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on August 21, 2015
So I've always been active and on the skinny side (6'1", 185 pounds); however, lately I've put on quite a bit of weight (I'm up to 209 now!!!) I've never much cared for Dockers, as they tended to be too tight across the groin area and too constricting in the thighs. I must say I'm overjoyed with the fit/feel of these Comfort Waist D3 Dockers! They're a bit looser across the groin/butt area, they seem to be roomy in the thighs, and best of a;;? They have "fat guy waist straps"!!! This means that even though I've put on some weight, I can still fit into my 34x34 pants!!! They're comfortable and the flat fronts look good (my wife has said she HATES the way pleated front Dockers look on me). So count this as a success! Buy these pants--you'll love them!
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on July 23, 2014
There is some sort of design defect or manufacturing mistake which leads to the left front pocket seam falling apart the first or second time you wear them. My replacement pair just ripped today, on the second day I've worn them. (They lasted one more wear than the first pair.)

They didn't get caught on a doorknob or anything -- I merely put my hands in my pockets at my office and the left pocket seam separated about an inch and a half. That's it.

And that's just how the first pair I bought came apart.

It's the same with everyone else, too: left side, top of the pocket. The right side has no problems at all.

They didn't even make a ripping sound; they just fell apart.

NOTE: These pants have the expanding seams, an ingenious design. They are extremely comfortable. There is just a fatal flaw in the construction.

Not only are these pants extremely comfortable -- they fit perfectly and look great, imo (this is the only reason they even get two stars. Normally they would deserve zero because no pants should rip in one or two normal wearings.)

Amazon was great about the first pair -- no charge; no questions asked; very fast replacement.

We'll see what they say this time.

UPDATE: 9/11/14:
Amazon as usual was great and was willing to do whatever we wanted. We decided to take the refund and keep the pants and just get them repaired so I could wear them again.
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on March 5, 2016
These are a great idea. Construction however was bad. Great part - the hidden elastic waist band makes them look good, but you can move freely. So my guy works grocery and he can look good and bend and lift to stock and they're great, which is why we purchased them. BUT 2 of the 3 pairs I bought ripped on the first wearing - right where the elastic moves to allow expansion. They are the right size, they were not stressed; they were not sewn well. It's a tricky spot and obviously the quality control wasn't there because all the threads were there, they just missed the fabric edge when they were made. Don't waste your money unless you want to mend them. I did but that's tricky too. I would have returned them but my guy needed them.
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on December 23, 2013
I purchased these pants to accommodate my 50ish waistline. My waist is a 32 in size and I wanted the expanding waist with the famous Docker quality that I have come to know over the years. Unlike the majority of Docker pants made of 100% cotton, these are 52% cotton and made in China. I have had the pants for only a few weeks and they are already showing wear in the seat and fading in color. Even worst, I recently placed my hand in the pocket and the seam ripped! The seam is coming undone now quickly and it will be hard to repair the blind seam without the help of a tailor (which means additional $$). I would suggest finding another quality, comfort fit pant to add to your business wardrobe.
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on January 4, 2016
It's hard to give a real review of these pants since every pair of them I own is from a different country and therefore has widely varying quality.

I own two pairs of the khaki and they have both held up for well over a year with frequent use and washings.

I also have four or five pairs of the black for my work and these are atrocious. I've received most of them as gifts since they're not overly expensive but it shows in the construction. After one or two washings it looks like these pants have been worn for years. Washing them in cold water is a must to maintain the color at all.

They also begin to tear and fray at random places. The cuffs at the bottom of the legs are always first. They begin wearing badly after the first use. I've also found that the seams on the rear closer to the bottom/ crotch are very weak. I weigh 150lbs and wear these a little large so there is no tension on those seams. Yet, without fail after a month or two I find myself stiching closed tears that have appeared.

The only consistently good quality is that they run true to size and are very relaxed fit.
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on May 11, 2013
While my husband really likes this style of Dockers because of their fit, we were disappointed that the Khaki pants were lacking all of the stickers, labels, etc. that would have identified them as new. They appeared to have been returned without all of the accompanying labels, etc. We are not sure they were not worn before they were shipped. I assumed that returned items were to be in "original condition" and that would include labels and hang tags. I plan to wash these before my husband wears them, but suggest that new items arrive in a condition that appears as such. The delivered state of this item was well below my expectations.
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on February 26, 2013
They arrived on time and in new condition. The pair I ordered was a replacement for a 6-7 year old pair of dockers that I wear at least once or twice a week and have seen their better day. The new pair fit well and are soft and comfortable, just like the old pair. Depending on the day, the old pair would occasionally be tight and difficult to close. It would also take an hour or so before the fabric would stretch enough so that the waist was comfortable. With the new pair there is no such problem. I also love the way they have hidden the expansion joints so that you can not tell the waist is expandable. The expansion waist is also snug enough that I don't think they will become sloppy with wear but I have not had them long enough to tell if this will become an issue. I have also not washed them enough to rate them in terms of wear but if they are anything like my previous Dockers that will not be an issue.
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on September 10, 2015
These pants are great! The 52/48 blend is soooo comfortable, as is the hidden stretchable waist!!! I've owned two pair for well over a year and wash them in warm water, even though label says to wash them in cold water. I dry them on low temp, even though label says to dry them on medium temp. I "always" have to iron them though. I have NEVER seen a pair of pants that were "wrinkle free" out of the dryer. But I don't spend too much on pants. I would never spend a $100 on a pair that's for sure. I only wish every color came in 31W x 30L!
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on July 28, 2015
I like these a lot. They are much nicer than your run-of-the mill khakis, but not as spiffy as a pair of wool dress slacks. So these work very well in my business casual work environment or even just out and about as they look good with both dress and casual shoes.

I've had a "comfort" style waist in other pants and rather like them because you can get a true-to-size waist length but can still squat down or bend over freely, but I think that rather than a "comfort" waist this is more of a "denial" waist for people who aren't ready to accept that they are actually a size bigger than what they used to be. They fit pretty big everywhere - waist, leg, seat - more so than any other brand of pants I have in this same size. The pants puddle more at my shoe for the given inseam length than my other pants, too, and I found (when ordering a different pair) that getting the inseam an inch shorter than my normal provided a perfect drop to base of the heel of my show when standing. I believe if I order more of these that I will buy both the waist and inseam one size down.

I should note that I also ordered one of the discontinued patterns from this same vendor (same waist size, one-inch shorter inseam), and found that they fit very much truer to size than the other pair. So I am not really sure what to recommend for the waist size yet. This second pair is a discontinued pattern, so I suspect perhaps the cut is different from those that aren't at the discontinued/closeout price. The construction of the comfort waist definitely seems different.
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on May 18, 2015
Please read the reviews...I did not. I ordered three pairs of these pants. I have been a long time Dockers pants wearer. I still wear my Dockers jeans (very sad that they discontinued the first jeans that I could find that fit really good). Well back to the review...I bought three pairs. Took all three on a business/pleasure trip to New York. I did not wash the pants before using them because I ordered them so late (thanks Amazon for fast delivery). The first pair I put on fit like a glove. Best fit I had had in a D3 Classic-Fit pair of Khaki's. Wore them the first day of the trip all great. I put the second pair on on the second day and that evening at a get together I reached in my pants and BOOM the top of the front pocket tore from the waistband. I was shocked. I hoped that it was just a problem with that pair of pants. This was the first time had I worn these pants and they had not even been washed yet. The next day I put on the third pair and same result. Sometime during the first day of wearing these pants I reach in my pocket to get something and BOOM they tear too. So now out of three pairs of Dockers Men's Comfort-Waist Khaki D3 Classic-Fit pants two out of the three tear on the first day of wearing them. As for the first pair that did not tear on the first day...well I gave them a second chance on my last day in New York because they were all I had left. They did not tear completely like the other two, but you can clearly see where they are pulling apart from the top of the pocket. Not sure if it is the materiel or the threads used but something there needs to be redesigned because it is not working. And from NOW reading the reviews it looks like I am not the only one that has had this problem. Come on Dockers you can do better than this and by the way PLEASE bring back the blue jeans. I promise to fill up my closest with a lifetime supply.
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