm grip on the phone, but it is still easy to remove when it's necessary.

A couple of negative points: If you keep your phone in your pocket, the case seems to accumulate a lot of dust and debris near the openings on the case (where the power cable plugs in, the button cutouts, the headphone cutout, the camera cutout, etc.) and I find myself taking the case off and cleaning things out roughly twice a week. This is not a big deal as it takes all of 30 seconds to disassemble, clean, and reassemble. But it's something to be aware of. Also, why only three colors? Black, hideous pink, and hideous silver. Expand your color palatte, and watch these things FLY off the shelves.

All in all, a fantastic case. Don't think about it, just buy it.
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on August 16, 2013
You need not waste time looking any further. Everything a man looks for in a case is included in this one. Us guys, like to put our phones in our pockets. Trouble with that is rubbery ones get hung up. Not this one! It protects the phone but is a material that doesn't get stuck to fabric. Next, it barely adds any size to the phone, yet it does add just enough so you can lay it face down without scratching the surface. Yeah, the Optimus G has some kind of Gorilla glass, but you could still damage it.I don't even have any kind of screen need for it. Did I mention I've had this cover on since mid January of 2013...7 months so far, and as I look at the cover, it looks like new still aside from a little spot here and there. Lastly it fits super snug over the phone and there is no problem accessing all the buttons etc.Hope this saves you some time, I can't imagine anyone being unhappy with this case on their LG Optimus G.
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on July 10, 2013
I have had many phones in my time because I am techy and just get bored of having the same thing. I purchased an LG Optimus G. Now the phone is amazing the only problem being is I'm big on having a good case and this phone just doesn't have many good ones. Well I stumbled upon this case and I have to say that I love it ! The construction is amazing while keeping the lightness and effectiveness of a TPU case. I have had other TPU cases and the coating seems to fall off very quickly, but not this one! Already about a week with it and I can say its an amazing TPU case. My only Con would probably that Diztronic doesn't make bigger cases. They would make one hell of a good case if they tried to make bigger case.

My final thoughts : Is it worth the 9.99 I payed ? Hell to the yes and I would do it again if I needed another TPU case. Always consider Diztronic for your TPU case you will not be disapointed!
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