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on December 21, 2011
I have used several types of phone covers over the years and this is easily my favorites. I work out of my car and sometimes drop my phones. Case in point, I dropped my GN today - a 3 to 3 1/2 foot drop with the corner of the phone hitting the pavement. It was a hard hit but my phone was well protected. The screen is completely in tact (no scratches even without the screen protector) and the phone itself is like new. The cover has taken some damage but still looks professional.

- great phone protection
- the cover fits snug over the phone, but is easy enough to remove to exchange a battery if needed.
- volume rocker is more sensitive with the cover (good when you are trying to change the volume)
- very easy to slide phone into pockets
- just enough tactile feel to hold comfortably
- low profile / thin cover does not add significant bulk to the phone
- does not attract lint

- volume rocker is more sensitive with the cover (bad when you are trying to hit the power button, but keep changing volume (and the screen just won't shut off). This is more of a (slight) con that I have with the GN in general (button placement) but is heightened with this cover
- less tactile feel than rubberized covers (phone with this cover will still slide off of notebooks, paper, etc (and this is the reason why I dropped my phone today). I do not blame the cover, as I am just used to a rubber phone cover with my previous phone).

additional thoughts:
- I also felt the screen cover was a lint magnet and was difficult to put on. I had far too many lint bubbles and abandoned it entirely. I feel the case was worth it without the screen so I am not taking away a star for this.

I highly recommend this cover for the GN (LTE, standard battery). It provides great phone protection, is professional looking, and is easy to use. It is not perfect, but is a great product for the price. I would give it a 9 out of 10 (4.5 stars) if I could.
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on October 3, 2013
I had had this exact case for my previous phone (Galaxy Nexus) and was very pleased with it. So when I got my new phone, I ordered one for it (Nexus 4). It was great, until I tried to plug in my earphone and it would not go in all the way. I sent Diztronic an email and they said they would pass on my issue to some guy named Clay that was out of state. Three months later and clay must still be our of state, because I have not heard from him. I purchased a similar case from Mercury and then had the same issue but this time with the usb port. When I contactedMercury, they sent me out a new one that fit. I did like the Diztronic better than the Mercury simply because I wanted flat black and Mercury only sold gloss black. But at lease I can use Mercury case where I can't use the Diztronic. Maybe by now, they are making the holes bigger.
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on December 20, 2011
I've never liked cases for my phones as I feel they add unneeded bulk, esp. with large phones. I never used one for my DroidX but with my Galaxy Nexus I viewed a case as a necessity as (1) For some reason the phone feels very slippery and I've been afraid since day one that I was going to drop it, and (2) Whenever I turn the phone on/off I seem to pretty much always hit the volume button too due to the way I hold the phone. I received the case fits PERFECT and it looks really nice. I love the matte black with the gloss around the screen.

I originally had Revision 2 with the covered volume buttons and it was annoying, so I ordered Revision 3 and it's awesome. The cut-out for the volume buttons was much needed and I recommend this case to anyone who has the Galaxy Nexus.
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on May 8, 2013
I have 2 Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones from Sprint. I was worried about this product because of some people saying that it didn't fit, that it seemed designed for the extended battery, etc. These reviewers either have an older version of this product or they were doing something wrong, because both of the covers that I bought for our phones fit perfectly. It doesn't increase the size of the phone in any way that seems to matter. I really like the glossy front facing edges as they fit with the character of the phone, while the matte finished sides and back make it much less likely to slide out of my shirt pocket.

This is a really good case.
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on December 23, 2011
*UPDATE* My only complaint was the lack of a volume button cutout and when I emailed Diztronic they offered to ship me a "Revision 3" case, with a volume button cutout, as soon as they become available in early Jan 2012. Apparently the volume button was supposed to be cut out the whole time, but the factory misinterpreted the instructions on the first production run. They didn't even ask me to ship my old case back, all they asked for was my order number to prove I bought one from them. Excellent customer service on a quality case; they listen to customer complaints, make changes, and upgrade previous customers. Buy it (or wait until early January and buy Revision 3 w/ cutouts). *UPDATE*

I have the Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus with the stock battery, and while everything in this review probably applies to the GSM version or GSM/Verizon + extended battery, I cannot comment on them from experience.

When I initially read online reviews for this case I saw a few people complain that it was tight on the LTE version or didn't fit properly, and I almost didn't buy it because of this. I don't know what they are talking about unless they got a defective one.

This case fits great and offers a sleek/conservative matte black finish, which does not show dirt or smudges easily and can be cleaned with water + cloth if you get something on it. All the necessary holes (except volume, which I will address soon) are cut perfectly, and the case is snug but not challenging to put on or take off, which was important to me because I need to be able to easily access the battery door when I want to swap my spare battery. This TPU case is a good middle ground between soft and hard cases. It is has a slight rubberized feel so it is shock absorbent, yet it feels pretty rigid and strong once on the device, and it is not a lint magnet or difficult to slip in/out of pockets like many silicon cases. It also adds minimal bulk to the device, which was a major attraction to me and something that caused me NOT to buy some of the cases I saw in-store when I bought my phone (many, like the Incipio Silicrylic, were high quality but took too much away from Galaxy Nexus' flattering form factor).

I am very pleased with the case, and plan to stick with it, even though I originally bought it as an interim case until I had a chance to compare/research the best "brand name" (SEIDIO, Otterbox, Incipio, etc.) cases.

My only complaint is Diztronic's choice to have the volume rocker covered in TPU/Silicon, as opposed to cutting it out like every other port/hole. This seems to be a common complaint, but some people have made a much bigger issue of it than I found it to be. You can still turn the volume up/down just fine, but it lacks the tactile feedback of a real button and I didn't like that. I elected to use an art knife (X-Acto knife) to cut out a hole for the volume rocker myself. TPU is durable but easy to cut with a sharp blade, and I was easily able to make a volume cut-out that I was happy with. You could also use a drill/dremel to make the hole, which might be even easier/cleaner, or just leave it if you don't mind not being able to fully feel the volume keys.

Bottom line: for under $10 shipped I would buy this case again any day, and it probably even stacks up to some of the $20-30 cases.
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on January 6, 2012
Just wanted share that I am very pleased with this case! I avoided getting a case for my Galaxy Nexus for quite a while because, well, I hate cell phone cases. But after a few weeks of use I decided that the GN is just too thin and slippery to not have some sort of protection.

This case fits great and looks good too.

And even though this product page still says Revision 2, I actually got the Revision 3 case with the volume cutouts. (Placed my order on January 4, 2012 -- see the picture I uploaded.)

The case does add just a bit of bulk to the phone, but really that's what I wanted. I can get a much better grip on it now, especially when holding the phone with one hand. And the port cutouts make for handy finger rests, like the laces on a football.

My only tiny disappointment is that the case is very smooth. Perhaps that is what most people want. I, on the other hand, was hoping to have a little more texture and stickiness.

Oh, and be sure to take their advice about getting into a dust free environment when putting on the screen protector. I ignored it thinking I knew best, and I ruined the installation. But that is completely my fault. The protector looked great. I actually wish they sold the screen protector separately here on Amazon.
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on January 11, 2014
I picked up one of these last week to replace a Ballistic case I'd been using for close to a year. The Ballistic case made the phone practically bomb-proof, but also made the phone unnecessarily bulky and heavy. My InfiniApps magnetic mount struggled to hold the phone with the Ballistic case on, so I decided to look for something lighter that would still reasonably protect the phone.

Enter the Diztronic, which despite being very light and slim should offer a decent level of protection in case of a drop. I'm also pleased to report that this case fits well even with the Samsung extended battery and InfiniApps steel plate installed. I can't comment on the screen protector since I didn't install it, but it seems like a run-of-the-mill cheap protector.

All in all, switching from the monstrous Ballistic case to this one made me feel as though I'm using a whole new phone. I still find myself nearly flinging the phone into the air because I got so used to its weight with the other case installed. My only concern, of course, is how this case is going to fare when I inevitably send it on a nasty trip to the pavement. The Ballistic case a few bad drops without flinching, hopefully I will be able to say the same for this case.
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on May 13, 2013
This case fits my Samsung Galaxy Nexus i515 very well even with its Samsung extended battery. It has a very comfortable matte finish around the back and most of the sides, and this matte finish makes it very easy to slide into my pocket (which is unlike many silicone cases which do not slide easily). The small rim at the front of the case is glossy, which not only makes the phone easy to hold by its edges, but it also makes the case+phone combination look very natural from the front as the glass and glossy edge both reflect. The glossy edge is slightly higher than the glass, and so there is always a small buffer between the phone and any surface it's sitting on even when the glass is facing down.

There are cutouts in the case for all the buttons (power and volume), ports (headphone, USB, and pogo), speaker, and microphone holes (including the noise cancellation hole).

The TPU case is a little thinner than your average silicone case, but it is not as thin as some other snap-on cases. Consequently, the added thickness makes the covered phone impossible to use with the standard Samsung docking accessories. Still, I think the TPU covering has all the right trade-offs. In particular, it's thick enough to protect the phone from scratches, and it is flexible enough that I believe it will provide some level of shock absorption if the phone is dropped. The phone pops into the case without having to flex the case much, but you can certainly turn the case inside out if necessary -- it's very flexible while also holding it's shape very well. If you do take the case on and off of the phone, the tight fit around the middle of the phone can loosen, but it is nothing substantial.

I've had a Diztronic TPU case on another phone (HTC Rezound) and was very happy with it. The one thing I did notice is that the area between the rim of the case and the screen protector was like a little chasm that could grab and hold onto small dust. Additionally, if your screen protector is installed too close to the edge of the glass, the rim may be able to rub up against it and dislodge the screen protector.

On the subject of screen protectors, I did not try the screen protector that comes with the case. I used a Ghost Armour flexible wet-apply shield (which is very similar to a Zagg wet-apply InvisiShield).

For the price, I really don't think you can beat this case. It's a tremendous value -- great quality. I'm very happy with it.
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on June 12, 2017
This TPU case is awesome. I've owned many for many different phones, but this is easily the nicest. The back is matte black that feels like soft touch plastic, and the front is gloss around the screen. It seriously feels nicer than any TPU case in hand that I've ever used, and looks better than any other to boot. Very much feels like a "premium" case. The ports are perfectly placed and it fits the GSM version like a glove. Definitely 5 stars.
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on July 17, 2012
I've always avoided cell phone cases because I didn't like the added bulk. With the Galaxy Nexus and its large glass screen, I figured I should get something to help absorb some of the shock if I ever dropped it. Based on the reviews and customer images, I picked this one since it looked like it didn't make the phone too much thicker and I'm extremely happy with it. It adds just enough material to make you confident that there's some protection there without disappointing you by making your new thin smartphone three times as thick.

Based on reading older reviews, there seem to have been some issues with older versions of this case involving the cutouts for various openings and buttons. All of my cutouts are well-shaped, clean cut, and centered over the objects they were cut out for. There is an obvious seam where the case transitions from a glossy texture around the screen to a matte finish on the back of the case, but it's not obvious enough to be annoying.

The screen protector is nothing special. I'm still not completely convinced that a glass screen requires a plastic screen protector to prevent scratches, but I put it on anyway. After two weeks, the screen protector had a fairly obvious scratch with some annoying chromatic dispersion. This takes nothing away from the case itself, since the screen protector is separate. The case will work with any aftermarket screen protector as well.

After several months with this case, I'm 100% happy with it and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for light protection for their phone without much added bulk.
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