Customer Reviews: Dockers Men's Alpha Khaki Pant
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on June 18, 2012
Slim fit chinos are somewhat of an enigma in men's style. Brands like Unis, Left Field, and Wings+Horns offer slim fitting chinos that are mysteriously expensive for the quality. Enter Docker's Alpha Khakis. I bought three pairs of these when they were first released, and wore them to death. The tagline "where jeans end and khakis begin" was pretty cute, but I never thought it would actually hold true for me - I wear these FAR more than the denim I used to go to everyday. A few notes on the Alpha Khakis:

Waist: For those with an athletic build or thicker legs, these pants will feel tight. However, keep in mind that these can stretch significantly if you want them to - up to one inch in the waist. I measure 32" at the waist, but when I first bought these at 32, they were way too tight. I returned them for 33" which fit very snugly (still a little too tight), but decided to see if they'd stretch out. They do in fact stretch out after wear and they now fit very comfortably. In retrospect 32" would probably fit me if I wore them long enough...In any case, buy these either true to size or 1" more in waist depending on how thick your legs are.

Leg: These pants fit wonderfully through the leg without venturing into skinny-jeans territory. The leg opening is perfect - a little more narrow than what you'd find in Levi's 501, but wide enough to wear with Oxfords/dress shoes.

Length: I would suggest purchasing 2" more in length as these pants are great for cuffing. The hem, unlike normal khakis, are relatively narrow (a little more than half an inch, just like the hem you would find in normal denim) which makes cuffing look good (I personally hate the really thick cuffing that you see in a lot of magazines but that's just me). There is little to no shrinkage in the length.

Value: These are absolutely the best pants in value that I've purchased in recent memory. Right of the package, you can tell that the fabric is more robust than your average khaki (they're designed to be as tough as jeans and they certainly feel like it). I've tried on high end chinos before and the Alphas give them a run for their money at 20% of the price. I think these were so popular that when Docker's first released them, they sold out within a few weeks. When you buy these, you'll be wearing them everyday for years to come.

I wish there were 6 stars ratings reserved for wonderful products like this. Very rarely do "mall brand" companies nail a product like this. Pick up a couple of pairs and save on shipping....if you buy only one, you'll probably want to buy more!
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on May 4, 2015
I noticed a small rip-threading out from the zipper area. See below. Everything else is great!
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on August 27, 2011
Dockers mailed me a free pair of these, so I figured the least I could do was write a review. To summarize: 5 stars because they're comfortable, I really like the cut, and the seem durable.

-I really like the fit. I prefer slim-fitting, tapered pants, and Dockers seems to have hit the mark on this particular cut. I wear a 33x30 typically, and these are spot-on, with just the right leg openings at the bottom.
-Seem more durable/rugged than my other Dockers chinos. But the lighter color means I won't be changing my oil in these bad boys.
-Really comfortable, and if they "break in" as much as the advertisements suggest, I think they'll be a regular in my wardrobe.

-I still don't think they're a "jeans replacement." For work, their color means stains, etc., they're just not quite as rugged as jeans, and there's no other comparative advantage over tried-and-true denim. For fashion, they look a lot like normal chinos, so I can't see why I'd prefer them over jeans in a jeans-appropriate setting.
-The double-button waist is nice, but I'd prefer metal buttons and a button-fly on pants that are supposed to be this durable.

Amazon has them for less than, and I think they're well worth the $45. If you're skeptical, just wait for a sale: Dockers has them pretty frequently.
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on July 26, 2012
Been looking for a pair of pants to supplement my APC denim when I want to wear something lighter in warm weather. The Dockers Alpha pants have gotten some attention from style blogs because apparently Dockers sent a bunch of people free pairs of pants to review. After receiving my pair that I purchased through Amazon (Dark Pebble 32x30) I have a few thoughts to contribute to those looking for a versatile pair of pants that can be worn like denim. First, the fit of the Alphas is great as far as khakis go. Usually khakis are loose, even when labeled "slim fit", with a drape similar to dress trousers. The Alphas are cut like a slim, european style denim. They hug the legs close and will be a little higher in the crotch and rear seat area. This was a fit I was looking for and am happy in that regard. I also like the color selection and the coin pocket on the right side. Nice touches.

However, the areas I am not happy with are first, the material of the pants. The cotton used is rough and cheap feeling. Perhaps I can wash the pants several times to soften them up, but I don't think that would solve the problem. In the Alpha's actual retail price range (not Amazon price), I expected the material to be closer to something like a J.Crew style chino; soft and on the mid/heavy side of weight. In my opinion, the material on the Alphas is comparable to Old Navy khakis; rough and crinkly like a cotton tarp (not to be confused with the rough fabric on work pants like Dickies which will soften over time). When I wear the Alphas, the area behind the knees and around my lower thigh immediately create spiderweb-like creases. The material doesn't have much give if I squat down - I feel like my knees could rip through the fabric. If I get on my bike and attempt to pedal, I'm conscious of the thinness of the material around my knee and obviously, elsewhere. The pants don't appear like they could handle abrasion on a day-to-day level without getting holes. I suppose if I was to just wear the pants to an office and sit or stand most of the time, I would be less concerned, but I work as a photographer so I'm sitting on studio or location floors, squatting a lot, working with lots of grip equipment and so don't think I'll be keeping the Alphas around to test out their durability.
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on August 7, 2015
I like the pants, I really do. The problem isn't the pants, it's that elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. Returns. I had second thoughts about buying clothes online, I think everyone does a little, but I decided to trust Amazon to take care of me and bought these pants anyway. I received them today and was excited to try them on. The fabric is nice and thick and they are cut really well. The problem is in the crotch area where there just look ridiculous (I'll try and upload a picture). I can't wear these to work and doubt I should wear them anywhere.

So, I called amazon, hoping to work something out and the person that I spoke with was super nice. Her name was Heidi. Anyway, Heidi and I discussed my options, and long story short, i shouldn't have bought them. Due to my work schedule, it is really difficult to get them to ups somehow, so I have to keep them (Yay!) But they don't fit (Boo!!). You probably shouldn't buy clothes online either, especially if shipping anything gives you nightmares. :/
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on December 10, 2015
As I write this review, I am draped in this marvelous leg vesture. Chuck Palahniuk once wrote "You are not your f---ing khakis", I beg to differ. He does not know what he's talking about. He has yet to clothe himself in this cotton covering.

I have become my khakis, they became my synecdoche.

I am now the "khakis dude".
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on March 10, 2015
I'm somewhat wide and short so I was extremely surprised to find such nice fitting pants as these. They seem to fit people with other body types as well! I had previously cheaped out and purchased a pair of D1 slim khakis which did not fit slim on me at all, but these fit perfectly and are very stylish. The fabric is a little thicker than the D1s and are comfortable. Not much else to add that other reviews haven't. Definitely spend a little extra if you are going for the slim look and are looking at a pair of Dockers!
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on January 19, 2015
For slim fit pants I usually go with 30/30 so I bought black ones size 30/30. They felt nice on me but it was slightly long. For the question, "how does this product fit", it doesn't have the option for being slightly long so I went with "somewhat large". The wrinkle at the end of the pants because it was long on me really bothered me so I went ahead and returned it and bought 30/29. I liked the way it fitted so much I actually bought one in black and another in grey heather. The grey heather is lighter in person than what is pictured, so that was a bummer. It looks more like the stover print asphalt color. So like other reviews, beware, colors or what is pictured may look different in person. Even if the grey wasn't darker than I wanted it to be, it was passable for me.

Even getting a length size down of 30/29, I still had that wrinkle at the bottom of the pants because it was too long look. So I searched again if they had 30/28 but nope they do not have that size for these colors. Cuffing pants isn't my style. So I was on the verge on returning these but after trying them on again and wearing the tops and shoes (sneakers and casual shoes) I normally wear, it wasn't all that bad so I ended up keeping them. I haven't wore them outside the house yet but when I do I will update this review. The darker colors like the black ones I got catches fur and lint pretty easily, but then again that's with almost any type of khaki or dress pants with dark colors.

So far it feels strong and the material is loose enough to move around comfortably. I could see why these could be worn daily instead of jeans. It highlights your back side, so the ladies may notice them more. I really hope these will last since they are not cheap pants to me. They're probably the most expensive pants I've bought since I usually buy pants in the $30 range. We'll see if the price is for these type of Dockers are worth it. I have different pairs of Dockers which are cheaper and feel just as nice but I admit these Alphas are something slightly different.

Edit: I bought my 4th pair but this time I ordered 32x29. Wow I should have gotten this size for all my pairs. It fits so much better than the 30/29 that I've ordered. So overall I have Black 30x29, Dark Pebble 30x29 (favorite color so far), Grey Heather 30x29 (way lighter than the picture) and Hurricane 32x29 (dark blueish dark grey). I'm about to wash them for the first time, so I'll see how that goes. Overall these are my favorite brand of pants.
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on August 10, 2015
had these for about a month. purchased when they were on sale for around $20. honestly they are only worth around that price in my opinion. the fit on these are fantastic. quality seems good as well. solid construction. so why the 3 stars?

after a few washes i noticed a bunch of random white lines around the pants. might have been due to the way the fabric folds when in the washing machine. i would becareful with how you wash these pants. i suggest washing inside-out and on a low-medium cycle. the fading/lines would be reduced i would think. i expected more on a pair of pants that retail so high. i own two pairs and the lines appear on both pairs so it wasn't random.
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on January 11, 2016
I have been wearing Dockers Alpha Khaki pants almost exclusively for the last 4 years. They are affordable, durable, look great, and most importantly, they fit me like no other pants I have ever worn. Hope that they never stop making these!
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