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on May 2, 2012
The first time I purchased these pants was in a department store, but they did not have a full range of colors, so I found what I was looking for on Amazona as usual. I love these pants! They are made of a heavy durable cotton and are nicely finished on the inside (I'm kind of a snob about how clothes are finished on the inside from having been in the garment business years ago). These pants without a doubt are some of the nicest pants Dockers has ever made from a material and construction perspective (not all Dockers are created equal). They have a reinforced waistband with beaded seems, not something that is seen too often. To top it all off they come cuffed and pleated.

I own several pair and would buy them in the future. The only thing that Dockers could do in my opinion to improve these pants is to add beasome pockets and beaded seems the rest of the pants, but other than that, they are as close to perfect as I think can be purchased.
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on September 22, 2013
I travel extensively and require wrinkle free pants and shirts. I purchased these to replace some Jos A Bank Traveler khakis that were getting a bit long in the tooth. The Travelers is $115/pair of pants - list. However pretty much everything at Jos A Bank goes on sale several times a years for buy one, get two free so the sale price is really actually comparable. I also had some of the D4 Dockers before the Travelers.

I'll start with the good. The stain defender technology on these pants makes liquids bead up like a newly waxed car. As a guy who likes his coffee, this has saved me from a stain more than once. The length is good as well. I like the JABs because I can get a 29 length in my waist. The smallest Dockers length is 30 at my waist, and that works for me. The pants are well-stitched and well made.

Now on to the bad. The cut of the pants as well as the features and functions are severely flawed. They just don't function well. The fit is small and tight. That may be a function of the D3 vs. D4 style. Nevertheless they're very tight all the way through the thighs, almost to my knees. The change pocket is oddly set into the side of the pocket, not the top or the bottom, and change (or medication) tends to fall out while driving or sitting at my desk at work. The waist closure is a double-button, and is hard to button/unbutton.

The colors are a problem as well. The olive/green isn’t very green. It’s closer to a Khaki than a true olive. The black however IS green. Remember how your old inkjet printer made that greenish black by printing all three colors at once? That’s what’s happening here. Levis used a cheap black dye and it shows. These are inconveniences, but not deal breakers.

There are two deal breakers. The zipper is WAY too short, making restroom trips challenging. I can work with the opening provided, but it needs to extend AT LEAST an inch further down to be comfortable. The biggest flaw however is they seem to just be TOO wrinkle-free. They have so much treatment that they defy every attempt by my dry cleaner of 20 years to set a sharp crease. They also fail to hold that crease until the end of the day. I have to re-iron them at the end of the day while travelling just to re-establish the shadow of a crease they WILL hold. I effectively get a single day out of them, as I have to send them out to be cleaned (pressed, actually) after each wearing to get any sort of crease. My D4s, purchased two years ago and which appear to be made of a lighter fabric, have no such problem. I would not buy these again. I cannot recommend them to you. I plan to donate them to charity and replace them with JAB Travelers the next time there’s a sale.
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Nice pants. Quality construction. Feels like 100% cotton Khakis even though it is stain defender.

My only criticism of these is that unlike other Dockers I've purchased (I currently own 5 & many more over the years) the fabric on the dark blue is brushed (almost like a flannel) so they attract a lot of lint, dirt & dust, & always look dirty.

I'm going to have them professionally cleaned & have sizing added to see it cuts down on this. As I said earlier, I buy a lot of Dockers so I like their products but I'm not too happy with this Dark Blue pair.
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on August 20, 2013
I noticed this with shoes too. Their stated size varies from country to country and usually is smaller than over the counter here in the states. While several pairs of the Dockers I purchased at a dept store fit just fine, the same size "Dockers" from Amazon is smaller. I sent the first pair back (fairly painless process) and should have the larger pair tomorrow.
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on November 19, 2012
My husband wear dockers everyday, Black Classic fit - for as long as I can remember. We usually keep 5-6 pairs at a time so this makes them last by reducing wear and wash. However, the last 2 purchases of Dockers have bee a disaster. First of all, 3 pair came cuffed and 2 didn't, all from the same order. It seems in some places Amazon has started isting if they are cuffed or not but after the last 2 orders of being mixed, I don't trust it anymore.

But the worst problem is they last 6 months or less. No matter where I buy them or which cost level from $29 to $54, they all die in less than 6 months.

1. The rim around the waist on top wears through completely so there are white spots and they cannot be hidden. One pair started this after 3 months so I started coloring it in with a black permanent marker, how embarassing, but we cannot affor new pants every 3 months or 6 months.

2. The bottom,whether cuffed or not, has the same thing happen, it just takes a month longer, cuffed wear out on the bottom faster, even though they are shorter.

3. They all are faded, badly faded around 8 months - it has been 1 year since the last batch and they've been faded since around August. We started the two sets - wearable, most days, and special meetings. He now has only wearables left, the worst category because they fit but they have a Sharpie colored in waist , a Sharpie colored in bottom and they are horribly faded.

4. The fabric of the cuffed pants is horrible - it has a felkt-like cheap quality and attracts EVERYTHING, hair, dust, lint of everykind, we go through lint rolls at a ridiculous pace and only use them on his cuffed Dockers. I will NEVER buy them again.

I don't know what to do at this point, Dockers has been his pants for 25 years, he doesn't want to change, can't find the right pants to replace them but they are the worst quality pants on the market, still selling for the same price. If I was given the cheaper option and they go fast, I might choose a more expensive Docker for a few pairs, knowing they would last. But sadley, they don't last no matter how much we pay.

FYI he sits at a desk for goodness sakes, its not like they are getting worn down by a huge amount of activity.
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on February 10, 2012
These pants might defend against stains, but they attract lint! I can't wear them with a sweater without them changing colors from the lint given off by the sweater. They are also a bit tight through the crotch for my comfort. I like the Dockers brand, but I will pass on this style.
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on April 25, 2013
I was trying to duplicate a pair of Dockers that my husband had worn out. I ordered as close to the old ones as possible, although they no longer have the exact same ones, these were very close. They fit a little snug. Amazon was amazing at exchanging the pants and they now fit perfect. The material is good and strong, like Dockers usually are and I was finally able to get rid of his old ones.
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on March 10, 2013
My new Dockers arrived on time and appeared to be as described. Carefully following the instructions from the care label inside the trousers, I washed and dried them before wearing for the first time. Unfortunately, while the trousers did come from the dryer with very few wrinkles, one of the missing "wrinkles" were the creases. Both legs were rendered perfectly round. As they were described as having a "hard crease", I appropriately expected it to be there after washing. This was absolutely not the case. To be made presentable even in a casual business setting, they must now be ironed. Disappointed.
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on December 27, 2013
I really like these Dockers. They fit very comfortably (I have a 38" waist and the size 36 fit just right). They look sharp, and I think everyone should have a couple of good Khaki trousers in the wardrobe.
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on December 25, 2013
Material of the pants is excellent.
Slightly roomy and loose fitting.
Quality meets my expectations.
Very appropriate for warmer climates and if you care more about
Comfort and durability rather than mere looks.
Strongly recommended.
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