Customer Reviews: DKnight Magicbox Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Single) (Black)
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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
Color: Black|Change
Price:$19.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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****[UPDATE #4]******
The speaker has now been updated! My video review now reflects the new version of the product that has been updated. No longer is the annoying voice there and I find the sound quality to be better! Once again. this truly is an amazing value for the money. The unit is very portable and works flawlessly. It does take a little longer than some speakers to turn on, but that's easily overlooked when you experience the sound quality. I would like to point out to the manufactures that they should consider making a larger model as well for consumers that are looking for BIG BIG BIG sound for a room. Maybe something the size of a shoebox.
****[UPDATE #3]******
I was contacted by the distributer and told that this speaker is going to be updated soon. They are removing the voice of the man that speaks and replacing it with a simple "BEEP" tones. This will make the speaker great!

****[UPDATE #2]******
It's been about 6 months since i originally purchased this speaker and I still love it. You honestly get used to the weird man talking when you turn it on and in fact some of my friends love it.

****[UPDATE #1]******
I have now had this for about 2 months and I love it! I have this in my kitchen and I use it every day to listen to music while I cook and clean. It's so small and discrete that most people can;t even figure out where the music is coming from. I still love this thing a lot!

First of all, I have tried out a lot of different bluetooth speakers and for the most part, I was satisfied with them all. I thought this would be similar but man was i wrong! This makes all of the other bluetooth speakers that I've listened to in the past sound terrible! This speaker honesty had the sound quality of speakers four times this size. The highs are crisp, but not overpowering, the mids are tight, and the bass is punchy.

-The initial charge period (for approximately 0% battery to 100% was roughly 3-4 hours)

✅ - Sound Quality
✅ - Size
✅ - Portability

❌ - The one thing that I was not a fan of with the speaker was that it literally talks to you. It says "bluetooth on" and other things like that. I found this to be kind of obnoxious for my tastes

Overall, this speaker has incredible sound quality. The only drawback is how it talks to you
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on December 16, 2013
DKnight asked me if I would like to do another review of their new Magicbox II Bluetooth Speaker. I told them I would be happy to, and so they sent me their New and Greatly Improved Magicbox II speaker. I have reviewed their first one and their second one which in my opinion were great. But as I mention in the video they did not stop there. They listened to all the comments and improved this model so much that you can feel the solidness and weight, not to mention the Amazing Sound Quality. They also added Separate controls for the Volume, a HD speaker for the Phone, A Gold Plated audio jack and gave it a standardized micro usb plug similar to many smart phones. I like how you can answer your phone directly from the speaker, and how when you disconnect the call the music starts back up. The people I talked to through the speaker did not even know I was talking on a speakerphone! If you have purchased one of these in the past, I would suggest getting this new one and gifting the old one. They have all had great sound, yet somehow DKnight has found a way to make it even better! Great Job

When a company takes the time to listen to their customers and make changes that everyone will appreciate it just gives me more confidence when making a purchase. DKnight does this and has proven they will continue to bring high quality at a very affordable price. I hope you enjoy my video and as I mention, feel free to ask any questions and I will try hard to find you an answer.

Take Care, Grandpa Jake
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on August 10, 2014
This speaker is really inexpensive and before I received it, I had my doubts about how good it would work and I was totally wrong! This speaker even works with my husbands 4 year old smartphone, it works with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and connects with out laptops and Ipad Mini super easily.

The volume that comes out of this little speaker box is tremendous and I don't say the word tremendous very often but that is exactly what it is! We took this on vacation with us and it didn't take up a whole lot of space, it was the perfect way to listen to music and connect with our different devices.

The rechargeable battery gives about 10 hours of playtime which I think is decent and the USB charger makes it really convenient!

I use Skype a lot and the speaker is perfect for skype calls which means my whole family can talk to my relatives in the UK without having to sit around a computer.

My favorite element of this speaker is the ease of use, it only has a few buttons making it super simple to use!
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on January 19, 2014
Add on to all other reviews, I'm so impressed already with the sound feature and function of this box. Yet, I'm even blown away to find out that the Nokia BL-5C battery is the main "internal" power source. It's hard to pull out since they don't make an eject mechanism or a pull tab for it. Just use your finger nail or something thin enough to pry the batter cell adjacent to the TF card slot to get it out.

Use your finger tips to pull out the plastic cap and open the right side of the box. The side that has the on/off switch. If you take a look closely (on the front) it has a dent mark for pulling out of the whole back-end plastic cap/case.

Once it is opened, you'll see all the ports in bare view. Adjacent to the TF card slot *is* the rear end of the Nokia BL-5C battery. Try to get it out and you'll see that it's a complete generic battery cell.

It's a pleasant surprise because we can replace the battery quite easily, or even bring additional cells for longer picnic/camping trips. And these cells are very cheap of all sorts generic or genuine OEMs. It's up to you to buy extra or replace when needed.

This is an added bonus that the product description should mention. The current description keep saying it has a "built-in internal" battery. Which doesn't give me hope of added flexibility for replacement & extra cells for extended uses.

This box is a 6-star from me.

UPDATE: 09/01/2014
- The manufacturer has gone cheap on this model. I found out from a friend who just purchased this recently. They have soldered/wired internal battery now instead of the BL-5C cell. It won't be an easy job to replace the battery now. Appropriately 4-stars.
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I so wanted to give the Magicbox a full 5 stars, and only one minor annoyance kept me from doing so. First of all, the audio quality is first rate to my ears, especially for such a small speaker. Sound clarity was excellent, bass notes were thumping without getting muddy, and the maximum volume was almost at the hurt-my-ears level. Pairing was quick, with the Magicbox being recognized as "BIGBox" by my Nexus 7 tablet. The controls on top of the speaker worked well to adjust the volume, pause the music, and to advance/go back in my playlist. As for the Bluetooth range, I moved the speaker around, and it played everywhere in my house, even upstairs, without any dropouts. I also hard-wired my Nexus 7 to the speakers with the included 18" 3.5mm audio cable. It worked very well, but in this mode, the volume, pause, and forward/back must be controlled from the tablet or phone.

There was just one small annoyance. Whereas most Bluetooth speakers use a simple tone and colored lights to signal that the speakers are ready to pair and when the Bluetooth connection is broken, the Magicbox uses a man's voice (English, with an Asian accent). Moreover, the voice was very loud. The manufacturer emailed me with instructions on how to lower the volume, and when I did so, the volume was lower, but it was still a little weird to use a voiceover instead of a beep to do this. The manufacturer says that they will correct this in new shippings.

But that was the only negative issue I had with the Magicbox, although I should mention that the blue color looked a bit garish to me, so I recommend the black color.

A USB charging cable is included, but I didn't see any charging information in the user manual. The 800mAh internal battery could be recharged from a USB port, but I also used a 5V~0.85A charger for an hour or so, and there were no problems.

A product sample was provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.
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on October 26, 2015
Well, you get what you pay for. This speaker worked beautifully for the first 5 months, I was pretty pleased with myself for being such a bargain hunter. There were generally good reviews for it, and I thought that one bluetooth speaker is just as good as any other; it looks like the one I really want at least. Fast-forward, 5 months later jamming out to my favorite tunes when the speaker stops working mid-song. All the reseting and on/off finagling I could think to do, checking the volume, turning off all other bluetooth electronics, nothing worked. The speaker shows that it is connected to my phone/computer (not at the same time) and still refuses to play a single note. I had a iHome bluetooth speaker that worked for 3-4 years before the rechargeable battery finally went out, but never had a problem with it connecting to my devices.

I would have given this thing way more stars, but seeing as how it stopped working just 5 months into ownership I think that I'll just leave this one star as a warning to others: you get what you pay for, look for speakers that have a longer life and ultimately save money and hassle. I mean, come on. You're better than this and your time more valuable than to spend it messing with sub-par electronics and writing out your disappointment online.
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on May 5, 2015
4/5 Stars!! Would Highly recommend. Overall, this is much better product than many that are priced twice as much. Easy to use, excellent quality, super speaker system!!!! However, if you want to use this for Skype or phone calls, I'd recommend a dedicated microphone.

- Crisp, clean, loud audio
- Very loud speaker system for indoor or outdoor use
- Excellent bass!
- Bluetooth 3.0 connectability to all devices
- Lightweight, small, yet very solid build
- Easily plug any device into the 3.5mm port
- 8-10 hours of playtime on a single charge
- Play directly from the TF Card slot
- Easy to use, large buttons with newly added volume buttons

- Microphone still sounds like you're underwater
- Difficult to tell where the microphone is located
- Computers require that specific bluetooth drivers be installed. If they aren't you have to hunt them down and manually install them. (I used these
- Micro USB cord is a bit on the short side (but since it's included, can't really complain)

DKnight asked me if I would like review the new, updated version of the Magicbox Bluetooth Speaker, which of course I was delighted to do so. With that said, this is a completely unbiased review and will only give my honest opinions.

The updated Magicbox is everything it says it is! A wonderful, compact, bluetooth speaker with incredible sound and bass!! The little speaker not only has a cleaner, more crisp sound to it, but the bass really explodes when turned up.

I was quite pleasantly surprised by the new volume buttons that I had previously requested in my last review. So it is really great that they are taking the time to listen to the customers and do everything they can to make their products better and better. What a fantastic and responsive company!!

With the new updated model, it seems they've done a great job of improving practically everything. Can't say how impressed I am with the added changes!

Now on to the things that I'd say still need a lot of improvement.

When you get the product, unwrap it, then charge it fully. If you are on a desktop computer that does not come with Bluetooth natively installed, you will need to go online and find the proper Bluetooth drivers to download and install. Without these, Windows will use generic drivers and they will not work with this device.

I used these drivers and it worked fine, but took a while to find the device and install them.

The microphone is quite hard to find, so you don't know where it is to get the most volume from your voice. When you do talk into it, it is quite muffled. Still an improvement from the last model, however, there is still a lot of room for improvement on this function. I'd recommend buying a dedicated microphone if you want something to talk over Skype or the phone.

And lastly, while it's not a big deal, the included micro USB cord is a bit short. But for the fact it comes included anyhow, it's a great deal!

Hope this helps you out. If it did, please vote so :D
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on February 25, 2015
This portable speaker system is GREAT! I am very pleased with the sound and the value. I have 3 portable speakers, that I compare this to, I also have Oontz Angle, and Jawbone Jambox [small not mini] This DKight MagicBox is definitely the best of the 3, and it also cost the least of all three. The sound quality of this DKnight MagicBox is better than the Oontz because in same size room [my office] it fills with more sound and volume is slightly higher. Outside near the pool I think the Oontz has more volume or can be heard clearer while I am cleaning the pool better than the MagicBox. This is comparable in sound quality to the Jambox but at a 1/3 of the price. Mine does not have the voice audibles that some reviewers mentioned. Another reason I like this MagicBox more than the Oontz Angle or Jambox is that is has a Micro SD memory card slot that can store MP3 files and play direct from the MagicBox. So if I don't want to use my smart phone, tablet, or iPod to stream music, I can play music directly from a memory card [see pictures] Thus only one device to carry. I loaded a few folders or albums on a 32 gig class 6 SD Micro mem card, , put it in the "TF" slot, and it immediately reads and plays whats on the card in alphabetical order of the file folders and then track numbers in those folders. I highly recommend this portable blue tooth speaker to others, the price cant be beat [I paid $30 here on Amazon]

Great value, a very competitive price
Quality of sound is great for a small portable speaker
Easy to use, simple pair without codes or extra steps
Ability to play from memory card as well as bluetooth device

Directions are not detailed, however not much to learn or know, its quite simple
The USB cable is a bit short, but works fine
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on March 12, 2015
I purchased this product back in September. At first it did exactly what it was supposed to do. Decent sound quality, battery life left something to be desired but that was ok because I really only used the speaker when I was doing things in the bathroom/getting ready in the morning. However in the following months the battery life got worse, to the point I couldn't unplug it and now the speaker is pretty much unusable because it keeps cutting in an out while connected to Bluetooth. I am not one to complain or post negative reviews but I would not buy this product again and I would not recommend it to anyone.
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on November 1, 2014
This is a pretty good Bluetooth speaker. If I could rate it at 4.5 stars I would. But there are a couple of shortcomings I think could be improved and still maintain the price point. Let me start by explaining my use case, which might be different than yours.

Without getting too deep into things, I have to drive a rental car about 100 miles each way one or two days a week for work. I rely on my smartphone for navigation, traffic alerts and re-routing, music and conference calls while on the road. While my Samsung Galaxy S5 is a fantastic phone, speakerphone volume and sound quality is not one of its strong points. Many of the rentals have no way for me to connect the S5 to the car stereo. And, of course, I can't make any permanent changes to the vehicle. So I needed an easily transportable way to get decent audio out of my Samsung GS5. I have owned and used over a dozen different headsets, both wired and wireless. I find the best quality are the wired, over the ear headsets, but these are also the most troublesome to use when driving a vehicle. Recently I've been using the LG Tone Pro headset, but I'm not happy with the music quality (no bass) and am still concerned about the ear buds blocking critical outside sound (sirens, horns blowing, etc).

I also had a Jabra Freeway bluetooth speakerphone, but I still found the volume to be a bit too low for my needs. And the Jabra got stolen out of my Jeep a month ago while I was parked topless/doorless at a shopping center. Not wanting to spend $60-90 on another mediocre solution I decided to look at bluetooth speakers. Again, since there is a real and unavoidable risk of theft, I didn't want to go extravagant. At $30 and free 2-day Prime shipping, this DKnight Magicbox looked like a good solution. I ordered the product late on Thursday and it arrived Saturday morning. (Even at $99, it's hard to beat Amazon Prime!)

1. Unboxing the speaker, I found the speaker itself in good condition, a small fold-out instruction pamphlet and USB charging cable. Unlike some other speakers, there was no protective bag to store the speaker when not in use. Minor issue but possibly something worth considering. I'll have to find a friend who drinks Crown Royal and get one of those velvet bags.

2. The speaker uses a Mini-USB port for charging, and includes the appropriate cable. With the exception of Apple, the entire cell phone industry has standardized on Micro-USB. This means I have to remember to pack a Mini-USB cable with me at all times in case the battery needs charging, and if I forget the cable it will be unlikely that I can find one to borrow. *** I consider this to be a significant enough design flaw to deduct half a star. ***

3. The power switch protrudes quite a bit from the side of the speaker and has sharp edges. I don't mean sharp like it can hurt you, as that's certainly not the case. But sharp as in the switch could easily snag on other items in your bag and be switched-on if jostled. I'm also a little worried that if something pressed hard against the switch it might get pushed-in and break. A rounded switch that is more recessed would help prevent the speaker from being accidentally switched-on.

4. The speaker is small and the design is simple but esthetically pleasing. The top and bottom panels are rubberized, which helps keep the speaker from sliding around on the car's dash but also holds fingerprints, dust and dirt easily. Fortunately you can just wipe these marks off with a damp microfiber towel. Except for the plastic panel on the side that holds the power switch and input jacks, the rest of the speaker is surrounded with a metal grill. Size, for my needs, is perfect; it will fit in my carry bag easily and not block my view out the windshield when placed on the dashboard. Overall it looks pretty good.

5. Pairing to my Samsung GS5 was quick and easy. The instructions do not say whether it can be paired with more than one device, but I was able to pair it with my work-issued iPhone 5s after turning-off Bluetooth on my GS5. However, only one device can be actively connected at a time. This is fairly standard so no points off, but it could cause some confusion if the wrong device connects. To avoid problems I unpaired the iPhone.

6. The sound quality is pretty good for the size of the unit. The volume is surprisingly loud, and the audio doesn't break up at full volume. Sure, there's some distortion and the bass can't keep up with mids and treble at high loudness, but really the quality is surprisingly good at high volume. My main concern is to be able to understand people on conference calls and I have had no problems at all with this speaker, even at high volume in my noisy Jeep. Obviously, with tiny speakers about the size of a silver dollar you're not going to get audiophile-quality sound. But the sound quality is perfectly acceptable IMO for a small (6x2x1.5") speaker you can carry in a pocket and use all day without recharging.

7. There are four buttons on top to control the speaker. Reverse and Fast Forward controls music, and holding either of them down for a few seconds adjusts the volume. The speaker volume is independent from the device volume, and when both are set high the speaker is actually too loud for most situations. There is a play/pause button, and a larger button for answering phone calls. The buttons are not illuminated but they are raised and you can definitely feel the difference in size for the phone button. So I'd rate ergonomics as satisfactory.

8. It takes a while to charge the battery fully. The good news the speaker works while being charged. I haven't yet performed a battery run-time test on mine, but it easily lasts 3 days of intermittent use.

Overall recommendation: Unless you are willing to pay $100 and put up with a larger-size unit for high-quality music performance, the DKnight MagicBox is a great little Bluetooth speaker at a great little price. There are few minor areas that could be improved, most notably switching from Mini-USB to Micro-USB port for charging, but don't let them hold you back.
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