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on December 13, 2012
I read an article recently that burglars are more likely to smash a window than try to pry it open because if a neighbor hears the noise, they'll stop and listen for the second noise. When none is forthcoming, they'll go on with what they're doing and someone is in your house.

I have a couple of windows on the side of my house that aren't easily visible because of a privacy fence and I wanted to alarm them for broken glass (this device does NOT detect someone prying your window open - that's an entirely different alarm system). When my order for this product arrived I read through the instructions and it's quite easy to arm the device for placement - I'll just note that they didn't arm right away because the instructions didn't tell you to open the battery pack and remove a tab. I figured that out on my own and as expected, the LED on the unit flashed, and then beeped, and they were armed.

You peel the sticker on the back and stick them on the window. I liked that the back of the device has a warning sticker stating that the window is alarmed - any bit of extra security is good. They adhered very well to the window and as I have double-paned windows I put the alarm high on the lower pane, then gave a thump to the upper pane and the alarm went off. You really don't need to alarm both panes but if it makes you feel better go for it.

I like that the LED doesn't stay on, which helps conserve battery power.

For the price this is an excellent layer of security to have. It isn't so sensitive that it gives off false alarms in a heavy wind, but it definitely responds to a significant vibration to the glass. Very happy with the product.

UPDATE 6/1/13: In a recent hail storm, the vibration from the hail (not very large hail, perhaps nickel size) hitting the windows set off the alarms. My neighbor came running out on her front porch with her phone, ready to call the police. These things work.
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on March 17, 2017
Love these window alarms!! My 2 year old pounding on the window will set it off, he was our test to see if they worked ;) They also alarm when the window is closed, so they are very sensitive to any vibration of the window. But they come with an on/off switch, which saves the battery life, and since we only arm them at bedtime we don't have to worry about accidental alarms going off all the time.
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on April 2, 2015
We were robbed & assaulted during December 2014 and further security devises was necessary to Arm ourselves with doberman window alarm. I purchased 12 units to install them on all windows and was surprised of the loudness of the siren alarm and ease of installation.
Unfortunately the cleaning lady " borrowed " 4 of those units from the windows w/o our knowledge and i had to replace them quickly.
The units arrived today ( 5 days prior to promised delivery time) and were quickly installed.
The am sure that when the intruder make a plan to break the window , they will be faced with scary loud noise , they will think it twice.
It was the cheapest way to buy extra security , i also gave away two widow units to a soldier's family who were agitated by the recent criminal activities in this area.
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on September 17, 2017
Burglars usually want to get in and out as quickly as possible without attracting attention to themselves. The longer they stay in a home or place of business, the more likely they are to get caught and arrested, shot, bitten by a dog, etc.

These simple, inexpensive window alarms can serve as an adjunct to other security measures such as door and window locks, security cameras, maintaining good visibility from your street, neighborhood watch programs, etc. These are very simple devices that aren't connected in any way to any other device. They can't send you an email, call the police, take pictures, etc. They just make a bunch of noise. The idea is to produce panic and confusion so that an intruder will abort the break-in and leave. If you have neighbors who are home, they may also hear the noise and call law enforcement or take other appropriate action.

If a break-in occurs when you are home, these alarms can alert you to it immediately even if you are asleep. I believe that these alarms could provide a few extra precious seconds for me to formulate an appropriate response in the event of a nighttime home invasion.

I stuck three of these on windows on the most vulnerable side of my house, plus one on my front door because I don't have a security door. If someone forces the door open (e.g. by kicking it) they will be greeted by sudden loud noise. I have found that suddenly opening or closing that door can trigger another Doberman on a living room window in addition to the one on the door (because of the sudden air pressure change.) When I leave the house, I have to be very gentle with the front door lest I trigger the alarm.

The only Con I have found so far is that these alarms may be too sensitive for some situations, and their SENSITIVITY IS NOT ADJUSTABLE. I have had one on a window go off without any obvious explanation. My best guesses are that either a bird bounced off the window, or one of my cats jumped up on the sill and bumped the glass hard enough to trigger the alarm. I am a little concerned that a windstorm could produce enough movement to set them off. (I have an older home with largish windows that are made from rather thin glass. They rattle around a lot.) I suspect that someone knocking hard on the front door could also trigger the alarm.

Be sure you understand that that a window that has no kind of physical security device and can be slid open gently will not be well protected. Triggering the alarm requires a bump of moderate intensity. Breaking the glass would be highly likely to set one off.

For the manufacturer, I suggest that you make an updated version with some form of sensitivity adjustment. Even a low/medium/high switch would make these a lot more flexible, though I am sure it would require a higher retail price.
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on September 14, 2017
I really wanted to like these as a supplemental security feature (bought 9) but after installing them, they are now all turned off now and nothing more than a security advertisement sticker on my windows (may deter some novice burglars at least?!). Every one I purchased within the first couple days of activation had false alarms at very inopportune times (baby napping, family sleeping, read a book, eating dinner, etc etc)... either I have really big bugs that hit windows or these things can detect earthquakes around the world; while I fully believe I may have had false alarms from maybe a bird hitting the window or maybe my family made a noticeable bang in the house that would trigger the vibration sensor in the alarm but there were several times when I would be in the same room, not moving, no loud noises on a T.V. or something, and did not hear any bang from a window to indicate something from the outside hit the window, but these would still just randomly start sounding. So at the expense of knowing 1-2 times per day a very loud noise will just randomly sound (with young children nap schedules to consider or the family sleeping), these are now all off. I tried to give each sensor a "second chance" to account for maybe some are more sensitive than others, but they all ended up giving false alarms after several attempts.
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on September 10, 2017
Didn't work as advertised. Did not respond to window vibrations and often didn't respond to window movement. I'm very suspicious of all these positive reviews I see here on Amazon. Here's what the ad says '"DETECTS WINDOW VIBRATION - Instantly alerts you of a potential break in with loud 100 dB alarm". Unfortunately the company's on website says its for window break, not normal vibration from a break in. Useless on a 15 pane window.
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on September 14, 2017
Second time buying this. Happy to see its offered in white, to match my window moldings. Tested it out, it works as advertised. Opening windows gently or sliding the patio door slowly won't activate it. But faster or rougher movements will activate it. There's been times I've forgotten to slowly open the patio door, and the thing went off.
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on August 28, 2017
A thief recently stole some things out of my yard. My wife was greatly upset and scared that they would come back. We bought these to put on the windows in the back of our house along with motion lights. These little guys are loud!!! I know it's not the same as having ADT, but it helps us sleep a little better at night.
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on May 10, 2017
They definitely work! Maybe a little sensitive, but just be aware where you place them. Great for DIY home security.
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on May 24, 2017
Simple to install and they work! A little too well one night. We had a big thunderstorm one night that actually shook the ground and it set off two of our alarms. We are happy with them. I will be purchasing more to send to an older relative that lives alone in a ground floor apartment. Would definitely recommend.
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