Customer Reviews: Dockers Men's Signature Khaki D3 Classic-Fit Pleated Pant
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on January 27, 2012
Not very impressed with these pants. I rate them as fair on quality, comfort, and style. A much better pair of Dockers, one that I really like, are: "Dockers Men's Comfort Waist Classic Fit Pleated Pant" ASIN: B0047N0MEU They're not available in as many colors, but the quality and comfort are much better.

Clothing these days is less about the brand name and more about where they're made. The Dockers I like (B0047N0MEU above) are made in Bangladesh. These Dockers that I'm reviewing here don't say where they're made on the Web page. Which means they're made in several different countries (Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, etc.) which means widely varying fit, quality, and craftsmanship.
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on February 17, 2010
I have worn Dockers daily for more than twenty years...and I have loved them ("Dockers Original Khaki, Classic Fit").

Unfortunately, Dockers has revised its product in all respects. The button closure (which worked well) has been replaced by a clip closure (which is held in place by a half-staple and which tore off on two of two examples within moments of being put on). The waist fit has been made much tighter (despite the misleading label "Classic Fit"). The color has been changed from the classic British Khaki to a grim, drab brownish tan (misleadingly labelled "Dark Khaki").

A disaster in every respect. Poorly made. Cheaply made. A different fit. A different color.

A worse decision than "New Coke."

I hope the morons running Dockers recognize their error and restore the true classic Dockers ASAP. If they do not, their brand is D-O-O-M-E-D.
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on March 25, 2010
Within a month of wearing these, I wore a hole in them where my shoulder bag rubs against my wallet in my pocket. I thought that was a bit odd considering a.) how quickly and b.) how easily the hole formed. All of the cotton (or what have you) came out leaving a patch of white strings. I was astonished with the poor quality of these pants.

I kept on wearing these for two more months with a stupid whole in them so I could feel I got my money out of these. Until today that is. While out at the grocery store, I felt a strange breeze across the back of my thigh. Now when I got home today, I noticed a catastrophic rip, about 6 inches wide across the back of the thigh wrapping around into the groin. Ho-ly-smokes.

So, what can I conclude? That these are absolute junk! I suppose I should also note that this again affirms the age-old adage, "you get what you pay for." You -will not- be getting the quality associated with this brand if you purchase these pants. Buyer beware.
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on July 21, 2014
I posted a couple photos of the "damage" for others to see.

I'm not one to get online and post negative reviews unless the product was just flat-out unacceptable. If you'll browse my review history, you'll see that almost every review I've ever given is a 4-5 stars because I like to let people know when I have a good experience with a product. Well, my experience with these Dockers was unacceptable.

I purchased two pairs of these D3 Classic Fit khakis from Kohls because I had a coupon. I have four or five different brands of khakis in my closet, and the Dockers brand seemed to be the highest quality of them all, so I decided I'd pick up a couple more pairs.

The first time I wore each pair, everything was great. They fit me really well and they were very comfortable. Then, the second time I wore Pair #1, I noticed a 2-inch tear in the butt of the pants that started next to the left-side rear belt loop. Obviously this was quite embarrassing being as I work in a downtown office with a 1/4 mile walk to my parking garage. I went home in the middle of the day to change my pants. I figured I must have gotten a defective pair so I folded them up and didn't think much about it.

Then today (a few weeks later), Pair #2 formed a tear in the EXACT SAME SPOT, only this time it was about a 5-inch tear. It's also worth noting that I was already about to throw this pair away because the seams in the crotch of the pants were already starting to come apart. So once again after a giggling coworker informed me of an enormous tear in the butt of my pants, I made the 1/4 mile trek to my car to come home and change pants.

Now, before you go assuming that this is somehow my fault, here are the facts about me:

1. I am not obese and these pants fit me very well. I am 6'2" and about 220 pounds. If anything, these pants fit me slightly loose.
2. I work in an office and I have a quality, padded chair. There are no nails sticking out to catch on the pants or anything like that.
3. As I said, I've got four or five different brands of khakis in my closet, most of which are 2-3 years old and this has NEVER happened to me before. Tomorrow, I will wear a 3-year old pair of cheap Perry Ellis khakis I got from Sam's Club.

It's disappointing to me because Dockers used to be a quality product. Maybe not the highest-end stuff, but a quality product that the average person could afford. I have two pairs of these pants purchased on the same day that fell apart within about a month and are easily beaten out by cheaper brands that have lasted me years and years.

Dockers: fix your products. Judging by the recent negative reviews, my guess is you're losing customers at a fast pace with such shoddy worksmanship. The fabric and the sewing have clearly been outsourced to the lowest bidder.
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on July 16, 2010
My husband and son have worn Docker's pants for years and years and were delighted with them. I order them from Amazon because the guys both wear a very-difficult-to-find size (29x32). A few month's ago, I confidently ordered five pairs of Docker's for each of them. Those pants have been an unmitigated disaster! The fabric is of a much lighter weight than the ones we previously received and the rear "wallet" pocket and the hems wore through in just a few wearings. I would say that all of their pants had holes in the pocket and frayed hems within six weeks of purchase. They both work indoors, so it is not a question of heavy usage--just shoddy materials. The pants we received still had buttons, but it is obvious by feeling the fabric that it is much thinner than that of the older versions. I am in a real quandry--because the pants wore through so quickly, both of the guys need new pants but I will not buy another pair of Docker's until they restore the quality of their product.
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on June 9, 2010
I agree with the others who have listed their complaints with these "New" Dockers. I have worn Dockers for over 30 years as part of my everyday work wardrobe. But what's up with this new Hook and Button system they have? I HATE IT! I noticed a cople of years ago, when they started to "Cheapen" the Dockers Slacks the Main button would sometimes come off or rip right out of the fabric. I guess the Hook is their way of covering up the shodiness of their "New & Improved" product. I've noticed too, that after a few washings,the fabric along the top of the waistband (especially the darker colors) wears down to nothing! It actually turns white! The sad thing is, Dockers probably never read this stuff, and probably doesn't care, as long as people buy them!
Another thing that kind of ticked me off was that nowhere in the add did it say these pants had cuffs on them (and I HATE CUFFS). Guess what they had when I opened the box? Yep, you guessed it: CUFFS. I find fault with Amazon on that one. That's why I sent them back.
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on March 6, 2010
Literally, that is. The fly is to high, or too short, or both. The flap inside the fly seems wider than normal. If you tuck in your shirt, you find yourself doing a lot of searching around down there at the most inopportune times. Additionally, the button holes are so tight, it's hard to button the top button and the back pocket. The front pockets are too small. The fit in the seat and waist are a bit tight. Maybe none of this is true and I'm just losing it in my old more ways than one.

Wow. After one month of trying to get some wear out of these pants, I'm giving up and chucking them into the donation box. Just too snug and uncomfortable in the waist, thighs, and crotch.
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on March 3, 2011
Every name/number for dockers has changed. You will never know what you actually get. The terms D3, classic fit are meaningless since they refer to entirely different products now. I am very dissapointed in Dockers. Their own company only offers one size in one color of most products. Disaster indeed.
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on May 9, 2010
Had to return the dockers, changing the fastening system, dumb. The material much too light weight to last.
Very disappointed with the changes and the resulting product.
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on October 17, 2010
The new dockers slacks with a metal clip are bad news. The biggest problem is that the pocket liners are mostly white and you they show and I look like a clown when I try on the black or any darker color slacks. the old models had a black liner until very deep in the pocket. I also agree with previous posters the material is bad news and wears out quickly. I am not sure what happened,but I hope there business hurts enough, that they will be forced to go back to what worked for years otherwise I suspect they will be out of business. Does anyone know where to purchase the old model slacks with button?
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